🔥Why do Asian men / White women couples seem to produce all of the successful Half Asian children? Academically cited as well.

For an Asian guy to get a white / non-Asian woman he generally has to be mentally fit, physically sound; but for a white man to get an Asian woman he merely needs to be White. You do the math.

Asian women seem to know this – but avoid the elephant in the room.

The best thing an AMWF / AMXF / AMLF couple can do is avoid WMAF, and keep their children away from WMAF.

After all these years – the very best they can do now is steal Keanu Reeves (Asian father), spout off Nathan Adrian (5’11” Chinese mother, an extreme rarity), Olivia Munn, and some half-Filipinos (some of whom aren’t even half Asian) while coming up almost entirely short on famous half-Chinese or half-East Asians with Asian mothers.*

I will use the following paper, “Children and the Shifting Engagement with Racial/Ethnic Identity among Second- Generation Interracially Married Asian Americans,” (Kelly Chong, PhD, University of Kansas, 2013), and the paperRacial Identity, Family, and Psychological Adjustment in Asian-White Biracial Young Adults” by (Vanessa Chong, University of Windsor, 2012).

Both papers ironically were written by Asian women with white partners – as if they themselves have begun to worry about their own children; they both write specifically that the children of Asian men and White women fare better than the reverse.

The reasons are varied, but I have compiled them all with actual sources, written, ironically, by Asian women with White husbands.

Asian men and white / non-Asian women.

  • Woman likes the Asian male despite his race and all of the negative stereotypes against him. Generally his race won’t be an “issue” (meaning that many White / black women are completely unaware of what the children of WMAW couples talk about)

Former President Barack Obama was quoted in the Washington Times as saying this about his mother:

“I always felt as if being black was cool,” Mr. Obama said. “[Being black] was not something to run away from but something to embrace. Why that is, I think, is complicated. Part of it is I think that my mother thought black folks were cool, and if your mother loves you and is praising you — and says you look good, are smart — as you are, then you don’t kind of think in terms of ‘How can I avoid this?’ You feel pretty good about it.”

  • Understands the child will be perceived as Asian and nurtures it in him, unlike White fathers and Asian mothers who hope the child looks white, and truly believes the child is white despite the kid facing extreme overt bullying and harassments from Whites / non-Asians for being Asian.

Many of the Euro- ethnic wives in my study were distinctive in that most of them appeared to be more cognizant about the issue of ethnic identity with regard to their children than were the Euro-American husbands in the study and, for the most part, were enthusiastic about helping their children engage it in some form. (Chong, pp.211)

  • Doesn’t pretend the kid is going to be a male model
  • Healthier fundamental basis, no white supremacist, anti-feminist white father who idealizes Asian women; no Asian mother who says horrific things about Asian males.
  • Loves the Asian male on either his looks or his character or both; doesn’t have delusional ideas about the child being a superhuman based on his race; if anything, completely avoids or shuns the idea that Eurasians are superior due to the fact that they are half white.
  • Doesn’t talk shit about Asian women.

In contrast to the women who frequently alluded to the nerdy quali- ties of Asian males as reasons for these men’s undesirability, interracially married Asian American men in my study rarely mentioned explicitly the physical shortcomings of Asian females as reasons for not marrying or dating them. (Chong, 2013; Pg. 197-198)

  • Both parties are conventionally attractive rather than fetishes

Although Asian American women in this study were generally highly assimilated as well, I believe my observations support the findings elsewhere that the assimilation “bar” may be higher for Asian American men than it is for Asian American women who wish to cross the ethnic/racial line in terms of romance and sex. (Chong, pp. 198)

  • Relationship is not politicized against Asian males or White females, as is the case in WMAW relationships; Asian male does not talk poorly about White men or Asian women
  • Asian men and white women do not promise Eurasian superhuman myths of their children, which seems common in extremely average looking White male / Asian woman couples. Asian men and white women do not hype up or focus on the child’s Asian features – merely that is is a child whose parents were in love.
  • While Asian women essentially do not date anyone but White men – Asian men have diverse love interests and oftentimes marry women that are opposed to White supremacist ideals.
  • The White or non-Asian women who go after or accept an Asian man tend to be more socially conscious and tuned in with the child’s ethnicity and needs.

Many of the Euro- ethnic wives in my study were distinctive in that most of them appeared to be more cognizant about the issue of ethnic identity with regard to their children than were the Euro-American husbands in the study and, for the most part, were enthusiastic about helping their children engage it in some form. (Chong, 2013; pg. 211)

  • Asian men and White women do not raise their children to be “master race”, push them to be models or actors, – but moreso normal, well adjusted people who are grounded, get good jobs, good education, and develop normal social lives.
  • White women will not marry an Asian male for status, as this is impossible given the lower status of Asian men.
  • Asian men actually have to meet a threshold in order to marry a white woman – they have to be good looking, or have a good job, or a great personality. A white man literally needs none of these when marrying an Asian woman, setting a terrible example for the child: i.e., look handsome, white, or die.
  • Most white men who get with Asian women are generally meek, “weak,” anti-social, Asiaphiles, nerdy, nebbish, or “losers”
  • Relationship is not about integration and assimilation into Whiteness, but against it
  • Relationship is not tinted with anti-feminist sentiment
  • Asian guy needs to hit a certain looks standard (looks are more important to White females than they are to Asian females)
  • Asian father is traditionally masculine, has good facial ratios and fits conventional attractiveness, which western women find appealing, due to narrow eyes, tan skin, dark coloring
  • No covert incest between mother and child
  • Promotes sports and social activities
  • Confident AMWW children generally date White women / non Asian women
  • Genuine interest in the Asian culture
  • Hopes the child looks Asian / dark features
  • Both parties have friends from a wide range of races and backgrounds
  • Doesn’t prioritize race, “passing” or “white privilege”
  • Both parties are historically disenfranchised
  • A very good looking Asian guy generally will wind up with a woman of another race




White men and Asian women

  • Woman likes male specifically for his whiteness and status (Hence massively skewed statistics among Asian women and white men – no other minority men)
  • Hopes child looks white
  • Praises the child’s light features / Euro features
  • Strongly hypes up the child’s ethnicity as biracial, promising high status which the child fails to obtain
  • Child generally strongly disfavors anything but the white side

Another Chinese American mom, Carol, related an incident about one of her young daughters that she found similarly disturbing and unexpected: this daughter, who is more Asian looking than her sister, announced suddenly one day that she did not like Chinese people, or anyone with black hair and dark skin, and chose a book for a school project explaining that it had light-skinned people on the cover. (Chong, pp. 205)

  • White men / Asian women generally have the most really terrible things to say (Chong, 2013, pg. 197-198)  about Asian men and have a complex power dynamic (White father, Asian mother) wherein neither is willing nor able to visualize the problems of the child. After all – Asian women want white children, and don’t seem to care as to how they get them. Asian women will praise White features – ignoring the fact that many half-Asians look totally Asian, either at birth, or in adulthood. This causes the child to hate its Asian side – like Elliot Rodger, and Daniel Holtzclaw.

In contrast to the women who frequently alluded to the nerdy quali- ties of Asian males as reasons for these men’s undesirability, interracially married Asian American men in my study rarely mentioned explicitly the physical shortcomings of Asian females as reasons for not marrying or dating them. (Chong, 2013; Pg. 197-198)


In fact, Monica recalled an incident that was highly disturbing to her. When it was pointed out to her six-year-old son explicitly for the first time that he was half-Korean, she remembered that he almost became angry and horrified, and retorted, “No I’m not!” and ran out of the room. (Chong, pp. 202).

