Asian Feminists are Blatant Hypocrites

They claim to be opposed to the stereotypes of the submissive Asian woman, yet play very well into the stereotype of being the loyal lap-dog of white men like my father.

Here’s a question for Asian women: if Asian men (some) consider you to be a sell out whore, what’s stopping your Asian son from thinking the same thing?

You essentially told your son that a white life was more valuable than an Asian life – including his own. You essentially allowed a son of color to be born from your body using white sperm: you allowed yourself to be colonized.

And I’m supposed to respect my mother. HAHAHAHAHAHA!


Tell me how Asian men are beta, how White women are fat feminists, how Eurasians are super popular around the world (not just Asia), and how all the most famous celebrities aren't the sons of Asian men and White women, below:

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