White Nationalist Richard Spencer and his Asian girlfriends; LOL when people say white guys who like Asian girls aren’t racist


This article was just published today on MotherJones.com. Nearly two years after I started writing this blog.

It’s long, and it’s devoted to Richard Spencer, a white nationalist – and a famous one.

One bit stood out – his love of Asian girls.

Let me put this as bluntly as I can.

I am not jealous. I am in fact turned off by Asian women and their behavior, and have been for most of my life; when I was young I flat out avoided Asian women because I was afraid they would like me only because I was half White. Such was their reputation. I also find their behavior more or less repugnant, how cold and calculating so many of them are. I have had fulfilling relationships with non-Asian women, however I sabotaged almost all of them because of my self hatred and low self esteem… given to me by, you guessed it, women in my own family.

I was also an extreme racist. My father is one of the most predominant, outspoken extreme-right / homophobic men in his state; so far so that we have received death threats. He is not on Richard Spencer’s level but he is notorious enough. And yeah, he was married to a Chinese woman.

I fucking lol @ the girls who date white men thinking that white men aren’t racist. LOL.

If anything the guys that DON’T date Asian women are less racist than the ones who do.

If my dad was actually a man and didn’t believe in Holohoax theories and hollow earth and wasn’t friends with Mel Gibson’s dad, I sincerely believe I’d be a white man right now.

I’d actually might even be half black now, if my dad had actually been less racist, LOL. Or even half Egyptian, or half Mexican. Maybe then I could have had a normal life.

I used to fanatically believe exactly what Richard believed; that race meant something. This was largely out of my insecurity – I couldn’t understand why white girls would turn me down, for example, in favor of black guys, saying “I don’t like Asian guys.” Naturally, all the women in my family were married to White men, so I assumed that being Asian was a death sentence. But I also couldn’t understand why father like my men, who I assumed were good, were being rejected by white women, despite white and and white women having such beautiful features. I assumed at the time they were beautiful, even though I didn’t have them. Then at around 26 I realized that my dad was a huge, and I mean HUGE, antisocial racist outlier.

Either way, I became a huge racist, I lost all my friends – you know the rest. All because I’m half Asian, I apparently look Asian enough to garner discrimination, my father was a racist loser, and my mother a white worshipper.

Asian women like white men because they are an alternative to being Asian. They want to fit in. They want status. They somehow just hate being Asian so much that being white is their only outlet. The problem here is that the men they attract – well, there are a certain group of men who know that Asian women worship whiteness, and value them for worshipping whiteness. So in a way, extremely racist white men tend to love Asian women, and vice versa.

It’s funny because Asian girls want to marry white men to “rebel,” but white men tend to like Asian women because white women are too rebellious. Either way, just look at how the kids have turned out, and that’s all you really have to know.

Asian women seem to have forgotten that their children are still Asian men, in the eyes of society.


56 thoughts on “White Nationalist Richard Spencer and his Asian girlfriends; LOL when people say white guys who like Asian girls aren’t racist

  1. You know, I’ve said it before, but this take on things was pretty shocking to me when I first read it. Yeah, by your definition I’m a total racist. My best high school friend was a Jew and I regularly hung out with a number of gays, racial minorities, etc. at my last job before moving. But I’m a hapa and I’m proud to say I’m Alt-Right. There since the beginning.

    The idea is just that liberals are the ones pushing race mixing. Liberals are the ones pushing for multiculturalism, which I see as the originator of hapa problems. On the one hand they call for the abolition of racial differences, but on the other they push for racial consciousness in all races except Whites. This is a targeted crime against one race, the very race that created Western civilization. As hapas we are as much White as we are Asian. I am very proud of my hapa racial identity. Race is real and it matters.

    I also have no problems pulling White girls, or girls of any race for that matter. Say I look too White? Well here in China I get locals thinking I’m one of them. My physical features are closer to the average Chinese than the Italian Americans I grew up around. I’m proud to be Asian, but I’m also proud to be White. There’s no insecurity.