  • If child is not white, the mother will develop resentment toward him due to loss of status (hence so many Asian women with Asian looking sons displaying anti-social or miserable behavior).
  • No other interracial pairing, including Asian men / White women pairs, are so obsessed with how their kids look.
  • Tiger Moms
  • Extraordinary high rates of mental illness among mothers
  • The psychological emasculation of the child may start at an early age, especially within white supremacist cultures that love to demean Asian men, whereby the child feels mentally destructed or encouraged to hide his Asian side (which always fails).
  • White men involved in these relationships blatantly ignore signs that they are being used for their race and privilege, such as nearly constant comments about how “handsome” their western features are (despite not actually being handsome) and then don’t realize that they are being primed to create children like us whose entire value is that we look less Asian than we would normally look.
  • Encourages child to pass as white, compliments the child’s white features
  • Discourages child’s Asian features
  • Asian women historically do not marry for love – only for social benefit – and marriage to a white man, and only a white man, is seen as being the ticket to integration and “superior” children to fulfill a stringent life plan.
  • Family home environment harshly discourages identification with Asian males, yet promises high status for being mixed with White
  • Only care about the Asian culture after freaking out abut the child’s Asian looks
  • White men and Asian women in these relationships generally hate Asian men – yet their sons look Asian to Western society. 
  • They willingly ignore long legacies of white male supremacy in the Western world and willfully ignore clear indications of narcissistic behavior, such as fetishizing the child for his white skin / big eyes.
  • The entire premise is built on the hope that the child is white passing, whereby the father’s behavior, character (racist, alcoholic, violent, broke), all are non-issues as long as he is white; should the child be Asian looking, neither parent is prepared or willing to help him.

Monica, the Korean American mentioned earlier who in the past struggled painfully with her Korean heritage and appearance, feels that now that she has biracial children, she finds reengaging with Korean culture a simple necessity….

When asked whether she would care about ethnic cultural maintenance had her kids been Euro-ethnic, she confessed that she would not, and that the reason she felt the need to reconnect to her ethnic culture was because her kids have an undeniable Asian appearance. (Chong, 2012; pg. 202)

  • More often than not – but not always – the father is bottom of the barrel mentally or genetically (the prior in my father’s case) and for whatever reason ignores the woman’s clear white worshipping because he will stoop to any level to get laid… (English teachers, weaboos, nerds). Essentially men that were never intended to reproduce manage to find a way by virtue of having white skin.
  • Essentially any white guy can get an Asian woman
  • Both parties limit themselves to white friends
  • White privilege is taught to the child, and even encouraged by both parents
  • Many very unattractive white men go for Asian women as a fallback
  • Near constant debasement of Asian maleness in the home
  • Strong animosity towards anything and everyone Asian
  • Horrible personality
  • Strong dislike of AMWW couples
  • WMAW children generally limited to dating Asian women due to low self esteem
  • White father harasses children and makes Asian jokes
  • White father is oftentimes earning much less than the mother
  • White father is oftentimes a “loser” or a racist who sees Asian women as “replacement” white women who appreciate white men – leading to the child retaining the racist mentality.
  • Higher divorce rates
  • High parental health complications.
  • Just look at these couples. The power imbalance alone (75-80% of all Hapas having White fathers is enough of an implicit message that Asian men are inferior) is enough to cast a side eye at them…. now imagine the result of being the child.

Why the HELL are the most successful Eurasians to come out of EUROPE of all places – the hotbed of extreme racism, produce uniformly successful half Asians with Asian fathers despite being outnumbered?

These are all more or less familiar names – where are the ones with white fathers?*

American television, in the last year or two, has featured six Eurasians that I’m aware of.

SIX out of SEVEN of these half-Asians on AMERICAN TELEVISION in recurring roles have white mothers.

  • Rush Hour – Jon Foo
  • Marco Polo – Remy Hii
  • Agents of Shield – Chloe Bennett
  • House of Cards – Sandrine Holt
  • Elektra – Elodie Yung
  • The Amazing Race – Zach King
  • Criminal Minds – Daniel Henney.

Here are all the aggregated links discussing why the reasons AM/WW seems to produce top feeding success stories, while WM/AW produces dregs and burnouts.


*I will admit that half Philipinos seem successful. I don’t know why – but East Asian mothers really love to try to highjack half-Filipinos to fill out rosters; why can’t they name any half Chinese sons beyond 2 or 3?

*I am aware there are successful half Asians – by law of numbers there will be. Fifty years of WMAW pairings would logically produce a few; yet despite being vastly outnumbered the children of Asian men / White women seem to have gone above and beyond – I would imagine being a Bond girl, a massive celebrity in Switzerland of all places would count as very successful.


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  1. Hi man. I stumbled on your blod and I’m tempted to laugh or mock but the reality is so twisted and sickening that I genuinely feel sorry for you. If you had eyes you would see that you are only projecting sexual or interracial neurosis on your parents (even if these accusations are true) aren’t you by extension, spreading the same neurosis to your presumably Chinese family, merely substituting “perfect assimilated half-white” children for perfectly reddeemed proud asian man asldkjfn8h32 whatever acronym that is children? If you found your entire ideology and the form the basis of your marriage as some sort of proud Asian revenge what right do you have to say it is any more love than that of your parents? The whole world doesn’t revolve around you being 8paisdf;lj the one acronym with the white male and whatever, you really need to get the fuck over yourself. I mean, you could apply the same nonsense to really any other racial group: “this guy married a jew to get rich” “this girl married a Swede because she’s self hating half indian half black all guys born to df8u81n c;lakjds nf couples unite and expose your evil mothers!!” I mean can’t you step outside yourself and look at yourself at how a normal guy would look at this? There are plenty of neurotic losers in the world that aren’t hapa… it is your fault for being one, not your parents. You can blame them for bad upbringing but you can’t blame them for this gay blog, which you made as an adult. The worst part is by “exposing” this or whatever you think you are doing, even if you have a case, will only make you and your fellow 8po diujf;a hapas more miserable and more neurotic by wholly identifying their lives with what might or might not even be a factor in it, and not let them get past that: sinking and embedding all of you into, whereas, if you just let it go, and forgave your parents, you might actually develop some humanity/personality other than being an I AM HALF ASIAN FEEL SORRY FOR ME< TELL MY MOM SHEES BAD twat. think about it for one second, you apparently admire a pride of race among Asian men, something that you apparently hate white men for, and you praise white women for doing what you hate in asian women. so apparently reverse the races and its all good?? if the one form of marriages succeed because of racist/upwardly mobile neurosis that the other succeed because of politically correct pro-race mixing neurosis that is equally debasing to race and community and equally destructive to common happiness. I'm not saying this as someone with yellow fever, i've never even liked asian women, but you really have no business digging in people's underwear investigating their genitales to see if it was "real love' or not. And if you have a single shred of sanity you really won't try to pass a whole category of people as the ultimate wrongdoer simply for having found love in two categories of people. you insult the most basic human things with your gayness and by doing so only perpetually chose to be what you say your parents made you. I hope you get over yourself someday.

    • terriblymeanwhiteman wrote a novel. You should ignore it. terriblymeanwhiteman is genetically programmed liar. Keep up the good work.

    • You’ve posted such a long diatribe that it’s clearly obvious there’s a lot of anger and butthurt emanating from you, White boy. Truth hurts, don’t it? And look… you’re just a silly bitch in denial. Pity.

    • It didn’t take this blog for me to figure out something was wrong with WMAW couples, this blog only confirmed what I already knew, and provided deeper details and explanations. Thing is, I’m neither asian nor white. If people outside those two communities can see it, what does that say about these couples? The truth is painfully obvious. Non-asians and non-whites know the deal, they just mostly mind their business. But trust me, more people are aware of this toxic so-called “love” than you think.

  2. I can think of a couple successful hapas with white fathers right off the top of my head. They happen to be women.

    How about Kristin Kreuk and Maggie Q?

    • LOL… that’s all? You White males and Asian females can deny all you want, but truth is, MOST successful Hapas in showbiz/entertainment/life/etc. have Asian fathers and White mothers.

      • I happen to agree with a lot of the author’s points in his many posts. He has an important message and I want him to be taken seriously. I’m making this small point because I think other readers would also think of these examples. These omissions hurt his argument in this post. You, sir, really have to tone down your language. It’s not helping you convince anyone to join your side.

  3. By “to join your side”, do you mean yourself? Not a care in the world, buddy.

    The only ones that would think of such “examples” are White males/Asian females (such as yourself) trying desperately to prove a point. Thus, your “small point” is irrelevant when it comes to the big picture—which you’ve utterly failed to realize.

  4. Everytime I see a AMWF couple I know its true, deep, and virtuous. When I see a WMAF couple I know both of them are racists. Elliot Rodger was a typical hapa with an asian mother who neglected him and white father whom he always felt inferior to. WMAF produces psychopaths.

