🔥Keanu Reeves is not half-Asian. White men and Asian women can’t name any successful Half-Asians / Hapas, and they know it

Keanu Reeves is not half-Asian, but 1/4 Asian with a father who is 1/2 Asian, with a white father and an Asian mother, and a tremendously screwed up drug addict like most of us are. So now, Asian women who think they own Hapa sons actually have to cite the sons of Asian men – in order to justify their fetishes.

White men and Asian women know this website is 100% correct – but they have absolutely no reason to admit it, and now pretty much just have resorted to saying that I have too much influence and that they’re afraid their kids will realize it too (check out the recent comments). So while it’s funny now to engage in a race-based, hateful relationship, in ten years I expect a lot more people telling me to please take this website down, when they look into their son’s small eyes and Asian features.

Asian women and white men, being the absolutely corrupt, manipulative and narcissistic people that they are, absolutely do not care that if their races were changed – they wouldn’t be together. So now they’re saying shit like “my kids will be proud of who they are,” even though anyone who has ever known a half-Asian guy knows that most half-Asian guys don’t even like being seen in public with their mothers. Would you be proud to admit your Asian mother was a white worshipper – when you look Asian and get treated by society as an Asian man? Let’s be real here – put yourselves in our shoes.

This post is for reference purposes. Keanu Reeves is not Half-Asian. He is 1/4 Asian, through his father, who is half-Chinese, half white, with a white father. His father is also a drug addict.

Sam Reeves, 53, has been desperately trying to contact Keanu from the Hawaiian prison where he’s serving a 10-year sentence for drug possession.

Rolling Stone article.

“I hope dad dies in jail.” Keanu Reeves speaks on his WMAW drug addict father.

To this date, white men and Asian women cannot name more than a handful of, non-gay, married, successful White man / East-Asian woman half-Asians who can match the success of AMWW Eurasians. 

They actually have to try to steal from the AMWW list, or worse yet, steal from the Filipino mom list, who for some reason represent 90% of all WMAW success stories.

A half Asian with a Korean dad said on Reddit:

Already posted to another thread, but I am curious. Does any other hapa have similar experiences with asian women?

You know, I really, really, hate when asian women mistakenly ‘claim’ me as one of their own without knowing that I am amwf. Just yesterday, I had a random asian girl feel free to just touch me on the arm as I was walking by, and try to ‘complement’ me on my appearance without realizing that I am amwf–I just told her that I am Korean and walked away.

Asian women don’t hate on me personally, but they often don’t realize that I am amwf and they think that it’s ‘safe’ to spew their ugly brand of hate against asian men to me, confiding to me that they’re also planning to have “beautiful hapa babies,” etc. This happens over and over again. In this way, I have had direct access to what many asian women really think and I’ve grown to be utterly disgusted by it. Everything that is discussed on this reddit has already been confirmed by my own personal experience–because I am often initially ‘claimed’ as wmaf by these disgusting asian women and they feel ‘safe’ in telling me just how much they despise asian men (and themselves) and worship whiteness. Sometimes, I feel like screaming: I’M NOT ONE OF ‘YOURS’!!!!!!!! I THANK THE UNIVERSE THAT I AM NOT ONE OF ‘YOURS’!!!!!!! I’M NOT ON YOUR ‘SIDE’! I AM NOT EVIDENCE THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE “BEAUTIFUL HAPA BABIES”! DO NOT FEEL FREE TO JUST RANDOMLY WALK UP IN PUBLIC AND TOUCH ME! DO NOT GIGGLE AROUND ME, THINKING THAT I AM WMAF! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!


28 thoughts on “🔥Keanu Reeves is not half-Asian. White men and Asian women can’t name any successful Half-Asians / Hapas, and they know it

  1. There is a doctor where I live his mom is Asian and his dad is white also knew a pilot that had an Asian mom and a white dad.my wife and I have 2 daughters ones a school teacher the other is an RN they both have don’t what they wanted to do their mom is Japanese and I’m white

  2. I know a successful wmaf happa woman, father Italian, mother Japanese. Her name is Maria Ozawa and she was a hugely popular Japanese porn actress a few years, known for some of her raunchy gonzo performances. She was particularly popular in the Phillipines. You should do an article on her.

