Are many Eurasians / Hapas / Half Asian men gay or perpetually single?

User /u/headtorch on Reddit who claims to be a ladies man and is married; Chinese mother, White father.

When a white man and an Asian woman have a child – the child is an Asian man, or at best bears the same “effeminate qualities” that Asian women hate.

There is no half and half on this. Society sees you as Asian – and you see yourself as Asian, yet your mother herself expressed explicit sexual preference against Asian men.

Her “preference” reflected the preference on the whole of Asian women, white women, and virtually every other kind of woman out there. Asian women know this is true – they admit it behind closed doors that they are not attracted to Asian men.

So now, your son is Asian. Welcome to a world of extreme depression at the biological reality. Just wait until he gets shot down by Asian women and white women with “sorry, I don’t do / like Asian guys.”

Looking through Youtube I saw a number of videos and channels with half-Asian male figures. It is extremely obvious that all three of them possess “gay” mannerisms. I am not cherry picking. Just go on Youtube yourself and search “half Asian.” About half will be gay, the other half won’t look that Asian or will be extremely good looking, hence appearing on Youtube in the first place.

I fully support gay people and cast no judgment on them.

What I do suggest is happening is that half Asian women are seen by society as a lot more desirable than half Asian men. It’s no secret that women like “manly” men and by no coincidence Asian men are not seen as manly.

Half Asian men, as a result, go crazy like me, commit suicide, become violent, pass entirely as white (very rare) and settle down with an average looking Asian or white girl, or become gay, if they weren’t gay already. Half Asian women obviously marry white men the majority of the time, leaving half Asian men in the dust.

Gay half Asians are essentially just as valuable to white men as half Asian women. Straight half Asian men have a hard time even just surviving – especially when their Asian side is so harshly looked down upon, so many of them hype up their white side to no avail.

I have a theory that because of the anti-Asian male nature of the parents’ relationship, a lot of half Asian men become extremely confused sexually at a very young age, and start to undergo psychological pressure that may or may not shape their sexuality to be “feminine” like the mothers.

See for yourself. I am not actually cherry picking. This is what happens when you look up “half Asian” on Youtube. An INORDINATE amount of them seem to have these mannerisms or are perpetually single while their Hapa costars are dating white men.

The above host is small boned, clearly Asian looking, and obviously gay or bisexual.

Questionably gay as well, in his mannerisms and method of speaking.


66 thoughts on “Are many Eurasians / Hapas / Half Asian men gay or perpetually single?

  1. There are some logical fallacies being thrown around here.

    You come from this place of asking,”How did society MAKE Hapa males gay? Was it the dynamic of seeing their mothers love non Asian men? Were the emasculated? Were they rejected by white and Asian women and so DECIDED to become gay?”

    I don’t believe that sexuality is that fluid in men that they can simply “turn” gay for the above reasons. Many gay people adamantly scream they were “Born this way” and would take great umbrage with your position that rejected/emasculated Hapas just say, “Fuck it…let me be gay”. Which by the way, would be another way for them to be chastised in society. Being a gay male is NOT celebrated at all. it’s another way for people to marginalize, stereotype, and treat you like a “sissy” and as a female’s sidekick/ “accessory”. One who’s there to serve as entertainment by acting very feminine, throwing great shade, and gossiping(ie spilling tea). Hell, even wearing high heels and makeup. Then gay males are expected to ultimately catch HIV(as a curse) at any moment.

    I’d venture to say it’s extremely hard being a gay male. Who would “choose” that just because they were “rejected”? A whole other form of rejection awaits on the other side.

    It’s not like with women, and their very fluid sexuality, where it’s accepted, promoted, seen as trendy, and sexy. Then the female can go back into a hetero relationship like nothing happened(Anne Heche). Not so for males.

    I can see where a man could “turn” gay in jail where they have ZERO access to women for a LIFETIME.

    Usually people are born gay(and there are signs in them from very young) or they were molested by the same sex. Those are the common denominators when I hear gays tell their stories.

    I believe the environment(water, chemicals, vaccinations, SOY MILK, and even media SIGNALS) are also causing a change in a bio makeup(but I’m an admitted conspiracy theory nut).

