🔥On Asian / Eurasian male / black female couples

What’s ironic to me is that Asian women seem to complain about the fact that Asian men “resent” Asian women’s out marriage rates – yet also seem to get very angry when Eurasian males or Asian men marry and date out.

My own mother spent her whole life attempting to push me to marry Asian (specifically Chinese) women – and also warned me in a drastic fashion against dating black women (comments about STD rates, pointing out, to an eight year old child, random blacks on the street and making comments about how they had AIDS based on what color they were wearing when we would drive up through Harlem, on the way to church in the Bronx).

My first girlfriend in high school was a black girl (arguably the most pretty in the entire school) who was interested in me largely because of my acceptance into Dartmouth (and also because I was funny, relatively popular, and intelligent and outgoing). Of course my quasi white nationalist, conservative dad also wasn’t happy with that choice.

But the thing is that Asian women themselves help create an environment of extreme anti-Asian-maleness, whether they want to admit it or not. This unfortunately affects the children as well, especially the boys. I’ve heard “I don’t like Asian guys”, from white women and Asian women and arguably when I was younger I was WHITE PASSING. From my original photo on the Sticky post on this blog – I had a picture showing my hair being sandy blond.

So for me, being a Eurasian guy means that people will still look at you as Asian, and since in the Asian woman’s world, a subpar white male (short, balding, autistic) is better than a full Asian guy, the rest of the world also sees how they behave and this carries over into how half-Asian men are seen. Half Asian men are conditioned to truly believe that Asianness is inferior – not only because of the out marriage rate that we internalize, but also because of the manner in which our mothers and fathers hype up our European features, and oftentimes, tell us that we are white, and that we should embrace this.

The thing is – black women, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on who is looking at it – are the only women who will view many Eurasian men and Asian as human beings. When dating Asian women, they have a tendency to make Eurasian men feel like crap, and feel as if they’re “cheating” – by hyping up our White features. This is why Elliot Rodger refused to date Asian women. When dating Asian women you always feel a sense of discomfort thinking that they view you as a status symbol and given the sexless conniving nature of all the Asian women in my family I generally do not view them as rewarding mates.

When dating White women, it’s hit or miss due to the fact that her white male friends will constantly be harassing you for being half-Asian.

Of course, dating other non-white women seems like a much better choice for Eurasian males, with incidents of “cock blocking” being common too, among Indian and Hispanic men who seem to think that XMAW is okay but Asian male + non-Asian woman is wrong, not realizing that their own sons will be Asian.

So black women it is. The problem with that is when you have a racist White dad, plus an Asian mom who wants white kids and white grandkids – a black woman means black kids.

White dads marry Asian women out of resentment for Black male / White female couples – so black grandkids would be my dad’s worst nightmare.

Yet black women, by and large, are the only ones that can win our hearts, in many cases. Look at Rex Walters. In that case I say it’s a win-win. Also the mixing of black and Asian is overlooked by racist white men, Asian women and society. It essentially means you’re free from these psychopathic eugenicists and their manufactured relationships:

Kill the racist, eugenic Eurasian “bloodline” and in return avoid the crippling White + Asian racist complex and heavily political scam that seems to define our identity.




7 thoughts on “🔥On Asian / Eurasian male / black female couples

  1. EW, I know you are objectively pretty intelligent. Does it not occur to you that you’re proposing to do more or less what you hate on your parents for doing? https://theblog.okcupid.com/how-your-race-affects-the-messages-you-get-39c68771b99e <–this classic post with objective data shows that black women are more receptive to Asian men than to black men.

    And you think you're doing something heroic by taking the low hanging fruit and destroying your white/East Asian bloodlines. (Never mind that blacks will be an absolute majority on earth within a century if present trends continue and likely completely overwhelm Europe and possibly the US). Your black kid then gets the worst ratings of anyone (look at response rates in above link–while black women are very responsive to Asian men, Asian men have the worst response rates to black women) and is considered subhuman in Asia and by many in other parts of the world. Who is to say that kid won't hate you (as sincerely as you seem to hate your parents) for your virtue-signaling PC folly?

