🔥Why do so many half Asians with White fathers, like me, come from divorced parents / broken homes? (VITAL POST)‼️

We all know about Japanese child kidnapping. This is extremely common because Asian women use white men to have “whiter babies” but their personalities – being asian women – are extremely vicious – especially the ones who are “Gaijin chasers” since they are hell-bent on status at all things, making them soulless as hell, and as soon as the kids are born they just snap and abandon their white husbands, especially if the guy fails to be rich, like my dad, or turns out to just be a loser; exactly the kind of guy who goes for Asian women.

It seems that everywhere I look – I see stories more like mine. Whenever I look up half Asian celebrities with white dads, more often than not these guys’ fathers are nowhere around.

Sometimes it’s the other way around with the Asian mother bailing (very common). My home was filled with violence after my mother – who married my white father in order to rebel, and to feel like she “made it” with a white man – realized that he was just a balding guy who was too paranoid of the world ending to make money (seriously) and would eat entire bags of chips at one time (which she hated).

The reason for this is largely because the relationships between white men / Asian women is largely based on hate and status, not love.

What happens is this; the man is blinded by his desire for sex and companionship, and fails to realize that a woman being with him largely because he is white – in order to give her Eurasian babies (and thus to make her life feel meaningful and to boost her status) – and fails to realize that Asian women are some of the most vicious and cruel people in the world; so once the children are born, she will start to become extremely verbally abusive, like my mother.

Wouldn’t it make more sense for a woman to prefer her own race? White women do. So why don’t Asian women? Why is it that Asian women – and only Asian women – are desperate to remove their Asianness?

The majority of WMAW marriages aren’t high class. Many like my parents are somewhere in the middle. There’re a lot of trashy girls who just sleep their way through every white guy they find; others date only rich white men; others latch onto the first tall white guy that they can find. Mine was more about a woman latching onto a white man in an attempt to integrate into her new home.

My parents had a broken marriage. The reason for this is obvious – my mother was a hateful, callous, bitter person who wanted a white man because she felt insecure with her appearance and because she felt a white man would give her that “rebellious” edge that she wanted, plus she wanted to be able to feel integrated and “successful” having a tall, skinny, redhaired man at her side.

The big problem with this is that she didn’t actually love him – she loved what he represented. Integration. Status. Rebellion. Whiteness. The big problem was that my father was from a redneck state; he had grown up literally in the woods, and was one of those guys who had “an affinity for nature,” hated the big cities, and had extremely outdated views and agoraphobic behavior – making Asian culture, and Asian women, with their famed introversion – an ideal choice.

If you don’t believe me – ask any Asian woman in a relationship with a white man what she thinks of Asian culture and Asian men – she will respond with HATE.

Hate is not love.

So ten years later – she realized that her “marriage” was nothing but one based on hatred, fetishization, or trying to chase that impossible dream of having a white man, a European man, that represented everything she could dream of – and one child with incredible emotional problems who looked very Asian, and another child, who looked nothing like her – who she essentially emotionally abandoned.

When I was around twelve, and my mother was on her death bed, she begged all of my Asian family to take me – to take me away from my father, and to remove any vestige of custody or connection I and my father had, I guess, being her last attempt at “kidnapping” me, to take me away from a man she never really loved, but only used, but realized was literally incapable of being a good father or a good man. And like a regretful Asian mother would do, she gave me a “Chinese” middle name that would help me recognize that I was Asian – but why do that, if Asian males weren’t good enough?

So my parents, like most of the Eurasian people I know – come from broken homes, since our mothers, being hot blooded Asian women, just couldn’t stand that the guys they were married were white guys who for some reason couldn’t get white women, or for some reason just had this weird entitlement to Asian women (extreme racism, need to dominate and control). 

The biggest problem is that most of the time, we their children, aren’t able to fully integrate thanks to the perpetual foreigner stereotype and hostility towards Asianness.

90% of WMAW marriages are based on lust, whirlwind fetish romances, etc., and the marriages inevitably disintegrate because of culture clashes – i.e., the Asian woman not realizing the white men who seek them out are generally lower quality, and the white man not realizing just how obsessed with status and money Asians are – or even worse, not realizing how rampant mental illness and race / status climbing is in Asian culture) – so you have tons of confused Eurasians coming from utterly devastated homesteads.

Broken homes + broken people = broken demographic. Enjoy what’s coming.

It’s a very far cry from the promised Eurasian takeover, or master race.

There is no Eurasian takeover. The vast majority of Eurasians look very Asian, and come from broken homes with no parental support, and hate filled households.

It seems even the opposite holds more weight, even if you believe in really nasty stereotypes; that Asian men only marry because of their money. That being said – a Eurasian child from a wealthy household, with two parents that are together – is better off than some bastard Eurasian with a self hating mother.