    If you never liked dick, I don’t see you suddenly liking dick because women won’t give you any ass AS A FREE MALE. Hell, people can PAY for sex. If you’re not really into something, and trying to make yourself, you will feel repulsed.

    If Hapa males turn out to be gay, that was them from the beginning. You’re rushing to believe it was due to them seeing their mother prefer males who aren’t them, emasculation, and rejection from women.

    Emasculated males, who were always straight, remain straight. They’ll just be the guy who gets run over in his relationship with an A-personality type woman.

    Lastly, and more to the point, there is a very simple biological answer to your question that we can all come to without even going to any other assumption.

    Simply LOOK at these males. Low base in their voice, mannerisms, lack of hair, lack of height, lack of muscle mass, very feminine looking etc. It’s very apparent that they were given too much ESTROGEN in the womb. There’s clearly an imbalance between the amount of estrogen and testosterone they were given during formation. If they’re given more estrogen, they would essentially have female-thinking brains(including liking males). All the things you listed as the supposed cause don’t make you LOOK feminine, don’t make less hair grow on you etc. A woman supposedly rejecting you won’t do that. This is nature. It would appear that not only are Asian looking genes very dominant, the estrogen passing is too.

    • Did Freud not say sexual fetishes such as paraphilia are influenced by childhood experiences?

      I have a distinct preference for older women. After a long exploration of this I realized this was an aspect of my sexuality developed due to my lack of a mother figure.

      It’s not a stretch to think that sexuality can be shaped if not completely reformed due to events during childhood… even something as seemingly insignificant and imperceptible as the racial difference between parents.

      If a child is led to believe through any number of events, such as early exposure to other WMAW couples, which are plentiful and tend to hang out with each other, the idea of being an Asian male and thus being capable of being loved by women becomes invalid to him. He and all his friends are proof to themselves and each other that Asian men do not reproduce, and that white men penetrate Asian women, and thus seeing the only other Asian person in the mirror – he can start to view himself as something to be penetrated.

      • So you’re going to completely skip over the disproportionate amount of estrogen in these males? They look like females with short hair cuts. Is it unfathomable that these dude’s biology is all messed up? Let’s not jump to B when A is staring us dead in the face.

        Notice you said you have a distinct preference for older WOMEN. So you have issues with your Asian mother, yet, and still you, as a BORN HETEROSEXUAL, you still wanted WOMEN(albeit older). Just as hetero males who hate their race develop a preference for other groups of WOMEN.

        The only way the Hapa male would come to believe he should be penetrated is if his brain function tells him he is female(like).

        Did you ever think about switching teams?

        • No, never. I’m 0% gay.

          There’s a theory floating around the Hapasphere that gay white men love Asian women. Not the first time I’ve heard it. They exercise their weird desire to get married, and conceal their homosexuality, and I guess they think Asian women will buy it?

          Most people prefer their own race. Majority of white men prefer white women. I prefer Asian women almost exclusively. I like black women as well, and certainly some white women, but ironically I only like dark hair on white women.

          You would think most people are only sexually attracted to their own race. I have a really hard time finding white girls attractive. I look at them and it oftentimes doesn’t really do anything for me. I would take a black girl over a white girl without second thought, and I have done this. What this probably implies is that white men who like Asian women might be in the closet or even closet pedophiles. A lot of them go after the most hideous or asexual Asian girls.

          It’s not like I can wake up and one day just start being attracted to the blonde bimbos every white guy loves. They just don’t do it for me. I mean yeah, if I met one (if I weren’t married) and she was sweet and gave me a shot I would judge her entirely on her personality and love her just the same, but it’s not like I have this insane burning lust for blonde women like most white guys do. I don’t. So I think anyone who dates out might be “suspect” in one way or another.

      • Most of what Freud wrote about has been discredited. It’s a little ridiculous that you pass yourself off as some pseudo-authority on the subject of sexuality. The reality is that being gay is genetic and not something that is chosen. I think you are grasping at straws and extrapolate way way too far from a few observations. By your logic, wouldn’t full Asian males be even more likely to be gay in American society since they are completely Asian and experience even more rejection by Western society?