  3. Also, as an Asian man, I feel lucky bc my Asian wife loves and adores my full Asian son. What I mean by that is she always says she gets that butterflies in the stomach feeling when she sees or thinks of our son (he’s 9), and expresses it with constant affection. Moreover my son has autism, so there is not anything about him that the typical tiger mom could be proud of. She loves her son in large part bc she thinks he is so cute and attractive, without the pressure of expectations that he merely be a tool for her own self-aggrandizement. She asks me if I’m jealous of the attention she gives our son. You know what? I’m not, bc my son is me, at least racially, and her affection for our child builds me up rather than tears me down, and strengthens our family bonds. We have other problems in life (autism aint a walk in the park), but at least I have the confidence of knowing my Asian woman is loyal to her Asian men.

      • I have. She probably won’t read it bc she rather watch her K dramas and Asian singing competitions. She lives in an Asian bubble, which is where the good Asian girls reside. The bad ones (of which there are many) are the ones who are dissatisfied with being Asian. BTW, growing up ABC I rather hated being Asian and hated other Asians (all nerds and dorks). But in grad school I discovered Japanese dramas (this was the 90s), the first time I ever saw a media representation of Asians (and Asian men in particular) as cool. It completely changed my outlook about myself and other Asians. It was the first time I thought being Asian could be a desirable thing. Ever since, I have utterly rejected Hollywood mainstream media and take all my popular cultural references from Asian media . Kids today have it better bc they can reference K-pop and K drama, among others, and not feel so bad. In my day, all we had was Bruce Lee!

        • Did you date out as a younger guy? I never felt ashamed to be Asian. I’ve always been extremely proud of it. I never liked Asian girls because there’s something about them that makes me really dislike them… How pathetic they are in terms of pandering to whites… They just lack any sensibilities about the reality of race in the world. So for a long time I was proud of it but also deeply ashamed. You have to think only a real monster would look at people for their race as suitable partners. And after I realized that I recognized what kind of people they were.

          • I dated out but was never able to get the pretty white girls in high school. They had no time for an uncool non athletic Asian nerd like me, and having fob parents with no social skills didn’t help either. In college I became nuts for south Asian women. There were a number of reasons. Even though I liked Asian women in concept (the hot ones), the hot Asian American girls weren’t much interested in me probably bc I wasn’t white. The not so hot Asian American girls weren’t appealing, always in sweats, hair undone, unfit, no style. Moreover they seemed rather dull and overly straight laced (I suppose those are one kind that will date Asian guys). The others are Asian girls that hung out with wannabe Asian gang bangers. In contrast south Asian American girls were both academically serious yet could have fun and party. I suppose the difference is cultural. But in grad school I had my first serious relationship with a Japanese woman, who was pretty, feminine, kind , loving, fun, etc. In her I discovered finally a real emotional connection, and she really helped me grow emotionally. At the same time my grad school had a lot of Asians and I became spending more time with them and getting more comfortable being Asian among Asians. After her, I only dated east Asians. That’s the most comfortable. I think there is an unspoken understanding between Asians (who aren’t self-deceived bananas) that simply makes Asian company more comfortable and easy. But one must be comfortable with oneself first, and for me that didn’t happen until grad school. I remember in high school being with my white friend and being embarrassed when we encountered a group of Asians. I always wanted to make sure they didn’t think I was one of “them”. Now I don’t feel that way, and am proud when I see a group of young, proud, confident Asians.

          • BTW about Asian girls, my thought is women look at the world as a big stormy sea and men are like ships. Most will want the best ride possible, a luxury yacht with luxury accommodations, fine food, non stop entertainment, bragging rights etc. So they are just looking for the best ride and are susceptible to advertising (the white cruise line is better). I think Asian women are generally more meek and timid than women if other races, so the big sea scares them even moreso. Hence the compulsion to find the best ride possible. Also Asian women are super catty, so bragging rights is a big plus for them. I love my Asian sisters, but they do have their unique set of issues. The ones who understand the situation and stay race loyal are truly admirable, but the unthinking selfish reactionary white cock worshippers deserve every scorn and condemnation.

      • No I dont hate being half Asian but my mother is white and if i looked completely chinese people will stare at us and never believe its my mother…

        • Who cares what others’ believe. Quit hating your Asian side. “I’m lucky that I look like my mom.” I’m lucky that I’m not your brother or father. I would never tolerate internalized racism from a family member.

  4. I can name a few. Let’s see, Kiko Mizuhara (her dad is white, look it up), Kristin Kreuk, Olivia Munn, Shay Mitchell, Janel Parrish, Karen O, Dannie Riel, Maggie Q, the list goes on and on. You seem to only tell when a half-Asian is mixed when their face doesn’t go with their obvious Asian last name. If a half-Asian as white looking as Alexa Chung had a white last name, you would just write her off as another white girl, not even thinking twice. You’re full of shit. I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time here.