25 thoughts on “🔥Why do so many half Asians with White fathers, like me, come from divorced parents / broken homes? (VITAL POST)‼️

  1. Hey~thanks for writing this blog… It’s good to know how WMAF relationships look like from the different point of view- their hapa children.I live in Europe and used to think that in US, mixed people can feel more comfortable in the society than in my country.
    I’m worried, because my boyfriend is Chinese (living in England) and I’m Polish… hope, that AMWF marriages rly work better 🙂

    • You should only be worried if you know that, deep down, your relationship or marriage isn’t genuine & sincere—such as what’s been exemplified above with the toxic racial dynamic that is the White male & Asian female. In addition, you must also acknowledge and be able to distinguish the vast differences in upbringings between Hapas born from WMAFs and Hapas born from AMWFs—children born from these two separate demographics are NOT entirely the same (and the entirety of this author’s blog alone, thus far, has very much illustrated that already).

      In short, don’t be like “them“. The “key” that lasting and successful AMWF couples exhibit is, simply, love & respect—not only for each other, but for their respective heritages, as well. And if you have children (or are planning to), proudly instill within them the values stemming from your Polish heritage, alongside the Chinese heritage with your significant other—this is what Asian females (with their White-trophy boys and fetishism) UTTERLY FAIL to understand, thus resulting in their broken lives/family/children.

      You see, unlike Asian women (who are cold-blooded & callous), White women—who’re often more thoughtful & sincere toward the overall well-being of their child/children—are truly the ones that produce more wholesome and happy Eurasian offspring (hence this correlates with the, as stated earlier, “vast differences in upbringings“). Combine that with the virtues and mental discipline of a well-rounded Asian man (which I assume you’re with now), then what you get is Hapa children—exclusive ONLY to AMWF couples—that Asian women can only begin to dream of. So… just keep that in mind.

      From an Asian man (in the U.S.), all the best to you and your s/o.

          • Loaded questions—thus need not be answered.

            I know you’re replying to here, but being a full-Asian (especially male) under the parental dynamics of AMAFs can be extremely complicated—as Asia orient (East and Southeast) has varying socio-cultural, economic and environmental upbringings.

      • Thank you for your comprehensive answer 🙂
        My boyfriend is well-rounded ofc, but he also can be funny. I love him for his personality and in my eyes he’s really good-looking. We still don’t have children.
        Too bad, many people think that a white guy having an Asian GF is “cool”, but a relationship between a white girl and an Asian man is considered as “unnormal”.

        @Eurasian Writer: I watched your videos on YT… be strong and brave. Take care ^^

    • Everyone has their own family experiences and race doesnt really have anything to do with it. Im a british / chinese AWWM hapa and i have had a great life and love my mixed race, its very comfortable where i live because it is a very mixed nation and i know quite alot of other hapas and they are also very confident and bright people. A few of their parents had split up with 4/5 of them being AMWF and its quite sad since Asian men and white women couples are very rare here in England and shortlived you usually see white girls with Indians and Pakistanis or single handedly raising mulatto kids if they are not dating their own race. I noticed white girls in interracial relationships are shortlived.

      This guy is thinking that race and culture played a role in his parents divorce and is assuming that all AWWM divorces are for the same reason which is very untrue. Sometimes things just dont work out and what he is saying is very damaging to hapas and their parents and very untrue. My parents fell in love for who they were not for what they were and have been happily married for 27 years now.
      I love being unique and a hapa its just a shame that the blog writer doesnt and writes all these vicious things.
      Good luck with the relationship! ~~~

  2. Every relationship is the same. No matter what kind of relationship, you need to love the person for who they are inside. I bet you plenty more non-interracial couples split up because they got together for the appearance, money, status…etc. You cannot blame all WMAW relationships for your parent’s failed marriage. There are plenty of them working fine. Single out amd attacks on all the Asian women in interracial relationships is pretty immature. Why don’t you write a blog about everyone that got divorced because they didn’t marry for love. You shouldn’t assume all WMAW relationships that failed because of the reasons based on your own experience and a few Internet research and news. Saying mix children don’t fit in is extremely faulty assumption. All kinds of kids get singled out in social environment. Perhaps you are angry being mix race because you ran into social problem? Certainly not saying bullying on mixed doesn’t exist. It’s just happening everywhere. There shouldn’t be any issue with simply just interracial relationships. Failed relationship is caused by the individuals. Your comment about “Wouldn’t it make more sense for a woman to prefer her own race?” cannot be more wrong. Race shouldn’t matter. Sounded like you had a horrible experience with your mother that buried you with so much hate. But I assure you that there are plenty of successful interracial relationships. And plenty of failed ones just like regular non-interracial relationships. Maybe one day you will open up your mind to not hate the entire Asian women population.