  2. The guy from Virginia acts like a fruit cake. I think people treated badly because he wasn’t manly enough.

  3. I think the preponderance of gay half Asian men is definitely the result of emasculation and constant rejection. I notice a lot of super short, super small Asian men tend to be gay as well.

    It all has to do with gendered stereotypes in relation to race in the eyes of white supremacy. According to casual white supremacist beliefs, black people, as a whole, are hypermasculine and Asian people, as a whole, are hyperfeminine. This is the reason why white women who date interracially almost always go for black men and white men who do the same almost always go for Asian women. White people feel that they are “just right” and that black people and Asian people are culturally and physically deviant in opposite ways.

    While historically Asian men have been treated femininely in America since the 1800’s, Black women have historically been treated masculinely in American society since slavery. Even today, black women are made masculine because black culture is largely matriarchal due to the fact of millions of black men are emasculated in often disproportionately representing the face of the underemployed, unemployed, uneducated, poor, mentally ill, homeless, imprisoned, low functioning in being addicted to drugs and alcohol, victims of murder, homosexual or stuck in a cycle of senseless violence. Black women often wear the pants and are the breadwinners of black families and black women are groomed to be stronger and more independent since childhood because of this. But the black woman’s independent breadwinner attitude manifests itself in stereotypical masculine tendencies (i.e. willingness to fight and argue, promiscuity). Also, black women’s natural hair and complexion (unless she’s light, bright and damn near white) is not seen as feminine compared to Eurocentric beauty standards. Similar to gay hapas and Asian men, there is an epidemic of dom lesbian or butch lesbian black women in many American big cities and metro areas. In Baltimore, it seems like a huge percentage of the population of the black women there are like Snoop from the Wire. Black women in America are culturally made so masculine that black lesbianism is much more common than seeing black women paired with non-black men in many areas of the country. I noticed that many black women rather turn lesbian and date a black woman who essentially a black man without a penis before dating a non-black man.

  4. Hi, I’m the creator of several of the videos you’ve posted here to back up your anecdotal points.
    Your assertion that people like myself “become” gay or feminine because of some strange race complex is extremely fallacious and deceptive at best. I’ve been attracted to men as early as I can remember, and I had quite a wonderful childhood growing up where I was encouraged to embrace both my father and mother’s culture. All my other siblings, male and female, are straight as a stick and have had no problems with dating.

    I fail to see how using my video on religion added anything of substance to your points.You have some serious issues, and this article is actually disgusting. You should be entirely ashamed of yourself for writing homophobic articles in an attempt to “one-up” yourself on your non-existent masculinity. Grow up.

  5. This is awful ! You dont realize you are categorizing mixed successful , half Asian every where ! Just because you find a few videos or , you feel your broken radar went off never lies! Man I have a nephew :
    Grew up in Japan
    = I love Asian girls , because I grew up in an area where Asian features are attractive! Or seeing pale skin as attractive!
    Mother is Asian
    = Most men I would think love there mothers just a little bit more then there fathers ! Unless she was like crazy or something .
    Mother is Asian 2
    = most of the time Asian mothers will tell there son to carry on the family name , and marry = Asian girl!
    Growing up Attractive
    I believe that is a plus in the dating world last time I checked !

  6. Also there are more then just looks for why some Asian girls marry other ethics! And some have to do with simply benefits! Not to be rude but in many cases a lot of Asian girls sometimes over look looks and get the guy with the nice pay check and last time I check white men were the top of the ladder when it comes to income in the states ! It is a sad reality ! And agaian in Asian pale skin is attractive! Just because they choose a white man does not mean she wasn’t attracted to Asian men ! People have there reasons ! Again making this an opinion and not a fact!

