Literally every white guy who likes Asian women has something wrong with him, including my own father

No matter how you slice it, it’s as if White men who like Asian women follow a uniform pattern. Losers? ✔ Poor? ✔ Racist? ✔ Meek?✔ Hate western women? ✔ Hate Asian men?✔ Hate feminists?✔ Hate black people?✔

Despite there being millions upon millions of half Asians with white fathers and Asian mothers these people cannot name more than a handful of successful ones – yet for some reason these guys are all experts on raising half Asian kids.

This is a recent comment on my blog.

I am a white guy currently dating a vietnamese girl.
We’re both 30.
I am a liberal, humanist atheist socialist minded kind and empathic person.
I would never hurt a fly intentionally.

My father would also “never hurt a fly intentionally” either because he has no backbone – hence Asian women. My dad actually faints at the sight of his own blood, stepped off the sidewalk when two menacing men walked down it – leaving 15 year old me  alone.

I do not date as asian woman because she is “submisdive” or “conservative”, but because european women are money hungry and i sm poor.

So a poor white man (like my father) marries an Asian woman because she’s easier – as long as you’re white and are able to provide what she wants – upgraded Asian babies. Except my mother – ten years after getting married, realized that her Asian siblings were rich, and she was married to a poor white man, and boy, that didn’t end so well… her white fantasy prince, my 6’3″ white father, was just a loser who couldn’t provide. Why do you think the WMAW divorce rate is so high and these couples look miserable in public?

Moreso i suffer from a disease that prevents me from having children.

Worst of both worlds. Not the best.

And she was the first to agree with an IVF procedure to have a child.

Lemme guess – the sperm donor will look like Dolph Lundgren.

Yes it will be only half white?
So what?

Refers to his child as “it.”

People who think he/she is “less worthy” are not people i want him/her to hang out with anyway.
Chin up!

No, Roger it is not about “race” no matter how hard you try to paint me as a racist.

Says he’s not racist.

I simply concluded that western women have behaviors that are not to my liking.

Says something racist.

They non commital, have too much random sex are dismissive, demanding and materialistic and YES i have met plenty of asian women who were like that too.

But overall the “ratio” was far better.

Says something even more racist. ✔

Religion is another factor.
I’m an atheist and she is too.

He believes atheism is a religion and that this is like meeting a girl at church. ✔

I simply don’t want to…PAY for my relationship with a woman through cut throat corporate competition for a soul crushing career.
Something which ALL western women demand of you – no discussions.

This moron has obviously never met a Chinese woman. All the Chinese women in my family are extremely career oriented while their husbands are borderline losers – like tutors, school teachers, or middle managers.

I want a simple modest happy life. Full of little pleasures of life.
We talked this over and rather than moving to Europe ( which is a materialistic dump ) i’ll move to Vietnam and live with her.

My dad is an asceticist. What a surprise! He believes working for money is a sin, that money is a tool of Jews and the devil, and that it’s noble to give away money rather than using it to help his mentally ill son. ✔

I really don’t understand the anger towards WMAW pairing.
I’m guessing it comes mostly from asian men who have this strange idea that we “steal their women” or something.

Racism against Asian men, despite half Asian sons looking totally Asian.✔

If so…then this would make you the racists by differentiating by skin color and sexist by thinking said women owe you pity sex.

I came here with the intentions of understanding and support. So the abuse you hurl at me was expected as a defensive reaction.

Starts playing the racist game – in a white man’s attempt to deflect claims of racism, despite being fundamentally racist himself. This is almost a go-to tactic now for White men involved with Asian women – just ask them what they think of black men and you’re about set.


59 thoughts on “Literally every white guy who likes Asian women has something wrong with him, including my own father

  1. You say that something is wrong if a white guy goes after asian women.what about blacks now there is a problem waiting to happen they are poor racist not only to asian men but even racist to the asian women.see I’m white and I’m married to an asian woman not a loser not poor by any means please come up with more bull.if the asian women didn’t want a white she could say no I think you are a jealous asian man that your girl left you for a white man sorry

  2. Too cute! Making sweeping generalizations about people based off of your own limited experience. You know what that is? Racist. But you keep rolling with that since it helps you to work out your daddy issues. Just scream he “literally” has something wrong with him because he loves your mother.

    • Ah, yes. One of the amazing benefits of being with an Asian woman is that you can be openly racist, yet claim that you are big racist, because after all, you’re with a non-white woman.

  3. Hmm… you’ve honestly got me thinking… yeah… I believe you’re right when you say: “Literally every white guy who likes Asian women has something wrong with him, including my own father”.

    But this only applies to White guys in non-majority Asian societies. Marty Friedman is a cool, ex-Megadeth guitarist married to Hiyori Okuda that loves Japanese culture because he’s loved in Japan as a celebrity. So it’s a win-win relationship; she alienates the Asian male population a little, yet he raises their status because he chose an Asian lady over White because he loves the Japanese people!

    In the case of White guys in majority White societies, it does seem odd him marrying an Asian lady because she has more to gain from the arrangement. So he’s likely to be a lot older and therefore creepier, a loser at the bottom of the social hierarchy, ugly and rejected by his peer group etc.

  4. Wow, this is one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever read! 😀 It’s great to assume you know everything because of your own limited experiences. I hope you get the help you need some day.

  5. This guy is an absolute cock head, has no Idea what he is talking about and is an utter looser. I think he should shut the hell up and take a hike and keep his shit opinions to him self.

  6. Anybody participating in discussions/flamewars like this is on a dark path to nowhere. I know because I once obsessed over Asian women and nearly went insane by it. Get off the web some, go live your life. Learn new things. Forget about internet flame wars about getting women and actually go talk to women.

