🔥Another good example of why half-Asians are a high risk demographic, thanks to their Asian mothers

Asian women fill the pool with dirty syringes and razor blades and diarrhea and phlegm and blood and dead carcasses of animals while they’re young, then they throw their kids into the pool, and then they wonder why the kids have emotional problems, and they go in the New York Times articles talking about “my son doesn’t want to be Asian.”

No shit.

Shout out to whoever made and compiled this.

This kind of talk is endemic both to:

  • Asian women, who constantly talk about how inferior Asian men are – in real time, for half Asian sons who aren’t even theirs to hear. So even the “so called” good couples still have children who are exposed to millions of these women. The question is – why would any half Asian be proud to be Asian as a result, or even worse, look ANYTHING like an Asian male? And many, many half Asians look TOTALLY Asian.
  • White men, especially the ones who are into Asian women. They just love to bash Asian men to make themselves feel bigger with Asian women. (Remember, it’s uniquely white men that are raising half Asian sons, so the children will try to live up to the father’s ethnicity).

So the question is why do half Asian sons try to play down their Asian heritage? I did this for ten years, and went practically insane as I looked more and more Asian. Again, I bullied full Asians, never grew my hair out longer than a couple weeks to avoid it being too dark, and when seeing my black hair fall on the barber’s smock I became almost instantly depressed.

I’ve listed dozens of cases, but I think this sums it up.

Elliot Rodger: “How could an ugly Asian attract the attention of a white girl, while a beautiful Eurasian like myself never had any attention from them? I thought with rage. I glared at them for a bit, and then decided I had been insulted enough. I angrily walked toward them and bumped the Asian guy aside, trying to act cocky and arrogant to both the boy and the girl.”

Daniel Holtzclaw: “How does that white dick taste?”

John Hamilton: “I’m Scottish below the belt.” 

What are these women going to do when a woman – even an Asian woman – says the same thing to their son? This has been said verbatim to me, and other half Asian men I know:

“I don’t date Asian guys.”

And you wonder why half Asians with Asian mothers have literally produced nothing of merit, ever?

Despite having a mother who beat the shit out of me every day for twelve years and haunted my dreams for another fifteen – not once, not even once, did I ever feel the need to degrade or humiliate Asian women, for twenty three years – until I started this blog.


39 thoughts on “🔥Another good example of why half-Asians are a high risk demographic, thanks to their Asian mothers

  1. The first girl in the video is fat and nasty looking. The second girl looks like she has a stache, that’s nasty. Those girls in the video are screwed if they have an Asian son.

      • Sorry, I take back what I just wrote.

        I thought you were referring to the Korean slut as being “fat.”

        Yeah, you’re right about the first one. All of them are fugly and will no doubt attract the attention of only basement-dwelling, My Little Pony-loving, assburgers-having white phaggots

    • To do so would be stooping to their level. Any self-confident/secure/respecting Asian man would not be affected by such inanity from these harebrained Asian females. Just leave them be and brush ’em off like the dirt they are—karma will eventually bite ’em in their ass (or HAS already). Or, better yet, just observe them—like guinea pigs. It’s actually quite fascinating (and entertaining) how self-hating Asian females carry themselves in every day life and exhibit their behavior(s)—you get an insight into how their troubled brains tick (ROFL).

      By the way, EW… how the hell did you find this vid, as it was posted only 8–9 hours ago from now (let alone that channel)? Yours or someone else’s (perhaps from Reddit or whatnot)? Nice little compilation with a sarcastic title (LOL)—White-fetishizing Asian females in a nutshell.

      • I think most Asian girls and white guys don’t really care what society thinks of them .It’s like they are living in their own little worlds.This sharp increase of AW/WM worldwide in the past 10 years is not really going down.
        I had seen a lot of young WM/AW in their 20s, acting like normal couples .
        Years ago I was used to seeing ugly /average Asian girls with white guys, now I had seen pretty 7/10 and 8/10 Asian girls with White guys .
        This is what I notice in my community:
        Hot white girls gets the biggest assortments of guys
        Average /ugly white girls
        gets lesser guys
        Average/ugly/hot/ Asian girls usually gets Hot white girls’s rejects .Hot white girls do reject hot white guys. Hot white guys sometimes ends up with ugly/average or pretty Again girls .
        This hot white guy 8/10 was checking me out 3 times at Target . Later on I found out that he was with a 2/10 Asian girl . Fat,short, and ugly. I walked passed them . Hot white boy can’t stare at me anymore.
        I feel strange when white guys like me because I know some of them are just white girls’ rejects .I don’t understand why Asian girls are so proud being with white girl’s rejects.