  7. In Japan hafus are seen as extremely attractive! So Asian girl definitely like hafu guys ! They have there cake and eat it too ! The USA benefits and someone knowing the Asian culture like them !
    Do my nephew get girls!
    = YES
    Is he gay
    = NO

  8. This is why a lot of people are homophobic because homos always try to label people as homo who clearly aren’t ! It must be lonely in the homo community lol! Now there trying to generalize an entire race ! Like if your half Asian your gay lol like what type is sense does that even make ! Just because you never liked woman or woman didn’t find you attractive doesn’t mean all hapa or half are gay lol you stereotype and labeling so you won’t feel weird and alone . Other then my nephew I know many Hapa and they are successful in getting girls actually more successful then the average Asian male! Most halfs have something great from the other side that makes them look great no mater White/Asian or black/Asian! Gays are gay and heterosexuals are heterosexual ! Race of culture has zero to do with it ! Lol a straight man can’t turn gay unless he wasn’t gay to begin with lol
    People don’t complain when guys have white girl fetish or , black or Latina but Asian is gay right ! And FYI all Asian girls are not build like men ! Grow up in asia and be in the right place at the right time , any girl can have a great figure ! Get your head out of the rainbow ! Lol

      • If your a man that can’t take pressure and are to weak to handle things in life then your not a man ! A man is suppose to be strong no matter what I don’t care how messed up his life is only a weak man can be broken to become gay if he wasn’t at first lol and you are wrong to support that just because someone is mixed with Asian there gay ! This article is not only offensive to half Asians but to Asian woman too! Read my earlier post you will see I make valid points ! It’s dumb to generalize an entire mixed race over a few weak people choices in life ! That is not logical !

        • Well, I did, and I have the top half Asian websites in the world. Note I said websiteS. Meaning there’s more than one. And we all agree Asian women and white men have put us in a really bad spot.

          • It’s not all trust me!
            And there are others like half black and Asian and also mixed Asians lol I know there are problems in life I would be lying if I said there wasn’t but look even if you know many you still don’t know all ! It is like saying all whites are killers and racist , all Asian women are whores all blacks steal, all Asian men are gay lol see it’s not right if you say you only know gay ones ok but don’t categorize an entire race , even change children who haven’t been born yet and say if your half Asian your gay lol and trust me you don’t know every girl there might be some that think your cute if you show interest ! So many girls are in to Korean guys and Japanese have you seen the big Korean wave and jpop fan girls lol they would die to be with you ! Wake up I’m not saying it’s wrong to be what you are I’m just saying to categorize is wrong ! You don’t know every half Asian white , black , whatever face it !

            • Hun I’m going to be perfectly honest with you. The longer Asian women continue to brush this under the carpet the more victims you are creating of your selfishness.

              Admit it: there are A LOT of women who idealize the tall blond male as being the only thing on the planet worth loving; my dad was one of these men, guess what? I’m 3 inches shorter, have dark features, have been turned down for being Asian multiple times, and life with perpetual knowledge my own mother worshipped white men.

              • Again have you meet every Asian girl on the planet or every female in general . You have had bad experiences yes, do they represent all again, no , of course not! Your mom maybe but like that but like I say in my previous post women marry for many reasons! Money , freedom and the American Dream or love ! And it’s a sad true reality ! If Asian men were such a bad thing there wouldn’t be so many of us lol ! Your mom maybe but trust me I think I would know lol btw I’m Korean born in Japan . I know what it’s like being different lol try adventuring in other areas you might get lucky you might just find that right person ! Guys don’t need to be tall though it is a plus !

                • Also like I said Asian guys are being to be notice ls after the large Korean wave and jpop ! Those girls would die to be with a Hapa! I believe even Megan fox like kpop lol yes there are many Asian woman that like white guys but not all or else there wouldn’t be half blacks and what ever else is at the base these days lol jk . Love yourself , adventure and don’t let a few bad experience get you down for fall seven times and get up eight !

                • @ Sue Jung, Christ stfu you dumb brainwashed 3rd generation zainichi idiot.

                  Its obvious you’ve internalized the stupid backward racist Jap mentality, meaning you hate Koreans and bow down to the white boys. Guess what? You still are a gook, not a nip in the eyes of your adopted radiation dump of a country. Japan thinks they’re superior to all other Asians and yet they bend over for white cave mutant morlocks…kkeh kkeh kkeh..:-)

                  What an idiot!
                  I feel sorry for your mama and pappa, how many generations of Koreans were enslaved, raped, tortured and murdered by Imperial Japan and your ancestors had to fight for basic human rights.
                  Generations of blood, sweat and tears end up with a white washed, colonized dumb cum dumpster servile and fawning for albino mutants.

