Sticky: Asian Women and White Men: Why the Mental Health of Hapa Sons and Daughters of White Men and Asian Women Needs to be Addressed, and Why You Should Reach Out to Hapa People.

I changed the above picture for fear of doxxing. Use this blog as an example of how troubled Hapas can be, some worse than others. I wrote this essay about two years ago, at the peak of a very, very damaging breakdown. Since then, thanks to a supportive community and a (now large) group of Eurasians putting their brains together, I have transformed this blog into a rational discussion of the dangers of hatred, the reality of race relations even in romance, and even discovered the source of why I was so crazy; my older posts (if you go back to the beginning) can be used as a representation of the kind of damage that was done to my mind, and the kind of psychosis that can be found in mixed young men and women without proper intervention. If I hadn’t started this blog, I would likely now be dead or imprisoned, and ironically by writing I found the source of the very unsettling problems I had no more than two years ago; hence I won’t change the title. If you don’t believe that I am Hapa, continue reading. I try to present the issues as honestly as I can.

I am a formerly well liked, handsome, outgoing, popular, Dartmouth educated Eurasian man born to a Chinese mother who sought out marriage into the powered WASP class – but then realized too late that the man she married was an underemployed, emotionally damaged male – and she essentially killed herself. At around age 20 I encountered anti-Asian racism and due to inheriting my father’s entitlement to the world, I was unprepared to deal with it; I am emotionally unstable, self-loathing, addicted, underemployed, have strong intimacy issues, and unable to form proper relationships due to my self-hatred instilled on me during the first 20 years of my life. Unlike other Eurasians who find self-esteem in underpaid modeling jobs, my self-implosion has been broadcast to the world to the point that I am internet famous. I am not afraid to be as viciously honest as I need to be in order to speak on the reality of this world.

Iimage1-5magine being raised by two racists – your own parents. Your own mother wanted a white man, yet here you are – a half Asian, a man who looks very Asian. Except you have a white father. Is it possible to raise a healthy child considering the loaded, white-worshipping nature of yellow fever and white fever? How can a biracial child be expected to be normal if he looks Asian, and the entire basis of his parents’ relationship was that the man not be Asian? How can Asian women outmarry at such high rates, have an open ‘white fetish,’ and expect Asian looking sons to be emotionally well adjusted?

In short: I am the son of a foreign born Asian woman from Hong Kong who deliberately married a tall, red-haired, blue eyed, bearded white man. She, like many Asian women, sought out a man who had a “Western” background so that she could feel integrated into her new home, and better than her fully Asian peers. She was by and large mentally ill, violent, abusive, cruel towards my father when he wasn’t making enough money, extremely controlling, and had self-image issues, changing her entire appearance to “look white.” She did not and never did love my father, and only used him because he was white.

This man was interested in Asian culture and married because he was socially unable to marry a white woman due to his political beliefs and personality quirks (he is very socially conservative, a Holocaust denier and anti-Semite, extremely homophobic, very shy, not many friends, belief that white women are too liberated, extremely meek and unable to make eye contact with others, steps off the sidewalk when larger men approach, unwilling to work or make money for fear of violating Christian scripture).

I was raised largely as a white child, yet turned more Asian in appearance with age. I was raised in an environment that had an undercurrent of anti-Asian male racism (America), saw Asian women (including almost all of them in my own family) throw themselves at white men, and also an over-current of false Eurasian myths about beauty and intelligence. I subconsciously always believed myself to be “less” because my own mother and her sisters all were married to white men and adamantly denied I was Asian for a decade. 

My parents’ relationship was loveless, violent and broken due to her disillusionment with my father after ten years as he failed to make enough money, and grew balder and fatter and no longer lived up to the White male Prince Charming she had wanted (separate bedrooms, forced to sleep on the couch, extreme violent fighting). My brother and I suffered extreme psychological and physical abuse (beaten with coat hangers by our mother, Tiger Mommed, had her threaten to kill herself in front of us, threatened to crash the car with us in it while driving at 90 mph), and her behavior became worse and worse as she realized that her white husband wasn’t making as much money as her brother and sister, who both married Chinese partners. This is a story of someone who was very sick, and in recovery.

When I got older, despite the fact that society told me that I was “unique” for being Eurasian, I was treated with contempt by both white people AND Asian people; Asian women would often express disgust at me for being Asian, and white people would constantly remind me that I was Asian in a way to demean and undermine me. This caused me to self implode from a popular, outgoing Eurasian to becoming a recluse and suicidal.

Two years after writing the below, I am leaving it word for word, as I wrote it, as proof of how I felt and feelings I still struggle with as a male of Asian heritage who clearly looks Asian, born to a mother who thought of Asian men as beneath her. I am highly educated, formerly well liked, popular, handsome, out going  and like many Eurasians I burned out in my twenties with the realization that people, even Asian women, hate my Asian side, so now I’ve turned my talents towards exposing the last bastion of White supremacy in the world as candidly as I can. I am literally dissecting White male / Asian women couples and the Eurasian identity to a degree that nobody else ever has.

I actually moved to China (which saved my life) in order to escape racism and feelings of inferiority – and was shocked on learning that my own mother (and many other Chinese) had moved to America in order to find the American dream – a dream that hated me for my Asian blood. 

highly recommend that any potential parent to half-Asian children make sure that they are marrying on a clean slate – with zero fetishism, zero white-worship, and zero undertones of racial hierarchies – and that they be completely honest about this, to avoid sending more young man down the path that I went.

