The Ongoing Mentally Ill Eurasian List: Why Are Hapas with White Fathers Committing So Many Crimes?


The above picture describes my parents to an absolute T.

2016 update: I stopped, then started to continue to add people to this list because the news keeps aggregating and aggregating. 2016 has seen several national news stories featuring Eurasians – every single one with a white father and Asian mother.

Does anyone want to explain why virtually every single Eurasian / Hapa who commits a crime has a white father and an Asian mother?

The single largest mixed race demographic on earth – all uniformly born to white fathers (literally the last people on earth who understand what it’s like to be non-white) and Asian mothers (literally the last people on earth who care) – the only predictable factor among a million unpredictable social elements.

Could it maybe have to do with the fact that SOME of the people who get involved in these relationships present us with a highly politicized relationship involving the superiority of white men, passive aggressive myths about Eurasian beauty and abilities, and psychosexual microaggressions designed to demean Asian people? While my father never badmouthed Asian men – I can only imagine being the son of raceplayers, or women who make a show of their distaste for Asian blood. And I had it bad. 

Not all, of course, but let’s be honest that there are many Asian women who chase white men out of a passionate hatred for Asian men, and there are white men who are happy to sleep with them, disrespect the hell out of their Asian partners, not thinking that their son will look totally Asian. From the Sarong Party Girls, to the LA valley girls who dye their hair… where does this all lead besides some of us being in a really bad place… and there are some incredible selfish white guys who get off on being worshipped for their whiteness and think that their children won’t have problems. Really? Really?

I’m not exaggerating at all. I guarantee you in 2016 we will see at least 30-40 more crimes / displays of mental illness committed by Eurasians, all of whom have Asian mothers and white fathers.

Don’t blame anyone but our upbringing. We are the Asian looking sons of vile, racist white men who for some reason leverage their whiteness to get Asian women – and a woman who really thinks it’s a good idea to raise a child under the conditions that white men are superior – despite her child looking Asian and forcing him to grow up in a white supremacist country or society. I think that’s about all I can say about that.

They’re mental illness breeding machines (link to study on mental illness)

Unless someone can accurately provide a plan under which a massive amount of Hapas, the majority of whom are born to Asian women who hate, dislike, disregard or disfavor Asian men and Asian blood and pedestalize white men, and drop us into countries that hate Asianness – and Asian men – with immense fervor, can uniformly come to terms with such a nihilistic and overwhelming slap in the face, then these crimes are going to continue happening especially as Half Asians are an exponentially growing demographic.


I know so because as the son of people like this (don’t believe me? Ask for a picture), I can understand the overwhelming feelings of desperation, anger, and hatred. Just go to the first pages of this blog.

I will explain why I think so after the list, and you can deduce why this is happening based on my personal experiences listed elsewhere on this website (hopefully as you go backwards in time you will see how my psychological issues worsen and worsen the earlier and earlier you go). I also am brother to a young man who too was involved in a violent crime.

This is objective from aggregate data. Obviously there are hundreds we probably don’t know about, but I think it’s fair that we tally the ones we know of so far, despite research not being completed.

What’s telling isn’t that there are so many. There aren’t, relative to the total number of Hapas. What’s telling is that they are so massively unbalanced according to the parents.

If you think I’m lying, go ahead and list cases that I missed. All you’d have to do is a Google search or criminal database search according to race (and even then, more Hapas won’t show up because many pass as white, or have white last names).

Hapa Criminals / News Stories with Asian Fathers:

  • Kelly Soo Park, acquitted of attempted murder, charged for fraud
  • Nathaniel Fujita, 2013 murder of girlfriend
  • Andrew Cunanan, serial killer and murderer of Versace, 1995
  • Lindsay Kantha Souvannarath, half Asian white supremacist,
  • Japanese father, white mother Eurasian girl arrested for threatening school shooting

Hapa Criminals / News Stories with Asian Mothers, from 2013-2015 alone.

  • Elliot Rodger (Mass killer, 6 victims)
  • Justin Nojan Sullivan (Eurasian who attempted to join ISIS)
  • Matthew DeGrood (Mass killer, 5 victims)
  • Eric Bloss (Arrested in 2015 for attempted murder of boss)
  • Connor Sullivan (Ran away from home, missing for 4 days, survived by eating fruit from trees, in 2015)
  • Amanda Todd (Famous suicide)
  • Isabella Guzman (Matricide via stabbing 151 times)
  • Kelly Baltazar (Rich girl turned degradation-pornstar)
  • Jimmi Inthep Hansson (Swedish animal killer of 9 cats; translation needed)
  • Daniel Holtzclaw (Cop turned mass rapist)
  • Belle Knox (Half Indian, Half White) pornstar / Duke student
  • Emma Sulkowicz (Columbia mattress girl whose claim was later found to be false)
  • David Renz (Stabbed mother to death in 2013, attempted to rape 10 year old daughter)
  • Elliot Turner, murder of his girlfriend, half Indonesian, half British
  • John Everette Perry, sexually assaulting young men, 2013
  • Alex Kenji Gaborek, Transient Suspect, Accomplices Arrested for Breaking Into Mother’s Elk Grove Residence
  •  Bryan Springer. White Father, Thai Mother. Murder/Suicide involving his girlfriend. 2015. source
  • Aaron Ybarra, White-Hispanic father, Asian mother, school shooting in Seattle, 2014
  • Julian Edgren, Former Princeton student and prodigy sentenced to 5 years for selling drugs, White Father, Chinese Mother
  • Alysa Suguro Bathrick“Cute mugshot girl”
  • 66 year old white politican and his 25 year old WMAF hapa boyfriend arrested and faced charges for sex crimes with a minor, July, 2015

The 2016 List alone.

  • David Fry. Oregon Militia and ISIS sympathizer, January 13, 2016. White father / Japanese mother.
  • Thomas Wagoner, ASU student who committed suicide due to racial bullying, January 13, 2016
  • Jack Luck, Taiwanese television host, suicide. January 22, 2016. White father / Asian mother.
  • Aage Jorgansen, 16 year old boy who went missing after his father kicked him our of his car. January 28, 2016.
  • Dorothy Dutiel, murder suicide with girlfriend, February 12, 2016. White father / Asian mother
  • Joshua Zarembeski, armed robbery, February 26, 2016. White father / Asian mother
  • Alex Buckner, mass murder of entire family, February 26, 2016, White father / Asian mother
  • Colin James Sparks, theft of $1000 worth of Lego sets, July 15th, 2016.
  • Justin Mazone, arrested for intoxication manslaughter, January, 2016
  • James Milroy, shot and killed his girlfriend, 19 year old Aerlaena Smith along, his 32-year old brother Michael before ending his own life, April, 2016.
  • Brandon Daniels, 2012 shooting death of an Austin police officer, 2016 convicted to death sentence.

Pre-2013 List.

  • Glenn Murphy, Jr., 2007, Head of Young Republicans, arrested for sexual assault on a 22 year old sleeping man.
  • Wesley Covenah, child molester, Asian mother, white father
  • James Sosnicki, gay for pay “stripper”. He served 3 years for drug possession, burglary, and fraud. Now on parole.
  • Phillip Sands, ex-deputy Sheriff’s son convicted of murder, 2005.
  • Marcus Epstein, 2007, anti-immigrant activist arrested for assault on a black woman
  • Learco Chindamo, half Italian, half Phillipino, convicted in 1995 stabbing murder
  • Arthur Patterson, 1997 Itaewon murder
  • Tiege Harris Delaney Jr, half Asian, white father, child molestation; father also arrested for… child molestation.
  • Charlie Chase, 1998, “Sometimes, lots of times, I fantasize about cutting someone’s head off, cutting their heart out”, WMAF Hapa. Japanese Mother. In prison for murder, robbery, assault.
  • Jack Abbot, was an American criminal and author, to an Irish-American soldier and a Chinese prostitute, murder, robbery.
  • Heck Van Tran, Triple Murder
  • Roger Brady, double murder
  • Richard Yi Begnell, 2012, larceny
  • Harvie Dale Oglesby III, bank robbery, dubbed the “Hipster Bandit”, 2012
  • Tyler Lee Ford, groped three girls sleeping in a bedroom in the home: two 9-year-olds and a 10-year-old, 2013.
  • Jarred Dean Snyder, 2014 armed robbery
  • David Anthony Runyon, 2007, killer for hire
  • Nicole John, 2010 daughter of the Ambassador to Thailand and a Korean woman, death from falling off of Manhattan high-rise during party, while high.
  • Two hapas charged with almost cutting a 15 year olds arm off.
  • Empire State Building Shooter, 2012
  • Robert John Bardo, Korean mother, White father, 1989 murder
  • George Woldt, wanton abduction, torture, rape and murder of college student Jacine Gielinski in 1997. “His own mother is Korean and apparently Woldt never accepted his Asian ancestry and wished his mother dead for having had him.”
  • Martin Soto-Fong, Mexican father, Chinese mother, triple murder, 1994
  • Alfred K. Brown, White Father, Japanese Mother, 1982 Triple Murder
  • Jason McClendon, 1995, White Father, Half Asian Mother, Murder of Mother
  • Steven Parker. White Father, Vietnamese Mother. Double Homicide, Kidnapping, Robbery. 2005. sources
  • Gerald Powers. White Father, Taiwanese Mother. Murder and aggravated robbery. 1966. source
  • Michael Blair. White Father. Thai Mother. Sexual Assault and Rape of multiple children. Early 90’s. source
  • John Harvey Otwell, White father, Chinese mother, drifter and murder of girl, 1989. Mugshot.
  • George Wilkerson. White Father. Korean Mother. Murder. 2005. source

I would even go so far as to include my own brother, who has been bed ridden for 15 years after being diagnosed for schizophrenia, unable to keep a job.

The recent events in the news shows that almost 40 years after immigration laws were passed allowing Asians to immigrate to the U.S., the first batch of 2nd generation Hapas are coming of age; I consider myself among the older Hapas born in the mid 80’s, and it’s no surprise to me that we are now seeing the younger Hapas act out violently. The mental illness that crippled my brother is a legitimate thing for Hapas. The severe issues I had with my psychology was bad enough to push me to thoughts similar to those exhibited by some of these criminals. Luckily, I was able to pinpoint the source before anything drastic happened.

Above, I, with the help of some other Hapas, have compiled a list of Hapa / Eurasian / Half White criminals. They have been divided into categories, those with Asian mothers, and those with White mothers.

After a year of research, myself and some others have found four total Eurasian criminals with Asian fathers, compared to dozens from the other category.