                  Hope another tsunami wipes all of youse from the face of the East Sea.
                  Malinche, Benedict Arnold,brainwashed walking dead Jombies.

                • I’m a female lol read my earlier post ! Catch up because I’m not sure you understand! And to break the ice I’m Asian an I could care less about American white men !

                    • Honestly , yes , many times! Sometimes it can be scary! But I will not judge all men because of it.

                      But I don’t believe that non Asian guys who like Asian woman are all racist. Just because they want me or find me attractive they don’t all have a fetish ! As long as I’m treated like an individual not just as some Asian girl !

                  • @ Sue Jung,

                    Christ, go learn some English before you bring your damn Engrish Jap babble over here.

                    How long did you live as a spoiled, international student princess, in an Anglo country, before you became an expert in Asian Diaspora issues?

                    Oh, I see….you went to engrish language school in Canada / Australia / NZ / US for 1 yr and now your an expert in inter ethnic conflict, white supremacy, racial power dynamics, political economy and cock carousel riding?



                    • LOL… your posts toward that bimbo are hilarious.

                      Her English proficiency skills is more akin to that of a Filipina (they, too, love using exclamation marks to prove their point). She probably learned English there (the Philippines), as many Koreans visit the country to learn (broken) English for dirt-cheap.

                  • “Sue,
                    Have white males or other males of other races used you as a sex object?”

                    >> Honestly , yes , many times! Sometimes it can be scary! But I will not judge all men because of it.

                    But I don’t believe that non Asian guys who like Asian woman are all racist. Just because they want me or find me attractive they don’t all have a fetish ! As long as I’m treated like an individual not just as some Asian girl !>>

                    Look I think I have a good way you can contribute to humanity.

                    There’s small town in northern Japan where they need hardworking, passionate and feel good people
                    who can stay focused on the task that the government requires. This straightforward environmental sanitation job is looking for smart folks to come on board.

                    Room & board, transportation and a good salary will be provided.

                    If you accept this great mission, then go ahead and sign up for our no money down life insurance policy ( strictly for your benefit) and come to Tokyo Station.

                    Look for the charter bus with the sign ” FUKUSHIMA” on it and get on.

      • @ EW, her name looks like Korean and her writing is similar to a retarded enclave Korean white washed and bleached. I can barely detect any brain on her, as a Korean myself, I hope she gets sterilized and doesn’t pollute our gene pool.

  9. Do me a favor just go on YouTube or find a trend of girls who are hungry for Asian men put in an ethnic and you might be surprised lol not every Asian girl or any girl is as shallow about Asian men as you think one thing is for darn sure Asian men need to seriously stop blaming Asian females and man up ! It’s simple no one said finding love is easy but if your not willing to try then what’s the point ‘! Dna doesn’t make anyone gay ! If someone is born half Asian and a male they are like every other male and can either be heterosexual or homosexual! Yes Asian girls like white guys , yes there are crazy whites guys …but at the end everyone is different . If a person turns gay they were gay to begin with ! A heterosexual male just don’t say wow , life is hard better be gay lol I have nothing against any of you but don’t generalize on a race ! You don’t know every half Asian ! And there are many different half Asians ! And many with successful female and male relationships!

    If you are new to this post please read my post form the beginning and you will see it at another perspective! Cheers

      • Seems to me you all now have a hate towards a relationship based on a few people experience and that is psychotic! The title reads half Asians not half Asian half white as if any half Asian is a victim of this , well there are strong Asian men I know and met. you all are just bringing an entire ethnic down from your own experience because you don’t know all the Hapa men and in the end it’s pretty sad . None of you admitted I had great points because you are completely bias in your eyes! It’s like I said earlier this is the reason why some straight guy are homophobic because people are always trying to label them and try to convert people who aren’t like its a lonely thing and you need fresh meat ! Lol

  10. You all hate Hapa men simply because you were unsuccessful with women there for you became gay and hate Asian woman too! I’d I’m not mistaken that is Eliliot Rodgers !

