🔥🔥🔥Proof that Asian Preference for White men has nothing to do with Feminism; Proof that Asian Women Practice Open Racism because they want integration, assimilation and white babies

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I wholly support feminism for whatever form of equality it purports.

However, given that Asian women often use the line “we owe Asian men nothing,” and that it is Asian patriarchy that is responsible for social ills, I challenge them to explain why:

My father and many like him are extreme anti-gay campaigners, anti-black racists and routinely make comments about Jews, feminism (last Father’s Day he made comments about a local women’s studies professors’ mustache). My mother also never even broached the subject of feminism and her marriage to her husband was loveless and largely based on the fact that she could lay claim to a 6’3″ bearded redhead. I say with 100% certainty that she married him because he was white – yet growing up, I look more or less Asian, depending on what you’re looking for. If you don’t believe me, merely email me at eurasianwriter@gmail.com and we can arrange a meetup.

Essentially, they are lying, they know they are lying, they are raising children under the premise of this lie – then asking their children be “ambitious” and to play by the rules – when his own parents never played by the rules of common decency. Why would a half Asian son aim to be ambitious if he gets treated as Asian and his own mother thought Asian men inferior?

Below is proof in the form of written testimony by Asian women wherein they describe their preferences as being either, A) Physical B) for Integration C) for Status, or D) for Self Image Problems.

Behind closed doors most Asian women including the mods of /r/AsianAmerican and /r/Asiantwox would never admit the more blatant reasons for their “preference,” (RE: TALL, WHITE) despite it being obvious to their future children, who, like most children, would require pride and careful upbringing to navigate racist society successfully.

(For reference my dad is one of the biggest gay-hating anti-feminist white guys, but he was tall and white, so).

Wherein they create an impossible situation in which their own Asian looking sons are told to be proud to be Asian under the conditions that their fathers are white, and then, even more brazenly:

We are forbidden from talking about it, so essentially Hapas are forced into a sort of biological servitude to open racists; e.g., an Asian mother, and a white father who enables extreme racism. 

Even more flagrant, is their attempt to forbid us from having any such issues, wherein when their children ultimately exhibit violent or even erratic behavior, Asian men are blamed, and then blamed again for the behavior of children that are biologically unable to escape their mother’s genes.

As in, Asian men were blamed in the first place for something that was beyond their control, and for being angry about being excluded for some kind of insane degree of racism directed at them for no reason other than their race, the racism that the children themselves will suffer from a few decades down the line.

Essentially, what this means, in a pattern of eternal return, is that Asian women are complicit in the creation of an anti-Asian atmosphere in the West, one that will permeate down so as to affect their future children, and then Asian men get blamed still for the behavior of half-Asian children that are left scratching their heads, or worse. It literally is the cyclical pattern seen in the cartoon in the sticky.

It is a practice in extreme irony on the level of a televised black comedy.

Like true sociopaths, what they (and by they, I mean the white-only Asian women, not all Asian women) refuse to play by any sort of rules and just attempt to clear the way for total, unconditional lack of accountability, and then we, their children, are left picking up their baggage and expected to figure it out for ourselves.

The good news is:

  • These women are insane robots who are incapable of love to their husbands and ruin their lives some 10-20 years down the line, like my dad’s was ruined. I frankly don’t see how a woman who marries for such horrible reasons would ever be capable of genuine love (hence the scowling, standoffish behavior of married Asian women).
  • Asian men are not stuck with the most cutthroat, nihilistic monsters on the planet

The bad news is:

  • These are the people who parent us.
  • Sociopaths breed sociopaths, or even worse.

32 thoughts on “🔥🔥🔥Proof that Asian Preference for White men has nothing to do with Feminism; Proof that Asian Women Practice Open Racism because they want integration, assimilation and white babies

  1. I think it’s about time that someone come up with a name to describe the movement and phenomenon of WMAF, that is unique to Eurasians. A name created by Eurasians, for Eurasians, that describes the situation we were born into, and imposed on us by others. Our parents, and every other ethnic group in society, has tried to impose an identity on us, and it is time we claim our own identity. Every Eurasian has the right to claim a unique identity to him/herself, but I do believe we also need an umbrella term to describe the phenomenon we were born into.

    Something like:

    Waiborn (pronounced “why-born”)

    W= white
    A = asian
    I = ideology
    Wai = does this happen to mean “outside” in Chinese?
    born = born, as in referring only to those of us who were born Eurasian, usually to an Asian mother and a white father, and outsiders to being either white or asian.

    It is not my intent to bring more stigma to ourselves, as we are already a stigmatized group. However, I do think we need a coherent name to describe the incredibly complex social phenomena that we are being born into. Seeing the thousands of blogs and YouTube postings online, Eurasians who are growing up depressed and confused need to know why they are feeling that way in order to cope and find some semblance of normality. Putting a name to the ideological phenomena helps. We must be very careful about choosing a name, because the name will most likely stick, and find it’s way into popular text and maybe even history books.