I am doing this for every single half-Asian kid out there who has committed suicide, thought about suicide, suffered from racism, isolation, outcasting, and had two parents whose entire relationship was nothing but lust, selfishness, even hatred – leaving us with nothing but perpetual isolation. The world does not care about Hapa males if you look average or even a little bit Asian. The world – even Asian women, who truly believe that they are white – only care about whiteness and white men.

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The half Asian reality summed up here.

Society doesn’t care that your son is half white. Asian women don’t care that your son is half white. All they want is white men. Half Asian sons are not white men.

Most of the time Asian women marry white men because they don’t like Asian men and have a physical preference for white men.

Half Asian men resemble Asian men.

In fact the majority of people don’t like Asian men.

Admit it: your wife / girlfriend is with you because she does not like Asian men. She is only attracted to tall white men.

They will say it’s because of behavior / feminism, but Asian male behavior (jealousy) is because Asian women don’t like the way Asian men look. Ask any Asian woman married to a white man and she’ll just say:

“I’m just not attracted to them.”

Asian women don’t like Asian men for the same reason MOST white women don’t like Asian men. They are Asian.

A half Asian son realizes this. He realizes that he is Asian too. It doesn’t matter how good looking he is, how talented, how intelligent – he will endure a lifetime of hearing “of course your mother is the Asian one,” and being perpetually second class in non-Asian society. He will endure jokes, endure racism, discrimination from society, see thousands of Asian women a year paired up with white men, face discrimination in dating, in work – and…

…his own parents will oftentimes be extremely racist against Asian men as well – yet he looks like an Asian guy. 

Along with the millions of Asian women around him disliking Asian men, his own mother does too. Every single Eurasian person with eyes looks around him and sees how Asian women act around white men, fawning, complimenting – and Asian mothers expect us to not notice. Can we please just drop the charade and admit this is true?

How are half Asians supposed to somehow not notice that Asian women openly favor white men, that these couples are extremely narcissistic and have insanely eugenicist beliefs about their own children, and yet develop emotionally healthy?

If he looks Asian, then, well. Welcome to a life of bullying, confusion, resentment, depression, rejection from both sides, and perpetual low self esteem seeing Asian women like his mother paired up millions of times over with white men – yet he looks Asian. 

He will be asked to take pride in the fact that his, and all his friends’ fathers are white, and asked to deal with the stereotypes of White men / Asian women and unable to distinguish between good and bad couplings. He will try to take pride in looking Asian but realizes that nobody, not his friends, not women, not his own mother, wants anything to do with an Asian male. He will be born into an anti-Asian society, look Asian, and recognize that even his own mother valued white men over him. It is the ultimate betrayal.

I’m sorry. Please, please, please stop lying about this.



“But half Asian babies are cute.”

And half Asian babies become Asian men when they grow up.

“Half Asian men are hot.”

They’re not all hot, and people won’t care that they’re half. Besides, you believed white men hottest. You turned down hot Asian men for white men, so why would anyone want a hot half Asian man?

I know hot half Asian men.”

Nope. You know men who pass as white. When you figure out how to guarantee your son is 6’3″, let me know. And after all, you wanted a white man, not a half Asian man.

I know Asian men with white girlfriends.”

You know one or two, while you know five times as many Asian women with white boyfriends.

It’s a yes or no question. Does your loved one hate Asian men? Yes, or no.

Will you son be Asian? Yes or no. Simple question.

Just yes, or no.

The Ongoing Mentally Ill Eurasian List: Why Are Hapas with White Fathers Committing So Many Crimes?


The above picture describes my parents to an absolute T.

2016 update: I stopped, then started to continue to add people to this list because the news keeps aggregating and aggregating. 2016 has seen several national news stories featuring Eurasians – every single one with a white father and Asian mother.

Does anyone want to explain why virtually every single Eurasian / Hapa who commits a crime has a white father and an Asian mother?

The single largest mixed race demographic on earth – all uniformly born to white fathers (literally the last people on earth who understand what it’s like to be non-white) and Asian mothers (literally the last people on earth who care) – the only predictable factor among a million unpredictable social elements.

Could it maybe have to do with the fact that SOME of the people who get involved in these relationships present us with a highly politicized relationship involving the superiority of white men, passive aggressive myths about Eurasian beauty and abilities, and psychosexual microaggressions designed to demean Asian people? While my father never badmouthed Asian men – I can only imagine being the son of raceplayers, or women who make a show of their distaste for Asian blood. And I had it bad. 

Not all, of course, but let’s be honest that there are many Asian women who chase white men out of a passionate hatred for Asian men, and there are white men who are happy to sleep with them, disrespect the hell out of their Asian partners, not thinking that their son will look totally Asian. From the Sarong Party Girls, to the LA valley girls who dye their hair… where does this all lead besides some of us being in a really bad place… and there are some incredible selfish white guys who get off on being worshipped for their whiteness and think that their children won’t have problems. Really? Really?

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“Proud” Hapas


Why would a half-Asian be proud?

Proud of being white? Or proud of being Asian?