    • — “Everytime I see a AMWF couple I know its true, deep, and virtuous.

      Not always the case, mate; however, much more so than these pathetic hordes of WMAFs.

      My advice to fellow Asian brothers out there: STAY AWAY from the White girls (or any Western girl) that claim to “love” Asian guys—especially the ones that are obsessed and obviously care only about Asian pop culture (such as with K-pop or J-pop). Once these superficial & shallow hoes get bored, then they’ll “monkey-branch” onto the next fad (and, thus, leave your sorry-ass behind—leaving YOU devastated, used and, possibly, broke). These hoes are on the same level as White guys who fetishize Asian girls. On the contrary, it’s actually White women who “say” they aren’t interested in Asian men who CAN show a possible romantic interest toward a specific Asian man (notice the use of singular and plural nouns for a specific term)—an Asian man who shatters negative Asian male stereotypes and doesn’t pander to White society (like a lot of weak-minded and low self-esteem Asian guys that do so, here in the West).

      Genuine & sincere AMWF couples build their lives together based on true love & respect—for each other and their respective heritages. So, if you’re a self-respecting Asian man and tired of self-hating Asian trollops—and is now seeking a quality White female—then go for a White woman who has a healthy sense of self-worth and pride for her European identity and heritage. “Healthy” in that she doesn’t suffer from being overly liberal or conservative (in her viewpoints, lifestyle, etc.); isn’t suffering mentally from “White guilt” (as the sins of her forefathers DO NOT reflect her if she is a woman of noble virtue and excellent moral character); and isn’t a straight-up feminist nutbag nor share views with White supremacist fucktards. For Asian males who adore White females (and vice versa), the cold, hard truth is that only a few White women are truly compatible with Asian men—which actually makes it all the more better…

      Quality over Quantity = Asian Males & White Females
      Quantity over Quality = White Males & Asian Females

      • Some people have fetishes, but some just have real preferences, and can be attracted to AM just because it is just the way it is. Nothing to do with K or Jpop necessarily. It could be just as genuine as an AW mainly attracted to AM, just that it is a WW or other. You need to consider that people are not blind, and that real tastes are not “choices”. Unless they attach stereotype to you, that is not automatically a fetish. Fetishists are so easy to spot it’s laughable. They are creeoy. People with a preference do not project anything. Most of the time they don’t even know why they prefer the ethnic group they prefer. It’s just in them. Should WW stay away from AM who love WW too? I see your point but at the same time, do not label all women who are attracted to your ethnic group “fetishists”, it could not be further from the truth.

        • — “…and can be attracted to AM just because it is just the way it is.

          It is just the way it is“, huh? No, no (how shallow of you to say)… there’s ALWAYS a reason/reasons—whether it be due to fetishism, genuine desire or whatnot (and even those reasons HAVE reasons—whether right, wrong; good, bad). Even individuals who have a “preference” have their reason(s). Get me? Not trying to be degrading here, but, truthfully, your mode-of-thought is typical of MOST women—regardless of racial background—as I’ll illustrate to you below.

          — “Most of the time they don’t even know why they prefer the ethnic group they prefer. It’s just in them.

          Just in them“? So, you’re implying preference is inherent/inborn, huh? I don’t think so, girl (again, REASONS—don’t tell me there isn’t/aren’t or “it just happens”). And by “they” you mean “women“, right? OF COURSE… because “THEY (women) don’t even know why” (LOL)—that’s why females are the “whimsical sex“, and there’s also the saying: “Women don’t know what they want.” You see? And it’s both true… typical of MANY females—you’re among those types of women that I warn my fellow Asian men about: fickle, indecisive, whimsical/capricious and who selfishly place their emotions above rationale and logic (which is why you failed to fully comprehend my earlier post in the first place)—thus creating nothing but chaos (i.e., dissonance and disharmony) with the man (or men) they (try to) form a relationship with. No man (let alone Asian man) I’ve ever met or spoken to has ever said such a nonsensical thing as you did within the quotations above. And, finally…

          — “Should WW stay away from AM who love WW too?

          Yes, absolutely (as I’m not biased nor a hypocrite)… White women SHOULD stay away from Asian men who DO claim to “love” them, as well. If you still don’t get it, listen… there’s a reason why I quoted the term “love“—because those who say they do (whether White females or Asian males), don’t actually mean it out of a sincere and genuine desire to build a lifelong relationship (there’s the usual racial fetishism and/or ulterior motives that come into play from BOTH SIDES). Although Asian men are usually very devoted and loving partners (who don’t give a damn about their partner’s racial background, as long as she genuinely loves him—and keeps his belly full and balls empty), there are those lowly Asian men, also, who are just as guilty as “yellow fever”-White men when it comes to fetishism—in this case, toward White women. There’s a difference between “I ‘love’ White women/Asian men/blah, blah, etc.” and “I love you“. Understand? And, more importantly, actions speak louder than words—remember that (that’s common knowledge, right there).
          Lastly, just to reinforce the truth that “only a few White women are truly compatible with Asian men“, for your info, AMWFs have among the highest IR divorce rates—according to a 2002 national survey (source: http://tinyurl.com/hapwpmw). Therefore, I stand firm with my viewpoint that the only AMWF couples who truly last are the ones that exude “quality” (how you interpret that is up to you).

          Now, I could go on and on and on about your other misunderstandings and misconceptions, but I’ll leave it at that (I see that you’re not exactly the rational nor logical type and I bet you’re overwhelmed already). If you’re a single woman (who desires an Asian man), I wish you all the best (if that’s even possible for you… hahaha); HOWEVER, you best stay away from a quality Asian (or even Hapa) guy before you ruin his life… alrighty? “Bottom-feeding” Asian dudes would “looooooove” you, though (“long time”)… as misery loves company (LOL).

          • I’m talking preference, not complex, trends, worshipping etc which can be summed up as fetish. People view preference as only acceptable when it’s same race but not when it’s not. This is not even credible. I don’t see anyone preferring their own race as racist, unless they attach stereotypes to them, same with “other” preferences. Also I never said having a preference meant being exclusive. People do have tastes, some are healthy some are unhealthy. The AWWM thing is mostly a trend and a quest for power vs quest for domination. It’s based on bashing the opposite sex of one’s own group. Real preferences aren’t based on bashing, ego tripping, prize etc whatever you call it. I have an AM friend who prefers WW they have an eurasian son, he seems to be doing well. Some AM who claim to dislike women who love them, get mad at women who say they don’t love them, then are disappointed when an “equal opportunist” doesn’t view them as better that a WM or BM. Oh well. You will hardly ever find someone without a preference male or female.

            • Uh-huh, you were talkin’ about preferences—and I just addressed how an individual’s preference has reasons; not ’cause “it is just the way it is” or “it’s just in them“. Simple enough (don’t twist things up). So, again (for clarification), preference (for a specific ethnic or racial group—whether it be a preference for your own or for another group) isn’t “fixed” nor inherent/inborn—there are reasons and preferential reasons are subject to change (whether the individual likes it or not).
              Your Asian male friend, for example, have you ever asked him “Why?” he prefers White women? His personal preference didn’t “just happen” at a spur-of-the-moment (as most Asian men are coupled with and/or strongly desire Asian women themselves). Chances are, he grew-up within Western society and is fed-up with seeing the hordes of Asian females who DO exhibit self-hate, White-worship and the like (but even if not and he was raised in Asia, there are still a significant amount of Asian females within that region of the world who exhibit the aforementioned traits).

              — “The AWWM thing is mostly a trend and a quest for power vs quest for domination. It’s based on bashing the opposite sex of one’s own group.

              Self-aware Asian and Hapa males have known this for a very long time now, and this author’s blog—in its entirety—only reinforces these truths and exposes them. If an Asian male wrote this blog, he would immediately be deemed as a joke—in particular, by Asian females and White males—and, thus, sidelined as just another angry and jealous Asian male loser. However, since the author himself is THE very essence of the toxic racial dynamic that is WMAFs, he has all the credibility. Regardless of racial background, many agree with EW (even a handful of Asian women); however, the only ones that DON’T are butthurt, solipsistic White males. Funny, eh?