  7. “Literally every white guy who likes Asian women has something wrong with him”

    You realize that two people of different races can fall in love based on personality, right? Mature adults are capable of having discussions about their relationships, and can ensure that it’s not based on racism or fetishism. Just because two people fall in love and happen to be a WMAF couple does NOT mean that they are automatically terrible.

    I’m a son of a white guy and a Chinese woman just like you, and honestly this blog is really unsettling. It’s cool that you’ve found a place to vent about your personal struggles, but honestly these broad generalizations seem counterproductive. My parents are both affluent professionals in tech. Neither of them are “losers” or poor or racist or meek or hateful to any of those groups you named. Now obviously my anecdotal evidence can’t speak for every couple, but you did say “LITERALLY EVERY WHITE GUY” and I am can assure you that that’s incorrect.

    However, you might be right about something. I do look way more white than Asian, so perhaps that has influenced my point of view. Perhaps I’m just lucky. But dude, I really hope your preconceived notions of how “literally every” WMAF couple works doesn’t poison your opinion of the many innocent respectable couples out there who don’t fit the mold you’ve convinced yourself is absolutely true.

    • Why does WMAW outnumber AMWW. What would you know about being Asian? Have you ever been told you were less for being Asian? What if an Asian woman thought of Asian looking men as beneath her? What if your mother was proud that you looked white, rather than Asian?

      • “Why does WMAW outnumber AMWW?”

        Racism, most likely. Stereotypes, media, etc. I’m not denying the discrepancy, I’m saying that it’s unreasonable to assume that EVERY WMAW couple is fueled by racism. Broad generalizations tend to be counterproductive.

        “Have you ever been told you were less for being Asian?”

        No, but I grew up in a predominantly Asian community and got bullied a lot for being half white.

        “What if an Asian woman thought of Asian looking men as beneath her? What if your mother was proud that you looked white, rather than Asian?”

        Those are both two hypothetical scenarios that I agree would be terrible. But again, most Asian women do not consider Asian men to be beneath them. Asian American women live in a country where 70% of the population is white. It makes sense that 70% of the people they marry also happen to be white. Statistics, dude. I agree that it’s weird that Asian men don’t marry out as much, which I believe is due to white women being fed a bunch of racist nonsense from Western media. In regards to moms being “proud” of having a whiter mixed child, I’ve never really seen that happen. Most educated mothers tend not to care about the look of their children, at least in my opinion. You’re free to disagree. We both having our personal experiences, and I’m sorry you had to go through some of the worse stuff.

          • I said “most”, obviously I’ve met a few horrible ones who were racist. I just don’t think they’re the norm. I’m open to being enlightened though. Do you honestly believe that most Asian women consider Asian men beneath them?

        • You guys are literally like broken records. Even women in Asia are famous for throwing themselves at white men. What the hell is wrong with you hapas? You really think your own mother would admit she had white fever? You guys are the most delusional people to ever walk the earth.

      • “It’s strange that Asian women just never happen to fall in love with an Asian guy”

        But they do? There are literally millions of Asian Male + Asian female couples in the USA, and over a billion in the entire world. That statement you made is literally false. I get that you like to exaggerate to get your points across, but I feel like that may result in you becoming increasingly and increasingly more cynical, which may not be healthy. But then again, I can’t understand your situation exactly. Sorry if I seem judgmental, I’ve just never seen so much negativity against us half-Asians before. You should visit Hawaii sometime, there are a ton of us there.

          • I mean I moved here to the mainland for school and work, and honestly it’s not that bad. Most Asian women I’ve met aren’t self hating, although I’m sure there are some out there. Maybe I’ve just been lucky? I don’t know man. Have you tried the West Coast?

            • Lol the west coast where some 60% of Asian women out marry. I get it man, it’s offensive to you to think this might be real but whatever. Keep doing whatever you want. Some of us look Asian, so I guess consider yourself “lucky”.

              • Dude if I didn’t think this might be real, I wouldn’t be here reading what you have to write. I’m not trying to be antagonistic. I just don’t understand your insistence that “literally every” WMAW couple is terrible.

                • Well you obviously did note that A) there are Asian women who say horrible things about Asian men, and B) that WMAW is horribly, horribly unbalanced against AMWW, and that AMWW is probably non existent.

  8. It’s true the young man is right basically any white man whose not a loser in anyway will not marry outside of there race. This is not the quality 1st story I’ve heard similar

  9. Let me sincere and honest for a moment. Just a moment. I really enjoy Asian women for the same reason I appreciate women of color. They are look different, exotic. They feel and smell different. They respond differently. They are different from the white women I grew up and I appreciate that.

    It really has nothing to do with any hostility towards Asian men. I have none. Also, if she is crazy, I dump her as fast as any other women.

    Who do I marry? The woman I have the most in common, trust and love. By then, race doesn’t matter. (She wasn’t Asian. …though I miss it sometimes )

    • Jefferson Beauregard is peice of shit. hes anti gay and other stuff. I don’t care if hes has Asian granddaughter it doesn’t excuses his bullshit.

    • You needed to roll in that bad Tom Cruise movie where he kills the dude and then nails his WIFE. I like the starter kit, but you could add so much more.

  10. Man you sound bitter. And a little too concerned with “race”. I’ve heard the racists argue that any white man that marries an Asian woman has an “Asian fetish”. And any white man who marries that marries a black woman is a “nigger lover”. It’s just racism.

    Still it’s just a man marrying a woman. I’m not poor (We own a house in San Diego on a half acre in a nice neighborhood). And I married a Viet woman. The challenge with the women here was that they didn’t want to have kids, I was in my early forties, and they were looking for someone even wealthier — and more ambitious. Maybe you would argue that makes me a loser?

    There are also plenty white guy losers who marry white women.

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