The bottom line for what’s going on is this: Asian women dislike Asian men yet produce half-Asian sons who feel psychological emasculated and seek to emulate Whiteness, which itself is seen as the ticket to being loved and accepted; moreover, since white men often marry Asian women because they have too extreme right-wing views to be acceptable to white women, the child itself is also conditioned with these views. Moreover, as Asian women primarily concern themselves with integration and liberation from Asian male-ness, they put little thought into the mental health of their half-Asian children who have difficulty grasping the concept of being Asian, yet having parents who hated Asian men. Furthermore, half Asian sons are raised by white fathers who are unable to prepare their children for life – particularly in the west – as an Asian male, whereby making the child feel resentful of his father’s privilege, and unable to cope with the complete lack of Asian male role models in either his personal life or in the media. Lastly, because the relationship was never based on love, but more so on hate and fetishization, the children are also being raised in broken homes. 

Hence we see a commonality among these criminals, with Asian mothers, wherein their crimes focus largely around sexual violence, violence against minorities, and in several cases, matricide. 

  • A Eurasian boy born from an Asian woman who spent her entire life hating and avoiding Asian men will be mentally unhealthy as the child itself is still an Asian male (if someone figures out a way in which this is not true, leave a comment) and it is biologically impossible for a Hapa child to be white; it is impossible for the child to spend his entire life hating and denying his heritage, as his mother wished she were able to. I lost 60 pounds in a single summer in an attempt to look whiter.
  • A Hapa boy born from a white man and a woman of color who places inherent value on whiteness will be  mentally unhealthy as we still remain Asian in the eyes of society and have only the reminder of own expulsion by our mothers’ behavior. 
  • A Hapa boy raised to be white and who lives in terror of his Asian heritage (I refused to look at photos of myself for almost 10 years for fear of seeing Asian features, refused to ever grow my hair out so that it wouldn’t be a darker color, adamantly denied I was half Chinese for years, and refused to even look at my own parents’ photograph for fear of being reminded that I was Asian, and even to this day in late 2015 have difficulty looking at myself in the mirror) will live in mental agony.
  • A Hapa boy or girl born from a self-hating Asian woman and the man who tolerates it, and has no idea how to raise an Asian son, because of its advantageous to him and his desire for sex / companionship / or in my case, “traditional marriage” will be mentally unhealthy.
  • A boy raised by a father and mother who have no idea about and / or reinforce the stereotypes about Asian men being undesirable will be mentally unhealthy especially if the Asian son has no Asian father figure in his life.
  • A Eurasian boy born from the systemic imbalance of power between Asian women and Asian men will be mentally unhealthy.
  • A Eurasian son born to a woman who believes Asian men to be unworthy of her affection and by extension even existing will be mentally unhealthy.
  • Lastly, a half-Asian child born to a mother who hated Asian men means that she is the very last person on earth to be raising a half-Asian child.


170 thoughts on “The Ongoing Mentally Ill Eurasian List: Why Are Hapas with White Fathers Committing So Many Crimes?

  1. Yup. As Eurasian boys, I think we will always feel inferior because of our race and sex (our asian moms only wanted white men, so they thought asian men were inferior as asian and as men), and our white dads preferred asian women because they were asian submissive (like we are supposed to be) and they thought asian men were Inferior (that’s why asian women chose them even though they were older and uglier than asian men). I just don’t think any of this is going to change.

  2. HEY! Indians are not fucking chink chongs with small eyes, and a small penis. Don’t dare include us as “Asian” Get the hell lost, because the fact that you would associate us with those yellow faced chinkys is something I find very VERY offensive. We are not Asian we are desi, and that’s the way it will remain. Besides, when your half desi and half white, you get a Zayn Malik. And millions of girls of all colors are throwing themselves at him, so take Belle Knox off that list AT ONCE!

    • You gained independence from Brits to establish a “democratic government”, which had been rife with voter fraud, in 1947 without having to win your country back in a war (“Quit India” policy). You are not a power player in world economy, especially considering you have the second largest population in the world. You failed to keep Pakistan or Bangladesh as part of your country after you gained independence. You lost the Sino-Indian War and Aksai Chin within one month. I have no problem with Indians wanting to be their own. However, if you are going to condescend us using Western stereotypes, I’m going to remind you the stock of which you are bred.

      By the way Zayn Malik’s FATHER is PAKISTANI (in case you need more than one reminder, Pakistan is the country that won their independence from India) and his mother is English.

      • I am half Indian (father) and half Pakistani (mother), they are both muslims, but I grew up in America, and I don’t care for religion as much. SO since I am basically from both sides of the border, I identify as desi, because that’s what I am. Indians and Pakistanis are not by any means separated from eachother by genetics, only religion separates them, incase you haven’t heard of the great migration, which is when all the muslims living in various cities across india all migrated north and congregated in Pakistan, to form Pakistan’s population. Whether you are indian or Pakistani, you are still DESI, ask any Pakistani, or indian and that is what they will tell you. Yes I agree we have our problems like border clashes, diplomacy, pollution, hygiene, corruption, poverty, but I don’t care about that, I am proud of who I am, and I am currently dating a pretty Brazilian girl. And if you are going to attempt to make fun of desi people’s dark skin and call me monkey and all that shit, it doesn’t apply to me because all my girlfriend’s relatives thought I was Brazilian when they first saw me, because I look alot like Christiano Ronaldo (minus the 6-pack LOL).

        BOTTOM LINE: I am so tired of people classing us with Chinese, Koreans, thai, etc. because we look absolutely nothing like them, share ABSOLUTELY NO cultural similarities, we don’t eat slimy cold fish and squid all day, and our women are very conservative. I even tried to date a Pakistani girl that I had a crush on, but she said “no” because she wasn’t allowed to date, and she was going to be arranged married to a man that her family had in mind for her in a couple of years time. Desis view whites as evil because of the British rule, they view blacks as garbage because they have dark skin and the caste system shuns dark skin while praising light brown skin, and They dislike east asians because they are look weird. I mean lets face it; Middle eastern/Desi muslim women are impossible to get for a foreigner, and extremely difficult for even a man of Indo/pak descent to get. I am proud of our women for holding themselves to a high standard, and there is no way they will just sell themselves to a white guy because of his eyes, or sell themselves to a black guy because he has a giant penis.

        It is VERY rare to see an arab or desi girl dating anybody, let aone a non-muslim foreigner. SO yes, I didn’t mean to be overly racist, but I am getting very VERY annoyed that they keep grouping us with orientals while Russians, and arab people come from asia as well, but get classed as “white”, and “middle eastern”. I just want a separate class for us Desi people to identify as DESIS. Classing us as Asians makes it difficult for us to get into high end colleges, because those colleges are so overwhelmed by Chinese and Koreans that also identify as Asians, but people from the neighboring countries like (Iran and Afghanistan) get to call themselves “middle eastern” and get in with a breeze. CAN YOU UNDERSTAND MY FRUSTRATION??? WE PAKISTANIS AND INDIANS ARE NOT ASIANS! WE ARE DESIS! Belle Knox is NOT a “Eurasian” or part of this whole fucking “hapa” business. She is an “anglo-indian” and that IS the term the british use to identify people who are of mixed Desi and British descent (look it up).

      • If you feel strongly about the issue of being called Desi because you’re of different cultural upbringing that needs be better delineated, that is a very valid assertion. However, the fact that you are called “Asian” is not an Eastern delineation, but rather than a Western one. Get in enough support to change that term on a government Census and you may get your wish.

        Because the author may have not fully understand the frustration you have as he is taught in the Western society, the mistake he made unlikely has malice of forethought.

        That being said, you comments have no tact. Your gross stereotyping regarding East Asians is something that serves to belittle and demean. Attitude and social interaction (even if is through the internet) is a two-way street. If you’re going to show any respect, do not expect to receive any.

        I can tell what your bottom line from your first comment. You do not want to be classified as Asian because you believe your social status is superior to ours and it is preventing your assimilation into the Western world, hence the casual stereotyping. You define your status by the fact that you’re not phenotypically dark (preemptive defense about calling Desis “monkey” because of their skin).

        The fact that you denounce Pakistan to Chinese relationship illustrate the lack of understanding regarding the world that you live in, especially considering Pakistan nationals consider China as the strongest ally. Here is the real issue, you not an Indian/Pakistani national, you are Western of Indian/Pakistani descent; therefore, perception you have is going to be drastically different compared to an immigrant or someone who grew up is a different ethnic enclave. The classification of you as “Asian”, however angry it makes you is because the dominant culture have designated you as such. I find your lashing out at the author misguided.

        Here is my bottom line: Whether or not you attempt to understand the deeper social commentary implied in this author’s writings regarding racial conflict in the West is up to you. However, if you’re going to keep throwing racial slurs at us, I’m going to hit back; and don’t expect any form of understanding.

      • If you are fully east Asian and not hapa, then why are you even on this thread. I mean I came here because of that whole Elliot Rodger story, and I just finished reading his enormous manifesto, and I realized he murdered people because he CLEARLY hated himself, who he was, how he looked, and the fact that he was half Asian and half white. The thing I don’t understand, is why east Asian women are so hell-bent upon dating white guys. I mean all these white guys are rejects that were too pathetic for a white girl, and got rejected by their own women. So they go after an Oriental girl who for some reason doesn’t care about personality, looks, or anything except the fact that he is white. I mean do they honestly hate themselves so much, that they are willing to do anything in order to have kids that don’t look like them? But the problem is Asian traits seem to be heavily dominant over weak recessive white traits, so the kids still come out looking like Asians, but only uglier than pure Asians. When will they learn to just stick with their own kind, and be proud of who they are?

        I mean the Japanese are awesome because of the fact that they are ahead of Europe, and America in terms of technology sophistication, japan designed the Nissan GTR, why aren’t they proud of themselves? If you haven’t read the post below, it shows so many Asian girls talking about how their parents want them to elope with some cracker, because they will have cute white children. I MEAN SERIOUSLY? Why haven’t they learned by now that the kids WILL NOT look white! They will produce monsters like Elliot Rodger who loathed his appearance every time he looked in the mirror. People keep saying race doesn’t matter, and love sees no colors, THATS ALL BULLSHIT! Society just says that to look good, but deep down, people DO care about race, and that’s just basic human nature. These idiot interracial couples will produce hideous mutt children and then tell their ugly kids to “be proud of who they are” AND THATS SUCH HYPOCRICY BECAUSE THE PARENTS’ RELATIONSHIP IS A DEFINATE PRODUCT OF SELF HATRED FROM BOTH SIDES!!!