              • Z.J. I see your point, and it makes perfect sense, but I also know most people won’t get me and there is nothing I can do about that. If there are reasons in general, please consider that there could be a few exceptions. What I meant by “it’s just the way it is” is that just like I don’t know why I prefer my favorite color, I don’t know why I’m mostly attracted to AM. Most of the time, when people can explain “exactly” why they like another ethnic group it always ends up being a stereotype and that’s creepy. I had no clue I was mostly attracted to AM until my childhood friend noticed a pattern, and told me in our mid 20s. I was shocked to realize ever since I was a teen, pretty much 80% of the guys I had been attracted to were asian. Mind you, I never grew up in an asian neighborhood or watched anime, or was bombarded with ideal asian images in the media. I have done extensive research on the subject of preference for years, I used to struggle with it, mainly because 1. I feared being racist and 2. I was shamed for it by non-asians… and some asian women. It made people angry. The consequences of being “seen” with an AM? Dirty looks, hostility. Dating one? Losing friends, being ridiculed, losing respect from a lot of people, including some relatives. The only choice I consciously made was to accept the consequences of self-acceptance. Thankfully I have a supportive asian circle now (they’re like family to me) and have been “asian approved” (haha, just meaning they know I don’t project stereotypes on them). But just to make things clear, I don’t date just “any” AM and I don’t date them exclusively, character comes first. But if there really is a reason for this attraction, and you could be right there may be one, I have not found it yet.

                “Chances are, he grew-up within Western society”

                He’s an asian asian. He already liked WW when he was in Asia. But yes he may have reasons that I’m unaware of. Could be the “western influence” in his country? Who knows.

                “Regardless of racial background, many agree with EW (even a handful of Asian women); however, the only ones that DON’T are butthurt, solipsistic White males. Funny, eh?”

                Agreed. I also think preference outside one’s race is more likely to be genuine if the exception, not the rule. Most people are simply mostly attracted to what looks like them. When there is an obvious imbalance (i.e. most AW or BM “preferring” white, more and more indian women too), there is obviously some brainwashing going on.

                  • Alrighty… nice to know we’re on the same page… and I get where you’re comin’ from, so allow me to apologize for being an aggresive dickhead within my initial response to you (I honestly thought/assumed you were a trashy White female individual, at first).

                    Anyways, Indians are indeed Asians (South Asians), yes, but—just for your info—the term “Asian” itself has absolutely nothing to do with ethnicity (nor race); “Asian” is, simply, a geographic demonym or an “umbrella term” for the inhabitants/peoples of what is known as “Asia” (and Asia is vast, diverse and expansive—the largest geo-political “continent” on this planet, after all). See what I mean? Asia—in particular, Asia Orient or Eastern Asia (i.e., East and Southeast Asia)—does not have a unifying/unified “identity” like what you see with Europe (hence the “EU”). You can only see that “unified” “Asianness” where Asians are perceived as “one people” (usually by the ignorant and common masses amongst White-majority/Western societies)—like in the U.S., Europe or Australia (and “Asia/Asian” has different meanings and/or connotations within these respective regions). I could go very deep about this topic with you, but yeah… just some knowledge and insight to better understand “Asia/Asians” (from an Asian man, as myself).

                    • No problem, trashy people are frustrating.

                      BTW I’m not white, people do seem to think I’m white here but nope. 🙂

                      And thanks for the detailed explanation on “Asia/Asians”. 😀

  5. I wouldn’t presume to tell you that your reality is not true for you — while we are all products of both genetics and environment, I believe that at least to a certain extent, we all create our own reality, for better and — for worse. Your parents both sound messed up, and you and your brother may also have inherited some aspects of your father’s mental illness. But many people of all races had far worse childhoods then yours. My childhood was dreadful, and I still suffer from it as a result. (I am a white male) But I do my best to live a kind and considerate life. In my mind, I have forgiven my parents. They did the best they could with the dysfunctional qualities they both brought to their marriage. Yes, their best was pretty bad, but it makes zero sense to dwell on their questionable parenting at this stage. When you are able to forgive them, you will be doing it for your benefit — not theirs. And don’t worry that you will your righteous sense of hurt and pain. Believe me, it will all to easy to pick it up again should you want to. Hopefully, forgiving your mother and father will allow you to really become the real you. That is, the person you wish to be, irregardless of race. A boss of mine once said to me that every person has some racist tendencies. I think that is true. But recognizing this fact and attempting to overcome our prejudices is part of life and self-realization. I sincerely hope you find some peace of mind — you deserve it

      • EW, It wasn’t meant to be an argument supported in some syllogistic manner. It wasn’t meant as a pontifical pronouncement on your circumstances. Nor was it meant to discount or diminish your obvious pain. It seems you ridicule most people here who are not a hapa, or who do not unquestionably agree with your views and beliefs. It’s your blog and your nickle — but delighting in slamming someone who sees things differently like a Christophe Hitchens cum Dorothy Parker does nothing useful; it is just alienating for you. Yes, some people post pointless stuff here. But most posters on your blog seem thoughtful. Yet you seem intent on driving people away. Your anguish is so debilitating that there is no space left for others…pain consumes you. I don’t believe that you have to live this way, that you can’t move on from your early trauma, and that you can’t accept that you don’t look like an Iowa farm boy. You have to decide to prosper and thrive–*see below

        *Poster is a white male — so he’s most likely an over-priviledged thoughtless asshole with nothing useful to say.

        • @Seth, you’ve lived and enjoyed the comforts of white society most of your life. You don’t know what it is like to be a minority in America. Your mind is biased! What minority in America would want to listen to you? Deep down inside you want to maintain the status quo, you overtly or covertly do things to maintain it.

  6. “Why the HELL are the most successful Eurasians to come out of EUROPE of all places – the hotbed of extreme racism”

    I already told you dude. You are just too backwards to see it.

  7. Interesting observation. I have to add though, that perhaps my experiences differ from the eurasian norm but I find that white women who actively seek Asian men (again, as a pattern, rather than falling in love with the love of their life who happens to be Asian) are as dickish as the WMAF couples, but in different ways. They love to show off their Asian boyfriends (often starting blogs with lame names such as ‘east meets west’, even when their Asian boyfriend was born and raised in the West) and make a big fuss about their ‘cross-cultural relationship’. It all stinks of ‘look at me, aren’t I so great going out with an Asian guy, look at me look at me’. They love telling people about their Asian boyfriend as soon as they meet you and they sit back, waiting for your reaction. Most people go ‘WOW that’s so COOL, do you speak [INSERT RANDOM ASIAN LANGUAGE]?’. The response by the woman is usually ‘Yes I am fluent’, then more praise gets heaped on them for speaking an exotic Asian language and for having an Asian boyfriend. When they do it to me (a eurasian female) and I respond neutrally (i.e. politely but without showing any sign of being impressed by their ‘achievements’ of dating an asian guy, they turn very hostile and have accused me of being racist, etc). I have met countless white women like this in WFAM relationships. I have even met a few white-passing female hapas who act like this. I have come across too many instances in multiple countries (western and asian) for me to dismiss this. it’s another pattern. These white/white passing hapas usually end up living in Asia where they end up being worshipped just because they are white, and then to their western counterparts they get the ‘ooooh ahhh’ gasps of surprise for dating a white guy. It is equally annoying.

      • Yes x 2. I’ve often said this.

        This month I’ve had a few (more than usual) encounters where I have crossed and then been glared/stared at by (ugly) WMAF couples. I have experienced this all over the world. I may even have come across the mentally ill white worshipping Kimberlite Tran who comes on this blog to brag about her hapa kids, in France. These couples inevitably involve the usual b1tchy ugly insecure white-worshipping Asian females who no decent Asian guy would touch with a barge pole, and the usual weird white guys who studied abroad in Japan and have a Chinese girlfriend and thinks any Asian looking woman will throw herself at him with zero effort on his part cos he is white. That creepy smile that makes me want to punch them in the face. They will have hapa kids.
        I can only imagine how it feels when these fuckers do it to Asian or hapa males. These couples are everywhere, all over the world and we can’t escape from them.

