Why won’t Asian women just admit that Asian men are unattractive?

When pressed enough, 9/10 times Asian women will admit that they simply prefer White male features. Tall noses, eye color, etc.

Why don’t they just admit it?

It would be easier, wouldn’t it, than coming up with a million conflicting reasons why they cannot bear to be with an Asian guy, but can bear to be with dozens of white men. It’s merely selective bias. On top of that I sincerely doubt that most Eurasians, including myself, are going to be able to rationalize this away in the next twenty years; the “misogyny” excuses only goes so far, as does “my mom was a Korean waitress and my dad a GI,” excuse.

Eventually what happens is he too will face the “Asian men aren’t attractive” slur.

My belief is that Asian women don’t admit this out of some unconscious guilt, that they truly do feel sorry for the Asian men they are discarding, because they know for a fact the reality is that White men are just more physically attractive. But why not just cut to the chase and let them know that their existence is essentially meaningless? Is that any more cruel than wrapping a string around their finger, and telling them that it’s because of their behavior?

Japan, as many know, is facing a demographic crisis. I often wondered if this was because men realized that a white guy could do what a Japanese man only dreamed of after decades of hard work, except he could do it in half an hour. And as a Eurasian it’s fairly obvious, especially if you like Asian women, that they harshly penalize Asian features – to the extent that it’s obviously because of looks.

I wonder what the Eurasian feels like knowing he was the direct fallout from this holocaust of evolution. The myth of the successful, happy Eurasian is just that: a myth. I sincerely doubt there are any Eurasians out there right down to Daniel Henney who hasn’t thought about this. And if they haven’t they’re probably so deeply entrenched in the loner lifestyle that they’ve just given up thinking about it.

The bottom line is that Asian women themselves know the truth. Nobody else does. And ultimately they’re going to have to explain it away to their children, millions of us, and no longer rely on the “Hapas are beautiful” slogan to make it easier.


75 thoughts on “Why won’t Asian women just admit that Asian men are unattractive?

  1. I would just like to say that I’m actually more attracted to asian men than white men at the present moment, though you could say that’s just a half asian thing. But if you ever decide to watch After School Club (Kpop English-based show) on Youtube, you’ll find girls of all races fangirling over dem cute Korean (some Chinese) boys. ❤ ❤ ❤ Sorry white guys, but BTS, B.A.P, etc. have changed my tastes from being more even-sided, haha.

  2. What the h*ll? Why does this screen scroll down forever? Is there no end to this madness? I have had a taste of infinity – and I do not like it, sir !!

  3. You are full of shit. I’m not even going to argue with you, because a piece of shit is just that. Keep dreaming boy and I am sorry that you were born unattractive to women in general thus your rants. Only unattractive men do these kinds of insecure rants.

      • Idk, I’m Cambodian, dark skinned, and have had plenty of girlfriends .-. to my own suprise.
        Then again I wasn’t raised in a cultured and traditional environment where as the normal asian male who is comes out more disciplined and feminine in a sense.

        I’ve been very insecure due to the fact that I’m dark, and dark is considered ugly in Asia but beautiful in America..twisted fucking logic in my opinion. No not dark like Fijian dark but dark cause I was out in the sun too long dark.

        Anywho, it depends on the individual. I’ve dated white girls, mexicans, asian girls, but not black girls since I have yet to find a ‘dignified” one that acts like a lady..

    • Yet, you posted. Thanks for visiting his site. Adding to the popularity/ranking of it. Sorry, your life experiences(lack of?) and myopic POV prevents you from understanding what makes complete sense.

  4. I know how you feel as a fellow cambodian, I often get rejected by asian girls because of my dark skin and more masculine features but do well with all other races

  5. Really ugly monsters or aliens on this earth are caucaisian guys in USA and Europe, the lands of monster people. caucasian people tend to have a face of a fat crocodile, and have too much hair like a primitive monkey which fails to be developped as a human. their skin is pooer than the light skin of the white thai race minority, chinese, japanese and tends to have dark freckles. bad smell.
    caucasian men can date ugly women in thais’ eyes (superdark, medium dark brown, fat and supershort, uneducated) from thailand, and i am a thai girl.

