2009: “Asian/White hapa’s are for the most part really good looking, but they always have weird mental problems for some reason. Anger, depression, it’s always something. Maybe it’s the abusive father and over-subservient mother complex.”

My blog originated in 2014. In 2009 I was at the peak of my “crazy” behavior (i.e. losing 60 pounds in 3 months, having extreme body image issues as a man, and overall attempting to be white).

In 2009, people were already noticing this. If any of the readers here actually went out and met some Hapas, they would start noticing certain patterns.



Largely – it’s a difficult proposition to navigate the world as a half-Asian child, born under the conditions that white fathers were better than Asians. Look at it from this perspective.

Your half Asian son sees white women laughing at Asian men – then sees Asian women laughing at Asian men – and then sees his own mother married to a white man, and all her friends married to white men.

If my readers think that this line of thought is largely limited to me, or this blog, you’re sorely mistaken.

Any white fathers / Asian mothers who believed that they were truly innocent would be attempting to nip this in the bud now, rather than wait. But in actuality, this is the truth:

These people actually do believe that white men are superior – yet raise half Asian children. The probability of us being resentful of our parents, angry, mentally unbalanced or manic depressive is very, very high.


8 thoughts on “2009: “Asian/White hapa’s are for the most part really good looking, but they always have weird mental problems for some reason. Anger, depression, it’s always something. Maybe it’s the abusive father and over-subservient mother complex.”

  1. How can wm/aw “Nip this in the bud”? Stop dating each other? Simply admitting to it? Refuse to birth sons?

    How is it a mother’s fault(worthy of resentment) that her son is not desirable to women due to stereotypes…especially when she TRIED to give her children perceived “better” genes by selective breeding?

    Why is the Asian woman the target of your ire when it comes to the dating woes of Eurasians? You are biracial. Just as much white as you are Asian. White girls rejected you too. Yet you seem to view them better and totally let them off the hook. I think white girls were your FIRST choice, even above Asian girls. I believe this because you thought you were white and wanted to be apart of that white club. You weren’t as loyal to Asian women as they aren’t to you. Yet you wish to take them to task as if they were your first and primary preference. I believe wholeheartedly they were you default. And if my suspicions are true, then it’s even more shameful you would bash them as you do when white women rejected you too, and they were who you really wanted to complete your white life. If white girls threw themselves at you all your life, you wouldn’t even care that a percentage of Asian women/girls don’t prefer Asian guys. It really is the case of the rejected begrudging the options of others rather than love for said others and feeling rejected by them.

    • Nip it in the bud: I mean, address the massive disparity, openly admit that white men are more physically attractive, and stop Hapas coming to their own conclusions independently, as it is now.

      This line of thought isn’t limited to this blog.

      I think after so much, we can all look around and see that Asian men failed to reproduce. There’s no politics to it at all. It’s biology packaged with a political label.

      • If Asian women addressed the massive disparity, openly admitted that white men are (supposedly)more physically attractive, and stopped Hapas from coming to their own conclusions independently, it still would not help the Hapas desirability. It still would not help the Hapas navigation in a white world and how he feels about his non-white, non-Asian identity.. Hapas males, in particular, will still feel undesirable(probably moreso because the TRUTH would be told to them overtly). You speak on how Hapa males are not wanted by Asian and white chicks so he’ll still be in the same “failure to reproduce” situation you ascribe to Asian men. But hey, let’s just act like all you want is for Asian women to admit to the Hapa son’s reality.

        Most Asian women are with Asian men. There are more Asians than there are Hapas. Asian men are reproducing. If I were to entertain this, “Failure of Asian men to reproduce”, we need to address the reason why? It isn’t because Asian women didn’t give them access to their wombs. That is the RESULT of something. The cause would be because Asian men LOST the race war. The blame would lay at his feet. Men fight wars/conquer for wealth, resources, and so their group is not conquered. They also fight for reproductive rights. Address Asian men’s failures(losing the race war) instead of what naturally happens after said failure(loss of reproductive rights). To the winner goes the spoils.

      • Does that mean they were an anomaly? Out of place? What? Did you address whether they were your first/ideal choice?

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