        So bottom line is; I can fully understand Elliot’s frustration. He didn’t really hate women as much as he hated himself. Society is very ruthless, because the Asian community and the white community both reject hapas, and they have no place to belong, no culture to share, no language to speak, and nothing but confusion. Hapas see themselves us being ugly, because unfortunately white and Asian genetics just don’t make a good mix, yet every day, at the mall, at the movies, at parties, at college, I SEE MORE AND MORE OF THESE WHITE GUY/ASIAN GIRL COUPLES. This is an epidemic, and it needs to end, because I believe everyone should feel comfortable in their households, and in their own skin. Majority of People online also say that hapas are usually ugly, and that Full Asian, and Full whites are much better looking people. Elliot killed himself because he hated himself, and he hated what he saw when he looked in the mirror. He felt cheap, inferior, and inadequate. He felt as if he was the product of a cheap relationship his self loathing parents got into. And he felt more pathetic when his dad was finally able to get a white girl to marry him, so he dumped the cheap Asian wife, and ran off with Soumayya. This why we all must learn to know our place, and stop assuming society is not racist. BECAUSE IT IS!

        • Most Pakistanis and Indians are the descendants of White Persians or White Celts being in relationships with a dark race of people, called “Dravidians.” So, I don’t understand why you think you are pure when, in fact, you are mixed as well.

      • Hey anonymous, I’m a different John, not that other guy you talked with above. You calling us “fucking chink chongs with small eyes, and a small penis” is totally uncalled for. And with regards to your comment about what full asians are doing here, I’m full asian myself and when I google the problems that I feel I’m experiencing as a full Asian male, these hapa blogs come up because apparently hapa issues somewhat coincide with full Asian issues, and I guess that’s only natural since they share our blood and are prone to be generalized by bigots as being the same as full Asian. It also concerns what the children of our own sisters and cousins are or will be going through. But what about you? You say we shouldn’t be here because we’re not hapa, but it looks like you’re digging your own grave with that statement, since this blog is about half east asian hapas, not half curry smelling sand nigger towelhead terrorist hapas. Did you forget about how you should eat only with your left hand and not eat with your ass-wiping right hand, because it looks like you’re full of shit. Or maybe you accumulated all that feces inside of you by drinking too much of that Ganges river water that you also bathe, piss and shit in!

      • …And use some utensils for eating, this isn’t the stone age anymore. Also the toilet paper is a wonderful invention, you don’t have to use your bare hands anymore you nasty savage fuck!

      • Okay, I am a “towel headed terrorist”. I don’t care what you think, I am just grateful to god that I am not a chink. And I have a pretty white/brazillian girlfriend, and a big penis, so I mean don’t get salty just because I have things that you wish you could have. I am here because of that whole Elliott Rodger thing, and I just finish reading his manifesto, and clearly half Asian/half white people hate themselves to the core. I am seeing this everywhere though. I just don’t see why so many white idiots are eloping with Asian women, and producing hideous offspring. I don’t hate Asians, but I definitely don’t want to be one, or be associated with them.

        • Anon…you are just another dirty coolie nigger that sucks white dick and takes it up the butt from the Brits.

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      • I agree with John: Zayn Malik’s father is South Asian; Zayn has some South Asian features. I think that: a) his dad was a good male role model for him and b) his mother was a caring woman. So, basically, his upbringing was a positive one without all that self-loathing. Also, I wonder if the fact that he grew up in Britain and not the US has something to do with it: Belle Knox is a porn-star for crying out loud, not someone to look up to.

        I have no clue to the exact differences in “white-worshipping” rates in East Asian vs. South Asian communities, but trust me, it exists among South Asians. Culturally we are not the same, but males suffer from many of the same stereotypes in the US. And part of that stereotype is lumping us together. But apparently, whites do that a lot: look at all the border disputes that resulted from European colonization. I’d rather see is better understanding between us despite this; and hopefully, eventually, between all of us.

    • You’re oblivious to the truth, bro. Here’s a link to an Indian man winning the smallest penis contest:

      Also, the Asian penis thing is a stereotype (except for that link above about Indian penises, which is based on fact!) , so it doesn’t mean all Asians have small penises. My dingaling is about 6.2 inches when erect, so whenever I whip out my cock for some hoe to see they’re always like “but i thought…!”, so yeah. Also, it’s true that Asian girls date white guys a lot, but that doesn’t bother me because those hoes have nothing to do with me really. They’re usually psychos that wouldn’t attract me anyway.

      Also, you may want to consider why white guys don’t chase your ethnic women. Hell, I wouldn’t want to hug and kiss a woman whose breath smells like third world piss water and wipes her ass with her bare hand!

      • Colored people shouldn’t fight colored people. In case both of you are too blind to realize, all people of colors are niggers to whites. Remember that before you fling shit at another race. You think white racists give a fuck about the difference between a towel head and a chink? And coming from someone who is an ex-white nationalist, there is no “better” race when it comes down between Indians and Asians and Hispanics or Arabs or whatever. It goes Whites > Everyone else > Blacks.

        You think the majority of whites would care if they dropped a nuke on India? Of course they wouldn’t. But you’d be surprised if and when other people of color reach a hand out to each one of you racist motherfuckers.

      • Only in America does that “whites vs all colored” mentality apply. If you go to China, it becomes “Chinese vs everybody else”, if you go to Japan, it becomes “Japanese vs everybody else” and so on. All far-right wingnuts of every country possess that same “them and us” mentality, and I can’t go around being considerate to those people’s ideology everywhere I go. Is it not acknowledgement that the supremacist nazis have it right when they generalize us all under the “colored” label if I have to heed to the “colored shouldn’t fight colored” mentality whenever an Indian guy says I have a small cock? Am I not reinforcing their views that all “colored” people are the same when I myself especially adhere to those views?

        Indeed, I was wrong to fight racism with more racism, but when my friend Anonymous here said I have a small cock, I guess I have unfortunately made a rash decision to try to enlighten this individual to the fact that disparaging stereotypes exist for all races. That big brother whitey does not love him anymore than me and that we are all equally worthless. And yes, that was my bad for stooping down to his level, and on behalf of Anony and me, I apologize. We must all unite as one and address the elephant in the room, fellow colored peoples!

        Anonymous, stereotyping can backfire on the instigator. What if the white man rounds us all up and deports us to gas chambers one day and we all had to strip naked, and it was revealed that my dick was bigger than yours, all race generalizations aside. How embarrassed would you be then, my fellow colored brother!

      • He is just a fluke, watch this documentary called (“unhung hero”) where this American guy travels to Korea to learn about how they deal with having the world’s smallest penises, and how they have an epidemic of penis surgeries to make them larger by only an inch or two. And 6.2 is just average bro, and that’s still nothing compared to mine so stop before you embarrass yourself any further by posting you size on the internet. I view whites as inferior to me, because all their women have absolutely no discipline! They are so scandalous, and go around sleeping with black thugs, Mexican workers, and rich arabs in Dubai. They literally dominate the sex industry by a landslide, followed by Asian girls. Wonder why indian/arab porn is so rare? its because we have something called discipline! If white girls had any class or self respect they wouldn’t do those things. So im not to inclined to respect people that don’t even respect themselves. Yes I believe the world we live in is in an unofficial race war. And look, im sure majority of Asian women have horrible fish breath, so I suggest you not to chase after them as well. HAHA

        And what the fuck do you mean by “big brother whitey” LOL, muslims are spreading in Europe, and I believe islam will dominate Europe by the end of this century. I could care less about whites, as I do about blacks, Asians, Hispanics, etc. I am not your “colored brother”, if you want to address yourself as a racial slur imposed on you by crackers then be my guest. Like I said before, I am not by any means related to east Asians, I am no parts mongoloid, and I have no association with east asia. Plus With isis running amock, the only people loaded into gas chambers, or mass beheading camps, are going to be all the other races but mine. LOL. Read the news, isis decapitated two japs, and several whites, do you think brown people love crackers? I think not. At least not this one.

        On an ending note, I think we should stop fighting fire with fire, you were racist to me, and I was racist to you. now that we are even, lets just leave it be. Every race has its problems and insecurities, but the whole point of this blog is to point out that race mixing only makes that worse. Hapas are created by whites who feel inferior because their girlfriends ran off with some black guy who has a much larger penis, so they elope with small Asian girls in order to feel more dominant. Asian girls elope with white guys because they hate their Asian features, and wish for children with blue eyes and shit. In my home country we have a sense of national/racial pride. We have good control of our women, and that’s something I hope Asians will be able to have in the future as well. I am done replying to you, goodbye.

        • Hmm…Anon loves talking about dick…he must be proud of his 1in roti.

          Congrats you:
          dirty slum dog, hairy, filthy, shit smelling,
          wife beating (domestic violence in S Asian community #1 problem per their own community leaders),
          baby raping ( India #1 in child prostitution),
          backwards ( pay a hindu priest for a PUJA (prayers), you worship over 5,000 gods),
          money grubbing ( Outsourcing companies in NJ notorious for fraud, Pakis renowned for small business and insurance fraud)

          degenerate skinny fat monkey.


          Is that why there’s more people in India with cell phones with toliets?

          Is that why you feed cows but not people?

          Is that why you have a giant industry of professional beggars and child labor?

        • “An Indian study of 500 men ages 18 to 60 published in the International Journal of Impotence Research found flaccid, stretched and erect length to be 8.21 cm, 10.88 cm and 13.01 cm, respectively.” So it’s about 5.1 inches erect for Indian guys. But what you claimed doesn’t surprise me– an average lying Indian.

          • @sinobserver

            Who the fuck are you talking to? And why are you bashing OP? His complaints are legit. At least he is not one of those Uncle Tom hapas who blame Asian men for their problems. With a name like “Chen”, what are you, Taiwanese? I know a Taiwanese guy with the same last name. Judging by how you’re Asian yourself, you’re also an Uncle Tom if you try to shut OP up.

          • @sinobserver

            And who are you responding to with “fuckin cretin” anyway? This layout makes it unclear who’s talking to who.

        • I’m Indian and I support your cause, I think the guy who started the shitposting in the comments section is an idiot. I think it would be better for both sides, if you just deleted his initial incendiary comment and all the incendiary responses by others. Otherwise, people may deflect from the conversation of the topic to some continuing flame war. Normally, censorship isn’t good, but in this case, it’s just distracting given the context.

          • I agree that this is no place to bash other races. We all have our bad apples and those racist idiots do not represent us in any way. However, if OP decided to censor, then I don’t believe it will legitimately serve his cause, and will become just another circle jerk party. We have a lot of ignorant pro-colonial MRA assholes bashing OP and trying to shut him up, and in order to prove his point, OP should let the haters express themselves and show their true colors rather than do what they are trying to do to him. This is why I support freedom of speech more than anything, since it will only confirm OP’s message whenever a bigoted and racist asshole/cunt tries to silence him. So for the sake of the bigger picture, I think the OP shouldn’t let a few isolated incidents hinder him from his purpose.

