Asian Women Prefer White Men

And I will never be able to accept it or to forgive my mother.

She placed personal preference over the mental and financial wellbeing of her children.

To her, whiteness was a desirable trait, more desirable than financial security; she saw value in her partner being white, rather than in him having any value as a human being, as a provider, or as a man.

She thought whiteness – something I could never have – was so great that she ignored the repercussions on her own mental health and the mental health of her children: “whiteness is all I care about, yet my children will never be able to be white. They will be plagued perpetually by crippling self esteem as I taught them that being white was better than being Asian.”

Regardless of her reasons, I am certain my mother is burning in hell, along with other Asian women who sacrifice the mental health of their own children for the sake of lusting after white men.


Tell me how Asian men are beta, how White women are fat feminists, how Eurasians are super popular around the world (not just Asia), and how all the most famous celebrities aren't the sons of Asian men and White women, below:

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