Real Email I received, from self proclaimed white nationalist “loser” with yellow fever


Hello Eurasian Writer,
Thank you for the great job you are doing. You explain all this in a very articulate way.
I usually don’t comment on blogs, youtube, etc but I feel like giving you my feedback.
I am one of those White supremacists who can only fuck Asian women and I can confirm everything that you say! Except that I’ve always been lucid enough to realize race mixing should be avoided (children in general should be avoided IMO – it is time for negative population growth).
I had long noticed that elephant in the room about “intellectual Nazi” types and Jewish nerds who are into Asian women.
I’m not the fat or nerdy type, but I’m a skinny, low-testosterone, high-IQ type who looks normal in apparence, and I don’t take myself seriously so I was since long laughing at ourselves and this whole White pride / Yellow fever thing going on.
I’m 100% European, yet I have a skinny body, straight black hair. I am very intoverted and into “overthinking”, strategic thinking, IQ-worship, ‘Human Bio-Diversity’ (aka scientific racism), “what if hitler had won” kind of things. And of course, hatred of White females.
As someone excellently wrote somewhere online: “A combination of race-realist White Nationalism, Internet addiction, anti-Feminism, Pick Up Artist Game (PUA), Human Bio Diversity (HBD), libertarian economics… Whenever a White man online exhibits some or all of these traits, you can be sure that he has an interest in East Asian females.” That pretty much sums it up (at some point I ticked all those categories!)!
I’m pretty much unable to communicate with normal people (I’m only interested in discussing niche topics like an Asperger – although I’m not clinically one), was virgin until 22yo, then only fucking hookers until 25, then only fucking those crazy, shallow, status-obsessed Asian women until now (I’m 35)). In other words, I lived and feeled a bit like an WMAF Hapa so I understand your own suffering…
Most of my efforts are now directed at making a living from online marketing schemes, in order to stay in Asia, “white man worship land” forever. The street-wise “asiansexual” knows how to enjoy the company of Asian women for a few weeks or months, then ditch them for another one when they become nasty. Then we indeed get the “love you long time experience”. Best of both worlds.
I never had shame in being a “loser”. I’m a proud asiansexual. However I do realize the disaster of having Hapa children so I support your work.
In the end, White losers and Asian women deserve each other. There’s nothing wrong with them fucking each other, as long as we make them understand not no procreate. Thats the challenge.
I haven’t seen you have a Twitter or Facebook account?- that would increase your exposure.
You could use it to promote the #asiansexual hashtag and make fun of them. That might have a big impact!
Greetings – and keep up the great work! I support you.



8 thoughts on “Real Email I received, from self proclaimed white nationalist “loser” with yellow fever

  1. This is the first time I’ve come across this website. Chilling. I was wanting to ask you for advice, and I’m doing my best to be anonymous. May I contact you through e-mail?

  2. my belief is that trump told a bunch of entitled white men, who couldn’t take advantage of their white priviledge, and believed in conspiracy theories that tell them jews are trying to genocide white ppl. I have met a bunch of these guys in Beijing, they talk about anti-white racism, and don’t seem to understand why minorities have trouble integrating in America, when he integrated so easily in China. Of course this white guy integrated well in China “white worship land”. Trump then told these entitled white guys “u guys are great, fantastic, everyone else are assholes”, and now we have a president and a cabinet full of conspiracy theorists.

  3. Your blog is an eye opener. As I first started reading, I rejected what you were saying. I thought about my friends with their precious mixed children and couldn’t imagine that their lives could be so confusing and sad. But of course, I am a liberal white woman and my friends are largely other liberal white women–some of whom have married second generation Asian men. My friends’ husbands are, to my eyes, caring partners and nurturing fathers. The dynamic between less-than-desirable white men and social-climbing foreign women is something I’m not as intimately involved in, though I have certainly seen it. I have seen Asian, Russian, Persian, South and Central American women coupled with white, American men who send chills down my spine–men who are self-centered and callous to the point of being repugnant to most other American adults, women and men alike. (Surely many of the women in these relationship are just as damaged, if not more so.) So, yes, I have seen it. And yes, I’ve worried about any children that may come of those kinds of colonization fetish couplings. Their wounds are surely deep.

    I’d like to commend the honesty of the individual who wrote about being a white “loser” with “yellow fever.” His email makes me despair the lack of help available to people with social problems and/or personality disorders. It is a pox on our healthcare and educational systems. That being said, I hope you do not take his advice and relieve your angst by becoming another internet troll. Sadism is not a long term strategy, and it only spreads the pain around rather than healing it. This blog is much more honest and helpful to the world than all the predictably offensive content of all the twitter trolls combined.

    I hope you find peace and a life full of love and kindness that is worth celebrating.

  4. Dude is a joke! The real real white supremacist don’t settle for Asian women. It will soil and taint their bloodline because of that 1 drop rule, which still runs deep in America today.

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