Just How Corrupt is the Asian Woman + White Man Relationship?


Let’s analyze it according to the thought process of all parties involved.

Asian Woman: Firmly believes that Asian men are beneath her. Strongly generalizes Asian men as having negative qualities. Values whiteness and white appearance over her own (which the child is unable to replicate). Strongly disfavors Asianness (which her child will possess, even in trace amounts). Values the white quality of the partner rather than his personal quality – which ultimately will lead to the eventual dissolution of the “image” (i.e., the halo effect) and a destruction of the marriage (since it had such flimsy foundations).

White Male: Capitalizes on the Asian woman’s hatred of Asian men for his own gain, i.e., access to sex, partnership. He ignores virtually all of her negative opinions of Asian men (which, because all generalizations indicate an unhealthy mind, indicates that he is morally irresponsible as well). Either this, or he too believes in the inferiority of the Asian male and tolerates his partner’s biases. Acknowledges his “superiority” over the Asian men while benefiting from the pleasure of accessing Asian female vagina (the latter of which makes many men unaware or ignorant to the terrible qualities in his sex partner). Rationalizes her preference as his natural entitlement to Asian pussy because he is more attractive than Asian men.

The Child: Essentially a wild card; it’s been shown that Asian women places emphasis on the “beautiful” qualities of the Eurasian child – the beauty resulting from his mixed race, rather than his or her objective attractiveness according to universal standards of symmetry, proportions, etc. The result for a child, then, that looks more Asian, is disastrous.

The Asian woman and the White male is, barring few cases, the single most corrupt, despicable, and illegitimate pairing on the face of the planet – and it is virtually impossible for these thoughts (from one party or both) to not occur within the relationship over the course of its duration.


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