        Ps. “Quapas” seem to have similar problems as hapas (although they are still differently situated). The ones who don’t look white cling to their whiteness and pretend to not be Asian. The ones who look white fetishise their Asian side and whore their Asian side out to white people. I say one island just for Hapas and another for quapas.

  8. I remember reading somewhere, I can’t remember the exact article.

    It’s not about Asian men, White men, Asian women, White women, whatever pairs you imagine, that produce a white passing or asian passing hapa.

    If your dad is good looking and mom is pretty, you’d get a beautiful/pretty/handsome hapa.

    It’s not about WMAF pairs or AMWF pairs. It’s about the genetic material.

    Objectively speaking, there are quite handsome hapas from both pairs. But the eyesore of WMAF and degeneration of the WMAF standards produce more ugly looking hapas. So even those good looking hapas from WMAF now have to bear the brunt of ugly fucking hapas from ugly fucking WMAF pairs.

    Imagine a picturesque scene where there has a sitting couch under the tent to block the sunlight. An Asian guy was sitting and enjoying the beautiful sunlight.

    What do you see? 5’11”, buffy guy with a clear jaw line sipping on his juice? Or a guy with 5’8” skinny physique?

    Change the scene to a White guy.

    Imagine a picturesque scene where there has a sitting couch under the tent to block the sunlight. A White guy was sitting and enjoying the beautiful sunlight.

    Do you have the same imagination as above?

    We humans are wired as to project our imagination.

    AMWF, WMAF …. it does not matter online since we can’t see them. But if their parents look good, their children will look good too. The problem is most of the time, AMWF seems to be fairly based on mutual love and understanding whereas WMAF becomes rampant and filled with most ugly looking guys from Whites and ugly looking girl from Asia.

    So over time, WMAF hapa are becoming more and more ugly looking products. I’m not downplaying WMAF couples. I’m saying the bar for WMAF couples to exist becomes lower and lower. So those legitimate and happily living hapas from WMAF, for some unfortunate reasons, have to bear the overall ugliness of hapas from ugly WMAF pairs.

    The same as Asian men. There are population of Asian men who are tall, handsome and buff. But they also have to bear the brunt of those weakling Asians images.

    For foreseeable future, I’m seeing more ugly hapa from WMAF.

  9. But if their parents look good, their children will look good too.

    Well Diana Ross and Robert Ellis Silberstein were good looking :

    They produced this :

    Chudney Ross comes from attractive parents but is not pretty. Your theory fails. Not to mention, even in everyday life I’ve seen good looking people produce ugly children and ugly people produce good looking ones.

  10. @Nope Not True,

    Yes, not all good looking parents produce good looking children and so do ugly looking parents.

    The idea is, good looking parents produce most of the time good looking children. That’s nature. That’s genetic. If you mate a bigger lion and a bigger lioness, you’re bound to have a bigger lion. 99% chance that the progeny will be bigger or on part with their parents. If you come across a smaller one, it’s something to do with mutations or some changes when the DNA recombines.

    We’re talking about the Majority of the happenstance.

    No good looking man or woman is intentionally looking for ugly mates so as to take a chance, hoping their children will look good either way. It has to work out at primal requirements of compatibility and mental connections.

    I’m not pro or anti- IR marriage as long as they’re borne out of mutual love and respect.

    But most of WMAF couples are borne out of fetish and creepiness.

  11. What my observations and my personal opinion on this AMWF and WMAF hapa children, especially hapa males are as follows:

    1. Women always try to gauge where they stand compared to their partners mother. No matter how individualistic they claim, no matter how they say they don’t care, but when it comes to serious relationship, women always always compare themselves with their partners mother (subconsciously).

    If you happen to mention that you love how your mother used to make you a very good dumpling soup when you are young, in a conversation in a casual way, she will remember that and she will make a dish similar to what you love from your mother. That’s not a competition, but rather a gesture that she can also make something you’re fond of.

    2. If you grow up in a family where your parents love you and you are mentally sane, you always admire how much your parents have done and supported you throughout your life, your women (girlfriend/wife/you name it) will try to mimic that situation or try to fill up the hole you miss from your family warmth.

    Imagine an Asian woman you’re dating find it easier to cope with your needs because your mother is an asian woman herself. Your girlfriend is familiar with your familial needs and your cultural background, how you grew up, how you spend your holidays.

    Looking at the above 2 observations, you find it easier to understand why hapa males from AMWF tend to fit it well with a society and they can approach a white girl as normal (Again, I’m not putting white women on a pedestal). I’m just saying, why hapa males from AMWF tend to go around with their ways. After all, their mother is White women. So if they want to date white girls, those white girls can easily figure out where they stand compare to their partners mother.

    Now compare that to WMAF hapa males. Their mother is Asian. So they won’t find it hard to date Asian women. But when it comes to dating white women, they fall short of background compatibility.

    Again I’m not saying it’s impossible. I’m just pointing out the majority of what we’re seeing today reflects the way we are raised.

  12. My boyfriend is Japanese and Im white. Weve been together for two years. Whenever we see a AMWF couple, we look at each other like “oh ya look baby its one of us!” a few weeks ago, my boyfriend saw a WMAF couple walk out of a restaurant together, and was like “babe look! wmaf couple!” its funny that the writer of this blog gets so angry about WMAF couples….my boyfriend is asian and im white but if we ever see an asian white couple we both get excited. he doesnt get all butt hurt if he sees a white guy with an asian girl, all he sees is someone like us: an asian person getting with a white person, cool. its not that big of a deal. the author of this blog makes it a huge deal. if its such a huge deal, why doesnt my boyfriend get all weird when he sees an asian girl with a white guy? he doesnt because hes NORMAL. were friggin NORMAL people were a NORMAL couple. i feel really bad for the writer of this blog, seriously you seem like a sad guy. the way you see the world is just nuts. my boyfriend and i dont see the world this way, why do you? also i just want to say that im completely obsessed with my boyfriend and tell him constantly how were gonna get married and that im gonna have his kids someday cause hes so hot and im so obsessed with him!! just had to throw that in. anyway, night yall<3

    • Sincerely doubt anything you say is true since you’re the first White woman to comment on this blog that says she hasn’t been accosted by either white men or Asian women for choosing to be with an Asian guy. I highly, highly doubt it’s as smooth sailing as you pretend it is unless you live in Hawaii.

      • It is smooth sailing! And I really dont care what you think. We love each other and thats all that matters. You guys on here are just too jaded and fucked up in the head to let a woman love you. Sorry! Good luck! Hope you can get past it some day.

      • Also I wanted to throw in that my boyfriends Asian parents love me and my white parents love him. And my boyfriends brother is also dating a white girl and his parents love her too. So seriously this blog is just about a bunch of screwed up hang ups. Its a really sad blog. Maybe once you get past yourselves you can open up enough to let a girl love you too! Seriously Im sure girls have tried but youve just been too afraid. Stop being afraid :/ open up and let yourself be loved! You deserve it!

        • LOL… you speak as if you know the man. For your info, he already has a s/o (an Asian woman).

          Why don’t you educate yourself by clicking the link below and read my conversation with Duoduo—a White female with an Asian male (just like you, dear). If our conversation doesn’t open your mind, then I don’t know what will. Well… maybe if you, too, produce Eurasian failures like the hordes of WMAFs pointed out on this site (chew on that harsh reality/truth).


          • I will do anything to protect my children, including pointing out the blatant hypocrisy of WMAW. Any attempts to stop me are already too late as it’s inevitable that every single Asian woman on the planet reads this website (provided she speaks English) and recognizes what is said here.

  13. i hope you find that for yourself too someday. youll find whatever you want in life, just dont get so jaded about everything. life is beautiful, have some confidence hunny!