We’re expected to be proud of being Asian yet own mothers fetishized White men – believed white men to be far superior to Asian men, and believed white features to be more desirable on a male? Whenever people look at me, they make comments about my tall nose and small face – so why not just go get a full white guy? We’re like a testimony to how obsessed Asian women are with white features. Literally every time someone asks “what are you?” – and you respond with “I’m Half Chinese,” they say, “it must be your mom who is Chinese.”

Combine this with the fact that everyone hates Asian men – including white women, and Asian women themselves who view you at best as an odd looking Asian mixed minority (Uzbek, Xinjiang), or at worst, like a full Asian

How can we be proud to be half Asian, when everywhere we go we see Asian women throwing themselves at plain, basic, ugly White men – proving that Asian women really will do anything to integrate and upgrade themselves with white blood? We really are supposed to be okay with going to school, being laughed at for being a chink or a small-dicked Asian, humiliated for our Asian looks by white people, when your own mother was literally sleeping with the men who look exactly like the kind of guy saying this shit to you?

Then our mothers have the NERVE to tell us to be proud to be Asian? To be part of a race of men whose women outmarry at a rate of 50-60%? Why not just identify as white – since they are the guys who are able to walk all over Asian women, getting sex and love whenever they want with both white and Asian women – and if we identify as Asian we are putting ourselves right back in the cultural ghetto our mothers tried to escape from?

Our features are Asian. Our eyes might be Asian. Or our hair texture. Or our bodies. You we half-Asian, yet Asian women, and white women, continue to reject Asian men in favor of tall, powerful White Western men. Asian women claim that all half Asian men are beautiful – based on what they see on the internet, yet the internet only collects the most beautiful specimens. What about the half Asians who look indistinguishable from full Asians? Or the ones who look ugly, and then disappear from Asian womens’ minds?

We have to then live with the fact that Asian women around us continue to literally bow then like dogs to men like my father, racist, unemployable, unreliable white men – because they’re tall and white. And my father isn’t even that bad a guy! What about the white men who are such horrible racists that they get off on dominating Asian vagina in order to prove their superiority?

Oh yes, let’s be proud that:

  • 95% of our fathers were white.
  • Our mothers chased tall bearded white guys.
  • Our moms were bar girls, race climbers, status chasers, mentally ill, superficial, cruel, ex-prostitutes, mentally ill, money-obsessed, spent their whole life fetishizing white male features, obsessed with Europe, etc., etc.
  • Our fathers were manipulative, oftentimes racist men who used white worshipping Asian women to their benefit of finding partnership, sometimes abandoning us because they didn’t want a half Asian child.

We look Asian. We are “Hapa,” meaning that in the eyes of our own mothers and millions like them, and millions of people around the world – we are still Asians. We have white blood, yet we are nowhere near the level of attractiveness of the white movie stars that our mothers drooled over. Are there Chinese movie stars like Hu Dong who have tall noses? So why would a half-Asian be of any value – when Asian women really just want blue eyed, blond haired white men?

So they gave us a label: Hapa, which is nothing more than a clever attempt at giving us self-esteem, as if we were best of both worlds, or a beautiful blend – yet all it means is that we were infused with the blood of a white man, and always and only a white man. They point us at Hapas and make comments about our tall noses or big eyes, and if you don’t have those features, then you’re just another inferior Asian man. So I have had Asian women walking smugly with their white boyfriends look at me as if I was the enemy – even though my father is white. 

Have you noticed White women don’t search out Asian men to create “beautiful Hapas / Eurasians, or Hun Xue Er?” Because like Asian women, they desire white men, so they have no good reason to make up lies about the beauty of Eurasians. Their children will be white.

Don’t get me started on “there were just more white men around;” Asian women are deliberately ignoring Asian men, who by natural law exist in equal numbers, even in Asian countries, to pair up with white men.

40% of all Asian women deliberately exclude Asian men. Yet as the sons of these women, we’re to take pride in this?

There is very little that could convince me otherwise; maybe if there weren’t millions upon millions of them I would think it was a coincidence… but there are. 

And maybe if I wasn’t turned down by Asian women with regards to my Asian heritage – I would have faith that indeed, my own mother and women in my family, were all just coincidences. 

“But you get turned down because of your personality.”

Contrary to what people believe, I became like this out of anger at treated poorly, whereas until I was in my early 20’s I was well liked, popular, thousands of friends on Facebook, tall, good looking, until it became self-evident to me, through observation, careful study of online dating patterns, and personal experience, that Asian blood is problematic.

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Posts from LipstickAlley, two months before Elliot Rodger, one month before Matthew DeGrood


Original Here

The above black woman called it two months before; I call it now. It’s going to happen again on my word… (edit: at this point, it has already, several times, as of Feb. 2016) the psychotic nature of some of these relationships is beyond inexplicable and I barely escaped it. My brother, not so much. Ironically I was able to escape the pit I was falling into by writing more on the subject. If you look at the original posts on the websites they are frantic and insane.

It frankly makes no sense at all, for a woman who spent her entire life verbally abusing, demonizing and avoiding Asian men, to be raising an Asian looking boy – particularly if her husband is complicit in the “dominance” or “creation” of the atmosphere of white supremacy that isolates his own son.

Even worse is that Asian women themselves create a nation-wide hook-up culture that severely penalizes Asian looks and then go on to raise Asian looking sons.

