Handsome Half Asian men wind up dating hideous women

Most Asian women don’t want hapa men because they’d rather be with an Asian guy or a white guy. More often a white male. Dating a Hapa male means 3/4 Asian sons who are just Asian sons. Many Asian women actively denigrate hapa men just the same – because for an Asian woman to be with a Hapa male who looks Asian means a massive drop in status and losing her privilege with white men.

A lot of hapas like me avoid Asian women as long as we could just because the stigma of being with the race of women who seem to ooze hatred, insecurity and Tiger-mom like viciousness at the world seems in our better interest; this is the same reason good looking, straight, normal white men, and even Asian men, avoid Asian women, because it’s just too high risk balancing their insecurity, their white worship as a means to make themselves feel more attractive, and the desire for a fulfilling relationship.

Yellow fever only gets complained about because Asian women have such low social desirability that losers go for them. They know this and so they attack whatever Asian or Eurasian guy they can find to make it seem like they’re somehow better in comparison.

There are a ton of hapa men who think they’re God’s gift to women (I used to think like this) and look like some variation of Elliot Rodger. Short, smirking, slightly effete. They inherit their mothers’ tiny frames, dark thick hair, like I did, despite my father being 6’3″. 

These guys uniformly heavily rely on Asian women (the ugliest ones) for their ego boosts (I never did because hearing “so handsome” from Asian women is an insult due to race relations in western society). If it wasn’t for Asian women, most hapa men would be more violent than Elliot Rodger. Asian women seem incapable of even telling the difference between a handsome white person and a hideous one, and Asian men actually fit more into western male standards of attractiveness and would do more so if not for racism.

This gimmick usually only lasts a few years until Asian women realize marrying a hapa male means full Asian looking sons and drop them for a white male. The current batch of hapa sons is still too young to take the full brunt of the hatred Asian women have for Asian looking men, and the hapas who are older generally settle down with horribly ugly Asian women or in some cases black women – which enrages their mothers.

Or they rely on the very few white women that will take a half Asian guy with a huge ego and stick up his ass; these women are incredibly limited because most white women see half Asian men the same as full Asian men. Hence Elliot Rodger.

Find me a half Asian celebrity with a hot girlfriend. They don’t exist. Most like Jon Hamilton are permasingle. Others are perpetually humiliated guys like Jon Gosselin.

Look at this footballer who is hot shit in Thailand of all places. This is literally the best he can do:

It’s a pathetic existence we live.


8 thoughts on “Handsome Half Asian men wind up dating hideous women

  1. When Elliot Rodger did himself in, you can see the happy relief on his mother’s face, probably father’s too.

  2. In college (Yes I went to college), my good friend who was half Korean, half Swedish, dated some of the most hideous women on campus. He was tall, very good looking and athletic. But he somehow found these women who were butt ugly. He is married to woman who looks like the crypyt keeper!

  3. I don’t see why you think that girl is that bad. Is she that bad looking really? I think she’s pretty and above average for looks…

    • Agreed. She’s not bad-looking by any means. I’m wondering what this guy’s standard of beauty is. Finding someone’s looks attractive or not are, for the most part, subjective and cultural, and there are other qualities that make a person attractive, not just certain looks, or else every one would be wanting to date leggy blondes with big ass and tits or guys with six packs who are 6-foot tall and over (if that’s someone’s standard of beauty). If I were a straight African guy I would be looking for fat/obese women though — cuz she knows where the food is, amirite?

      • Agreed, this blogger makes some valid points about the interplay of white supremacy and internalised racism in WMAW couples, and about the ridiculous racism that exists concerning Asian men…. but implying that the girl in the photo is ugly and the “best he can do” is strange. Firstly, this girl is pretty and there is no denying it, it’s scary to think of the standards the blogger has. As benzosandalcohol says below “Hapas reek of their fathers’ white entitlement. Only the top 1% of women are good enough” – does that not apply to the blogger? Secondly, it is misogynistic to assume that a woman’s worth (which he is implicitly judging) is in the way she looks. Here’s a thought – maybe this hot shot footballer is with her because she’s pretty AND she has a personality? Maybe he finds her beautiful? I don’t know, trying to apply objectivity to attractiveness is a bit futile.

  4. Hapas reek of their fathers’ white entitlement. Only the top 1% of women are good enough for guys like ER who are in the bottom 1% of men.

  5. I had to comment. If people are willing to ignore their children because they’re not White enough, Black enough, Yellow enough, etc. or full/pure __(insert general for ‘race’)__, then they don’t deserve to be parents. They’re just horrible people, regardless of their general appearances/skin tones (for me, there’s only one fucking human race, we’re all a product of evolution, inter-species even). It’s not like people who are a result of ancestors ‘mixing it up’ are hybrids — no one’s that special.

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