  2. By the way, EurasianWriter, your post was totally on point, especially:

    “We are forbidden from talking about it, so essentially Hapas are forced into a sort of biological servitude to open racists; e.g., an Asian mother, and a white father who enables extreme racism.

    Even more flagrant, is their attempt to forbid us from having any such issues, wherein when their children ultimately exhibit violent or even erratic behavior, Asian men are blamed, and then blamed again for the behavior of children that are biologically unable to escape their mother’s genes.”

    We need a name to describe the WMAF ideological phenomena because it will help us to talk about it, post articles, and publish books. It needs to be a name that everyone can use, and no one has a copyright on.

    While my mother never blamed Asian men, and had Asian boyfriends in the past, I would definitely say that she saw me as superior, having white blood. However, she later came to resent this same white blood, because she saw me as “different” from her, and resented it due to a difficult marriage with my father. At the end of the day she hated that I was neither asian enough, nor white enough, and I couldn’t win no matter what I did, yet I was always the one at fault for exhibiting depressive behavior. She never took any responsibility for her role in the matter, until very late in age, when she finally apologized to me for raising me in a mentally ill situation.

  3. I wholeheartedly believe that is only a White Male/Asian Female problem, and NOT the other way around – such as Asian Male/White Female or any non-Asian female. This is the truth and it is dagger-piercing if any of those WM/AF reads it.

  4. Feminism might not be the reason Asian women’s preference for white men, but it might have to do with white women’s bias against Asian men.

    Let me explain. I think patriarchy is a myth. Asian women who date white men are not trying to escape patriarchy, but they are reinforcing racial hierarchies through hypergamy. White women, having been brainwashed by Feminist hypocrisy, are more reluctant to “date down”. They don’t realize that hypergamy originates from women, but instead believe that it’s forced upon them by the “patriarchy”. They vastly overestimate the value of what they bring to the table in a relationship and thus are far pickier than they should be. She does not want to marry a man who is merely her equal.

    White men do have have some traits that are seen as higher value by women. However, Asian men also bring quite a lot to the table and arguably have advantages over white men in some areas. White women’s refusal to acknowledge this is analogous to someone who spends all their money on name brand goods as opposed to a generic brand that was 95% of the quality at half the price. They could have saved for retirement, but chose to throw it away on image.

    So yeah.. maybe 40% of Asian women don’t date Asian men, that’s 60% who do, and that’s a whole lot better than white women.

    • That’s because you subscribe to sociological theories… I’m caught on the fence with biological theories. The fetishization of Hapa children, belief that white features stand as a valuable status symbol, genetics as currency, fetishization of white men, i.e., their physical features that are seen as more desirable by Asian women.

      It no longer matters… there are a lot of Eurasians out there now, more than there have ever been, really. So time will tell how they shape up.

      Not to toot my own horn but I consider this the magnum opus of all Eurasian issues, so hopefully I will have some sway in the future.

    • You know what I think? I think the combination of high IQ and this… inevitable biological nihilism that Eurasians feel means that there’s a lot of pain among us. It’s the only real explanation I have, other than there are some Eurasians out there who essentially just throw up their hands or refuse to question these things out of fear of entering not only a place where they bring their parents’ morality and disingenuousness into question, but also because it means they have to question themselves.

      And not many people want to do that, I guess. Whatever.

      • It’s funny you mentioned this. So-called problems with Eurasian offspring almost stems from the WM/AF side and never from Asian Male/White Female relationships.

    • Not sure if I follow your logic about sociological vs biological. I’d say my theories take into account both, plus a little economics. But biology is what it is, it’s not really changeable in the short term, and we can’t really change what traits people are attracted to, and I never heard of conversion therapy for Asiaphiles or white worshipers. There is already a cultural trend to demonize WMAF relationships, and there’s a lot of backlash. I don’t think it really accomplishes anything. But making people aware of cultural issues and having realistic expectations for a long term mate are more within the realm of possibility.

      Regarding questioning our parents morality, it’s a difficult task. A few years ago, I would have never questioned feminism, maybe because my mother is a feminist. I totally bought the idea that Feminism was synonymous with gender equality. As a result, I was also unwilling to question the perpetual victimhood of women that Feminist theory espouses. With someone like your mother, who I gather was a narcissist based on your description, victimhood would be part of her breakfast every day. It would be a wonder if it’s not permanently etched in your brain.

      Frankly, growing up male is not easy these days. Not to try and downplay the pain you suffered being Eurasian, but there’s a lot of shit that comes along with just being male, even a white one. Girls surely didn’t make me feel I had any significant value when I was younger. The fact that Eurasians are going postal might just be an indication of how white they really are. Just look at examples like your fellow stormfront member Anders Breivik.

  5. So I just had another thought about how Feminism might be encouraging the formation of dysfunctional WMAW relationships.