What I mean by that is: you can sociologize it away but at the end of the day, we have an entire landfill’s worth of crap to deal with picking up our parents’ racial baggage ON TOP OF the racism in Western society. It is not our fault. Please understand this.

On top of this, our mothers, out of desperation begin to teach their children about culture by signing them up for Karate and Mandarin lessons, when they were trying to escape it their entire lives. Only a very dense Hapa wouldn’t see that the fact that we all have white fathers is indicative of something much more… malignant.

The quote she is referring to is from the Hapa guy who motivated me to start writing on my own.

Hanna (PoisonIvyLul), the psychopath who is manipulating men into suicide and abuse, is WMAF Hapa


Explaining the behavior of Eurasians – which seem to be increasingly present in global news stories, with 100% allocation to the children of White men and Asian women – is very difficult to properly verbalize unless you lived it. The common theme seems to be rage, power, sex, racism, and a need to control. 

I think it’s also important to note that none of this applies to the children of Asian men and white women – who though far from perfect – have almost never produced anything so bad as the people we see nowadays. I don’t think they’ve produced anything bad at all. They’ve produced good things, normal things, while people like me and Hanna are running around like maniacs self destructing. Why?

Asian man + White woman = normal, equal couple, and probably better than normal due to the atypical masculinity found in Asian male culture. Unbeknownst to me when I started blogging – I wasn’t even aware until this year that women were actually attracted to Asian men.

White man + Asian woman = so many different elements at work.

The best way that I can explain what Hanna is and was doing is to surmise that she is the daughter of a beta, racist white guy – the kind that goes specifically for Asian women out of his entitlement, and need to control, and an Asian woman who marries specifically white for the intent of having white babies*, and to raise her status within society; of course, this isn’t merely as simple as that, and the psychosexual nature of these relationships must be considered, where the Asian woman subjects herself to the worst kinds of white men imaginable, and even encourages her daughter to also marry white – because by and large, many Asian women are truly anti-feminist, and even anti-women, with their main goal by and large to integrate and to obtain power. As I said, Asian women feel begrudged that formerly being high status in Asian society, wish to be high status in Western society – and so will do anything to obtain it, including encouraging their own daughters to submit to an insanely racist society.

In my case, my father was an incredibly dysfunctional white man, and my mother tolerated it for the purpose, by and large, of having non-Asian children; the stipulation for my entire life was that I survive merely by being white, and she failed to consider the role that having a loser father would instill in my brain. I.e., I was never prepared to deal with the real world and raised to rely solely on my “whitened” looks (which thank God, helped me survive my first eighteen years with good socialization).

But society is still racist – and Hanna still felt that. Look at how many people on her Twitter were calling her “chink” and “go back to China.” She’s half-Asian, but still viewed as 100% Asian, like many of us are. And as beautiful and as kind as we are, we still deal with such horrible people as parents. So what better way to fight back than to control.

Asian women want control when they marry white men, and white men want control when they marry Asian women. So naturally, the children inherit this. I certainly did when I tried to figure out who and why I was and singlehandedly changed the landscape of identity politics in two years. 

So anyways, Hanna decided to take control – to fight back against both racism, which her mother encouraged by being a geisha slave to white supremacy and white men – and to take back her own autonomy, by controlling the lives of men.

Beta men like her father, the kind who feel entitled to Asian women and feel that despite being such monumental losers, Asian women are still willing to submit to them.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that half Asians oftentimes feel extreme resentment against the roles that we are expected to play, oftentimes encouraged by our parents; i.e., if the father sees Asian women as being traditional, submissive geishas, the daughters will rebel – especially when the mothers encourage the daughters to continue this role of submission to white men. ‘Tis complicated.

Something important to note: the most famous figure in some fetish called “financial domination”  was Eurasian.

Reddit comments:

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* I say “white babies” because I am not sure if Asian women really want white babies, or Eurasian babies. Asian women feel less pretty than white women, for sure. This is acknowledged. They feel inferior to white people. However, they also seem to react negatively to Asian looking Hapas as well. They don’t seem to acknowledge that Asian people can be very beautiful as well, even more so than white people. Hanna was very pretty as well as looking totally Asian. Her self esteem must have been afronted by her mother – who insisted that she submit to whiteness, something that Hanna probably didn’t want. This was my case, too. I always felt more beautiful than whites, hence my incredible anger at being encouraged to submit to them – by Asian women. Regardless, there is also the issue of Eurasian children oftentimes being far more beautiful than the mother – but also resembling full Asians, so the resentment can be both compounded as well as confused.

Rurik Jutting, banker / murderer, is part Chinese through his mother (who is a WMAF Hapa)


The accused grew up in Surrey. His mother, Helen, ran a nursery class in Chertsey, before opening up a milk shake bar in Woking. His father, Graham, is an engineer.

Congratulations fetish couples – you did it again.

Banker / murderer Rurik Jutting is half Asian with a Chinese mom. I’ve been telling everyone here that fetish couples don’t produce good children. This is literally the next major incident this year alone involving a half Asian who made national / global news. David Fry, Daniel Holtzclaw, Krit Mclean, Elliot Rodger, etc.

Proof his mother is from Hong Kong.


Let me just leave this list here to explain, since I’ll just start spamming it every time another WMAF Eurasian does something horrible.

