Amy Chua: Ugly Psychopath With Future Drug Addicted Children

Looking through Amy Chua’s photos, I notice a surprisingly similarity to my own family’s photos. She shows absolutely no affection to her husband. None at all. My mother was the same way. This poor guy probably exists in a sexless hell where he isn’t even allowed to kiss his ugly tramp of a wife. Virtually everything you need to know about peoples’ relationships, you can tell from their photographs; people that are affectionate pose in affectionate ways. Something as little as leaning their heads in towards another. Two people in love, however, don’t fucking put as much distance as they can between each other as they can.

Amy Chua’s husband is merely a white handbag. How long until her daughters become pornstars or heroine addicts ala Kelly Balthazar?

(On the other side she still ducks him, lol).

The “I made a mistake” face. LOL.



19 thoughts on “Amy Chua: Ugly Psychopath With Future Drug Addicted Children

  1. Most mixed marriages fail, the highest divorce rate is Black men to White women followed by Asian men to White women. You can blame your mother for having White fetish all you want and in my case it was Asian fetish so I don’t even have a Western name but an Asian one which I suspect has negatively impacted my education and now struggling career but you can’t deny it’s hard for all mixed offspring given their much higher suicide and abuse rates compared to the general population and thus goes beyond just WM/AF couples. Mixed marriages should be outlawed, it only creates disruption in the social order, I wish it would stop but since it’s unlikely it’ll ever will, there is no point longing over it, one day you have to face the lame hand you’ve been dealt by life or you perish sobbing about life’s unfairness like a loser.

    • Is it really much worse to have an Asian father than a white mother? If anything the trickle down effect of the mother’s insanity and white worshipping makes the child’s life much harder.

      I’d definitely take being half Chinese through my father ANY day of the week – that way I could live in China and be respected. Half-Chinese descent through your father means instant status in China. If you don’t believe me go on and and look up Mike Sui. He went to being a celebrity in China (a major celebrity) in a manner of months.. Meanwhile if I tell people I’m half Chinese thorough my mother they treat me like a pig.

      • TCOMD:

        Your comment is extremely racist and sexist. You are just another pathetic example showing Chinese men are mostly racist and white-worshiping than Chinese women. You should be ashamed of what you wrote … Chinaman/Chinky men are simply pathetic white worshipers and so ashamed of looking Chinese, you should go out and see the world. Mainland Chinese love White men and Chinese women couples with their cute mixed children. They have an advantage – they have western last names with Chinese blood and this is what most people like in China and around the world.

        For your case Chinese last name with white blood, what? Simply GROSS. Mike Sui is a PIG and RETARD with a father who is a LOSER and WHITE-WORSHIPER who is so ashamed of having an Asian wife. What a PATHETIC Chinese man (Chinaman).

        • Lol. There are probably 10 times more successful AM/WF people than the other way around. Mike Sui is even an extreme example. I can name a dozen AM/WF Hapas off the top of my head: Dean Cain, Apollo Ohno, Julien Kang, Hideo Muraoka, etc.

          What’s funny is that you’re not white yet you really are trying to dog out Chinese people. I’m trying to figure out why, and I’m guessing it’s for your self-esteem to feel better than someone; why would you want to do that? Maybe because someone else views you as shit because of your skin color?

    • There is a distorted perception, most mixed marriages of certain combinations fail. That needs to be mentionned.

  2. Imagine the racial humiliation of the Hapa kid in that picture, where he sees an entire generation of Asian women, including his own mom choosing nerdy white men. How is he supposed to feel about his Half-Asian masculinity under such circumstances? You can see the pain in his eyes, behind his forced smile.

    • Her family is trash through and through, starting from her own father and mother. I do feel very sorry for those two boys who look almost 100% Cantonese, but they’re probably still too young to realize what happened – it did take me almost 6-7 years after my mother’s death to realize exactly who she was. The look on her husband’s face is hilarious though.

      • TCOMD:

        I think you really need to see a shrink cause you must have MENTAL ILLNESS. From what you wrote, I can obviously tell you have mental and psychological issues. Her family is NOT trash and her family is very successful. Seems like you are also jealous of her family. White men with Chinese women are one the best couples in the world.

    • Hapa Kid:

      Nerdy white men? What about Asian men, aren’t they even nerdier? White men are good looking with stronger masculinity than Asian men and that’s why they are being looked up to around the world. Look at the fashion industry and you will know. Asian men are simply UGLY and sad and that’s why Asian women prefer to have a non-Asian spouse. period.

    • I hate to agree because it’s an ugly thought, but that racial humiliation is a scar, a deep brand, and to feel your parent(s) contributing to this…. It’s fucked.

      • Hung Asian guys should just go around swinging their dicks, because, why the fuck not?

        I’m average but if I had a bigger dick I definitely would just show it off in public, no homo. I’m low inhibition and crazy as is so something like that really wouldn’t be a net loss.

      • @Eurasian Writer,

        It’s a good idea, and I’m an Asian guy with a big cock, but I’m just afraid that if I do that, the Jews will kidnap me and cut my dick off for going against their media propaganda. Hire me some bodyguards and I’ll do it for ya.

        • Don’t know if you’re being serious.

          What the hell do you have to lose if you just wear tight fitting pants or some shit?

          No homo but in Beijing I see dudes in basketball shorts and their dicks are literally just swinging out in the open.

  3. It’s all true but you are killing yourself rubbing your nose in this, dude. Disappear into plant biology or something. Seriously, I saved by life by embracing my autistic hapa life and just rolling with it. All your observations are true but wallowing in this does not make your you healthy.

  4. The administrator of this blog is totally racist and sexist. WordPress has the moral obligations to take this blog down. Further, the administrator of this blog needs to see a shrink as he is posing a threat to the world.

    IMHO, Chinese men in Greater China, Russia and the west are mostly racist and sexist and they are the worst people on the planet. Chinese women with white men and other Asian women with white men are the best couples ever.

    • It’s funny that the women that are the ugliest, tend to speak the loudest about imaginary aggressions by men of their own race.

      I imagine you were hurt or wronged by an Asian man before.

  5. There are lots of couples + white men white women, but the husband ended up killing his entire family. In this case, the media said nothing.
    But when it comes to a couple asian woman + white man, the media will say it is because it is an interracial couple.
    (I live in France with a white man)

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