I Plan to Libel and Expose Prominent Asian Women in the Media

I will not stop writing until I expose the hypocrisy of the Asian woman and white man until every Asian figurehead in the media answers to what she did. I denounce the Asian woman and white male relationship as being built on poison, power, racism and sadism that ebbs down to the child.

This includes but is not limited to: Esther Ko, Amy Chua, Deanna Fei, Phoenix Tso, Grace Hwang Lynch, Louise Hung, and even the older ones who are on the verge of death, like the one who wrote the Joy Luck Club (can’t even remember her name).

I may actually reveal my real identity if it suits me. I am Ivy League educated, from a VERY prominent Chinese American family and I will stop at absolutely nothing to expose the hypocrisy of these relationships.

Why don’t I take my white privileged life and shut the hell up, you ask? Because my white privilege (see the featured post) gives me the power to speak out. Because my children will be born into a world in which they will SUFFER due to the hypocritical and poisonous nature of the Asian woman and her white master.

Oh and sorry to burst your bubble but I’m non-violent. An extremely obsessed person, but non violent. My aim is humiliation and destruction of the AW/WM relationship and family on the basis that it is an illegitimate relationship other than in a minority of cases.


11 thoughts on “I Plan to Libel and Expose Prominent Asian Women in the Media

  1. Well, if you did graduate from such a prestigious university, then you have to have SOME logic. How is it logical to bash ALL aw/wm couples? There are some that fell in love; some that married for money; some that had no other choice etc., just like any other couple of a different race. Do you also feel the same way about white women/ asian male couples, or is it just asian women?

  2. What a fucking hater. Yeah right like anyone is going to give a fuck about you you little faggot. I just showed your pathetic little blog to my Asian girlfriend and she agrees with me you should fuck off.

    • @Sorry Ass Rob,

      You nothing but a POS who thinks just because he is white, people should worship him. Your girlfriend will dump you one day when she realized your have no earning potential and lack intelligence. After that you will go back to dating fat ugly white trash women.

  3. “I just showed your pathetic little blog to my Asian girlfriend and she agrees with me you should fuck off.”

    “And what are you going to tell your son when he looks Asian?”

    Hey Rob ask your Asian gf if she is unlucky enough to give birth to half white sons with really asian features , what kind of romantic advice she will give them when they enter the age where they want to have sex, when girls who look like his mother say “I don’t fuck asian guys”, “asian guys are too short and small dicked.”

    Will your asian gf tell her asian looking sons to “be confident” or ” there’s someone for everyone” or “you should try to date asian girls since you are half white and superior full asian men” or “just go back to Asia to get a wife”.

    Get back to us what your asian gf says. Just tell your asian gf to abort any hapa sons she has and keep the hapa daughters so they turn into future white cock carouselers.

  4. Hey Rob, what does your asian gf think about this the screenshot of a conversation with a typical asian female ?

  5. I pronounce the Asian woman and white male relationship is built on love, mutual respect, friendship and HOT SEX.

    All of you Asian male losers commenting on these blogs are pathetic.

  6. If you’re as Ivy League as you say, you’d lay out your arguments in a debatable format, and let those with rational minds pick them apart, and you defend them. The fact that you need to namedrop “Ivy League” and “VERY prominent family” says aplenty. You’re priming the argument for a logical fallacy called appeal to authority: “I’m half Asian, I’m more well-educated and successful than you, so you can’t possibly know more than me.” Behind your contrived self-assurance lies your fragile, insecure, and damaged ego. Otherwise you wouldn’t be posting such vitriol yet hiding behind a pseudonym. Where’s that bestseller, hotshot?

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