  6. It’s not about attraction it’s about racism for those who go out with basically “any” white guy even the ugly ones over the Asians.

    Your biggest problem is; your looking at this from a male perspective instead of a female one.

    So you think the only reason women would choose not to go out with someone is looks.

    Like Elliot Roger, he thought it was about race and looks but then he saw white women going out with ugly Asian men and couldn’t handle it.

    Sure racism and looks is a part of it but so is personality.

    I mean; he was an okay looking guy, no health problems, crap load of money and his dad was a director/guy with connections in hollywood and he “still” couldn’t manage to get laid.

    Instead of accepting that it could be a reflection on him personally he got obsessed with looks and chin dimensions and shit.

    Though the guy did have the “gay face” so he may have just been a closeted, self hating gay.

  7. what a stupid racist asshole! No. Asian women admit it aplenty. You asian guys are ugly losers. White guys are just so much more handsome. Keep whining, loser! You will never stop me from loving white boys! 😛

      • Unfortunately the person above is a pitful woman who is suffering from tunnel vision that white men are on the level of “gods” and can do no wrong despite the numerous oppressions that white men put other races through, effects of which can be felt even today.

        • These are the same bottom-of-the-barrel Asian women that white men loves to abuse in all ass-pects, not just love ripping their little cunts with their fingers. In public I usually see the guy walking ahead leaving them behind, while at the same time he is staring at other white women, or worst, the white women with Asian men, yes they do exist, if anyone says no then you are just another lying Elito Rodger Connie Chung lying sack of shyte. Ha!

    • who the fuck gives a FUCk about Asian females not liking Asian males. I m an Asian male and I don’t give a fuck. Let people like who ever they like

    • This poster is probably “Jennifer Suzuki”. She is probably the ichiban internet troll on the “I hate Asian men”, “I worship superior white men”, “Asian women + white men = future master race ” meme, under numerous aliases and pseudonyms. I’ll write a comment with all her links at some point that I’ve found. She’s readily identifiable by the style and content of her writing. Even though I disagree with her views, I think she is a depressed person with a lot of pain and self hate too, as she appears to be a half Japanese, Chinese happa mix herself, which led to many problems. Her manner if coping is vitriolic , but I actually find her a sympathetic character bc she does show her hurt, and her writing has a unique voice, notwithstanding the hatefulness if her content.

    • I can’t believe the level of ignorance in general here. The fact is that constructs of beauty which have certainly influenced a majority were created in favour of a dominant Western culture. Think Eugenics and Scientific racism and how it has manifested in media representations for centuries. We have been presented with so called “ideals” of beauty which serve to elevate only certain racial and hence cultural values and characteristics. There are obvious intersections between “racism” and “lookism” which individuals must admit to.

  8. I live in France, I think 95 % of the white french are ugly.

    By the way, all I know > asian women + white men are not more numerous, not weirder than the others :
    – asian women + black men
    – asian men + white women
    – asian men + black women
    – white men + black women
    – white men + white women
    – etc…
    There are a lot of ugly people, plenty of psychopathes, but 98 % of them are not eurasians, and most of them are not white men who live with an asian woman.

    There are a lot of couples who are ugly, But the media only points ugly couple if the asian women or the white men are ugly. Whereas when the white women or the white men are both ugly, the media doesn’t point out this fact.

  9. The truth is Asian men are not ugly. There are plenty of good looking Asian men. Just because racist white media been trying its hardest to make Asian men as unattractive as possible, it does not mean Asian men are ugly. Only brainwashed racist people believe that and there are plenty living in places that are heavily influenced by Hollywood. Plenty of brainwashed Asian females fall into this category too. There is nothing worse than brainwashed Asian females out in the open promoting white supremacy and supporting racist white men, which is exactly what those women are.