    Get some game and choose white or Chinese–whatever you fancy. The Chinese guys I know who scored hot blonde girls are just a bit more alpha (buff and/or military). Definitely do-able, especially for someone who is generally red-pilled, as you seem to be.

  2. Biff – Black women are still more responsive to black men, just like Asian men are more responsive to white and Asian females. That’s just human nature.
    AMBF is rare.
    But in truth ?
    The black woman is the only woman who can erase the emasculation of Asian male offspring. She can produce stronger, more masculine, more popular ‘Asian sons’ for Hapa and Full bloodied Asian males.
    With a black woman the stigma of the ’emasculated effeminate Asian male’ is removed.
    She can give him son’s without that stigma. No other race of woman can do that, including their own.

    An Asian Male and Black Female partnership is arguably the most progressive, in your face, against all odds, riotous and rebellious relationship. It’s a giant fuck you to white supremacy and it also effectively cancels out the negative racial stereotypes of placed upon each by white supremacy. If they truly love each other it is even more powerful. The black woman strengthens the Asian man, and he in turn gives her the softness, she has always needed.
    It is a beautiful partnership. A legendary team.

    Their offspring will be beautiful, strong and it breaks the circle of white worshiping asians, and the so called ‘undesirability’ of both genders in their race.
    Strength to the Asian man.
    Softness for the Black woman.
    It’s the perfect combination of yin and yang.

  3. Niko:

    Your “perfect combination of yin and yang” sounds every bit as contrived as “Eurasian master race”.

    I am giving you hard data. You are trying to refute it with Marxist gobbledygook that no one outside of sheltered Western universities actually believes. Black Eurasians being “sons without stigma”? Please. You think they would have their choice of women? And how about the black daughters? Is their situation better in the US? In Asia?

    I suppose you would blame all the Asian “racism” against such a pairing on “white supremacy” too, huh? Only whites are fully grown-up and have moral agency, so Asians can’t be responsible for any of their thoughts on race. So brave.

  4. In support of EW, I want to share this YouTube video of an interracial couple and their engagement party. They are both British. However, her family is from Sierra Leone West Africa and he is WMAW hapa (Chinese mom, English Father). These two, Victor and Amy, also have a website. Check them out! They both seem very happy together. See for yourselves:

  5. Black women are the only women who treat Eurasian men as human beings? Where do you come up with this shit? There is no factual basis to back up this claim just like all of your other delusional claims based on cherry picked data that takes endless research to dig up. I think black women are more likely than any race of women to be single and more likely to be open to dating Eurasian men because black women are aware of their low desirability even amongst their own black men. But other factors vary. For example, lighter skinned black women have almost always higher SMV among black men than darker skinned black women regardless of all other variables.

    Theoretically, I think darker skinned black women are the most likely to be open to dating Eurasian men. And I say theoretically because even that statement is a stretch. Black women statistically date out the least. Millions of black women have no interest in dating out. Culturally, black women are the most loyal race of women to their men. And a huge percentage of black women who do date outside their race default to white men before even thinking of Asian or Eurasian men. Black women dating out is a huge taboo as with Asian men dating out. Black women and Asian/Eurasian men who want to date each other feel enormous societal pressure not to because of the way people will go ape shit when they see them in public. Not to mention all of their family and friends will probably be vocally extremely disapproving of their union. This is why AMBF is rarer than finding a white person in Detroit. There are many white and Asian women open to dating Eurasians as well.

    Eurasian men get the short of end of the stick no matter which way you cut it because dating and sex has everything to do with race. Eurasian men have no natural mate. Eurasian women default to white men/non-Asian men or sometimes Asian men, Asian women default to white or Asian men, white women default to white or black men, Latinas default to Latinos or sometimes whites or blacks and black women default to black men and everyone else defaults to their own kind.

  6. The racism from the racist white commentators are disgusting and contradictory! EW has a point. Most AW shit on AM who married or date non-AW and they even shit on hot AW who are with AM! These women are no better than their prejudice and patriarchy preaching AM counterpart.

Tell me how Asian men are beta, how White women are fat feminists, how Eurasians are super popular around the world (not just Asia), and how all the most famous celebrities aren't the sons of Asian men and White women, below:

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