Kim Parker, author of “East Meets West: Parenting from the Best of Both Worlds” pretty much shows how fucked Half Asians are


Nice and short.

  • Trump supporter.
  • Alt-right Twitter feed talking about hating SJWs, and supporting the white man
  • Married to a Trump voting White man who probably hates White women.
  • Three Asian boys who look 100% Asian.
  • Mother is on Twitter defending Whites from the backlash after Charlottesville, where a woman was killed.
  • Writes about how her own sons ran away and tried to call CPS on her.

Another Hapa guy says it better than I ever could:

See her chapter on hierarchy, for some great quotes on how western liberalism stops her from beating her Hapa kids, and how in “traditional Asian” families, the Asian wife subtlety controls the husband and kids.

EDIT: Holy shit! Forget that chapter and just go straight to the intro where she talks about her Hapa son calling her the worst mom ever and threatening to call CPS on her.

THIS is who writes the “best of both worlds” hapa parenting guide.

This book is like if Amy Chua tiger mom instead of having 2 obedient Euraisan daughters, had 2 tiger cub sons who run away and threaten to call CPS on her, and she still celebrates by writing her Battle Hymn anyway.

More tomorrow. Just discovered her.


5 thoughts on “Kim Parker, author of “East Meets West: Parenting from the Best of Both Worlds” pretty much shows how fucked Half Asians are

  1. People all Asian women clever, but how could they be when they have children with white men who can’t understand what Asian or mixed race kids go through? At least with amwf couples, due to society firmly stacked against such pairings, the ones that exist show the white woman has gone through and understand the crap Asians go through, meaning their kids will be aware and be taught about such things.

    With wmaf, the white care doesn’t care, the Asian woman tries to look the other way. Recipe for disaster, as we have seen time and time again.

  2. All your mental health issues aside, your message is true, Jon/John. I keep baiting the idiots on the alt-right to reveal their stupidity and they honestly prove all the points you raise. Here’s a small excerpt from a conversation I had with one of the supporters of Roosh v’s cash-cow scam, ‘return of kings’ a while ago:

    …You walked right into it. You did have one good line though;

    “The Asians and slavs put it out for the god-like American white man ”

    Ding, ding, ding! Winner. You’re exactly right about that. And we cum on their beautiful, young bodies too. Everyone wins except for ignored, fat American girls which I so strongly suspect is a description of you. Nom, nom, nom!

    It’s a comment from this ridiculous article:
    [I comment as Dude_2.0 there]
    That right there pretty much sums up everything you say. Speaking of which, you should source more material from these idiots whenever they talk about ‘finding a wife abroad’ or whatever; try commenting there telling them that you are the result of such a union and write an article based on the ensuing interactions you make with them.

Tell me how Asian men are beta, how White women are fat feminists, how Eurasians are super popular around the world (not just Asia), and how all the most famous celebrities aren't the sons of Asian men and White women, below:

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