    Here is a site that’s run by volunteers that’s been tracking daily racist micro aggressions against Asians. Just take a look at all the subtle racist images white people are shoveling down our throats daily. And people are surprised all the negative stereotypes are out there about Asians?


  10. Thank you freethemindcn, your links are very helpful. White media has brainwashed the world into believing that white is right and beautiful. It’s time that the media start portraying to the world that Asian men are just as right and beautiful (in some cases, even more beautiful).

    • Forget mainstream media. It is run by Satanists anyway and one big Tavistock mind control operation. Asian American self created media is our future, plus media from our homelands ONLY. I refuse to support or participate in western media.

  11. Considering the quality of asian women to western men, it is found based on the thai statistics bureau regaring interrracial that up to 80% of thai wmen to western men are divorcees, not virgin, with children born out of their first thai husband to be taken care o. This percentage of non-virgin women married to western men is shockingly high as it is not more than half but up to 80% percentage. in asia, it is very difficult for already used women or no longer virgin women to find another asian man to date with or start thier marriage life, because asian men have the higher standard regarding women they agree to marry than western men have. do you still think that western men can attract other races? In fact, they never can but western men are the easiest to be get as husband because they are just anyhing type. they can easily accept even women are work as prostitutes as wives. they are used easily by women of other races because their standard regarding women are the world lowest.

  12. Considering the quality of asian women to western men, it is found based on the thai statistics bureau regarding interrracial that up to 80% of thai wmen to western men are divorcees, not virgin, with children born out of their first thai husband to be taken care . This percentage of non-virgin women married to western men is shockingly high as it is not more than half but up to 80% percentage. in asia, it is very difficult for already used women or no longer virgin women to find another asian man to date with or start their marriage life, because asian men have the higher standard regarding women they agree to marry than western men have they will not agree to marry already used women. do you still think that western men can more than other races? In fact, they are not but western men are the easiest to be get as husband because they select nothing. they can easily accept even prostitutes as wives. they are used easily by women of other races or are born the most stupid male race because their standard regarding women are the world lowest , they can accept any thing women and give those women money.

  13. Your pathetic. I’m half Korean/white and a female. Why do you sound so racist? Everyone has they’re own opinion on beauty. What makes you think your so hot?
    Your embarrassing the rest of us hapas. Please show us a picture of you. I can bet you that your not as hot as you think you are. If you like white guys.. Good for you. People choose who they are attractive to according to looks and personality combined. Shame on you for writing this dumb shit. Fucking ignorance is bliss and that’s you honey. I just wasted 3 minutes of my life reading this crap. I’m embarrassed for you because you sound very stupid.

    • “People choose who they are attractive to according to looks and personality combined”
      What an IDEALISTIC crock of shit you just said!

      If what you said is true, then why 60% of asian women married to white men? and BARELY 1% of white women married to asian men!?? oh… it’s just sooooo happen that all white guys are good looking and have great personality and asian guys are not.

        • Why do white guys who date Asians hate on Asian guys?

          I’ve noticed white guys getting agro and defensive even giving a veiled finger.

          They’re are going to be looking at Asian faces their whole life with their Asian looking kids.


            • The majority of these guys dating/marrying insecure average/ugly looking Asian females are average/ugly looking loser white guys who can’t get a white women and/or are frustrated with white women.

              There is a mass exodus of white males all over the world flocking to non westernised countries including Eastern Europe for pussy. But when they get there they complain that these countries have been spoilt by mainstream Western culture, what an absolute joke LMAO! Because they actually practice out their anger driven Western culture superiority ego over Asians. I mean make up your mind FFS!

          • It makes them feel better. White men are in fact losing their privilege status and it’s demoralizing. But instead of working harder and being more competitive, they create a fantasy world were white men are sexual masters of willingly submissive Asian women. Afterall white men are under sexual competition from blacks, academic and economic competition from Asians and under actual economic and political domination by Jews. The history of America shows that Asians out compete whites economically, which resulted in the anti Chinese pogroms in California and the Chinese Exclusion Act in the 19th century. So I don’t blame the white man for being scared and reactionary. But I blame Asian women who make this fantasy possible by their unthinking gullibility and whorish behavior. While maybe David Beckham is a good looking white guy, to claim all white men are more attractive than all Asian men merely reflects a deranged mind, when coming from an Asian women. God made creatures seek after their own kind. You have to be deranged to actively reject your own kind outright, and are probably not a fit member of your species.