        • All they care about is white skin. Being a loser socially inept white guy doen’t matter to them at the moment. It’s not till later on in life that they realize they made a mistake marrying that loser white guy.

        • @bebe

          I think most Asian girls… don’t really care what society thinks of them .

          Rubbish. The modern-day female sex is overly self-conscious, narcissistic & self-conceited about her looks, her body, how she “fits into society” (especially how she’s perceived by other women in her “in-group”), etc.—and Asian females are no exception. Now, replace “society” with Asian guys and you’ll grasp what is only “the tip of the iceberg” when it comes to the “frustrations” of Asian males (especially for Asian males—which also extends to “frustrated” Eurasian males—in the West). Hence you’re speaking from your perspective and fail to see the “bigger picture” (the amount of times within your post that you refer to yourself in first-person—”I” this and “I” that—shows me who and what you are as an individual).

          I feel strange when white guys like me because I know some of them are just white girls’ rejects .

          And these “White girls’ rejects” go on to have half-Asian babies with Asian girls who, in turn—the half-Asian babies—often grow up to be miserable themselves. How ironic, huh? I’m curious as to what makes you feel “strange” when White guys “like” you… is “strange” code word for “inclined” (LOL)? For your own good, I hope you’re aware that how White guys “like” Asian girls is completely different from how Asian girls perceive how White guys “like” Asian girls… get it? I’m assuming you’re a young (and naïve) lady, so if I come off as “harsh”, know that—as stated earlier—it’s “for your own good“. Take what’s been stated as a “constructive criticism“.

  2. I never understand the reason “they look like my brother/father/family member”- what a poor f*cking excuse.

    • That’s of course nothing but a poor excuse. Same race couples are the majority of couples in the world, by this logic most people are “incestious” for the mere fact that they date and marry their own. These women sound crazy.

    • I hope you’re aware that how White guys “like” Asian girls is completely different from how Asian girls perceive how White guys “like” Asian girls…
      Can you explain? What are the differences between white guys who like Asian girls and Asian girls who like them back?
      I really do think pretty white girls 8/10 get their first pick in white guys and sometimes nonwhite guys.
      Asian girls are just seen as second place by most white guys, but they seem happy with it.
      I’m embarrassed to seen with a white guy.

  3. Why don’t all the recent posts show up in the main page? I hadn’t even paid attention that the blog was regularly updated. :\ Anyway this blog is so honest it’s depressing, I don’t read it regularly for this reason, sorry EW but thanks for sharing. BTW love your hair (saw the pic in the main page).

      • Yes a bit confusing…maybe you could keep one or two sticky ones, and create a “most popular” or “must read” (or else) category at the top? But do what makes you feel more comfortable. I’ll keep reading either way 🙂

  4. Eurasian:

    You are not crazy or hyped as some have said. You are on to something and right on point. Therefore, I wish to validate you.

    I have been working on a project for several years that addresses a lot of your platform. I initially started because I wanted my godsons to grow up feeling and believing they are strong beautiful Asian men. However, I did not know that things would take a turn in my personal life where this issue would hit home. I cannot explain all but if you wish to contact me than please do because what you address is just the tip of the iceberg.

    You would be surprised at what I have to tell you, who I am and what I am will surprise you as well. Thus, push forward because your voice will validate my project and my project will validate you, push your voice and even channel to bring further awareness to this issue.

    I will and do have to protect myself but I will no longer be silent either. This is not just some sweet story but more of an epidemic that is not getting better due to the lives destroyed and taken away in death.

  5. Eurasian:

    Can you see my email? If not I will make up one we can share. I got to be private due to what I want to share. Do you have skype? No video necessary we can just use talk option.

    I will be happy to talk to you.

  6. This is a video I show to all Asian dudes who question why their girlfriends dump them for guys like me. Asian woman what regular/normal looking kids with normal size shlongs. I and other white guys provide this.

    • Sorry to tell you dude. Your shlong is the size of a baby’s. White guys who obsessed over other men’s dicks are the ones with the smallest in the world. That’s why they are so insecure and have to chase Asian women because white women would laugh and mock losers like you.

      • Jimmi-chink, it took you a month to come up with that? You need to come out of the closet and admit that you might be the one who longs for the great white shlong up his bung. I am sorry, but I just don’t swing that way.