  • Asian women hate Asian men, try to integrate into Western society
  • Asian women underestimate just how much white people look down on Asians (A LOT)
  • Son looks more or less Asian, either looking Asian when young, or getting more Asian looking with age; both are high risk, since society hates Asians and 60% of Asian women marry out
  • Dad is 9/10 times anti-social, autistic loser who can only get Asian women
  • Dad is 9/10 times extremely racist, even against Asian men
  • Mother is severely self hating, manic depressive, or mentally ill, status climbing, violent, loveless, and manipulative
  • Parents have loveless relationship due to Asian women marrying largely for status
  • Childhood abuse, whether from racist father or from mother, Tiger Mothering
  • Inheriting father’s white paranoia, entitlement, versus not getting it because of low self esteem due to being Asian
  • Parents not preparing child for bullying / racism against Asians
  • Low-effort / low-status nature of parents (loser dad / loser mom)
  • Deep self loathing in Eurasian male
  • Isolation from society
  • The fact that 95% of women don’t want to marry Asian males or Eurasian males, especially us from the older generation


🔥🔥Go Read HalfAsian.Org🔥🔥


I know now there is nothing physically wrong with me, however, I think for the safety of everyone out there and anyone curious about this subject matter – it is vital that you know exactly what is going on. The children of these pairings will be living around you, working around you, and playing with your children.

Key points:

  • Asian women marry primarily for status and power – and marriage to a white person is fundamental to achieve this.
  • The men who deliberately seek out Asian women tend to know that they have more “inroads” with Asian women due to the fact that they are white, and oftentimes exploit this.
  • The men who seek out Asian women oftentimes are exceptionally antisocial, criminal, perverted, psychologically unbalanced, and oftentimes racist.
  • Asian women will oftentimes excuse – or due to cultural misunderstandings – the man’s behavior because she sees whiteness as the end goal, rather than understanding the deep nature of Western white racism.

The end results can and will be tragic unless confronted.


-The son of a racist, autistic, conservative, friendless, jobless white man and an angry, violent, status-seeking Chinese woman.

Asian woman admits her Hapa son still faces discrimination and racism even though she married a white guy


And chances are, like my mother, she married a white guy for integration and said horrible things to Asian men in her life.

I’m far less Asian passing than this boy, and I’ve dealt with covert racism my entire life – even worse, with a back drop of extreme infighting in my family, since my mother was miserable her entire life since she didn’t actually like herself.

My question for Asian women is, behind the cover of whatever feminism or lies that they are willing to push forth about their preference for white men – what stops a child from learning the truth?

Nothing, really.

They act like they’re the first women to give birth to Hapa sons. Actually, they’ve been doing that since the 60’s. And where are the Hapa sons now? Presidents? CEO’s? They don’t exist. Vast majority of us look very Asian.

To white guys reading this: congratulations on giving up your white privilege so that you could finally feel like a man. Enjoy the next 50 years – you’re really going to need the luck.

Reddit comments:

🔥Why are White men / Asian women relationships so common? Extreme truth bomb from a Eurasian son at ground zero: because it’s not love.

Years ago one of my aunts said to me in passing, “I can’t wait to return to the U.S., to be around all those white people. When I see them I’m going to give them a kiss and a hug.”

I was shocked at this, since she was Asian, and obviously with a white man, and had been for years. She was completely miserable, since the marriage was largely because the best she could do was a 5’5″ racist white guy, but it dawned on me – I was surrounded by this kind of talk growing up. What kind of idiot was I believing that pride in my Asian side was worthwhile? All it was – was a gimmick that my parents passed onto me haphazardly; what they really were hoping for that I was white. And then it dawned on me; Asian women select the tallest, whitest, blondest, bluest-eyed people to produce the whitest children possible, not 50/50, but white-passing. What business do these kinds of people have raising people like me? If that’s not evil, or at best, calculating and amoral – I don’t know what is.

I will list everything I know, as carefully as I can, based on my experience of growing up under a meek, racist, tall white guy, and a self hating, status obsessed, cruel, petty, hateful Asian woman who deliberately wanted a tall, white male partner.

I started this blog two years ago, after having been told repeatedly that “I don’t date Asian guys,” even though I was promised the world, had graduated from an Ivy League, and had been told that being Eurasian was awesome.

I have no agenda other than understanding sociology. I see no hope for this world, and predict only a future of violence and hatred, some of which will come from the children of these pairings unless they are protected with extreme caution. I also understand racism against Asians, as I once practiced it as well. I also understand Asian self hatred, as I myself, have underwent self hatred – I would deny I was Asian for a long time, so I understand why Asian women want to marry white men; largely to avoid the stigma of Asianness. I easily could have became “successful” but was so damaged by my early 20’s by my confusion and firm (and correct) belief that my Asian blood was worthless in the West, that I crashed and burned, and this is my last ditch attempt to figure out where I went wrong.

There was a time I myself would bully full Asians, consider myself better than full Asians, change my appearance to look less Asian, and when being told that I was Asian, almost killed myself. Given that four out of five of all Asian women in my immediate family were married to white men, I decided, subconsciously, that being Asian was a very bad thing, so I attempted to distance myself to such an extent that I even embraced extreme right wing politics and became a prolific poster on one of the most vehement Neo Nazi websites on earth. I know that I am mentally unbalanced – because both my parents were; a conspiracy theorist white guy and a self-hating, yes, self-hating (because I am self hating too) Asian woman.