    • I am SO OFFENDED by what you are saying to me. I love my boyfriend and am OBSESSED with him. I cant wait to have children with him. Look, your view is misconstrued. Asian men are better 100% over white men. Maybe some asian women out there in asian countries who have had bad experiences with asian men choose western men. Fine! But the same thing can be said about all races. You have a bad experience with one, and move to another, and find the next race superior. But the only thing that I can surmise (that is 100% true) is that asian men are the only way to go. I have a white dad (being that Im white), and I have a white mom, white brothers and a white sister. But ive only ever wanted to marry an asian man, and theres nothing wrong with that. Statistics show that asian men are better husbands, better fathers, better loves, better providers….the list goes on and on. So yes, some asian women out there might be scorned and want to “run off to another race”, but it speaks nothing to the fact that asian men are better at everything and that most women are flocking to asian men. Again I dont know where you live so I cant speak for that, but I live in los angeles where I se AMWF (asian male white female) couples at least three times a day. Again, not trying to argue with you, just trying to clarify from where Im coming from and what I believe to be the truth

      • You’re talking about 2016? Or 1988? Where marrying a white man was the best way to elevate your status in the Asian community? Regardless of who the guy was, including monumental pieces of shit who couldn’t cut it as men? Please. This issue doesn’t have to do with AMWW, it has to do with WMAW. I help other WMAW children, and I talk about WMAW. IF you love your husband, then have kids and have a happy family, your kids are guaranteed to be healthy and happy – not like I was, and we need time to help sort ourselves out. You have no idea the damage we had done to us.

      • Your son / daughter will be my age in 2045. A different time / different place. My plan is to document what was done to us during the last death throes of white supremacy. That was all I wanted to do, and I did it.

  14. You’re so full of it. Just off the top of my head, Olivia Munn, Maggie Q, Kristen Kreuk, Daniel Henney and Dennis Oh all have Asian moms and white dads and they’re probably the most famous half Asians around.

  15. This blog makes me really sad. I’m white Australian. My husband is Japanese. We’ve been married for 13 years. Our daughter is 12. If she ever ends up as damaged and filled with self-loathing as so many people here appear, I’ll be devastated. She’s an amazing person, with so much to offer the world. Her appearance is one facet of her as are her intelligence, patience, wit, empathy, sense of humour and other personality quirks.
    More than anything, she is loved, valued and cherished by both her parents and her surviving grandparents.

      • That doesn’t stop my heart from hurting for Eurasian people filled with self-loathing and despising their Eurasian identity.
        It makes me sad to see people hurting over something so fundamental and intrinsic to who they are.

        • Unfortunately I think what was written here should be left for posterity. It’s painful, yeah, but there are a lot of Asian women who really do hate Asian males – and there are a lot of white men who are extremely racist in relationships with Asian women. The combination is deadly for the children.

  16. I am AM, with WM (yes, I’m in a gay relationship), and we have hapa children. I was researching potential identity struggles and challenges my half-Asian children may face in the future as I want to anticipate, research, and support them as their parent. (For the record, though I am now in a AM-WM relationship, I have dated various ethnicities, in fact mostly AM and AF).

    I stumbled across this blog and the reddit hapas community and was saddened to see such a negative community and shared mindset; I hope my children never stumble across this blog or community, nor feel even a fraction of the self-pity and shame you feel about your own heritage.

    As an AM, I grew up with many of the struggles and frustrations that hapa males identify with – feeling inferior to WM, feeling not sexually desirable nor represented positively in media, etc. I also had terribly traditional Asian parents with the standard Asian upbringing where I was harshly beaten with sticks or belts on an almost weekly basis for being inadequate in some regard. I was overweight, and often told by my father that only stupid people are overweight and that I was ugly. My mom also constantly mentioned how much more attractive Caucasian men were. Mix in the fact that I was queer, and my parents were vocally conservative anti-gay Christians, and you can see that my upbringing was less than ideal or pleasant. If you want to play the oppression Olympics game, I’ve got a fairly tough score to beat.

    I could be wallowing in self-pity and blame now for how my parents caused long-lasting self-esteem issues…and I definitely did, for maybe a few years in my late teens. But that’s when I realized something – complaining and blaming others does absolutely jack $hit for fixing the problem. At a certain point, you and *only you* are responsible for your own future and happiness. You can spend your life blaming your parents, your genes, or the world….which accomplishes nothing….or you can actually do something about it. And I did. When I stopped blaming the world for my inadequacies and just focused on working on them, it was surprising how even just the first step of accepting myself led to confidence that changed absolutely everything, including how other people perceived me (and surprisingly led to a huge boost in dates from both guys and gals – confidence is sexy).

    No one’s parents are perfect (in fact, most are pretty messed up in different ways). And some people just have it better than others, from better parents to good looks. It’s not fair, and that’s just how the world works. You can acknowledge all of this, grow from the challenges you get and move on….or you can dwell on it forever and blame everyone but yourself for being miserable.

    I hope you and the reddit hapa community find peace and self-acceptance. In the meantime, I hope my hapa children grow up with the resilience to face their unique challenges, the realism to accept that their parents aren’t perfect, and the forgiveness for our faults with the knowledge that their parents tried their best, so that they never have the need to search out negative communities such as this.

      • How exactly have I confirmed that white males are superior? Because in my spinning roulette wheel of the many people I dated over the years across all demographics (Asian men/women, White men/women, Black men and Latin men), the one I happened to end up marrying was a white male?

        So let me get this straight – according to you, the only acceptable outcome of my dating life was to end up with an Asian male, otherwise, I’ve made a statement that another race/gender is superior. How is that NOT racist?

        • STFU, this isn’t about you. It’s about the collective decision of your fellow Asian women who believe on the whole white males superior. Save this shit for your full Asian looking son.

          Instead of trying to make things better by telling Esther Ku and other hateful Asian women to STFU and stop creating an anti Asian atmosphere that destroys half Asian kids, you do nothing.

          You think by yourself you somehow can prove trends wrong? What happens to these Asian pornstars when they retire and give birth to a Hapa baby boy? What happens to the Hapa baby boys being left behind by mentally insane Asian women and their GI fuck buddies? What happens to the Hapa baby boys being born all over London by 22 year old single moms who fucking hate Asian males and just love to fuck the worst Chav Brit fuckboys imaginable?

    • You’re children will be better off mentally because you are an Asian male. It’s crazy Asian women who make their hapa children crazy.

          • Yes I’m a white man living in Asia but that doesn’t not immediately mean I’m here for the purpose of sex. I’m here to explore a foreign culture and make money. But if I do happen to find a native I have a strong connection with I don’t appreciate the implication that I hate Asian men, would only sleep with an Asian women to satisfy a fetish or that I would be inherently resentful of any child born from such a union. Implications all based on the colour of my skin.

              • Well I believe as a person I have the right to an opinon to speak and give my perspective on any matter. But ignoring such an egalitarian perspective, this blog directly relates to me because large parts of it are specifically talking about someone in my position, down to specifying profession. And I feel it’s depiction people in my situation is a very broad generalisation purposefully designed to deride and discredit and entire community of people.

                  • You mistake my opinion as some form of offence. I am not speaking from a position of anger or hatred or even pain. You’re free to say and do what your want. Why would I go complain and whine to other people about you? That would achieve absolutely nothing. I’m just giving my opinion on your opinion. And my opinion is that this blog is a text book case of racism. It’s not something I’m sure you fully realise or comprehend. The traits you disapprove of in white men and asian women, judging someone based on their race and subjective attractiveness, is exactly what you’re showing towards them. I earnestly ask you what the purpose of this blog is? As an observe I can see four possible answers.

                    1.Is it to help half asians and the challenges they face in society? If so that’s a pretty noble endeavour but I don’t think you’ll achieve it much by attacking other groups.

                    2.Is it to help asian men get laid more? Somewhat considerate but on a social level I don’t think hat’s a real issue considering asians are the most populace people on the planet by a long margin.

                    3.Is it to help spread and foster a disapproval and intolerance of inter racial romances based on gender? Because not only is that racists it’s quite sexist too.

                    4.Most likely there is no purpose of this blog but to make yourself feel better about bad circumstances you have found yourself in. In which case I suggest you try and find a healthier and less negative way to overcome your grief.

                    • @cillianflood…. I think the main purpose of this blog is to expose racism of White Male Asian Female (WMAF) Couples towards Asian men and the effect of that racism on their Asian looking Half Asian/Eurasian Sons..

                    • That would be point 3, the help spread and foster a disapproval and intolerance of inter racial romances based on gender. Can you not see the fallacy in the logic of pointing at an entire group of people (or in this case two groups, White Men and Asian Women) and declare them racist based on an assumption?