            • Normally I’d agree, but it should be free speech pertaining to the topic in question, otherwise, it has the potential to effectively become spam. The antagonists in this debate, in the future, may start trying to deflect attention from this issue, by getting into other topics regarding asians, and derailing the actual conversation.

              • Fuck those assholes, who cares about them. I’m Asian and I’m cool with a couple of Indian dudes. We hit the bong together like Harold and Kumar haha. Don’t let a few butt-monkeys define who we are. Who knows, they’re probably just jews conducting another one of their false flag operations to keep the populace divided and all that shizz.

                • agreed… the pro-zionist troll farms telling us what “anti-Semitism” is, when it’s in fact Ashkenazi supremacists and their Zionazism evicting and oppressing the native Semitic people (Palestinian people), and then building illegal settlements, which function as human shields against just Palestinian reprisals – the same Judeo-Christian backed Askenazism that try to sow the seeds of discord throughout the Middle East, north Africa, East Asia………

              • Oops. I meant to reply HERE. I’ll copy paste here so it’s clear who I’m talking to.

                I ain’t arguing no more with that bro, chill homies. I stopped arguing with him a long time ago. And I ain’t got nothing against Indians, they’re cool. Just like Afghan Navy, I also have an Indian friend that I smoke with. Sometimes we like to bash each other with racial stereotypes that whitey imposed on us, but it’s all love haha.

          • Yea legit. I think a lot of this “racism” is just people trying to dog each other out in order to offend rather than win an argument.

            I like Indians. Like Indian food. I can understand why some Indians wouldn’t like Chinese since some mainland / uneducated Chinese can be nepotistic and racist. Which they are, and they’re fucking retarded.

            But there’s legit good and bad (mostly bad) in every race. 95% of people fucking suck dick.

      • Okay, I am the racist bastard, and I will repeat myself once again. I DO NOT HATE EAST ASIANS! I am just saying that south asians and west asians are genetically seperate from them, and that is prefectly true and perfectly reasonable. They are mongoloid, and we arent. So WHY DO WE HAVE TO COLLABORATE WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE DIFFERENT FROM US? Indian and middle eastern muslim women DO NOT go running after western whiteys like east asian women do, as a matter of fact they are the hardest women to get. Zayn Malik is an idol to many hot young girls who think hes hot, and his dad is south asian (desi) and his mom is white – so its the other way around, he didnt come from an unconfident beta white guy who married a desperate cinese woman he met online. There is NO White worshipping in india or pakistan and because of the whole british rule, indians despise europeans. The whole love for fair skin in india doesnt mean they like white skin you idiots! They like LIGHT SKIN, which is light brown. They view light brown/golden brown skin as being beautiful, NOT sour cream colored skin. If you are white in pakistan, you will probably be kidnapped and held for ransom, if his country doesnt pay the ransom he unfortunately faces beheading.

        That being said I will reiterate that I dont hate east asians, as an indo/pak I dont anything in common with them, no genetics, no culture, no cusine, no relegion, no nothing! therefore I dont understand it when the rest of the world has the audacity to group me into their group. I’ve said it before it has made college admission harder for me, even though NOBODY in america has EVER called me asian. People here just dont recognize west/sout asians as “asians”. If I say im asian, people here will just look at me funny and say: “WHAT? you arent asian. you dont look like it”.

        Another thing is that south asian and middle eastern men are by no means seen as feminine or sexually incapable. I have two male relatives married to white american women, and another male relative dating a mexican girl. Zayn malik doesnt look ugly like most eurasians like elliot rodger either. White/East asian people look wierd, and as the OP said, they are at increased risk of mental illness, so its safe to say their genetics dont go well together. I respect the east asian people because they are smart, they built great wall of china, their noodles are good, and their technology is sophisticated, but I still by no means want to be associated with them, nor do I want to be associated with the whiteys in europe. Why is that so hard for you imbicels on this thread to understand??

      • I don’t know. I know that Indian women harbor extreme white worship as well but I don’t know any people of this mix. Maybe they would be able to pass better.

        Asian Indian might work since obviously there’s no white supremacy at work.

      • No, I am not okay with any race mixing at all. White boys look feminine and soft to me, I think middle eastern and south Asian men are more masculine with darker skin and facial hair. Yes, Zayn Malik is a mutt, but his dad is the dominant one in a relationship, he probably converted that British chick to Islam and she probably does everything he tells her to. So it is permissible for a middle eastern/south Asian man to marry a woman of another race, but it is not recommended. On the other hand, it is Not permissible for a middle eastern women to marry an outsider, (you should know this).

        • I know that Islam prohibits Muslim women from marrying out, but allows men to do so. This is one mechanism by which the “religion” is spread.

          I wasn’t asking about your views on religion, however, I was asking about your views on race. Perhaps you do not separate the two.

          As an infidel man, I would never touch a Muslim woman. One reason being that I know her family would stop at nothing to kill me, but in any case I don’t believe in cross-religious marriages.

          I just thought that since you had married a white woman you were OK with white-Indian (or Paki) marriages, but not Asian intermarriage (for whatever reason). Obviously you’re not against race mixing at all, or you’d be married to one of your own women.

            • You’re too worried about all that SJW stuff. Instead you ought to focus on being a man. Lift some weights, get a job, and then you’ll have a pick of whatever woman from whatever race that you want.

              If it sounds simple it’s because it really is.

              All that SJW stuff you’re espousing is a rubbish narrative based on Critical Theory, thought of in the Frankfurt school in order to undermine western civilization.

              If you let all that stuff go you will feel a lot better about yourself.

      • Eurasian writer, what the hell are you talking about? I know for a fact Indians and middle eastern Muslim people are the most hateful to outsiders. They give them a rough time in their countries because they are “infadels” and they don’t like them because they looted the place a few decades ago. “White worshipping”? Wtf? Indian girls are just like black women, they want a real man with a beard, not a soft whiteboy. And even if they did, parents would never approve. I could also say white women have a case of black worshipping because of the huge penis stereotype. It never ends anywhere. Stop pulling stuff out of your ass. Ive been there many times, I’ve seen it for myself, the women are very conservative. Who the fuck are you to say anything about us? Don’t read bullshitt on the internet and declare it as fact. And you don’t know if anybody of this mix because ITS VERY RARE. ever wonder why?

      • Radamanthes, what are you talking about? Im not married, im still in college, I said one of my distant relatives was married to a foreign girl, and yes, I didnt really approve of it, but she seemed nice, and they seemed to be in love, so I was just like “whatever, just let it be”. I on the other hand, dont really see myself being in such a relationship because I want pure breed children, who arent confused, and a wife that has all the same cultural expectations I do. Usually interbreed marriages dont really last long anyway, theres just too much cultural tension.

        • Depends on the races and cultures in question. I understand the desire to perpetuate your own group. There is strength in numbers. On the other hand, Indians and Pakistanis are already a fusion group of two different races, unless you’re a South Indian.

    • @Anon…bye bye you dirty hindu slum dog.

      Pathetic, dirty, potbelly, hairy violent unorganized corrupted slum dog.

      Don’t compare yourself to the rest of Asia…

      Shitindia has the largest pop in world that shits outdoors ( from lack of having a toilet).

      Over 500 M dirty hindus shit outdoors daily.

      Round up all the indian trash influxing into developed country and dump those dirty tiny dicked illegals back into the india human cess pool.

      Btw, it’s a proven fact you dirty hairy dark hindus have the tiniest dicks in Asia.

      Namaste Apu.

    • Warning Warning: “Anonymous” is a FILTHY HINDU posing over here as a Muslim. He is a fucking hindu and he doesn’t want to pose as himself because he knows how BADLY he is going to be TRASHED as a FILTHY SHIT HINDU. I know all of you already knew that he was a hindu putting a fake front. Still for those who did not figure it out. He is a FILTHY HINDU.

  3. Big fan of your blog. As far as I was aware though weren’t we only at a 100% greater likelihood of mental illness? Maybe that statistic is relative to Asians.

  4. Yep, it’s a shitty world, one which has not recognized your value, Galileo. (Was he hapa, too?) So your solution is to double down on that injustice and hate yourself? Devote your time on earth to hating the very people who brought you into it? That is as logical as suicide. But the choice between life and death, between love and hate, is not a logical one. You can agree with your oppressors and suggest that hapas should not be born, but isn’t that just suicide up-scaled to genocide? Cool-aid, anyone? ,

    Look, maybe your parents were assholes and maybe they weren’t — I never met them. Maybe if they were, you derive a much-needed sense of belonging by generalizing that all parents of mixed children are assholes. (Unity through generalized hatred — worked great for the Nazis.) But not all hapa are depressed, and not all of the depressed are hapa. Bottom line: You are faced with the same choice EVERY human being is faced with, every moment of his/her life: Are you gonna make a miserable world more miserable before you leave it, or are you gonna make it better? Some people at some moments are neither haters nor hated. Some people do sparkle. Recognize that or don’t — nurture that or don’t — the choice is yours — yours and mine, brother.

  5. I thought hapas really did have the best of both worlds until I came across these eurasian blogs. I really thought white guys interested in asian women were being progressive. In my naivety I was like “Oh since Nazis think white is right they want to preserve their own race and stick to white girls only” LOL. Didn’t know things were this FUCKED UP LOL!! Well, I guess they’re too stupid to even know how to stick to their own principles. Now thinking back to all those WMAF couples who gave me dirty looks for no reason, I guess things are coming together.

    Had I known that these hapa niggaz were suffering due to being half us, I would’ve been like “Yo, hapa niggaz I feel ya” in the past and been friends with them and all. But back then I thought hapas had the best of both worlds and I had little self-esteem to try to talk to them. It’s pretty fucked up that a father would want to stick his dick in his own daughter for being exotic. There’s your master race LOL.

    • I also had bad experience with WMAF, normally a white guy who stick with his own race is much more friendly to me, but the white guy who dates asian girls is almost always racist towards asian male. same goes for AF in WMAF relationship.
      I don’t think any of the WMAF relationship is innocent, at least 99% are not. Also, a lot of white people (both male and female) says that gay and bi white guys tend to love to date asian girls, which I didn’t believe at the beginning, but then finally believed after I discovered that a lot of asian girls who exclusively dating non-asian guys are bisexial themselves. so now I think that there’s there’s a correlation between sexual preference and racial preference.
      My suggestion to all full asian guys are: stay away from bisexal asian girls, and then you’ll be safer, or else they’ll likely to bash you hard for being asian.