    And I’ll leave off with this: A least a good number of well adjusted hapas agree. Not the ones who pretend that hapa problems don’t exist. We recognize that hapa problems do exist, but have a very different analysis of what’s best for our hapa brothers and sisters. We are out there and we’re as much a part of the hapa voice as the other side.

    • “As hapas we are as much White as we are Asian.” LOL Puhlease! If your mother is Asian, you are more Asian than white. Genetics. Women pass on more genes on their sons than men.

      • “Women pass on more genes on their sons than men.” This is bullshit and unscientific. And you say you went to Dartmouth? I can’t believe they accepted crap like you and rejected my application. I’m clearly above going to Dartmouth anyways.

        • Unscientific? I beg to differ. Check the facts dear. Have you heard about something called X-linked dominant inheritance? X chromosomes have 1805 genes while Y chromosomes are way smaller and carries around 460 genes. Besides, we inherit 100% of our mtDNA from our mothers. Let’s face it, you are genetically more Asian.

            • You make a good argument EA. The problem is though, it’s almost approaching genetic determinism. Just because someone’s genes are a certain way, that doesn’t always predict how things are on a sociocultural level. A lot of hapas might look more White passing despite having an Asian mother, or they might just feel a certain way based on their placement in society. Genetics are a major influence, but they don’t 100% determine things.

              That said, I honestly believe bashing Whites is just bashing ourselves. Hapas are White. Or at the very least we aren’t fully Asian. We never will be. A healthy way forward for hapas is to acknowledge that honestly and not try to live up to some insane ideal. I honestly think hapas hating on Whites is just another form of self-hate.

              • You are 100% white right? If so, your white pride azz needs to fuk off! No hapa would have written the above chit!

                  • You’re just a delusional fkr. You look more Asian than white. White society will never accept you, deal with it! I misspoke, white trailer trash society might accept you.

                  • Hapas will always be Asians. They will always hate their white loser racist autistic fathers. You can deny this all you want, it’s the truth. If you fail to accept the truth, you will go insane!

                    • I’ll just let this speak for itself. Anyone who comes here and reads this can see who comes off as more level headed. 🙂

              • The huge elephant in the room is that in the USA the one drop rule still applies. It’s not based on biology but that’s how people think, thus making it real in some way. No one can take your white ancestry away from you, good or bad, wanted or not. But supporting people who see you as ‘less than’ or 2nd class replacement whites is suicidal.

                • Fair enough. A bit of an exaggeration, but I see your point. But as someone who’s engaged with the Alt-Right for years, I never got that impression from them.

                  To be honest, a lot of the Alt-Right really respects Asian culture and society. They’ll look at Japan’s stance on Muslims for example as something to be emulated. They like Lee Kuan Yew and Duterte. That’s the impression I get more than “Asians are gooks” or anything like that.

                    • 大伟, you’re not hapa. You’re a white fuk pretending to be hapa. You might even be the guy in rhe picture above.

                    • The MSM doesn’t understand what Alt-Right is, and since it is a fairly new term and has been used by many different groups on the political spectrum, arriving at an exact definition is self-defeating. But the reality is the alt-right is the product of the SUCCESS of last 40 years of liberal cultural warfare in a way most people don’t understand. True alt-right are against racism as a type of human bias and are for personal freedom, i.e. gays are just fine to alt-right. Alt-Right are likely to have black friends and to listen to or be open to rap, as a result of liberal cultural integration efforts for the last two generations. Alt-Right sees things like Black Lives Matter as a form of reactionary bias in the other direction.

                      The Anti-Defamation League has listed Alt-Right as a hate group, but this is wrong. They just don’t understand what it is and have no incentive not to overshoot their mandate. What the ADL and others in the MSM are referring to is simply the regular extreme right. David Duke is not Alt-Right, he’s just normal right. There is no reason to have an “alternate” term to describe the normal right wing.