                    • @cillianflood….No, it’s not point 3.

                      According to Eurasian Writer , “I highly recommend that any potential parent to half-Asian children make sure that they are marrying on a clean slate – with zero fetishism, zero white-worship, and zero undertones of racial hierarchies – and that they be completely honest about this, to avoid sending more young man down the path that I went.”

                      This blog tells you that the relationships which are based on racism, white supremacy, self hate and hate of Asian men are not good.

                    • @welcome But can you not see that it’s racist to say that a group of people inherently possess those qualities? Messed up relationships and childhoods are not something exclusive to Asian Women and White Men marriages. Nor are healthy marriages and child rearing something exclusive to Asian Men and White Women. Good and bad relationships are one of the most universal things you can find in humanity regardless of wealth or culture. To give some kind of comparison to show how ludicrous a claim it is. My parents are both smokers and I had a very good childhood. Therefore smokers make better parents. You can probably find thousands of examples to support such a claim but it doesn’t actually make it true or any less ridiculous.

                    • @cillianflood…No one is saying that all White Male Asian Female (WMAF) Couples are bad. There are still many good WMAF Couples which are based on true love and are also raising successful half Asians. But bad WMAF Couples heavily outnumbers good WMAF Couples at the moment.

                    • I do not believe that’s any more true than claiming bad white-white couples outnumber good white-white couples. And even if it’s is true it’s a topic that is best researched in an academic manner utilizing hard evidence and theorems as to the basic cause. This blog is seeped with bias, anger and hate. It blindly claims that white men hate asian men based on no facts aside from the writer’s own personal experience. Presenting information in such a manner will not improve anything. It’s only going to make intolerance and hatred more widespread. If you want proof then just look at how quickly my own character came under attack for simply revealing I’m a white man in Asia.

                    • Yes they do, this is confirmed by the past 40 years of denigration in mainstream media, the Asian male threat causing White makes to try and chop down the Asian male LMAO!! Insecure much!!!

                    • White males hate males that aren’t white. Whitey’s are insecure and don’t want competition. They don’t want to assimilate to other peoples’ culture but want other to assimilate to their culture but they don’t want to completely accept them. Read up about the progressive movement of the 1920’s and how the WASP motherfkrs wanted to educate immigrants on how to be “good” Americans. It was a fear of WASP’s having to conform to them that drove them to passively force assimilation onto immigrants.

                • You’re in Asia because you can’t find a decent job in the states and white women don’t want your beta autistic like ass. You’re probably an English teacher. Most expats, especially English teachers are know as LBH (Loser Back Home). You sir, are a classic LBH.

                  • What makes me a classic lbh? What do you actually know about me aside from my skin colour and profession? Very little I’m guessing since your immediate assumption was that I’m from the US. But to tell you the truth I had an excellent life at home in Ireland. There are many people who love me there that I can thankfully still stay in contact with due to the internet. I’m fully educated with a Bachelors in Computer Science which I could easily get a job in if I so choose, but instead I have decided to become a more worldly person by working abroad in a subject I love (English) and in a job I enjoy. Making pretty good money out of it is also a nice bonus. Call me a loser if you wish but I am, and have been, extremely satisfied with my life so far regardless of continent.

                    • I don’t quite believe the shit you wrote. If you have a bachelors in computer science you shouldn’t be teaching English in Asia. You should be developing your career in computer science. Good luck getting a computer job when you head back to your home country. You’ll have to compete with younger people and Indians for computer jobs. You’re a classic loser bud, you confirmed this by what you wrote. Get a tattoo on you forehead with the initials “LBH.”

                    • “Loser back home” is a label affixed to an expatriate who was a loser in his home country and attempts to craft a new, more glamorous and interesting identity for himself in his new country of residence where no one knows him and the locals are unable to read the cultural signs which mark him as a loser. This often entails knavery, clumsy seductions of local women, public intoxication, and generally shameful behaviour that tarnishes the reputations of all the LBH’s fellow expats, causing them to be viewed forever after with suspicion and distaste. Like an alien entering into our atmosphere, we would be captivated by it’s differences and oddities, but far from our minds would be the label of a loser no matter how different they seemed.
                      An LBH is a “special” type of person that just doesn’t quite fit in. Back home, they may have been teased, out-cast and shunned and either didn’t know how or want to change their behaviour, to be able to socialize on a day-to-day basis with others. This is why so many LBH’s flock to China because they are accepted for who they are and not judged and shunned as they would be back in our culture. Their impoliteness, loud mannerisms, overstated opinions and general know-it-all attitude would still make it a difficult process to attain the label of ‘loser’ in China, but like with any alien, one person will eventually step forward to learn more. It’s when you are another Westerner meeting this type of weirdo guy or girl, in China, that you can recognize the social awkwardness and gag reflex behaviours they provoke, and safely look into their eyes (if you can manage this) and think that’s an LBH in the flesh!
                      For those of us who don’t possess a finely tuned LBH-radar, here are just a few ways to spot one:
                      Never had a successful career – has moved from place to place and job to job (train wreck to train wreck)
                      Doesn’t have a stable family life – often has left a string of broken dysfunctional relationships and a number of children to different partners and has not contributed to the financial support of them (train wreck to train wreck)
                      Is in China because he couldn’t make anything of himself in [insert western country name]
                      Lacks self-awareness
                      Has delusions of grandeur (e.g. thinks himself a misunderstood genius)
                      Invents an exciting and interesting background story about his life at home (that doesn’t make sense on closer inspection)
                      Indignant/angry/violent when details of his back-story are questioned or discovered to be obviously false
                      Expert on China and all things Chinese (likely to live in a western style gated community, drinks and eats almost exclusively in western style bars and restaurants, has probably never been more than one hour from home-base)
                      Expert on foreign politics, Chinese politics and anything newsworthy and will argue his opinion whether you want to hear it or not.
                      Believes themselves to be untouchable and above the law (I’m an [insert country], they can’t do anything to me/I know [insert title of local official they met once])
                      Dear friends, if you know an LBH or meet one (oh the humanity), smile, agree with everything they say then politely excuse yourself and get the hell away from them. Should you develop a relationship you will be automatically assumed to also be an LBH and when something bad does inevitably occur you will also go down with them.

                      (Some of this blog is copied from others and some is original content. This is the internet afterall.)


                    • Which diploma mill did you buy that from? Why don’t you start by building your career in computer science now? Later on this will be too late mate! Once a loser, always a loser. If you decide to marry a white worshipping Asia woman in the future be warned, your children might hate you and your wife. They might even make a blog airing out your dirty laundry.

                    • Cillian Fool,

                      You don’t have a computer science degree you have a “computer games development” degree. You probably used Microsoft Visual Basic to develop your games in class. You probably don’t know any useful computer languages. No on will hire you with that shitty degree. You should have gotten a degree in computer science engineering, that’s a more useful degree.

                    • I have experience in C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML5, Python, SQL and the Unreal Engine. Of course even if you understand half of what that means it won’t phase you at all as you’ll still call me a liar. Even though you’re fully capable of researching the degree and discovering it’s as good if not better than any other computer science degree in the country (it was developed and backed by microsoft). I do not have a job in IT by choice because I personally want to travel the world and gain a wider range of experiences. Of course you’re free to disbelieve. Make up some perceived notion of who I am as a person based on some very large assumptions obtained from a very small sample of data. Just know that it makes you come across as a very small minded and ignorant individual. Which is somewhat ironic given your username. You’ll always be longing for truth if you continually invent falsehoods to believe in.

                    • You traveling around an Asian continent doesn’t constitute traveling around the world. You are loser and looking for Asian people to believe that you are something. Again, good luck trying to get a job when you head back to your home country, companies won’t hire people who haven’t been continually working in their field of study. They know your skills have deteriorated. Asian females don’t love, they only want you for money, status or a green card.