    • BTW, its not just about penis size. Its about overall masculinity. I have NEVER seen an Asian with a beard, and most Asians I have seen are really short. So maybe taking some testosterone supplements, and some growth hormone will do the trick. Cheers mate.

      • Nigga you said you were done replying to me, why you keep posting? ROFL. And not only that, it took you like 5 days to think of a come back against me, don’t you know it’s not polite to keep people waiting too long LOL. And honestly, is that all you can come up with? I was expecting to have a little more fun here! How disappointing. 😦

      • Oh yeah, when I meant “big brother whitey”, I meant in America, not the whole world. Because here in America the politicians, billionaires, and the guys pulling Obama’s strings are whites. Hell no whitey ain’t no big brother in terms of the whole world, fuck that. You are correct about that one. Yeah I just had to post this one up now because it occurred to me that some hoe might read this blog and get the wrong idea that whitey is the global big brother of us all, and that will decrease our chances of scoring more vaginas. Fuck that, we will fuck whitey up if he ever tries to start a race war with us, like we did numerous times before while the African countries and Latin American countries, the countries of supposedly the most “masculine” of men according to American standards, got hopelessly butt-raped into whitey’s playground!

      • Get out more.

        How do you think they were doing in the old days? Do you think because in America in the 20s men pretty much all shaved (ala Great Gatsby) they needed supplements too? You know what a cultural code or trend is? Goodness the ignorance here is too much for me to bear. I really feel bad for asian guys.

      • Asians and Blacks have lesser Body and Facial hair due to genetics….fucking small dicked hairy Arab terriorist/rapist

      • You having huge amount of body and facial hair just like your white master don’t make you more masculine ……….Blacks and Asians are genetically less hairy which most women love.

      • LOL theres no such thing as WM/SAF. I mean there kinda is but its very rare, and usually it is because of accidental love, and not self loathe that WM/AF relations come out of. Islam prohibits the marriage of a female to an unblelieveing foreigner (a kafir), so I mean I never see it, its only a few cases where the girl was raised just right, and her parents are liberal enough to allow such a relationship. I see WM/AF everywhere, but I’ve only seen WM/SAF like once or twice, and I used to work in a movie theatre in high school, so i’ve seen tons of couples that where BM/WF and WM/AF but extremely rare WM/SAF. But I did see quite a few SAM/WF and SAM/AF couples, so the gender roles do play out in extremely patriarchal sociteies like mine. Men are allowed to do whatever they want, and date whomever they want, but women unfortunately arent.

  6. Eurasian Writer wrote: “Colored people shouldn’t fight colored people.”

    Then why do colored people in America support America and its power over all other countries in this world? Even if they are activists, if they fight against racism in America, if they fight against white supremacy, they are usually just as jingoist and American-supremacist as any white American, if not more.

    This seems very selfish or incredibly stupid to me, possibly both at once. I understand that being a US citizen confers an enormous privilege to them, a huge advantage they have over the less fortunate non-US citizens of this world. So from a selfish point of view they benefit a lot from being a US citizen, then why should they not support USA? But then how do they reconcile this with their idealism?

    Yes, at some point in the future America will be a majority-non white country. But even then whites will still be on top of its racial hierarchy and as long as whites exist America will continue to project white privilege on the globe. And even when whites are extinct, the inequality and unfairness in this world will continue, because America will still dominate all the rest of the world.

    I presume, they never think this through, because they feel comfortable and self-righteous in their anti-white rage and they transfer all blame on somebody else.

  7. It is ironic how different racial groups are being thrown together as “colored” by supremacist generalizations, and hence the only way to fight it is to actually all come together as “colored” to fight those generalizations.

    So, Euro Herbivore, you’re saying “colored” people’s “anti-white rage” is unjustified because in the end it’s all the same and that we might as well sit around and do nothing about being oppressed? But Asians are indeed currently doing exactly what you are proposing we should do. Asians are stereotyped as hard-working, compliant, passive etc.; there is seldom if any spewing of anti-white rage from within the Asian-American community compared to other minority groups. Confucius teaches us that this is all virtuous but let’s pull our heads out of our asses and see where that’s getting us. Obviously terrorists and gangsta thugs are being rewarded more in this society than the law-abiding decent person. So we might as well discuss what the hell is going on instead of continue this trend of denial and passivity. And it’s embarrassing to say that our own women, as I have learned recently, are our worst enemies who try to shut us up even more than anybody else (not all of them of course). There’s your result of decency.

    This doesn’t only apply to Asian permavirgins who can’t get laid or whatever. I myself had 3 girlfriends in my lifetime but let’s say such emasculation of the Asian male by American hegemony did not exist. Instead of getting laid by 3 different girls, maybe I could’ve gotten laid by 10? Or 50? So is it right to say to me “What is your gripe, John! You don’t have trouble getting laid, you had 3 girlfriends in the past” when the truth is I could have been laid by 50 hoes and had less lonely nights in my lifetime? And TBH I have worked way too hard to even get a girlfriend, which is not all that pleasant while the whites and niggaz just show their face and it’s an automatic one-night-stand.

    Funny how Asians are stereotyped as weak and cowardly, but when the real test comes, time and again we have shown how big of a man we are more than anybody else. The use of Kamikaze and refusal of the Japanese to surrender to America no matter the cost, eventually leading to the A-bomb atrocity, the stalemate of the Korean War, America losing to the Vietnamese despite superior force and technology, plus the more ancient battles we don’t really know about. But nope, American hegemony says those are two different things and can’t seem to put them all together! All this show of tenacity and willingness to protect your loved ones by the Asian male, and it’s the black man who gets recognized as masculine for stabbing old ladies in the back or gunning down 7 year old little girls. Fuckin hee-larious.

    BTW, did any of you hear about the Chinese-Americans who fought in the American civil war? Your high school teachers probably trumpeted about the African-American regiment, the 54th Massachusetts, repeatedly in the classroom. But did they mention anything about Chinese-American involvement?

    • John,

      I am not American. I thought that was clear from the nickname I chose. I am European. So I wasn’t taught anything about regiments in the American civil war. And English is not my mother tongue.

      You say that the effects of American hegemony over the globe are bad (for you). That is exactly my point. Then Asian-Americans should stop supporting it. They can never truly succeed in becoming American like any other because America is not an Asian nation and can never become one. Their being patriotic about America is selfish and unethical.

      America was never country founded on noble ideals. Thomas Jefferson waxed lyrical about how all men had “inalienable rights” to “life, liberty and happiness” while he kept slaves. In fact, America is a big raiding party which has now achieved complete and suffocating dominance over the whole globe and can rob, exploit and murder at will. This world being as it is, I don’t blame anybody for trying to better his life by immigrating the the US; but I do blame Americans for supporting America, which nearly all of them do all too willingly.

      Asian-Americans are underprivileged in America, and I am fine with them trying do something about it in America. But on a global scale, they are enormously privileged, because they enjoy American privilege over the rest of the world. They can travel freely all around the globe and they have the money, too. In most countries they can find sex partners and wives with relative ease, due to their American privilege. They can teach their mother tongue in Asia, bang the local women there and when a native dares to do as much as raise an eyebrow over it, they call him a “racist”. And it’s not just white Americans who do this, it’s Americans of other races, too.

      The native men of Asia can only dream of such opportunities, their voices don’t even get heard, so who is losing out here? My sympathies are with them, not with Asian-Americans who are so privileged (on a global scale), yet are so eager to throw their racial brethren in Asia under the bus.

    • Don’t blame white people for Asian men who are permavirgins (or whatever). Look at Japan with it’s herbivores who prefer waifus over real women. That’s not the fault of white people. Whites and blacks are more aggressive sexually but that doesn’t mean it’s easy for us either. For every woman that says yes there are 10 or 20 who say no. If you throw out a handful of darts all at once, then at least one will hit the target and maybe stick.

      I’m 100% white European, and I only had 4 girlfriends before I met my wife. Two of those were strictly online, so they may not even count.

      If you live in a country where you’re a racial minority then you’re going to have to face a wider range of competition for women. The alternative is to go to a country where you’re the majority.

      • You’re asking non white peoples at a natural disadvantage to forgive your behavior. Ultimately you’re going to have to deal with a son with a natural disadvantage. It’s up to you to change how you think.

        • I was asking the “anonymous” guy the question. I couldn’t care less what SJW’s think of my behavior, nor do I ask for forgiveness, or buy into the inane “white guilt” narrative. People are responsible for themselves. If anyone thinks white people are so bad then they shouldn’t come to our countries, or if they are here get out and go to a country where they are the majority. This would be like me moving to China and bitching about how I hate Chinese people (I don’t actually hate Chinese people), can’t stand them, and how they should bend to accommodate me.

          They would tell me to get bent, and rightly so. There should be no accommodations, and the majority is not obligated to pander to a minority or change for them. The reason people talk such slap about white people and make such brazen demands and sweeping accusations is because too many of us are weak and pandering. If we showed strength, like we did in the 1800’s and the 1st half of the 20th century then no one would be jacking with us or talking as disdainfully as you do.

      • In asking people at a natural disadvantage to accept a world that is brutally unfair in your favor you are essentially painting yourself into a corner. This is why the black community has evolved into one of violence thanks to extreme marginalization by whites. If you are going to act amorally then expect an amoral response.

  8. your blog is the most racist blog I have come cross and it is very very hard for me to believe you are half white half asian. given the racist and sexist things you have said, I would have mistook you for a racist asian man. but if you are indeed really half white, and can look off as white, then I think you should do this in China as a job: “rent a foreigner in China”

    I am sure as a white person you will be very expensive. Stop being so racist and stop being so depressed. You have no idea how many of us would give anything to be white!

    • You have no idea how many of us would give anything to be white! ———that’s exactly why your kids will hate you.
      and racist? I think the auther made it very clear, WMAF couples like you do not exist in spite of racism, but because of racism. If you have kids, they will be like Elliot Rogers.
      How much you wish to be white is the definition of self-racism.
      and you think worshipped for being half white is a glory?
      Just take a look at how many Eurasians who hate WMAF couples like you:

    • Fuck you. You know my father was 6’2″ and white, you dumb bitch. Very handsome as well – my mother when she got older realized that she should have married an Asian man because he turned out to be broke.

      You are the racist one. Why do you hate Asian men? Do you know that the Chinese took me under their roof and fed me and gave me a bed to sleep in when whites rejected me rom their own country?

      My fucking childhood picture is there in one of the posts, you dumb bitch. What kind of Asian man hurt you? Tell me exactly why Asian men are that bad and I’ll stop writing – otherwise I will expose you for what you are.

