Half Asian Pro-Gamer says “F*** Koreans.”

Professional gamer “MapleStreet” – son of an Asian (possibly Korean) mother, and a White father – berates Korean players in order to fit in. Another sad case of a half Asian with an Asian mother who lives a life of sadness and isolation and submission and demonstrates his hatred for Asianness.

This phenomenon of “I’m not Asian” being spoken by clearly half-Asian sons was even documented by the New York Times.


10 thoughts on “Half Asian Pro-Gamer says “F*** Koreans.”

  1. This self-hating Asian will have mental problems later on. White society doesn’t see him as white, he will always be Asian to them. Two Wongs don’t make a white everyone knows this, however Mrs. Wong (Wrong) and Mr. Wright (Right) don’t make a white.

  2. While there could definitely be potential underlying aspects to this but this is completely out of context. The player in question plays a very popular computer game where the Korean competitive teams and players are arguably the best and have won 4 years in a row their world championships. Additionally, it’s been stated that he’s half Chinese and half Scottish with his mom is from Hong Kong and his dad from Scotland.

Tell me how Asian men are beta, how White women are fat feminists, how Eurasians are super popular around the world (not just Asia), and how all the most famous celebrities aren't the sons of Asian men and White women, below:

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