                    • Travelling to Asia is a better start than not experiencing anything beyond a 100 miles of where you’re born. And you once again make assumptions of me thinking intend to stay here when really I plan on later travelling to Russia and South America. Something that would not be viable with the attachments you claim I seek. I know you like to imagine people as extraordinary simple things that you can categorize using paltry and inaccurate stereotypes but the truth is people are massively complex things with feelings, emotions and opinions. I have many friends over here who happen to be Asian women that I can talk with, laugh with and generally have a good time. Women that aren’t interested in my status or green card potential because, and you might find this hard to believe, pretty much all of them already have boy friends. Chinese boy friends. Quite a few are even married. Yet I can talk with them on good terms and call them my friends because they’re people just like you and just like me.

                    • Ciliy Fool,

                      Before you know it, you will wind up like this guy. He’s been doing the ESL thing for over 15 years. I’m jealous of him. He’s good looking, has so many chicks chasing after him, and he’s a rich man. Poor little me, I have a career, my own house, and a wife I dearly love. I wished I had traveled around the world doing the ESL thing, oh well.

                • If white men don’t hate Asian men why do women who are into Asian men have to deal with being asked about penis size and why don’t we date or are interested in our own kind?

                  • You know plenty of white women do actually mate with white men right? It’s the reason the race still exists. You personally not liking white men doesn’t represent all white women. And from what I can gather penis sizes are a pretty universal topic across all sex based discussions for some inexplicable reason.

                    • I do know that. I am talking about women that are not interested in mating with a white man. And did i ever say I represent all white women? No. I represent myself and no one else. As far as I know, no one will claim or say that white men have small penises, but plenty of people, including white men, will talk about the stereotype when it comes to Asian men.

                    • When white guys like to shit on Asian guys because of penis size, they are insecure. When females place so much emphasis on penis size, they are whores. You know plenty of white women are getting tired of vanilla men and their closed mindedness. They want to venture out and add a little flavor to their lives.

  17. I really enjoyed ur blog,as a chinese guy living in hongkong,IVE SEEN SOME SHIT!,im not against interracial relationships but wmaf is truely an unhealthy social phenomenon,i noticed that u have had suicidal thoughts,keep in mind that its not about what ur born with,its about wat u do,sure white male privilege is nasty and its even worse in asia,but we need to fight racism,we are the balance.i too wanna dedicate my life to spreading the truth,its ridiculous how society isnt paying enough attention to this issue,to this day white males are still hunting for “submissive” asian wives through websites like “asian mail ordered bride dot com”,how can any good come out of such relationships?if u ask them theyll tell u how white women are worthless and ruined by feminism,but lets be honest here,white women deserve much better than these abusive sexist unfaithful male wh0res,sorry for bad english

  18. The blogger is a bitter, jaded guy indeed. If generalizing a huge group of people who engage in interracial relationships is the only way to justify your sad, pathetic life, then I can’t imagine you’d get very far in this world.

      • No. Having a website filled with bigoted and prejudiced assumptions about other people’s personal choices, no matter how popular, is not considered getting anywhere in the world. Slavery was once popular too. Misogyny is still popular in many parts of the world, but that doesn’t make it ok.

        lol The fact that your source of reality is Reddit is saying something… what a loser.

        • Slavery was once popular too. Misogyny is still popular in many parts of the world, but that doesn’t make it ok.

          It’s way easier to be excused your slavery and misogyny when it’s put as “Conservative white family values”.

          When the only acceptable pairing to many in the media and social justice warriors is “White guy and Person of Colour girl” … you can see the problem.

          • (1) Your poor grammar fails to convey what you mean. “It’s way easier to be excused (?) slavery and misogyny when it’s put as conservative white values?” What is your point anyway?

            (2) Re: acceptable pairing to social justice warriors – where are you getting this info? Yes, I do think it’s uncool that Asian dudes are stereotyped in the media and some idiots, but how does this justify your misogyny and disgusting assumptions about (all) Asian women who are in interracial relationships? Isn’t it kinda hypocritical that one is critical of the stereotypes against Asian men but that same person justifies one’s stereotype against an entire group of Asian women dating non-Asian men?

            As an Asian female who had been romantically involved with Asian men and non-Asian men, I just think that your sense of reality / perception of others are a bit warped.

  19. Your website and perspective is interesting. I’m a white Canadian woman, a feminist, and I’m marrying a Hong Kong-Canadian man who I plan to have children with.

    I think you have a good analysis in many ways, but I would challenge you to extend your analytical abilities to consider the unique social conditions Asian women face that lead them into (as you have demonstrated, I believe as well) mistakenly believing that heir ticket to freedom and comfort is “marrying the white man”.

    A lot of the grievances you list from being the son of a WMAF pairing sound like the grievances I’ve heard from many children born to loveless marriages. The racial aspect of your parents loveless relationship matters, but lovelessness isn’t inevitable. I believe that the more opportunity and equality women have access to in a given cultural context, the more free they are to choose partnership for love rather than financial security and stability.

    There are racial undertones to my own relationship. For example, I can’t ignore the elephant in the room that I am attracted to my partner’s *lack* of “white male entitlement”, I’m attracted to his ambition and his family-centered ethics. Thesee traits are emphasized in Chinese and (slightly less extreme but still very much so) Hong Kong culture and rapidly dwindling in favor of extreme individualism in American (and by extension, Canadian) culture. However that doesn’t mean it would be *impossible* for me to find a white male partner as kind and humble as my HK-Canadian partner, but the odds are stacked in Asian men’s favor. I do appreciate that you discuss the relationship between anti-feminism/social conservatism and the appearance of loveless WMAF relationships and I agree that is a huge factor. A strong influence in my choose to date non-white men despite growing up in an all-white socially conservative small town *is* my (radical, second wave) feminism and belief in egalitatian heterosexuality, and by extension anti racism and criticism of western imperialism. My partner is very critical of gender roles and expectations in his own culture, and although he wants a family (as do i) he is nontraditional and wants to contribute as much as possible, domestically, even if it means changing up his job to work from home so I can work outside the home.

    Despite how RedPiller/evo-psych “dating experts” describe female motivations for ate selection, I don’t care about whatever potential “social handicaps”that come with dating a member of a “romantically udesirable” class (Asian men) because I don’t treat romantic partnerships as a way to elevate my social class (I do that through my own education and employment, duh). I often read about race and dating from these perspectives and it’s super cringey, not because there is no truth to what they describe but because they talk about it as if it’s completely inevitable and NOT a result of culture and social conditioning paired with economics. If you raise young women to have a hope and belief that they can potentially gain economic independance separate from their sexual/partnership appeal and put social measure sin place to support her if she chooses to start a family (rather than expecting ALL that support to come from a father) you will see more relationships started out of love, I guarantee.

    I hope that when my partner and I do have children that they are well-adjusted not because of their parental ethnic makeup but because of how crazy in love their parents are. I know that when I look at my child I will be looking at a half-set of genetic makeup from a beautiful man that I respect more than any other person in the world.

    I hope that you are able to overcome the harm your parents caused by recklessly bringing children into the world without having a solid foundation in their relationship, and I hope someday you can forgive them for their character flaws. You are not your parents, and you have the capacity to grow and change and carve out a life for yourself that meets your needs and satisfies you. Take care.

  20. The “Asian” you refer to, are they recent immigrants? Or are they Asian Americans, born and/or raised in the US.

  21. I decided to leave a comment here as it relates better to my experiences with half chinese. I have relatives (cousins) that marry white men and their kids look white from my asian perspective. Their daughters have no distinguishing asian features with brown/blond hair. Their son looks white as well. This points to the photos above about celebrity half asians, some who can pass for white more than asian like Chloe Bennett. The show’s attempts to make her Agent of Shield character a half asian is not necessary since she looks White. It’s odd for me to argue that she doesn’t look Asian.

    Being an asian male is difficult in dating, but isn’t that true of all men? Still, I managed to be married. Chinese women are difficult. My first wife was a b*tch. Second one is better. I guess I’d rather not date out of my comfort zone, but my wife’s two male cousins have married a Latino woman and a White woman. In your case, keep your options open, but you have lots of baggage to overcome.

    As for politics, I hate to admit to be a Christian, and Republican and there are few Asians that subscribe to Conservatism. Oh well.

Tell me how Asian men are beta, how White women are fat feminists, how Eurasians are super popular around the world (not just Asia), and how all the most famous celebrities aren't the sons of Asian men and White women, below:

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