      Believe me, the vast, vast majority of good looking, young Chinese women want nothing to do with me, or any white men. You are in the MINORITY because of your insanity. And that’s not even your fucking picture – I guarantee you that you’re ugly, because in my experience, even though I like Chinese women, they want nothing to do with a white looking male.

      You will burn in hell, bitch, and if my whore of a Asian mother appeared before me, begging me to take a piss on her to put out the fire – if I found out for a second if she was a whore like you – I would laugh in her face.

    • fully agree with you ihateasianmen and thank you for posting your honest and truthful comment.
      This blog is extremely racist and also sexist and I bet the administrator of this blog is super jealous of Chinese women with White men for whatever reasons he has.

    • Ummm seriously, you “hate” asian men and then call this blog “racist”? Do you have any idea how your future son will be perceived in your country (I’m from Europe)? If you can’t show your blog content to your son in the future you might reconsiderate your position. This guy talks from a perspective from the inside, not as an outsider. If you feel your hate towards asian men (a feeling you and your woman seem to share) are justified, you’re just proving his point, rightnow, that eurasian men (who are treated as asian men in general) are living hell in an WMAW family. I am all for all combinations of mixed couples including yours, as long as it is for healthy reasons, but that seems to seldom be the case. And I know that’s none of my business at the end of the day, but the nerve of calling this man racist when your blog is full of hate towards men who look like your woman’s father and partly like your future son.

      • Apparently “ihateasianmen” is a woman? My opinion still stands, just replace “your woman / your woman’s father” by “your man / your father”. This is crazy.

  9. To “ihateasianmen” unfortunately there are some mixed-race Chinese that have problems fitting into American society which can be highly structured along racial lines. Elliot Rogers was an extreme example but I’ve met others who had similar thoughts to him. If you are surprised that a mixed-race Chinese can be racist against interracial couples then you clearly must be living in China or somewhere in Asia or perhaps, you being a Chinese woman (or possibly a caucasian man), you don’t know too many mixed-race adult Chinese men who will discuss these matters with you.

  10. I actually find ihateasianmen very funny, because if she get famous, then she’ll make much worse reputation for asian women who only date white men, and more and more normal asian women will be embarrassed to be with white men.
    and she showed the limit of human stupidity.
    so she can go on and worship white men, so that WMAF will become laughing stocks

  11. you are all despicable racists. No matter how hard you try, you will never stop true love between white men and asian women. We do not stoop to your level and we do not resort to hate because our love will triumph your hatred, you little racist asian man. You will never be able to stop asian women from loving white menno matter how jealous you all get, and you will never be able to stop white men from loving asian women. you are angry because you know you can do nothing to stop our love. Stop being so racist and perhaps you will see that love is blind and accept that we are all equal and race is just social construct. Our true love will triumph!

    • and you will never be able to stop your kids from hating their own parents. and you will never be able to stop your children from thinking that WMAF exists not in spite of racism but because of racism, and you will never stop creating eurasian children like Elliot Rodger or any others that are either mentally ill or hate their parents for their relationships. your love will triumph— of creating childrens that will expose more ugliness of WMAF relationships

    • If you are real, your own Asian son will hate you. It’s that simple. White + Asian is Asian. He will recognize you for the whore you are. The fact you can’t see this just goes to show how mentally ill and selfish the women who do this are.

      And whose picture did you steal?

    • You’re seriously trolling right? With a name like “ihateasianmen” you are accusing people of racism? That’s one thing I noticed about racist white guys, they are quick to point fingers at others and scream racism. It’s very ironic.

  12. I ain’t arguing no more with that bro, chill homies. I stopped arguing with him a long time ago. And I ain’t got nothing against Indians, they’re cool. Just like Afghan Navy, I also have an Indian friend that I smoke with. Sometimes we like to bash each other with racial stereotypes that whitey imposed on us, but it’s all love haha.

  13. Jesus, you are a fuckin moron. Haven’t you killed yourself already? I would if my mother was a stupid cracka chasin ho.

  14. the administrator of this site is extremely racist and sexist.

    WordPress should take this site down.

    To the administrator:
    Chinese men with White women produce kids with low IQ and prone to having many kinds of deadly illnesses.
    White men with Chinese women produce healthier kids with high IQ.

    • All I know is, the hapas that have an Asian father and white mother are extremely hot. The hapas with white dad asian mom are usually pretty ugly. Maybe because the parents are usually not attractive to begin with.

  15. You are definitely right about the women hating themselves and the men hating the women……terrible toxic mix.

    People should go out with whoever but I find it troubling that some Asian girls are fixating on being white and seeking out white men old or young for the sole purposes of trying to have a white kid.

    i have met such women and am still actually surprised. You can’t run away from yourself 😦

  16. You’re a bunch of self loathing loser tools. What evidence do you have that your parents got together because of their races let alone that your mothers completely disregard and even despise asian males because she eventually ended up with a white spouse?

    The problem with asians is that you’re mostly a bunch of whiney, weasly nerds who value your SAT scores and educational credentials above social interaction. Go lift some weights, learn some sports, and learn to talk to women rather than being chubby warcraft heroes and you’ll get girls.

    • In actuality I personally have a theory that most (a large percent) women that end up with White men do so out of hatred for their own this is especially true with Black and Asian women. I personally believe it’s an evil trade off from hell where the White male gains sex and domination (because if white men don’t have these two things Columbine happens) and ethnic women gain Financial security and access to his white privileges by being his subservient whore

      • Black women are the least attracted female group to white men of ALL female groups. So instead of saying “especially true with Black women”, you should put latin, arab and especially indian women on the list. Not us. And of course Asian women first. Black women are as attached to Black men as Asian men are to Asian women. And when a black woman marries out, she is of the same caliber of the man and doesn’t date trashy white men in general, she’s not accepting any piece of white skin like most brainwashed Asian women. Ask Angela Brown (princess of Liechtenstein) or Mellody Hobson. I take offense I bet an asian man sees WM with 80% of his female relatives and friends, that’s just NOT the case with black women. Get your facts straight. The equivalent of asian women for the “evil trade” is black men, unfortunately.

    • Once again, a white male telling Asian men how to live; now imagine if ones own parents had the exact same mentality you had.

      Oh, and by the way, is my mother’s nearly constant dismissal of Asian males while raising me, evidence enough that she hated them?

    • Agreed, Mark.
      This blog is the biggest joke I have come across in a very long time.
      All this stereotyping and quasi-scientific ‘proof’ of one type of people being above/below another. Pathetic. A site frequented by people riddled with complexes.
      I sometimes wish I could meet such people face to face and see if they dare to talk the same bullshit in real life…But as it stands, most of the time they end up being nothing but keyboard warriors, unable to face their opponents.

      • I dare to, LOL at you pretending like you’d do anything or assault a person for speaking their mind.

        I say this shit all the time to people, I bully people that I meet in real life, and some big talking loud mouth like you is an internet tough guy who would commit felony assault on me in person?

        Want me to give you my address? If you did your research you could probably find out who I was and track me down and talk to me personally… but I doubt you would, LOL.

      • Is that supposed to be ‘proof’?? Proof of what, exactly? It says ‘ psychological disorder’, which is in no way proof that Eurasians (Asians, Caucasians or any other racial/mixed group) are below or inferior anyone else. But rest assured, if you wish to believe it, so it will be. For you.
        I kind of knew after the first look at the blog that it should be populated by posters with personal problems, who are unable to maintain a decent conversation and resort to all sorts of insults when called out. That is why these will be my last two posts on here.
        You may continue with your self-loathing practice all you like.
        P.S. Oh I and I decide who I breed with, mister. You have no saying in it, whatsoever.

        • Hey Victoria, I think you’re misunderstanding the point of this blog:



          Asian men and white women create normally well adjusted children; White men and Asian women create monsters.

          Not once did I say anything about Asian men and white women.

          Sorry for the misunderstanding, if you ever read this.

          I thought you were a white guy using a woman’s picture.

        • This website is not pertinent to you, I’m sorry. You’re a white woman and I have said numerous times that Asian man white woman couples produce normal children.

          Asian women and white men produce depraved children because of the issues behind them.

          • Sad to say I have another example of this depraviry. The couple in question is a white man and a Filipina who had 8 daughters. I went to school with them and just learned that two of the younger girls were arrested in April and June of this year, respectively. The charges included public intoxication, theft, and resisting arrest. These sisters are known for attending college parties and offering sexual favors for alcohol (and are under 21). The dad is a truck driver who is never home, and the mom drinks with the daughters and even throws house parties encouraging the behavior! I witnessed this on multiple occasions when I was in high school, because the oldest sister and I are the same age. It’s beyond disgusting when underage girls pimp themselves out for drinks and material items because the parents can’t and don’t provide for their own family!

      • I never said inferior, please learn to read.

        if we’re going to talk about racial superiority, asians come out on top in; intelligence, law abidingness and civility, due to having higher IQs and a lower rate of psychopathy.

        To asian people, youre equivalent to how white people view angry black women.

  17. The administrator of this blog is totally racist and sexist along with some of the commentators here. WordPress has the moral obligations to take this blog down. Further, the administrator of this blog needs to see a shrink as he is posing a threat to the world.

    IMHO, Chinese men in Greater China, Russia and the West are mostly racist and sexist and they are the worst people on the planet. Chinese women with white men and other Asian women with white men are the best couples ever.

  18. @Eurasian Writer
    You realy are a bag of complexes, aren’t you?
    Are you suggesting that I would ‘commit felony assault on you in person’? What, are you a 5-year old or something?
    You bully people that you meet in real life? LOL, congratulations, kiddo. That is surely a very mature way of dealing with things.
    I haven’t just ‘lived in Asia for a couple of years’, I’ve been here for a long time and I know lots of super successful and confident Asians, as well as mixed people. As has been stated by someone else earlier on, do not project your personal problems and insecurity on all mixed couples/families. I’m friends with quite a few families where both partners got married for anything but the colour of one of the partner’s skin.
    Do a research on you and find out your whereabouts? LOL, do you think I’ve nothing better to do with my life? If you wish to show me how you can ‘bully’ me, welcome to Hong Kong. I’ve no interest in running around the globe in the hope of getting into a squabble with a self-loathing kiddo. The only reason I sometimes wish to talk to such people face to face is because I dislike discussing these matters online. It’s much easier to express oneself in real life and it stops topics from being dragged out into infinity.

    This will be my last post on here.

    • By the way, I thought you were a white man.

      This blog is about Asian women and white men. Not white women and Asian men.

      If you read the rest of the website I say several times that the children of Asian women and white men are at special risk while children from Asian men and white mothers are healthy and well adjusted.