  14. Most Asian men are unattractive because they don’t really take care of their appearance. When a society starts to place more importance on looks, the individuals will start to look better too. So to all the Asian guys reading this, please have more respect and love for your own body and face, try to look better.

    • No, it’s the result of 30 years of denigrating Asian males in MSM.

      If Hollywood wanted to brainwash the masses in people that a pale pasty loser white guy was the new Brad Pitt, they could.

  15. I can’t believe I just made an account for this but it’s the most ridiculous shit I just cannot let go of. A whole f**cking blog post for this shit? Is it some kind of joke? Or did your asian crush dump you for an asian dude, kiddo? It’s even funnier how you keep coming back to this shit you took a year and a half ago. Let me tell you the truth: white dudes can be hot and so can asian dudes or dudes of any other race. Seriously this one asian bro f**ks every hot white chick I know. Surprisingly he said he never slept with a single asian chick saying that he’s open to any race but hasn’t been with an asian girl he wanted to bang. There in fact were a few asian female friends of mine who were so pissed off because this guy rejected them -these girls are so gorgeous I would totally tap them. I digressed but my point is those white chicks and the oriental chicks that this brah won’t sleep with will never bang you because you are not as hot as that asian dude. It’s not about racial status of anyone; it’s all about you being a fugly asshole. I mean that’s why your asian crushes won’t go out with you in the first place, right? Get a life, man; if you’re not attractive and feel inferior to other good looking fellas of whichever race then do something more productive to improve yourself, rather than trying to use your ethnicity -which honestly doesn’t mean shit- to feel superior over another race. I mean seriously, for a year and a half? It’s so pathetic and just makes me laugh haha you evidently haven’t improved in a year and a half.

  16. man nvm I just read a couple more of your post… I’m sorry you had some difficult moments in your life but I really think you should seek for a professional help before your mental condition exacerbates.

  17. Still doesn’t explain why the hottest asian women always end up with their own race though. Keep in mind that majority of asian women are ugly themselves, so it goes both ways.

  18. I have a white friend who is married to a Japanese woman. I was shocked to find out that his Japanese wife blamed him for their daughters “Asian looks”. Asian genes are usually very dominant and since almost all Japanese are ethnic Asians 100%, the child is on the Asian side of the spectrum. The best best is medium brown hair. The wife’s behavior shocked me. I mean, how can a mum judge their offspring like that, plus the Asian genes are NOT coming from the husband. Don’t wanna put any labels but seems more like self hatred to me.

    I have very respectable Japanese friends who are self accepting and accepting of others. But for the general public I have noticed Japanese people judge people for having a flat nose, short legs etc.. Features which are predominant in Japan. Japanese people have earned those features thru evolution and these features helped them survive the climate they are living in. I believe there is beauty and ugliness in every race.

    • — “…but seems more like self hatred to me.

      “Seems”? No… it IS self-hatred—don’t be afraid to call it for what it is. Her “behavior”—a cold-blooded, reptilian-like ruthlessness and callousness—isn’t unique to her alone either; it’s quite common for Asian females, who are like her, to lack moral agency. For example, just recently, news has been circulating about a Korean woman who left her newborn (half-Asian) baby for dead in a motel bathroom, right after “getting it on” with a U.S. soldier, only to then have lunch, afterwards, with the said soldier (source: http://tinyurl.com/jpxetz2). And let’s not forget about “anchor babies“, the fact that Asian-American women have higher STD rates than White women and/or the international child abductions in Japan (most of whom are Japanese women themselves being the abductors)—if in doubt, you can Google these yourself. Time and time again, when it comes to blind, animal-like lust toward White males, Asian women take the cake—there is no limit to how low these females can AND will stoop.

