🔥Jon on the Bachelorette proves how f*cked up Hapa males are

On national TV, on the premier of the Bachelorette, the only half Asian contestant (who is a late 20’s, single permavirgin it looks like) there immediately made a joke about Asian small dicks. He didn’t even get past the first Rose Ceremony or whatever that is. I didn’t watch it – I just heard about this through the grapevine.

He said two things: “I’m Scottish from the waist down;” and “I am not wearing any panties.”

Like most half Asians – Jon here has a white father, since Asian women love white men and hate Asian men. Jon looks very Asian.

Let me clue you in here – many half Asians, including myself, will attempt to disparage and distance themselves as far as they can from their Asian heritage, in an attempt to gain acceptance, or in my case, to get laid. I used to bully full Asians. I used to say horrible things about Asian people – that was until my friends started to remind me that I was Asian myself. 

When a white girl turned me down because I was Asian, and then went on to sleep with a black guy, I started to try as hard as I could to be white. Attempted to dye my hair, considered wearing contacts, lost weight to look whiter. I even started to be interested in white nationalism – even though my first girlfriend was black.

After all – our own mothers are living proof that nobody wants Asian men, and even if we can make it past the formative years of our lives (ages 0-20) without killing ourselves, our self-hatred will linger with us our entire lives. Hence Daniel Holtzclaw raping black women and saying “how does that white dick taste,” and Elliot Rodger massacring three full Asian roommates while saying that black boys did not deserve white girls. Again, half Asian children are just an afterthought to the global desire for white male partners expressed by Asian women. So nobody knew what was going to happen.


A half Asian girl named Jen Kang @shoesandshiz actually commented on Jon, on Twitter, saying this. Keep in mind these are the same women who go on to raise half Asian sons – so is Jon’s behavior surprising? Is Elliot Rodger’s behavior surprising?

In its very mild form you will have guys like this on national TV. In its extreme form you will have mass murderers who weren’t able to put two and two together.

We learn our white supremacy from our fathers, and mothers. No half Asian with an Asian father would humiliate himself on TV like that. His joke actually so successfully demeans himself that he was eliminated before the show even started – if his Asian appearance hadn’t disqualified him already.

(I would even go so far as to say that Jon here might even be gay and went on TV just for exposure. I don’t think any straight guy would hate and humiliate himself that much. Again, I do believe that WM/AW pairings are so emasculating that they affect the minds of the Asian looking children so severely to the point of forcing us into “effeminate” roles.)

I learned early on that mentioning my Asian heritage at all was a fast track to getting sidelined, so the fact he makes a point of it means that he probably hates Asian men (like Elliot Rodger) – and nobody hates Asian men more than Hapa girls, or those who share their tastes. I.e. gay Hapa males, or even worse – Hapa males who want to differentiate themselves.

All of these people are inextricably linked.



Half Asian offspring are oftentimes the most complicit in expressing anti-Asian racism.


30 thoughts on “🔥Jon on the Bachelorette proves how f*cked up Hapa males are

  1. This half Asian contestant will have mental problems later on due to his own doing. He makes fun of Asians by making that childish comment yet is Asian himself. He may feel white and thinks he looks white but on the outside he doesn’t look totally white, I could tell instantly from looking at his face he is some sort of Asian.

    • You know what’s interesting? Nobody ever wrote a playbook for half Asians. That means that literally anything is in the table. Half Asians will adapt accordingly and this is what we’re seeing.

    • Obvious compensating by making the joke and wearing the kilt. Surprised he even mentioned that he was Chinese. Why not just say I’m Scottish and be done with it. I can only laugh at this chump. I recall behaving in this manner up until mid-teens. 29 y/o and this fool still has no idea.

  2. First, he has to prove himself that he’s half-scottish. So he wore a kilt.

    Second, self-insecurity makes him say already “I’m half Chinese, half Scottish”, emphasize here Luckily I’m half Scottish down the waist.