        • Ha ha sorry dude, you are your one inch dick aren’t going to satisfy anyone. Keep jerking your little dick off to interracial porn you small dick white man. The truth is white men who chase Asian women have tiniest dicks in the world and are the most insecure bottom of the barrel men. That’s you bro. A loser white dude with a small dick. I laugh at guys like you. Every time I see a white man with an Asian woman I smile and think there’s another white guy with a 1″ dick. Been around too long buddy to be fooled by insecure bottom of the barrel dudes like you bro.

            • Ha ha is that supposed to be an insult? Yeah dude I’ve got slanty and damn proud of them too. Can you say the same for your 1″ dick dude?

            • I got an Asian mother and a white father. Their relationship went into crumbles because my mother follows traditional values and constantly emasculated my father because he didn’t make enough money to support a family. The racist remarks (and efforts) that my father negatively portrays towards Asians closely resembles what you are doing. Nothing wrong with that because it’s a freedom of speech but just keep in mind people like you are the reason why I have psychological problems and also why I dislike being white (I look pretty Asian anyways and chances are my kids would be 75% Asian). Although I should be angry with people like you, I chose not to which is the reason why I most likely won’t come back on this forum to see some unjustifiable comment of yours involving penis sizes and derogatory racial remarks.
              To an extent, I love how white men like you are dating and marrying Asian women (actually anything that moves). This is due to the fact that you guys are vastly assisting in “white genocide” as they would call it in white nationalist forums. To give you a perspective there are increasingly more refugees coming to all over Europe (ex Germany refuses to close it’s doors on them) and also the average amount of children born per 100 citizens in all of these European countries is 1 which is well below replacement level. Moving onto North America, both Canada and United States also have a very low replacement level and over 50% amount of births of children (as of 2014) have been non-white. Don’t get me started in South Africa where they aren’t treated as citizens and they usually live in the slums. In a few decades I feel that white men are going to be considered living fossils if this keeps up and guys of all races such as Asians, Middle Eastern, and Black are successfully dating white women to enforce this hypothesis.
              Back when I was a kid I used to embrace the hell out of my German-white heritage as well as Chinese heritage. To be white I appreciated (somewhat now as well I suppose) the rich history such as all the scientists and associated inventions such as the car and train in relation to combustion and engines. But now in this present age I have nothing to be proud of for being white because it seems like white men are confused in life. It appears that you guys would love living in a world with just white people but you guys also love non-white women and constantly need to contribute great efforts to insult men associated to the non-white race that you find attractive as if your manhood is on the line; reaching a contradiction. In addition, while some white men like you take pleasure and precious time in replying to comments (even on Christmas), non-white men are actually bettering themselves and achieving goals such as getting an education so that they could actually get a great career started to actually support a family.

              • Your father should have told your mom to leave and give a nice smack across the face. James’s mom used to smack his tiny genitals all the time. Once the fact of life is clear to her, she can stay or go. Tough love is needed here

              • hapa kid, keep your chin up dude. It’s unfortunate that your dad is white. Work hard to better yourself but don’t let white men get you down. They are not better than anyone especially the low self esteem white trash on this board.

                • Keep your chin up and you can be line James working in Chinese restaurant asking, “White or Fried Rice?”

                  The Asian women always take the WHITE rice! Right, Jimmy boy?

                    • James, you are clearly a Gayzian! You always have cock on the mind. This might be the wrong group for you

                      Oh…but I’ve been banned from this blog for speaking truth to stupid slanty-eyed half breeds like you. So I can’t comment

  7. The only truth you’re speaking here dude is that you’re a beta white loser with a small dick. You’re socially awkward and can’t get a women of your own race. Your last and only resort to reproduce is to get to together with self hating Asian women who love you only for your whiteness. These self hating Asian women try not to hurt your feelings by saying stupid dumb stuff like ‘it’s just their preference’. The truth is on this website and I know it cuts you deeply that’s why you hang around here like a bad smell.

  8. and if you go to the bottom of that video, there is actually a comment that proves another point of the original blogger: supremacist white guys are those that love Asian girls:

    “Alexander6 months ago
    White guys to Asian women : we don’t want you
    Reply 16
    Hide replies
    100 000 Piss Skins Melted In Hiroshima LOL
    100 000 Piss Skins Melted In Hiroshima LOL2 months ago
    Speak for yourself.”
    (this replier even have a trump profile picture, LOL)

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