  19. This post made me really sad. I’m a white female and my fiance is Chinese so our children (and we are definitely having kids in the future) will be happa. I want my kids to love and embrace their racial heritages. I love that my fiance is Chinese and I hate to think that being half Chinese and half white will cause our kids unnecessary stress and unhappiness.

    Do you think if your parents had celebrated your heritages more that you and your sibling would be better adjusted? Is there anything they could have done when you were little to make you feel proud? I know you stress a few times that you are specifically talking about the children of WM/AF but now I’m worried that being a happa puts extra stress on a child

    I’m definitely aware that media such as movies and tv doesn’t represent Asian men in a positive light. I had never thought about it before I started dating my fiance, but once he pointed it out I totally agree that Asian guys are always nerds or gamblers in movies.. never just hot regular dudes. Which is ridiculous because there are a ton of really hot Asian guys out there (for example Keni Styles..). I can’t change how society unfairly represents Asian men, but maybe there is something we can do at home to make sure our kids are proud of being half Chinese and half white. Any suggestions?

    • @ Lauren: Never mind all this. I am the product of a Filipino father and Russian-American mother. I’d like to think that, despite my many shortcomings, I turned out reasonably well. Too many people use race and/or racism as an excuse for their failings. In some cases, the gripe may be justified, but for far too many it is a convenient way to pass blame onto other parties.

      One thing I will point out: you refer to yourself as “white.” Just what is that? While a great proportion of white Americans are an amalgam of many ethnicities that are no longer defined in their construct of their own identity and in some cases are very far removed, remember that we all come from somewhere. Your grandparents and greatgrandparents, where did they hail from? If you have a traceable ethnic heritage to identify with, explore it. Be proud of it. It will make your children’s experience very rewarding–to experience and pass on the traditions of both their Chinese and European forefathers and, perhaps to experiment with amalgamating the two to create something that is uniquely theirs.

  20. Do you want to know who stuffeurasianslike.wordpress is? He claims he is neither white or Asian. But in reality, he’s a piece of misogynist, racist shit. He’s a white wannabe and believes in the great lies that media tells him that white is right and better. He’s intellectually dishonest and claims it is all Asian women’s fault. His misogynist attitude allows him to forget that it is fucking white media that causes these problems. He’s a piece of shit like his fucking white father. I bet his dad is a piece of shit that is also misogynist as well. He would drop in a heartbeat to abandon his Asian roots to become white, as obviously implied from his blogs. Yes, I agree with you guys that there are racial issues. But fuck you for being a racist, misogynist loser and blaming it on Asians. When it is so obvious that white people BRAINWASHED minorities into believing white is right. Look at all our politicians and the people in charge of media. Don’t lie to me that tell me that white ppl don’t try to brainwash ppl. It is their absolute fault on why racial problems occur. And china hated foreigners at a time. Do you not remember that? They tried to kick whites out during the opium wars. Because white ppl are fucking toxic. So damn u white ppl for intoxicating minorities and ruining society. Fuck you,

    • Ehhh, you DO know that the white people who run the media and poisoned the Chinese with opium are the kind of white people that can easily get Israeli passports? They engaged in converting regular white women to their religion and raising the children as members of their own ethno-religious group for centuries. That is why they look almost the same as regular whites but have very different surnames.

      Regular honkies rant and rant how men with funny surnames take “their” women, but can’t get their heads around the fact that the concepts of “race” and “religion” cannot properly describe a collection of paternal lineages. When you calmly explain that the counter-measure should be to marry women of the offending group, instead of stamping your feet as a bitter little beta, they accuse you of promoting “race”-mixing.

      OTOH, the main reason why WM/AF children, esp. sons, are so effed up, is because white society strictly opposes any form of patrilineality. That is, children of white men and Women of Color are not seen as in any way white, and not seen as in any way different from children of white women and Men of Color. White society doesn’t feel any responsibility towards them.

      The West lives in an uncanny valley of racialized sexism. If the fathers of hapas were MORE white male supremacist sociopath, they would make sure their sons would get an arranged marriage with a submissive, virginal, white bride, or get the first pick of captured Asian slave girls. The sons may still have identity issues, but they would get laid, and get laid well.

      Off-Topic: If white British men molest Thai girls, and Pakistani men molest white British girls, do Thai men get the right to molest Pakistani girls?

  21. Hey, I agree with OP 100% on the fact that half asian/half white people are much more succesptable to mental illness because I HAVE FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE WITH THIS. THERE WAS THIS HAPA GIRL THAT I WENT TO HIGH SCHOOL WITH. I remember her, she had a mom from korea and a dad from america, but ofcourse she looked nothing like her dad, and looked mostly asian. I honestly didnt believe her at first when she told be she was half white, because she looked very stereotypically asian to me. But anyway, more to the point, SHE WAS THE SCARIEST GIRL IN THE ENTIRE SCHOOL! She had paranoid schizophrenia, and severe depression. She had to take all these anti depressent pills every day, and some other medication to prevent the paranoia.

    She had attempted suicide several times before, she had cut marks on her wrists and legs because she admitted to being a “cutter”, she had nervous breakdowns right there in class infront of everyone, she had these “panic attacks” frequently, she was VERY unstable, and bipolar. She would get REALLY angry for even the tinitest infraction, and she used to literally get up and shout at people in class and in the cafeteria because they said something that she didnt approve of. AND FINALLY, She was desperate to find a boyfriend! And I mean she was willing to go to the ends of the earth to get a boy to like her, and she would get very angry and frustrated when all the guys in the school rejected her and avoided her. SHE WAS LITERALLY A FEMALE VERSION OF ELLIOT RODGER! She always used to talk about these fantasies of her magically meeting some handsome dream boyfriend, and living happily ever after like in fairy tales, but she was not attractive, she was overweight and had a really red face for some reason. She used to write about her love fantasies in her notebook alot.

    She even latched onto ME at one point because I decided to be nice to her and talk to her, so after that wouldnt stop stalking me, and badgering me, and asking me to hang out with her. She somehow got my private number, and started texting me! I WAS FREAKED OUT! I was scared she was going to show up at my door one day, and even if I tried to avoid her in school, she would still hunt me down and talk to me in this creepy manner, almost as if she was determined to have me or something. And I wasnt the first one, she had done this to some other boys in the school before, and got really angry and depressed when those guys rejected her. So finally, when high school came to an end, and she still hadnt been able to “kiss a boy” or get a boyfriend, I think she became all suicidal and had this huge meltdown and sent all these texts to everyone that she was “seriously about to fucking kill herself”, and her poor single mom called the cops on her, and had her taken to this mental hospital before she could do anything to herself.

    She stayed in that hospital for almost a month, and came back to school just before the final exams. She was ofcourse all amped up on these anti depressent “happy pills”, and she seemed overly happy, because of her pills. She went around cheerily hugging everyone and greeting everyone, it was really creepy, because nobody was particularly thrilled to see her, becuase everyone was scared of her. I remember seeing her that day, and thinking “OH NO”, so I tried my best to hide my face and not make eye contact, but sure enough she caught me and stopped me, and started blabbering to me all this stuff about her harrowing ordeal, and how she made all these amazing new friends in rehab, and asked me if I missed her and if I was happy to see her again with this really creepy smile, so I just played along and said “yea yea, its good to see your doing okay, good to see you again” and then she tried to hug me, but inside I just really wanted to get away from her, so I quickly made this excuse that I had to use the bathroom really badly, and I went and hid in the bathroom until I was sure she was gone. My friends caught word that this hapa girl had a crush on me, and they were all teasing me that she would stop at nothing to have me, and that my life was in danger if I didnt comply. And another thing was, that I already had a girlfriend who I had been with for 2 years, but she went to a different school, but when this Hapa girl caught word of it, she apparently became quite angry. I mean I am 6’1 tanned Brazillian guy, and this gurl was only like 5’8, but MAN, she freaked me and all the other guys out. So thankfully we had our final exams the next week, and we got to leave right after we finished, so I didnt see her during the exams. Then we had our graduation ceremony, I just avoided her, and drove with my friends to a small resteraunt before the ceremony began. After the ceremony, I just quickly ate at the reception, I went and hugged all the girls and my bros and told them goodbye and good luck and what not, and thought to myself “okay, I guess im safe, I havent seen her, I guess she must have already left”, but then as I was walking back to my car, out of the corner of me eye, I SAW HER SCARY RED FACE POKE OUT OF THE CROWD AND SHE YELLED “HEY WAIT!!!!”, and at that moment, I was TERRIFIED, I just kept looking straight ahead and acted like I didnt hear that, but I saw her pushing and shoving her way through the crowd of people, and trying to make her way over to me. So at that point, I rounded a corner that leads to the school parking lot, and as soon as I rounded that corner, I RAN FOR IT!!!! I sprinted over to my car, got in, put it in gear, and floored it out of the parking lot. I looked back in the mirror and I saw her screaming and swearing at me and giving me the middle finger. AND THAT WAS THE LAST I EVER SAW OF HER OR HEARD OF HER. Thank God!

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^So thats my hapa horror story, THE END.

  22. Jesus, haven’t you killed yourself yet? Right, you never did want to. You just said you did for the attention. Just like your mother, an attention whore.

  23. I find here a lot of things that I agree on with you. However could you please explain why did you put Belle Knox there? LOL. I don’t think being a pornstar should be compared with having a mental illness, please.

    — Eurasian. Vietnamese father, Polish mother.

  24. This thread is so pathetic. This is why asian girls don’t want to date pity people who fight amongst themselves. Seriously, get a life.

  25. Normally when hybrids suffer this level of dysfunction, biologists classify the parent populations as different species, but for purely political reasons they don’t apply this standard to humans. Asian and white genes do not mix well, and this genetic incoherence extends into the brain. Miscegenation should be illegal for the same reason lead paint is, because no child deserves to have a race riot inside his own head.

  26. To your Hall of Shame you should add Michael Fay (white father, Chinese mother), who thought stealing road signs and spray-painting cars was harmless fun. Not in Singapore!!

  27. Probably, I have no right to tell you or anybody here if this is right or not.I am Latin-American, Hispanic they call us, and we have also suffered discrimination from the US “conservative whites” (so much irony there!). Nowadays, we’re considered “exotic” I guess, which I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing. At least there’s not that much hate on our side I suppose. What I can say for sure about this article and some comments I read is that it’s so deeply sad to read all this. So much hate, so much deliberately talking about “race” and comparing them in such a hateful and painful way. In my native language, Spanish, it is not “allowed” to talk about a “race” (raza), because we believe that alone is already very harmful (to segregate humans like that). There’s nothing more sad for me than an ethnic group that despises or devaluates its own blood. Even worse is, that people worship or prefer other people over their own because of where they come from or their skin color. There is NOTHING more depressing than not loving yourself and your people. How can you love someone else, if you don’t love yourself? How can you give the love (or anything else!) you don’t even have for yourself? How in hell are we to ever achieving Unity or at least peace, if we discriminate and put a “value” (almost like a “price) to the blood? To people? Are we humans trading stuff, for us to compete for a “better offer”?