  1. Asian people are hated, in large numbers. Individual Asian women are seen as sexual commodities.
  2. Whites view Asians as being a monolithic, soulless, group of people. Asian women, again, are seen as sexual commodities.
  3. Asian people are the butt of jokes, simply, because they are perceived, for some reason, as being much weaker, which I suspect has to do with their physical attributes in their faces, i.e., lacking recessed eye sockets that would activate primitive fear responses. Human pathology demands that a certain group always be on the bottom, and as blacks begin to demonstrate resistance to white racism, Asians will continue to take the spot.
  4. Asian women recognize that marrying an Asian male will subject them to jokes, and perpetually isolate them from a normal social life with other races – one where they will be free from stereotyping and even physical isolation and attacks. This conflicts with their egos, as women.
  5. Asianness, and only Asianness, is attacked by all ethnic groups due to innate human desire to other and demean human beings. Asian women sense this.
  6. Asian women view themselves as valuable commodities, and also have white skin, so many of them are perplexed that they are still not treated as white.
  7. White men, particularly those with fetishes brought about by an innate, solipsist desire for women that are more “pro-male,” or “pro-white,” will seek out Asian women specifically so they can feel “bigger.” This doesn’t mean, by any stretch of imagination, that they subconsciously respect Asians or Asian males.
  8. Many white men are naive, in that they do not understand the darker aspects of human nature, nor what people will do in order to survive in the face of trauma, so naturally, they believe Asian female preference for white men isn’t odd. Some read it as a “good” quality, or a quality reflecting Asian morality, but it is merely a genetic or social choice.
  9. Asian culture inherently values integration, and Asian culture itself values cutthroat status climbing, hence Tiger Mothering. The most famous Tiger Mother of all time, Amy Chua, was naturally married to a white man.
  10. Asian women do not form relationships according to love, but more so in an attempt to escape “Asianness” and association with a very negative group – Asians. I am so familiar with Asian women that I know that their egotism and ferociousness conflicts with them being treated as “different.”
  11. Marriage to white men means that they are able to integrate into a group that is not made fun of, and also provides them with the status boost of marrying a white person – such that they feel as if they finally have made it, and are just as good as a white person (note, I did not say white woman, as Asian women subconsciously believe themselves superior to white women, yet inferior at the same time).
  12. They hope that their children will look white, rather than Eurasian. In some cases they attempt to sexualize their daughters (pushing them into modeling, giving them Asian first names), while treating their sons as if they are white (white names). This was the plan since Day One: to have a child who will not be recognizably Asian.
  13. These women oftentimes realize that they are nothing but living stereotypes, and treated with hostility or as being “sex slaves” by non-Asian women (and men), which is almost just as bad as being treated poorly for being Asian, and being in a relationship with an Asian man. They also realize that they are still Asian, and that their relationship is formed on faulty basis, and that their husbands / boyfriends still harbor racist attitudes towards them, and that they are still treated as perpetual outsiders. This results in the callous, vicious, distant nature of these relationships (the woman trailing behind the man, not talking) or very angry appearance of Asian women such as Lucy Liu or Clarence Wu.
  14. The fundamental imbalance between Asian men and Asian women is so pronounced, yet somehow invisible to White men, and only seems to dawn on them later in life after the cultural differences begin to rear their heads: Tiger Mothering, the cold nature of their wives, the bossing around and deference to the wife,

Absolutely shocking difference in number of Hapa athletes reflects differences between WMAF and AMWF children

Hapa male football player with, you guessed it, an Asian father.

Real data sets do not lie. (By the way, we are compiling this data and will publish a massive list of every single known Eurasian, from the most prominent actors to the most minor part-time models, from members of parliament to petty thieves, and will release it later this month)

This is only one part of what we’ve collected on /r/hapas, but the difference in the behavior and success of Eurasians based on whether their father is Asian, or their mother is Asian – is real. 

All but two of the football players who have played NCAA or NFL football have had Asian fathers. Ironically, the two players who made it to the NFL had Asian mothers.

Almost 90% of pro or semi-pro footballers that are of mixed Chinese descent – have Chinese or Asian fathers. This also doesn’t include mixed Japanese, which would increase the numbers even more.

Asian fathers:

  • Lam Zhi Gin (German-Hong Kong)
  • Calvin Jong-a-Pin (Netherlands)
  • Cerezo Fung-a-Wing (Netherlands-Surinam)
  • Brian Ching (United States)
  • Xavier Chen (Taiwanese-Belgian)
  • Victor Chou (Taiwanese-Spanish)
  • Sean Tse
  • Matt Lam
  • Brendan Gan
  • Joseph Hu
  • Conor Chinn
  • Danny Kong
  • Gordon Chin

Asian mothers:

  • Nick Feely
  • Nico Yennaris

Every single one of the follow hockey players from Canada of Japanese descent has a Japanese father – except for Jamie Storr; the last two are full Japanese. 

Why are the sons of white women and Asian men so much more successful?

Is it maybe because Asian women who marry white men make a huge show of their distaste for Asian men, and a huge show of how well they integrate with white folks – that their children are unprepared for looking Asian, and unprepared to deal with the real world that exists out side of myths of Eurasian beauty and entitlement? 