      • There is nothing wrong with dating outside your race. You dated a black girl and wanted to date an Asian girl so how are you any different ?

        Look at how many white woman who date black men.. and Asians are also a minority so Asian women may not even have the chance to date their own race. Also 40% of Asian men in America are in intteracial relationships ! Dont be so mad because you are an ugly white guy who cant find anyone non white to have a fetish baby with !

    • The interracial relationships might be successful from the parents’ point of view (although my experience suggests otherwise) but not from the child’s point of view.

      Saying mixed kids do not fit in is NOT a faulty assumption. Why is it faulty? How do you know? Why do you think this? Are you Eurasian? I am, and so is EW and we are telling you Mixed Eurasian kids do not fit in, speaking as Eurasians. There may be Eurasians who look completely white with balanced parents who face none of these issues, but such people would be in the minority.

      Eurasians get sick of Asians extrapolating their experiences and views as if they are positioned exactly the same as Eurasians and then using this to dismiss or ignore the lived experiences of Eurasians e.g. Hapa Mama and all those dumb ass AFWM blogs where the Asian female purports to speak on behalf of her Eurasian kids. For example, Elliott roger had so many mental issues arising from being Eurasian even though objectively, he didn’t have anything else to complain about (rich, good-looking etc). How do you think poorer and less attractive Eurasians growing up in some redneck town cope?

      I appreciate you are trying to be positive but the statistics, evidence and cries of Eurasian kids point to a real problem. The way Asian American females talk about Asian men (Esther ku etc) point to a real problem.

      There are some individual Asian women who are not like the women discussed on this blog, and perhaps you are indeed one of them, but this doesn’t change the fact that there is a systematic problem. To say otherwise in the face of all quantitative and qualitative evidence is dishonest, or at best, naive.

      • “There may be Eurasians who look completely white with balanced parents who face none of these issues, but such people would be in the minority.”

        Why dont you link a photo of your face and show us that you infact do look completely white as Eurasians tend to do. Only Eurasians that look one bit Asian are the minority. Denial is probrably what elliot rodger was doing to himself and look what it did to his mind. You are still white.

        • I won’t be posting a photo of myself on this site, but trust me I do not look completely white. I might consider showing you via skype but I’m not sure if that would achieve anything. I know I AM (part) white but I don’t look it. The constant chingchong ch1nk jokes remind me of that. It is clear by the racist slurs, the microaggressions, the dismissals, the ‘jokes’, that whatever I am, I am not seen as a full white.

          That isn’t the issue, but rather how I get treated by other Asians, who perceive me as a failed potential white person. Most white worshipping Asians criticise me for not looking white enough. They are Asians themselves yet criticise me for sharing any Asian characteristics with them. They hate me for not fulfilling their ‘all Eurasians look totally white’ fantasy and for daring to be an Asian looking Eurasian. What the fuck? And they fawn over my ‘foreign’ pale skin and any other bits which they view as foreign.
          Sometimes Asians I’ve just met ask me why I have a ‘western name’ and when I present the facts, they actually accuse me of lying about my parents to elevate myself (no…no rational person would invent being a different race to make themselves look better EXCEPT for self hating Asians). It caused me so much pain growing up.
          Most whites don’t see me as white either, but think I’m some kind of Hawaiian or asian (never the right country…) or from one of the ‘Stan’ countries. Generally uneducated, stupid, redneck racist whites give me shit for my race, whereas the vast majority of Asians seem to, regardless of their situation.

          Maybe our experiences are different and perhaps I am on the extreme end of the Eurasian spectrum but most Eurasians I have come across, in life and via the media, look Asian, or at least part Asian. Even I did look totally white, it wouldn’t change the structural problems discussed in this blog. It wouldn’t make me less aware of what is going on. It would mean less overt racism against me, but not against my Asian looking relatives or Asian friends. So I’m not sure what sharing my photo would achieve.

  3. Hey Eurasian Writer. Just started following your blog. What’s your opinion on Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s marriage to Priscilla Chan? I have a very strong feeling their marriage will last a long time in the same way Bill Gates’ marriage lasts. People at that level don’t divorce and maintain their empires.

  4. I am not euroasian, but i am from Norway and this asian woman/ white man thing is real. I always wondered why asian women went for such low class white men, ehas it because they couldn’t get women of their own? And the men usually justify their position by saying they ‘prefere exotic women’, but these asian women i see are not Priyanka Chopra to say the least. Even met a couple who both spoke such broke english, they couldn’t communicate. Like what the hell is this? I have seen other forms of interracial marriage such as black on white (more rare tho) and it’s rarely awkward or forced.. So i knew something whas up with these asian women/white men relationship. Thanks for the post, extremly insightful!

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