      And, within the context of your second paragraph, what you “believe” is physically beautiful or ugly is completely subjective. If you truly want to determine if an individual is “beautiful” (“good”) or “ugly” (“bad”), see one for who they are and not what you perceive one to be—racial background is irrelevant. Unfortunately, however, and with that said, many Asian female individuals (despite the claim of being so “highly desirable” by men the world over) ARE truly ugly—and there’s no other group of men in the world who know this more true than Asian men (including the half-Asian men who’re unfortunate enough to be born from the tainted orifice of a self-loathing Asian female).

  19. If you ever see a FOB white worshiping Chinese woman crying over her failed relationship with a racist autistic like white dude, just say “活该” to her. She’ll understand what you meant.

  20. Guys – although (Eur)asian males seem to get sh*t on in (wanna-be &) European-White societies, a quick google search for “Asian Mexican couples” shows A LOT MORE pictures of Asian male Other female partnerships. The kicker? A lot of the Mexican women tend to be lighter-skinned / white.

    This makes perfect sense too. In the US, nearly everyone with even a modicum of intellect is branded a whimpy nerd. Moreover, as caring and supportive fathers have been essentially replaced by the American welfare state, such attributes are no longer valued as much as before.

    Due to its developing nature, such views have yet to firmly take root in Mexico. Over there, intelligence is still seen as a ticket to achieving or sustaining a good life, and respinsible husbands / fathers are prized (at least relative to the US).

    In closing, if you’re reasonably fit, half-decent looking, educated, and driven to be a good husband / father, then learning Spanish and finding a cute señorita south of the border may be the answer for you.

    Check it out!

    https://www.google.co.th/search?q=pareja+raza+mixta&prmd=ivn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjBlIeJ36rQAhUIL48KHVbTDQcQ_AUIBygB&biw=360&bih=559&dpr=2#tbm=isch&q=asian+mexican+coupleh ()

    • This will cause more problems. So Asian men are supposed to marry latinas to replace Asian women? This is what loser white fuks do. They marry Asian women to replace feminist liberal white women.

  21. Because you don’t count the fact the are billions Asian couples. Eurasian writer is just cherry picking to carry out his agenda. He knows his blogs can’t keep going if he doesn’t keep making bullshit topics, the only problem he sacrifices the entire Eurasian and Asian community for his bullshit believe; something he doesn’t even believe himself but doing it to keep his blog alive. It’s so obvious 99% of his blogs are just garbage nonsense to further his agenda.

  22. I’m really sorry you grew up with horrific parents. I am an Thai-American woman, born and raised here in the US. I find Asian men, from all backgrounds attractive. I have ALWAYS wanted to date Thai or other Asian men, but they never wanted to date me, as I am 5’8″ and about 30 lbs overweight. I have never been petite. I ended up dating tall white men, but have NEVER and refused to date white men who have Asian fetishes. Anyone with whom I’ve had serious relationships had never been with an Asian woman until dating me. I ended up marrying a white man, and we have a great marriage. He has never treated me with any disrespect, he is not a racist, and he is a kind, calm, patient person. I am no dragon mother. I am not a “white man worshipper,” nor will I ever be. I have a somewhat masculine personality, but it’s more loud, humourous and honest than cold and calculating. I don’t have time for bullshit. We have a son. He looks a lot like me, but one cannot tell he is Asian. I am teaching him about his heritage–I see nothing wrong with that. I see nothing but good in teaching your half-Asian child that he has a lot to embrace and appreciate. That is why I don’t understand why you believe it is detrimental to have an Asian mother and a white father. That’s really hateful to say. His father and I spend a lot of time showing him how much he is loved, how much he has to offer, how great he is, and how much he means to us. How can you say that he will grow up “fucked up” just because his mother is Asian, and his father is white?

Tell me how Asian men are beta, how White women are fat feminists, how Eurasians are super popular around the world (not just Asia), and how all the most famous celebrities aren't the sons of Asian men and White women, below:

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