🔥Worst of Both Worlds

This cartoon will probably make the rounds, so just so people know where it came from, it’s from here. A Eurasian drew it.


Everything in the cartoon was true in my case. The only difference is that in my isolation and self-hatred and desire to be white (both my parents made this a goal of mine), complete with a completely broken home never founded on love, but merely on status and exchange…. I didn’t do anything like Elliot did. I instead turned to writing.

Sorry… but not sorry.

If you really think that the Asian girl walking down the street with a big smirk on her face saying and thinking awful, terrible things about Asian men – and a white man who is happy to support this racism – will lead to good kids….

You’ve been warned.


13 thoughts on “🔥Worst of Both Worlds

  1. Wow, this is a great drawing.

    It reminds me of this quotation:

    ‘Strange, I hear that Asian women want to marry white men but not Hapas, whom many despise, although their kids would be Hapas. Would that mean that they would not love their kids because they are Hapas as much as they would a “pure” white or “pure” Asian.’


  2. @Eurasian Writer

    Have you ever heard of Nick Kyrgios? He is a Eurasian tennis player who is gaining a lot of attention lately. He’s actually really good. Anyways, his mom is a Malaysian princess named Norlaila and his father is Greek Australian. His mom is a computer engineer who gave up her title to marry his dad who happens to be a house painter. He is known as the “bad boy” of tennis because he has a volatile temper. He is tall, 6’4″ and in my opinion, you’d never know that he was eurasian. He’s dark and when I first saw him I thought he was Middle Eastern. Anyways, even though his tennis skills are excellent, his temper is a problem. I wonder if it has anything to do with the household he comes from? From what I can see, he’s not doing too bad at all. I hope that he can be a true success regardless of whatever issues he may have with his parents (if there are any). Just wanted you to know about this particular guy. There may still be hope for him!



  3. Good for u. I am an ABC working in media in Beijing. I know a white gentleman who sounds just like your dad. He believes the holocaust was a lie and is in the alt-right and everything and has one night stand with asian girls. I have lived in hk and have had quite the opportunity hearing some asian women saying “my eurasian babies will be so beautiful with blue eyes”. I am sick of white men who date asian women talking about dick size, and as soon as I argue about him, he says im offensive because he has a chinese wife.I never realized Eurasian men deal with similar things as full Asian men. I love the bit u said you felt like Anne Frank writing a novel.

    • — “…some asian women saying ‘my eurasian babies will be so beautiful with blue eyes’.

      Hah… that’s like a one in a million chance—an extremely rare occurrence (and many women all across Asia think like this when they dream of having offspring with a White male). These dumb, self-hating broads have no understanding of fundamental genetics. Even if they bear themselves a blue-eyed Eurasian child, chances are (95–99% of the time) that child will grow-up having varying forms of mental issues. It’s always about “looks” with Asian women; no substance (then you wonder why Hapas, like that kid up there, make headlines).

      Furthermore, it’s pointless trying to argue in order to get any sense through a White male’s skull—they are, simply, solipsists (they CANNOT see it from a “non-White’s” perspective; hence in your case: an Asian man’s)—and this has been scientifically proven through research. More on this with the following Web links below.

      http://tinyurl.com/h8ypf7a (UTSC Research)
      http://tinyurl.com/lpxdhkc (WordPress Article)

Tell me how Asian men are beta, how White women are fat feminists, how Eurasians are super popular around the world (not just Asia), and how all the most famous celebrities aren't the sons of Asian men and White women, below:

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