    • Nope. I hate the upbringing I had and I want revenge on the fetishists and narcissists, so now whenever anyone searches anything related to Half-Asian they wind up right here, Sue.

      They wind up right on this fucking website.

      My question is, since everything here is true – what are they going to think of to deny it?

      • Ok , you have a bad upbringing and all the Hapa are gay lol
        Well if my comments remain , comments from a Real Asian woman who personally have zero fetish for white men , I prefer my own ! I think they would become a little more open minded ! Just like how gays want the world to be open minded you all need to learn to accept not everyone is going through your problem not everyone is having issues. Not every half Asian wakes up and say he I’m gay lol all half Asian regardless if with white , black whatever are all going to think one or two things ! This is a gay site or one of those self hating one. Oops wrong site! Your hatred towards and ethnic is a stereotype! One thing is none of you probably have to confidence in speaking to a girl . Honestly I’m sure if you seen me you would be scared to approach me ! I’ve had Asian guys slip settles hunts but ! Step your game up Asian men the real Asian new man don’t blame white guys for there problems there some that just better themselves! And because you don’t want the truth . I’m not every Asian girl and you haven’t noticed that from my words because your bias !


          But please try to understand being the children of a fetish couple. That’s what the fucking website is about.

          The website is about why virtually every single Eurasian criminal has an Asian mother.
          The website is about the struggles that half-Asians go through growing up under such a sick pairing.
          The website is about what it’s like looking totally Asian but having a white father.
          The website is about the reality of WMAW couples and what goes on behind closed doors.
          The website is about predicting the next major shooting or killing spree done by a Eurasian son.

          • just because the relationship failed with a few , there are probably some successful one out there!

            Also just because a girl is with a white man doesn’t mean she has a fetish , she could have had previously was with a person of the same race or another race relationship! Maybe say people who have a bad pearing but not all!

            Soo Jung-won

  11. Lol my name Korean name is Sue Jung won lol mistype ! It can be spelled in many ways and I’m Korean ! Or jungwon sue lol

    Cheers !

  12. I’d love to help all of you find love lol I didn’t make the rules that’s how life is of a man wants someone he pursues that person, angry at white guys that have Asian fetish lol they see us one reason is because a lot of Asian guy don’t care and try to better them self or fight for what they want and I’m talking about Asian Americans lol some again not all can be push overs and they need to step there game up Asian should blame media or white guys they just need to go get the girl it’s simple we are really not as hard some men think lol nothing in life is easy study hard and be a success ! I don’t care if he’s half or full as long as he’s a real man and don’t blame people for his own stuff! Even some of the best parents can have murdeous children ! It’s not always the parents fault ! STOP BEING SO ONE SIDED ! Be proud to be Asian once you love yourself other will love you too ! Please again if you haven’t read my other post ! Lol this is my last message , cheer up don’t generalize!

    Bottom line of some one is gay they chose to be if someone isn’t the chose not to be ! Heterosexuals are heterosexual, homosexuals are homosexual! Sometimes it’s parenting , sometimes it’s not ! Life is full of choices . You make a choice and then there are outcomes both great and awful! But we as human learn we grow ! Hapa or not that is reality ! Just because someone is Hapa doesn’t mean there life was as bad as yours . Bye now

    • Dating is not the problem but the main problem is being Asian Looking Sons of those (White Male Asian Female) who hated Asian Men. Asian Women and White Men who hate Asian Men are unable to love their own Asian looking Sons and hence subconsciously hate their own Asian looking sons. No wonder racist White Male Asian Female Couples are producing criminals like Elliot Rodgers and Daniel Holtzclaw.

  13. “I fully support gay people and cast no judgment on them.”

    NOT AFTER YOU HAVE SEEN THIS VIDEO (note because of its factual content and the NWO gay agenda this video has been and is still heavily suppressed by youtube from day one – but they can’t remove it due to freedom of speech laws!) :
    Child Molestation & The Homosexual Movement :

Tell me how Asian men are beta, how White women are fat feminists, how Eurasians are super popular around the world (not just Asia), and how all the most famous celebrities aren't the sons of Asian men and White women, below:

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