My self hatred and how my mother and fathers’ loveless fetish marriage damaged me; Why I beg non-Asians to understand; and how I became an extreme racist and anti-semite to cover my insecurity

My mother was not a feminist. My father is a paleoconservative, far right, conspiracy theorist (and more that I can’t even admit because he’s so large in his state) who was so socially inept he could not form a relationship with anyone but my mother – a mentally ill, self-hating, hair-dyeing, vicious FOB Asian woman who wanted to marry a white man for status – or largely because Asian men are so fundamentally repulsive to American society.

Their marriage was non-existent because she never really loved him, and only used him because he was white, and for the purpose of making biracial babies, only one of whom is “handsome” enough to live up to the reputation. I was raised explicitly to be a beautiful Eurasian man to take over the world – and inherited my father’s entitlement and my mother’s greedy, self serving desire for white privilege – and so I was unequipped to deal with racism. I am fundamentally unable to operate in a world where white is better than Asian – even though I am both. I am bitter, angry, entitled, jealous, and filled with rage: both qualities passed down to me by racist parents.

There’s nothing else to it.

Sometimes I wonder how Asian males are able to function normally in society  despite the hatred directed at them, and then I remember that at least they have normal families.

No other race of men has their own women automatically disqualify them. No other race has women that look like their mother being world famous for screaming about how inferior men that look like them are. 95% of most women do not date out – but 50% of Asian women do, meaning that being Asian is inherently wrong.

This is how I felt growing up; I would bully full Asians, I even slapped them in the face for fun. I called them “****ing Asians,” and went into a rage on seeing Asian men with white women, because of my deep seated self hatred. Later on, I gave up everything, my family, my home, my life, my country, to go to a place where I felt like I wasn’t inherently wrong due to my appearance. I became an addict, a castaway, because I was 100% convinced that nobody could ever love an Asian looking man.

At the end of it, I wish, more than anything, that I had a normal family, one that I knew wasn’t based on a fetish, or racial hierarchies. 

Anything would be better. Anything but that.

Asian women swear that their preference for white men is about feminism, but it doesn’t make sense to me, given how living in Asia I get constant comments about my tall nose and big eyes, and 3-d face, without anyone ever even knowing who I am… and my reputation as being a misogynist (which isn’t true). My father is also a huge anti-feminist, hyper conservative autistic loser, which I’m sure also influenced my behavior.

know I’m not mentally right, and all I can do is keep this blog. I know there are men out there that can form normal relationships like normal human beings, but I can’t, because of the horror my parents inflicted onto me, where I feel guilt and anger and self hatred at even existing. 

I also have been pushed by my Chinese family to use my white face in order to bring more money to their business ventures.

I then think about how my mother was MISERABLE in her marriage. I figure she would have been happier to have been married to a tall white guy – until I realized that she suffered the same thing I did. Self hatred. It just made her hate her appearance, something that I understood for a long time, because I did it too. She was also miserable because she tried to marry into the powerful class – the white class, but realized too late that the man she married was the kind of man rejected from the white Wasp power-class, a guy with immense emotional problems that I inherited.

Asian self hatred is really a black pearl. It’s hard to understand; I think it has something to do with skin oiliness and hair texture as well as lack of larger physical markers such as breasts (on women) and muscles (on men).

And although my mother married a white man she was still completely miserable.

So essentially, this self hatred is passed to the children, male or female – so I think others should be aware of this.

In other words – don’t expect Eurasian children to be normal. I feel very sorry for some of them, the ones that are from couples like this, or worse; I am a dead man walking and have no empathy at all with the “good couples” – to me, it is far better to self-implode and make people aware of this at large.

How could a child be normal when his OWN MOTHER has a heart filled to the brim with hate?


“I am half asian, and I had multiple surgeries when I was 11 to turn my almond eyes round. I was wondering if there was a possible way to make my eyes go back to being almond shaped? Now that I´m older (20) I regret getting the surgeries”

Archived link here.

What is notable about this find is that the child was 11 years old – ELEVEN – when she was allowed – or even forced to get eyelid surgery to make her eyes (which did not even look that Asian) more Caucasian. The idea of white male + Asian women couples is that the children look the least Asian possible – not Eurasian, but to look white. 

Given that I grew up in a household where many of the Asian women altered their appearance to look more white – or women who made comments such as “I can’t stand being around so many Asians,” it is not unusual for Asian mothers to force such horrible, invasive surgery onto her own child, as well as allowing for body modification of a child.

As I know, Elliot Rodger’s parents allowed him to dye his hair as a child. So extreme is Asian self hatred that the child is expected to look white, but barring that, is even encouraged to alter his or her appearance to fit more with the white ideal. No other minority group does this.

Reddit comments:


Proof that Asian Preference for White men has nothing to do with Feminism; Proof that Asian Women Practice Open Racism because they want integration and white babies

Jed Rubenfeld.


I wholly support feminism for whatever form of equality it purports.