                      Alt-Right actually do sympathize with Asians in a lot of ways, i.e. they will accept AAs when they criticize the authoritarianism of their native governments. What the above poster is referring to I believe is the normal extreme right/white supremacists. They are always pointing to Asian countries as a model for what they want to do with America or Europe. For example Anders Breivik was talking about how Taiwan and Japan were great societies because they were racially homogenous in his manifesto. This leads into your ideas about why so many white supremecists marry/date Asians. There is the surface arguments that they use as justification, but beneath it you are right it is about power/domination and the feeling of having white women taken from them by black and brown.

                  • One drop rule is a social convention that applies to blacks. I’ve never heard of anyone applying it to Asians.

        • It’s completely accurate that women pass on more genes to their sons than men do.

          Women pass on a copy of all the non-sex chromosomes, plus their mitochondria (16k base pairs) and an X chromosome (155 million base pairs).

          Men pass on a copy of all the non-sex chromosome, no mitochondria, and a Y chromosome (58 million base pairs).

          So women pass on almost 100 million more base pairs to their sons than men do. Biology+maths, kid.

    • Liberals may push race mixing but why are nerdy alt-right white males the ones doing it the most?? As a longtime lurker of amren, vdare etc this has always made me giggle (I found this site on a totally unrelated note but I check back sometimes for more understanding on this very curious subject). And if you are half Italian, don’t you find it ironic when altrighters in general try to claim anything from Egypt to Reinassance to ‘white’ greatness and yet will despise actual Italians, or Greeks, or Middle Easterners etc. also insinuating black admixture? Last time I checked Roman mosaics in Pompei, Ravenna and countless other places represented dagos not John Derbyshire. And don’t get me started on the Slavs, who were half-mongoloid pieces of shit yesterday but today instead are the great white hope, with the more attractive mail order brides (the only reason they don’t eclipse Asian women in those circles is because they are more high-maintenance). These are some of the reasons I, an actual Italian, cannot look at the alt right as a serious movement instead of the underbelly of White American dissatisfaction it is, despite me not being on the same page with liberals either (the trans bathroom question………..).

        • It’s not a strawman, it’s a sizable and constant portion of their fanbase. Sorry you proud half-Asian white nationalist would wish to associate yourself with them, but I see now that self-respect is lacking in your category in general.

      • Heh. Actually, Western civilization WAS built by “betas.” That’s one of the things that enforcing monogamy does, is to give most men a stake in society. (OK, mail order brides– not so much) West Africa is a great example of a society built by “alphas.”

        • Those ‘betas’ were not neets without a shred of ethos. Most common men in the past believed in something and built things. Most of the ‘betas’ (I hate this term) I see on the net are really empty navel-gazing solipsists.
          I also don’t consider fathering a string of children and then beating it something ‘alpha’.

  2. No woman with self respect would date that guy. He is also fat and gross. Yuck. Not sure why you think Asian women would lower their standards to date that. Literally 99% of super pretty Asian girls end up dating/marrying men of their own nationality.

  3. This site is stupid. I hope you find peace in your life one day, but from what I’ve seen, all this site does is put down Asian people. It’s actually extremely racist against Asians, and promotes white supremacy. You think it’s a bad thing that children and men look Asian, and I think that’s extremely sad. If I ever marry someone outside of my culture, or race (fuck no will it ever be a blonde or ginger) I will teach my children my language, culture, take them to travel to our home land, similar to how I was raised as the child of first generation immigrants.

    You are the result of bad parenting, NOT WMAF, or interracial marriage. To be honest, I do feel bad for you but you need to stop feeling bad for yourself. I have a really rare personality type, and I am not accepted by Asians or Americans or any other race/ethnicity/nationality, that doesn’t mean I can’t be a part of society and have friends. A lot of this not being accepted stuff is 100% in your head. When I used to be fat growing up, I thought everyone hated me for being fat even though there were way fatter people who were accepted, but not me. You keep saying all your problems come from being half Asian, no they’re not, you have other problems that you need to fix.

    Arguing on the internet is pointless, the only piece of advice I can offer you is to continue working on yourself, instead of focusing on spreading “justice” or whatever this is.

  4. EW, you said your dad is meek and conservative, not able to look people in the eye when talking. Now you say he is outspoken?