    • The people on your list grew up in Canada and/or look more white than Asian. You’re a white mofo who doesn’t want to look at truth and thinks Asian women worship you. You also think you’re above Asian men.

      • Of course he is. They’ll do anything to try to prove it otherwise without recognizing how damaging it is growing up under a fetish couple to the point that we produce next to no great or successful Eurasian people.

  5. “Her father is American of European descent, and her mother is Zainichi.[11][12] She was born in Dallas, Texas and moved to Kobe, Japan at age 2 with her family. She has a sister named Ashley Yuka Daniel who is 4 years younger than her, who is also in the modeling industry. When she was 13, her parents were divorced and her father moved back to the United States.”


    Stop begging, you’re a moron. Kiko lived most of her childhood in Japan, not in racist America. If she grew up in America, things probably would have been different.

    • Also seems to not realize he is naming off girls (majority of which are no names) while I can name off half Asian men and women with Asian fathers who have reached levels of success that more people will recognize them just by name alone, let alone face.

      I don’t even know who he said besides Maggie Q and Olivia Munn.

  6. Seth McFarlane. Stop being ignorant and racist. Nobody cares about your nazi thoughts anymore, you are about 70 years late.

  7. Anyone heard of Gennady Glovkin? AKA Triple-G? Possibly the best boxer in the world right now and he has an Asian mother, white father.

    • Oh yeah, except his mother is Eurasian, and has an Asian father, and he comes from Kazakstan, where Asian men / white female is more common. It’s strange that you guys have to drag Eurasians from central Asia as proof that they’re successful.

      • No, his mother is 100% Korean. His father is a Russian living in Kazakhstan. He has said so himself in interviews.

        Here in Denmark we have nothing but white male (Danish) / Asian female (Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, China, S. Korea). Plenty of Asians adopted by white parents and so on, and they are all doing well. They usually do just as well or better in school than their non-mixed/non-Asian schoolmates.

        They have no problems finding Danish spouses whether they are half-Asian female or male. None of those are the sons and daughters of Asian men, but white men and Asian women. No one even cares here or thinks about it. I just think you are a racist, self-hating person with a huge depression. I feel sorry for you.

        I have two brothers that are half-Asian. They are doing exceptionally well in school (their father is white) and have no problem making friends. They live in a big house with a dog and a nanny. I doubt they are suffering.

        Does it make a difference if the white man is Jewish? Hmm? Or how does this racist BS thing work?

        • Wow, how amazing that it’s always a White guy and an Asian woman. You really are superior, so amazing that you have complete control over such an amazing demographic, made up exclusively of white fathers and Asian mothers. Must make you very proud for you to talk about your collective offspring in such a colonialist way.

        • I love how white men are experts on their Hapa sons. It’s like you refuse to listen. Oh well. I don’t have easy answers for Hapas other than to take out their anger on the people closest to them.

  8. This blog is hilarious. You are sooooo obviously butt-hurt that you came out unable to score white women. And you should be. Across virtually every culture on planet earth the northern european white female (blond hair / green / blue / eyes) is the gold standard of beauty the world over. This goes for Indians, Asians, Middle-Eastern, etc. They are a coveted prize for all men and your bitterness is quite obvious and pitiable too.

    The only gene pool on planet earth that can produce this exotic combination of hair color and eye color are white genes. Hence, rarity makes this desirable. It is also why other races hate with such fury, yourself being a prime example.

    I’m making no statement about white women as people however who are some of the worst and most entitled females to ever walk planet earth. I’m simply saying on raw physical beauty they are the high watermark for a reason, hence the “worship” you are implying.

    Your mother, like many Asian women, wish to capture this genetic material and again, it is totally understandable. Women simply have an easier time of it because of the nature of the sexes obviously.

    Your website name “longing for death” really seems a bit crazy, and so I immediately feel like you could be the next Cho Sung Hui or Eliot Rodgers. One full blooded and half-blooded crazy asian mass killer, respectively. Both of their shooting sprees were committed for basically the same reason and rage you are spewing out here.

    My advice? Seek help, seriously, you have some -major- issues you need to work through.

    p.s. I stumbled here simply trying to see what Keanu Reeves true ethnic background is, but damn, what a thing to land into instead…

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