However, given that Asian women often use the line “we owe Asian men nothing,” and that it is Asian patriarchy that is responsible for social ills, I challenge them to explain why:

My father and many like him are extreme anti-gay campaigners, anti-black racists and routinely make comments about Jews, feminism (last Father’s Day he made comments about a local women’s studies professors’ mustache). My mother also never even broached the subject of feminism and her marriage to her husband was loveless and largely based on the fact that she could lay claim to a 6’3″ bearded redhead. I say with 100% certainty that she married him because he was white – yet growing up, I look more or less Asian, depending on what you’re looking for. If you don’t believe me, merely email me at and we can arrange a meetup.

Essentially, they are lying, they know they are lying, they are raising children under the premise of this lie – then asking their children be “ambitious” and to play by the rules – when his own parents never played by the rules of common decency. Why would a half Asian son aim to be ambitious if he gets treated as Asian and his own mother thought Asian men inferior?

Below is proof in the form of written testimony by Asian women wherein they describe their preferences as being either, A) Physical B) for Integration C) for Status, or D) for Self Image Problems.

Behind closed doors most Asian women including the mods of /r/AsianAmerican and /r/Asiantwox would never admit the more blatant reasons for their “preference,” (RE: TALL, WHITE) despite it being obvious to their future children, who, like most children, would require pride and careful upbringing to navigate racist society successfully.

(For reference my dad is one of the biggest gay-hating anti-feminist white guys, but he was tall and white, so).

Wherein they create an impossible situation in which their own Asian looking sons are told to be proud to be Asian under the conditions that their fathers are white, and then, even more brazenly:

We are forbidden from talking about it, so essentially Hapas are forced into a sort of biological servitude to open racists; e.g., an Asian mother, and a white father who enables extreme racism. 

Even more flagrant, is their attempt to forbid us from having any such issues, wherein when their children ultimately exhibit violent or even erratic behavior, Asian men are blamed, and then blamed again for the behavior of children that are biologically unable to escape their mother’s genes.

As in, Asian men were blamed in the first place for something that was beyond their control, and for being angry about being excluded for some kind of insane degree of racism directed at them for no reason other than their race, the racism that the children themselves will suffer from a few decades down the line.

Essentially, what this means, in a pattern of eternal return, is that Asian women are complicit in the creation of an anti-Asian atmosphere in the West, one that will permeate down so as to affect their future children, and then Asian men get blamed still for the behavior of half-Asian children that are left scratching their heads, or worse. It literally is the cyclical pattern seen in the cartoon in the sticky.

It is a practice in extreme irony on the level of a televised black comedy.

Like true sociopaths, what they (and by they, I mean the white-only Asian women, not all Asian women) refuse to play by any sort of rules and just attempt to clear the way for total, unconditional lack of accountability, and then we, their children, are left picking up their baggage and expected to figure it out for ourselves.

The good news is:

  • These women are insane robots who are incapable of love to their husbands and ruin their lives some 10-20 years down the line, like my dad’s was ruined. I frankly don’t see how a woman who marries for such horrible reasons would ever be capable of genuine love (hence the scowling, standoffish behavior of married Asian women).
  • Asian men are not stuck with the most cutthroat, nihilistic monsters on the planet

The bad news is:

  • These are the people who parent us.
  • Sociopaths breed sociopaths, or even worse.


🔥Another good example of why half-Asians are a high risk demographic, thanks to their Asian mothers

Asian women fill the pool with dirty syringes and razor blades and diarrhea and phlegm and blood and dead carcasses of animals while they’re young, then they throw their kids into the pool, and then they wonder why the kids have emotional problems, and they go in the New York Times articles talking about “my son doesn’t want to be Asian.”

No shit.

Shout out to whoever made and compiled this.

This kind of talk is endemic both to:

  • Asian women, who constantly talk about how inferior Asian men are – in real time, for half Asian sons who aren’t even theirs to hear. So even the “so called” good couples still have children who are exposed to millions of these women. The question is – why would any half Asian be proud to be Asian as a result, or even worse, look ANYTHING like an Asian male? And many, many half Asians look TOTALLY Asian.
  • White men, especially the ones who are into Asian women. They just love to bash Asian men to make themselves feel bigger with Asian women. (Remember, it’s uniquely white men that are raising half Asian sons, so the children will try to live up to the father’s ethnicity).

So the question is why do half Asian sons try to play down their Asian heritage? I did this for ten years, and went practically insane as I looked more and more Asian. Again, I bullied full Asians, never grew my hair out longer than a couple weeks to avoid it being too dark, and when seeing my black hair fall on the barber’s smock I became almost instantly depressed.

I’ve listed dozens of cases, but I think this sums it up.

Elliot Rodger: “How could an ugly Asian attract the attention of a white girl, while a beautiful Eurasian like myself never had any attention from them? I thought with rage. I glared at them for a bit, and then decided I had been insulted enough. I angrily walked toward them and bumped the Asian guy aside, trying to act cocky and arrogant to both the boy and the girl.”

Daniel Holtzclaw: “How does that white dick taste?”

John Hamilton: “I’m Scottish below the belt.” 

What are these women going to do when a woman – even an Asian woman – says the same thing to their son? This has been said verbatim to me, and other half Asian men I know:

“I don’t date Asian guys.”

And you wonder why half Asians with Asian mothers have literally produced nothing of merit, ever?


Despite having a mother who beat the shit out of me every day for twelve years and haunted my dreams for another fifteen – not once, not even once, did I ever feel the need to degrade or humiliate Asian women, for twenty three years – until I started this blog.