    I read an article a while back called The One Good Man: http://www.avoiceformen.com/feminism/the-one-good-man/ . It is about the fantasy of the feminist leaning man who white knights for women. Asiaphiles might be motivated by this fantasy. He is the one good white man, come to rescue his helpless Asian flower from the evils of the hungry and patriarchal Asian man.

      • Hah! I’m actually half-Asian. But really, my race has nothing to do with it and the fact that you think an assault on my race is a valid argument just shows how flawed your logic is….I hope you get help soon.

        • You’re still an idiot,
          Which ‘half’ are you, the Elliot Rodger kind half? Be honest, don’t lie. If so, your mom lied but it doesn’t mean you have to. It isn’t too late to safe your soul before you become another Rogers or Holtzclaw.

  6. Asian women don’t mind being controlled by men. They just don’t want to be controlled by ASIAN men. The believe Asian men are not worthy of being a master, while the white men are.

    They claim they are feminists, but in fact they are just racists.

    • In a way I do and do not feel sorry for these women because most of them are married due to fetishes (on both ends) and in hopes of being accepted, which they will never be by the opposite people around them. On the other, there are TONS of true love Asian Men and non-Asian women relationships. Proof is in Youtube.

      • what’s your reason to feel sorry for those self-hating white only types? 80 years ago, they would have been the Jwws who help the Nazis to “manage” other Jwws in Warsaw.

        • My sentiment of the word ‘sorry’ is rather sarcastic than heartfelt. Feeling sorry for them, like pitying for them for drowning in their own shit, smelled like shit and still does not comes to light of their own guilt.

          • LOL, then I can relate to that.

            If such treacherous behavior is a result of genes, then I hope their daughters keep breeding with whites so to keep those genes away from us.

  7. There’s a lot over truth to this. I was traveling and was able to visit my Asian fuck toy. She told me she was ted another kid. She has never expressed a desire for a relationship with me. She just enjoys my breeding her. So, I left her filled with Caucasian seed.

  8. Hello,

    I’ve been reading a lot of your articles and I’d just like to say something.

    First of all, I’m sorry for the experiences you’ve had growing up with a racist father and self-hating mother. However, I take issue with the fact that you generalize Asian women the same way that Joyce Wang Ciezarkiewicz generalizes Asian men as weak and misogynist. You complain that they worship white men because of your experiences. And you’re doing the exact same thing as that one Asian poster I saw who said Asian men were sexist because all the Asian guys she’s dated have been sexist.

    I saw a comment of yours where you mocked Ciezarkiewicz for marrying a short guy. Just to be clear, I think she deserves to be fired from whatever job she has because of her comments, but seriously? So marrying a short man is worse than marrying a tall man, in your view? Just because of a physical attribute? That’s exactly like how a few Asian women don’t want to marry Asian men because of physical attributes.

    What’s your solution? Should we ban white men from marrying Asian women? Though I have no doubt that some of these relationships are based on fetishes/desire for “whiteness,” do you seriously think that the vast majority of Asian woman/White man relationships are inherently unstable? You think none of these relationships are based off true love?

    It’s not exactly a walk in the park for Asian women either. They face more of a “bamboo ceiling” than Asian men and face more dating harassment, not just because they’re women but also because of their race. I know Asian women who have been racially catcalled/stalked in cities by men joking about raping their “Chinese pussies.” And these are Asian women happily married to Asian men.

    Anyways, I think you make some valid points but also far too many generalizations that are frankly quite insulting.

    • I think the point he’s trying to make is clear and I don’t think he’s generalizing as a whole, unlike all the other self-loathing Asian women. People such as Connie Chung, Amy Tan, Joyce Wang, Vera Wang, Iris Chang, Amber Lee (KTLA weather girl), all of which are/were self-hating w/o merit. A few even wrote books about it and went as far as war atrocities such as the Rape of Nanking; like the casualty numbers only comprised of Asian women and no men. In reality, no white men has ever shown interests on these types of (Asian) women. They married Jewish men, not knowing the difference. I guess one finally realized the reality and decided to put a gun to her head. Not all Asian women are labeled as bad, but the numbers are staggering if you compared to women of other ethnicity such as White/European, Latin-American, African-American, and Middle-Eastern. I don’t remember ever hearing these women put down their own men or people, at least not from my Caucasian girlfriend of many years, and she is aware of all this. Sad, and pity at the same time.

  9. That’s interesting you bring up the Jewish link with Elliot Rodger, as they carry out male genital mutilation. Surely mutilating their body parts like that must have a psychological effect on some? Doing that is common with all religions in the USA, and it seems to be mostly men in the USA who fill internet comment sections whinging on about how they feel threatened by women or feminists, and crying because it isn’t fair women this or that. Men in Europe who don’t do that to baby boys are usually too busy trying to be hero gentlemen to spend their life doing that

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