    • If Asians start protesting against black violence towards them, they will be called racists. This is how American society shuts them up. We live in a sick twisted society where hard word and intelligence is not prized. Thuggery is prized. White America suffers from white guilt because of slavery.

  5. Ok so after dating guys of various races, ended up marrying a white guy (Asian female here). Wasn’t planning on kids but now I have a Hapa boy and am therefore interested in the topic. Clearly the train is out the station so – what can I do to ensure a better childhood and no, I’m not divorcing because I actually like my husband. Particularly, how to handle the likely toxic future schooling environment short of homeschooling???!?? Sounds like a lot of traumatic childhoods and anyone feel like there were things they think their parents could have done better/differently to at least make a shitty situation better? Other than not procreating? Don’t worry, not having another at this point… Just trying not to fuck my kid up any further.

    • You need to surround your hapa boy around positive Asian male figures. I’m sorry, but there are some things your white husband just won’t understand about being Asian and how society shits on Asians. Also, don’t bad mouth Asian men around your Asian son.

    • Also, there is nothing wrong with being Asian. American society just loves to shit on Asian people, especially white racist males. Teach your son to be proud of his Asian heritage.

      • You probably should not date an asian woman even though you expressed that you are attracted to them. You clearly only find them attractive for the same reasons you think white men like asian girls. You hate asian people, and want to feel superior to someone. So please do not date asian women.

        Also please never have kids.

  6. ok i thought your site is bad, and it is, but then i saw ihateasianmen@wordpress and wow that is 1000000000000000000 times worse. what is this world coming to. the girl who writes it is ugly too, she has a chunky body with no tits, short hair, and brown teeth. my poor eyes i’m going to vomit.

      • OK I’ve seen enough of what you post to see that you’re not a terrible person, although I still think you are mentally not well and you probably know that as well. I don’t like any website that posts anything that has to do with E. Rodger. Unlike most people who heard it through the news it was something that happened VERY close to me (not just in terms of location). I won’t say more than that. This is why I find anything that has something to do with him extremely triggering and angering. I do not like when people try to explain or justify what he did, he’s a bad person, the end.

        Anyways ihateasianmen is fake and 100% written by an fat ugly old white man. It is full of lies and inconsistencies. The tumblr with the same name proves this. Asian girls who date white guys are usually ugly. I do not find blond or ginger guys attractive, they are ugly. I do like latin men (like all women), not exclusively though. Arthur Nory is sexy, I will marry him. No he’s not a racist, you made that up to support some of your flawed views.

  7. Richard Spenser had Tila Tequila as a guest speaker at his NPI conference in Washington, DC this last weekend. Yetch! I’d put on a condom on just to talk with her.

    • Tila Tequila is a dumb Asian girl who wants to be Aryan. But little does she know that the Aryan race did not originated in Europe, but in the Middle East according to many anthropologists. Lol

  8. Hapa girl here. I only liked Asian guys but they never liked me back because I was too white. So I dated white men. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I think it depends on the country. Dutch women are super into Asian and half Asian men here.
    Women who say “I’m not into Asian guys” can also fuck off.

    • I’m a white guy. Is wrong to be into Asian women who are into Asian guys but can date white guys. If sounds wrong, but feels right.

      • Since you just babbled a bunch of garbage that makes no sense…I have no choice but to interpret that as you think white guys are entitled to Asian women because Asian women are into Asian guys. You’re not Asian, All American Racist White Guy. You don’t have a say in what Asian women think or feel. And more or less, your comments towards Asian women and towards Eurasian Writer are/have been racist towards Asians, both men and women. You are a racist person who is trying to justify your obsession with Asian women. The post was about this white Nationalist who has/had Asian girlfriends and points out self-hating Asian women who only like white guys for their skin colour and these white guys don’t care. If you can’t see anything wrong with Asian women dating white guys like this, then you’re most likely the same type of white guy like the one mentioned in the post. You don’t care about the Asian woman’s well-being. You just care about having your ego stroked.

Tell me how Asian men are beta, how White women are fat feminists, how Eurasians are super popular around the world (not just Asia), and how all the most famous celebrities aren't the sons of Asian men and White women, below:

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