to future parents of eurasian children, from your eurasian daughter

Another one.


About a year and a half ago I came across the blog “Stuffeurasianmaleslike” . For the first time in my life I felt that there was somebody else out there who felt the way I did about being eurasian. I felt, as an eurasian person that I was supposed to live up to this mythified life of being extremely attractive, smart and accepted by both Asians and Caucasians. That I was supposed to live up to the” eurasian beauty” and the “best of both worlds” myths. Instead, when I look in the mirror I see a jumble of asian and caucasian features that don’t synchronize with eachother….something is wrong with my face, my body, my soul…… I am a slow thinker, I have been asked if I suffer from a learning disability before and I have wondered it myself many times.I never had a date in highschool and I lost…

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Tell me how Asian men are beta, how White women are fat feminists, how Eurasians are super popular around the world (not just Asia), and how all the most famous celebrities aren't the sons of Asian men and White women, below:

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