    I cannot say if you’re right or not. But I can say, that if this is true for you, and for more people, then we are ALL lost as a HUMAN race.
    I just hope we all wake up soon, or at least END with our own lives soon, so we die peacefully and stop the MEANINGLESS suffering.

  28. There is so much hate on this blog and in these comments. It makes me so sad that insecurity about ones own race can be an issue. I mean I can understand and I have been there before, but there are so many things to love about each race and I just want to write some of the things I love about being half asian.

    1. My skin is soft as hell
    2. I learnt to cook like a boss from the Asian side
    3. I can handle my liquor like a Scotsman
    4. I have almost no body hair. Guy or girl, no body hair is definitely a plus
    5. I am going to look young for longer than the average young person
    6. I can squat – I swear it is an Asian thing, white people just can’t squat like we can, much comfier than standing!
    7. I don’t look like I am from anywhere, but I could also say I’m from almost anywhere! (I could pull off Native, Russian, Central American, Hawaiian, etc.)
    8. Cops are nice to you (I feel badly for black people, but Asians kind of get it easy with this one)
    9. ^^^ Similar to above but Asians are known for being responsible – so job interviews, meeting your partner’s parents, things like that tend to work in our favour
    10. Cheekbones, we got em!
    11. Decent nose bridge, I can still wear glasses/sunglasses with plastic frames – many full Asians need to wear the metal kind with the attached pegs
    12. Genetics – Let’s face it, our kids are going to be super attractive and healthy no matter what. Heterogeneity in genetics is proven to be a plus and hell – mix with another half asian we can have a blue eyed half asian kid – how cool is that?!
    13. There’s a 50% chance that we might not be bad drivers… Just kidding, not all Asians are bad drivers. I actually find that it is mostly the FOB Asians who are used to driving in Hong Kong, Taipei, etc. where conditions are hectic and crazy who are terrible drivers here. Asians are often ninja and a lot of the Western-raised Asians that I have encountered are AWESOME freaking drivers.
    14. NAILS – how can I forget nails. I used to be a nail artist and I notice that white people have shitty nails for the most part. Asians, and most other ethnicities have been blessed with thick nails and long nail beds.
    15. Being half Asian means I am a hell of a lot taller than I would be if I were fully Asian. (Not that being short is bad, but – it takes slightly less effort for me to walk the same amount of distance than a short person)
    16. I still have small feet – which whatever its just feet, but as a girl I guess small feet are seen as attractive?
    17. If I were a dude my dick would probably be a decent size. 😛
    18. Nipples – Speaking of our naughty bits we get the nice root beer coloured nipples, not as dark as our fully Asian counterparts but not pinky (neither is ugly, but I am quite pleased with my moderately toned and sized nippled)
    19. Asian vaginas – duh…
    20. Our parents – yeah, a lot of mixed raced parents are crazy – believe me mine are NUTS as hell. BUT, we have a nice contrast there. Although being brought up by opposing cultures is very hard at the time, I think now it has given me a nice perspective of the two – as a parent myself I hope I will not be as crazy as the typical Asian tiger mom, but also be able to instil some strong values that an Asian mother would such as good manners, learning to cook from a young age, etc. Hard work is important but not so important you should forget the rest of your life.
    21. I look future as hell. Let’s face it, everyone is starting to blend races. I know it is slow, and often it seems like mixed race girls going for white dudes – but that trend is quickly changing. Hell in my mind the more race the better. How cool would a kid who had one parent who was Eurasian and another who is half black, or half east Indian, or half latino – or, fuck, all four. You could get someone who was great at math, sports AND had a great butt to boot. (That was some exaggerated stereotyping there – please don’t take me too seriously). But if you are an aspiring actor, being half Asian definitely works in your favour for the sci-fi department… Oooh how cool would a half Asian game of thrones character be. (Possible – very possible).

    God, I could go on. But just, stop hating on races people, race does not make you who you are. Hell, even culture, upbringing, whatever, be stronger than that shit. Yes we are allowed to be bitter about our upbringing – as the OP is – and I completely understand but don’t hate yourself for the things you have been through.

    Your parents are definitely to blame for instilling this racial insecurity into you, it is so sad but you need to move on and detach yourself from your shitty ass parents and realize that the next generation is a hell of a lot better than that.

    I am also curious as to where you are living. I live in Vancouver, and honestly half Asian guys are celebrated here. White chicks here love the ethnic dudes. And I think that’s a very West-Coast attitude in general. I notice young people around here love the idea of being with someone exotic.

    could go on about this issue because I definitely felt extreme insecurity in my teenage years. Growing up in the UK originally, I found people a lot more racist there – and going to a very ‘white’ school I often hated myself, and blamed my race for the reason boys were not into me. But as I got older I realized that being half Asian is a MEGA-asset. I would not trade being half Asian for ANYTHING else (well, throw in a teeny bit of black booty – that would be okay lol). And I also realized that it doesn’t matter whatever the fuck you look like. You could be a total dog and get the most attractive (both inside and out) partner if you rock the hell out of yourself and don’t even think of your looks as an issue. Guys always think girls are after good looking guys with money, status, etc. I honestly think buff guys who spend too much time at the gym are kinda gross. I mean come on, get a life, there are more fun things to do. Get a real hobby! lol.

    OK END RAND… I hope you all find happiness.

    • @alexandra, It’s good how you try to see the positive in this situation but your comment basically implies that it’s better to be hapa because you have white in you, so that makes you taller, larger dicked, with lighter nipples, with a taller nose than mere full Asians and the chance of having a blue eyed Asian kid I.e. It implies Being Hapa makes you better than a mere full-blooded Asian be a use it brings you closer to white.

      Some Hapas also don’t look racially ambiguous as you might do (I don’t know what you look like but this is implied in your post) so they can’t be mistaken for being Russian – many hapas are seen as purely Asian- and most people don’t care if you are half or quarter or full Asian as its all the same to them. Such Hapas get treated badly for being Asian when in fact they are part Asian and part white but only the Asian side of their heritage gets acknowledged and usually in very negative ways, while knowing reinforces this hierarchy. So This comment appears to just reinforce the points Eurasian Writer makes throughout his blog.

      All the best to you though, and glad to hear you have found peace in Vancouver.

  29. Alexandra:

    I’m an Asian dude from Vancouver. I can tell you that white chicks here don’t like ethnic guys. At the very least, they don’t like Asian guys. And I would say I’m pretty decent looking, so I don’t say this out of sour grapes but merely as observation.

    For white passing hapa guys, they date either white or asian girls. For Asian passing guys, they only date Asian girls. This is what I see from my friends. It’s not so much by choice, but rather the cards they’re dealt. It’s kind of understood that if they inherited an Asian appearance, they got the raw deal. But again, play the cards you’re dealt and all that. Hapa girls don’t suffer from this for a myriad of reasons.

    I went to an Asian heritage exchange program before. To be part of it, you had to be part Chinese. I met a lot of hapas there. Most were downright ugly, and I would have probably just assumed they were Hispanic in any other situation. So, no, that right there busted that myth at least for me. I agree hapas can be really good looking. But I’m seeing a lot of uh.. “Low quality” hapa parents and it stands to reason that the kids they pump out will make up the lower end of the spectrum as well. And there’s lots of them.

    And I find your assumption that Asian dicks aren’t decent sized offensive. In fact it makes me think you’re a dude, as I’ve never heard a girl talk like that.

  30. […] want to give my personal opinion on this case first; this is not the first time a well-off Eurasian person has made the news for something bad. Being the Asian looking son of a white man / Asian woman is just testimony to how worthless you […]

  31. Shouldn’t Krit be added to the list now? Not sure but hey, saying this just in case.

    @ Vancitybuzz : “And I find your assumption that Asian dicks aren’t decent sized offensive. In fact it makes me think you’re a dude, as I’ve never heard a girl talk like that.”

    Touche’… wouldn’t be surprised. It’s the insecure jealous guys who obsess over this.

  32. I feel so sad reading this. I’m a WASPy girl with a respected professional-type job, born and raised in rural Canadian small-town. My husband is Chinese, born in HK and moved to North America as a very young child. He is the smartest, handsomest man I’ve ever met – and I’ve had other options, don’t get me wrong. I pursued him. I’ve never regretted it, and I don’t think he has, either.

    When we have kids, I want them to be proud of their Cantonese heritage. If I have a son, I want him to be proud of the struggle his HK parents went through to survive escaping Guangdong, to HK, through WWII to coming to Canada and becoming financially successful Canadians. It sickens me to think that there are some half Caucasian little boys who think their “Asian-ness” is something other than a point of pride.

  33. I wanted to address this quote:
    “Does anyone want to explain why virtually every single Eurasian / Hapa who commits a crime has a white father and an Asian mother?”

    I suspect this is because WMAF is WAY more common than AMWF and that was especially the case a more that a decade ago when these men were conceived.

    Anyway, I don’t want to make some long comment. I’m basically a white ethno-nationalist that found most of your opinions on this blog to be VERY spot-on. From what I’ve seen, this trend of WMAF is largely looked down upon by people that share my general outlook. I think that ethno-nationalism, rather than simple (foolish) racism, is much less tolerant of this. A racist is likely to recognize that Asians and Europeans are similar in some ways and thus see little reason not to mix. An ethno-nationalist will see this and recognize that both cultures and people are something to be preserved, not mixed into something that is less valuable than the sum of it’s parts. As much as I find AFs attractive (less so than WF), I KNOW I would not love my son as much if he looked Asian. For a daughter this is less of a problem for me, I actually find them Hapa girls very lovable. Perhaps because I don’t expect to fully identify with a daughter since I’m a male? Perhaps I have some deep-seated racism against AM despite my reverence for their culture and accomplishments? I truly do not know, it’s very odd.

    I am disappointed that people like yourself have to go through this, you have my deepest sympathy.

  34. The author of this blog is one of the most insecure dumbfucks I’ve ever heard about and I’ve been reading this for like five minutes. I’m a hapa but my father is Asian. You’re a former Neo-Nazi? Could you be any more deluded and pathetic? Lmfao.

Tell me how Asian men are beta, how White women are fat feminists, how Eurasians are super popular around the world (not just Asia), and how all the most famous celebrities aren't the sons of Asian men and White women, below:

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