🔥Juju Chang’s children look 110% Asian despite only being half


What’s crazy is that Asian women deliberately marry for power and integration and status.  None of the women in my family are feminists; they’re all just controlling women who marry / date white men for power. They’ve said this so many times. Asian men are a butt of jokes, a laughing stock in the US. Do these kids look any percent white? Maybe 10%? They are 100% Asian in the eyes of non-Asians.

When I was 20 years old, I encountered daily, DAILY, comments about how I looked Asian, how I shouldn’t wear glasses because I looked Asian, all while all the Chinese women FOBS in my university were literally sleeping with the same men who were saying this to me. Of course – how do you think that affected my self esteem? Enough that I dropped out of school.

After all, my mom wanted a white dude, and here are all these people calling me Asian. Like, Asian, as in 100% Asian, like, I’m only half, but I’m still Asian.

Makes me wonder if Juju and her husband decided to have three children because they were hoping for a girl, or less Asian looking ones, deep down. Only she knows, deep in her brain.

That’s called karma.

If Asian women want white men for the power – where are the powerful kids? If Asian women love to show off how much power they have by traipsing around with white guys – don’t they realize that they’re creating an atmosphere that ruins our lives?

And don’t list a handful of 50 year old white-passing Eurasians that magically were able to survive and marry white women – racism in my era and the current one is ten times worse.


27 thoughts on “🔥Juju Chang’s children look 110% Asian despite only being half

    • What is wrong with you? Plenty of full Asians are gorgeous such as myself. Stop spreading this racist garbage that white is attractive and Asian is not. Asian people do not want to look white. I have no intentions of ever looking like an obese whale riding through Walmart on a scooter.

      • Those are acceptions around 40% of Half Asian tend to look Caucasian and white. Eurasian writer is just cherry picking to carry out his agenda. He knows his blogs can’t keep going if he doesn’t keep making bullshit topics, the only problem he sacrifices the entire Eurasian and Asian community for his bullshit believe; something he doesn’t even believe himself but doing it to keep his blog alive. It’s so obvious 99% of his blogs are just garbage nonsense to further his agenda.

  1. Only made worse by being cowboys fans. If they live in TX…good luck. Why not make it a real challenge for these kids by moving to arkansas or w. virginia.

  2. My eyes, my brother and sister eyes, my two nephew eyes are so big that some find it hard to believe we are Chinese.

    Legend says almost all Chinese immigrants to the US in earlier 19 centuries are coolies and they tend to be extra uglies. After centuries, those uglies Asian men breed with uglies Asian women. They naturalized and become Americans. Juju Chang is as American as you could hope for. But genetics doesn’t lie.

    Uglies breed uglies. But I dare to say Asian women, once married to White men, start talking about how uglies Asian men are as if they are automatically transformed into a beauty angel once they get married to White men.


  3. Eurasian writer, I see there is a certain percentage of American Jewish males with Asian wifes. Do you know in which ways this coupling differs from the vanilla racist anglo man/status climber asian woman? And the additional problems their ‘very jewish’ children (not just because of their looks, but also the old law that Jews are born out of a Jewish mother) have to face? I am personally interested in this issue. Of course I expect many of the usual reasons for WMAF to work as well (betaness, nerdiness, emotional weakness) but I also wonder if there is, on part of the Jewish male, a rejection of the smothering, strong-willed and very female Jewish mother for a supposedly more submissive and tameable model that however is still equipped with smart genes for his children to become the next Jewish prodigies (cue in brilliant but broken and socially inept progeny…)

        • I told you, Eurasian problems are a byproduct of having insane parents, it has nothing to do with looks, which is why I beg non-Asians to understand and help half Asians to understand that they’re valuable members of society.

          • I see, I hope living in China has eased your mental difficulties somewhat, I also believe, having been raised Christian (though I wouldn’t say I am…depends on the day lol) that any person can rise above the station and parents they were born into because life is precious even when born of shitty, insane, deranged parents. I also am studying as a professional translator and I am specializing in American (USA) culture (or lack thereof) among other things, so understanding the extreme culturally-loaded racism is part of my future job. Some weeks ago I attended a lecture on the Obama presidency by a male Asian American university professor, when talking about Obama’s extended Indonesian family he mentioned that his sister (the professor’s) had just married an Englishman so that he would have a similar multicultural family in the end…while before reading your site I wouldn’t have thought much about it, knowing your story I immediately thought “Hmmm? Sister?? Englishman?? I hope it’s not one of the bad ones”. The professor didn’t mention anything about a wife or girlfriend of his either. That’s what America is exporting is all I can say.
            Believe me I wish well for you, I can’t totally understand how soul-crushing it must be to grow up with two fetish parents but I would never strike that down against their child (on the contrary).

            • Didie – You are such an apologist. There is no question that Asian woman love white men. Asian women instinctively understand that they need to expand the genetic pool for the offspring. The fact that they are getting longer, thicker, white meat is a byproduct of the act.

              • I wonder if they are making such a good deal then, since the white men who go after asian women like you are so unimpressive (geeky, scrawny or fat, asperger eyes) that in order to feel big they have to go after the women with the most child-like bodies on earth. Of course your tiny weewee will look big when compared with their tiny hands, it’s the only way it does. But it’s your personality that seals the deal, no wonder these unions fail (and you will get no pussy either after she gets your sperm – good luck with that bro!). You know who has the tightest holes though? Actual children. So that’s where you could aim in the future. Cheers…

  4. The little one is cute. I have no idea who this bitch is but I don’t see why it’s ok to be picking on some kids. Leave them alone.

    • That little one will grow up, and face the harsh reality that women like HIS MOM have been bashing the guy like him growing up.

      1. His first reaction was maybe it’s just a unique experience.
      2. He went around and found so many women like his mom have been hooking up with a guy like his dad.
      3. He also found the people who has been bashed by both his parents in their family conversation actually do look like him.

      When Asian guys brought this issue up decades ago, it was labeled as Angry Asian guy.

      Now even their own hapa sons brought this up, Asian women just don’t care and go with it.

      It’s Eugenics!

      • I don’t care if my kids grow up to look just like me because I am hot. If the boys don’t grow up to be hot it’s because mom and dad were not hot. Also why do people here assume that every Asian girl is going to marry a white man? Stupid …

        • Nobody assumes every Asian girl is going to marry a white man.

          But every Asian girl with White creeps turns out to be far worse than you can imagine.

  5. Maybe the writers for The Walking Dead should get an award from the Asian Community. True, it took the end of the world for the Azn guy to get the white girl. But this show has arguably done more for the posetive masculine potrayal of Asian men than anything on the big screen…thanks a lot Cloud Atlas, 21, etc.Heck the Walking Dead has done more than even Juju Chang or Constance Wu.

Tell me how Asian men are beta, how White women are fat feminists, how Eurasians are super popular around the world (not just Asia), and how all the most famous celebrities aren't the sons of Asian men and White women, below:

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