    As EU writer openly admitted that he used to bully Full Asians, and tried to distance themselves from Asian as much as possible.

    Now I want to say here that, EU writer finally realize that what he’s been doing or what he’s discovered after so many formative years, might be healthy for his personality and finally found his inner peace. Why hate Asian men? Be myself and live the fullest extent.

    However, what I’d like to point out is, EU writer is only a few exception. There are half Asians (from WMAF) who really want to break out from their Asian-ness. Only after do they realize that they do look like Asian, they become aware of their options.

    (1) Prove everyone that they are half. Their insecurity speaks for itself. Still they get rejected from White community.
    (2) Find inner peace and see the reality as to why this is what it is, i.e., why half-Asian (WMAF) are the products of fetish, rather than love.

    So EU writer, you are the only one so far I came across who see the reality. The rest of the hapa I came across, they’re still arrogant and ugly af.

  3. If a full Asian guy hints at having a big penis, it’s /r/asianmasculinity. If a hapa does it, it’s because of his white father “whitewashing” him.

    Yawn. Come up with some actual theories and arguments sometime instead of grasping at straws.

    • @ Dio Brando Welcome back White Sexpat…. you have a brain of a donkey and you are also unfit to have a half Asian son.

    • The difference here being that the hapa 1) identified himself as half Chinese-half Scottish right away, 2) wore a kilt, the first time meeting someone, to reinforce that he wasn’t fully Asian, and 3) made a dick joke, further trying to distance himself from his Asian side. It’s obvious he has identity issues.

      With Asian guys claiming big dicks. Well, I would assume they’re just claiming they’re big dicked Asian guys. No identity issues.

      • No identity issues, huh? So why point out that you have a big dick to begin with? Why point out that you’re an exception to the rule (which is also, unbeknownst to many who do this, reinforcing the rule, not detracting from it)?


        I guess this guy was just brainwashed by his father and white society (except, according to the author of this blog, America “isn’t and never was” a white society; my bad).

  4. so he did lame a ass joke so what dude. if that white bitches laugh and think it funny as fuck then be it. Asian males need stop over reaction about dick joke. Stop obsession with white bitches shit a least try different flavor. you think you got worst than black people or other race. you guys don’t got racial oppression because you could be successful in career except for entertainment area. if you black and brown your life ten to suck.

    • They can’t and won’t stop obsessing over white females, because they need validation that they are just as good as whites.

      And of course Asians have it thousands of times better than blacks or Hispanics. It’s all in the genes, dude.

      • Do you guys notice Jewish people got thing with Asian female i see it as weird relationship . People of color ounce reach a certain level success they married a white women or white man .Activist like Francesca Ramsey is a hypocrite bitches.if you going be actives for your own people you can’t marry a white. like your own people aren’t good enough for you and you marry white.

        We are not hispanic & latino. We are Nican Tlaca, from this continent. Our own continent.
        trying post a image

  5. It was so embarrassing to watch. Even worse was the Asian women pouncing on this online and implying the Scot Hapa had nothing under his kilt. Fucking self-hating Asian women are the cause of this. Sad to say, I’ve started to come across more and more self-hating Asian men who only go after white women (as a status symbol and to prove themselves, rather than being based on meeting the love of their life who happens to be white). Both types suck.

    • — “…I’ve started to come across more and more self-hating Asian men who only go after white women (as a status symbol and to prove themselves, rather than being based on meeting the love of their life who happens to be white).

      You’re right; I’ve seen this myself—they pander to White society and have the smuggest looks on their faces. But, on the flipside, the White women who are with these lowly guys can be just as lowly or “dickish” (as you pointed out in your post here: http://tinyurl.com/zbfqbf3).

  6. Since when are Scottish men known for having big dicks? If a man told me he was Scottish from the waist down, I would assume his dick was small. The girl looks so confused.

    • Because she doesn’t understand Asian self hatred that Asian women peddle. To non-Asians, Asians are judged by their individual qualities (good looking or not) but Asian women are the only ones to peddle such extreme hate.

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