Real Email I received, from self proclaimed white nationalist “loser” with yellow fever


Hello Eurasian Writer,
Thank you for the great job you are doing. You explain all this in a very articulate way.
I usually don’t comment on blogs, youtube, etc but I feel like giving you my feedback.
I am one of those White supremacists who can only fuck Asian women and I can confirm everything that you say! Except that I’ve always been lucid enough to realize race mixing should be avoided (children in general should be avoided IMO – it is time for negative population growth).
I had long noticed that elephant in the room about “intellectual Nazi” types and Jewish nerds who are into Asian women.
I’m not the fat or nerdy type, but I’m a skinny, low-testosterone, high-IQ type who looks normal in apparence, and I don’t take myself seriously so I was since long laughing at ourselves and this whole White pride / Yellow fever thing going on.
I’m 100% European, yet I have a skinny body, straight black hair. I am very intoverted and into “overthinking”, strategic thinking, IQ-worship, ‘Human Bio-Diversity’ (aka scientific racism), “what if hitler had won” kind of things. And of course, hatred of White females.
As someone excellently wrote somewhere online: “A combination of race-realist White Nationalism, Internet addiction, anti-Feminism, Pick Up Artist Game (PUA), Human Bio Diversity (HBD), libertarian economics… Whenever a White man online exhibits some or all of these traits, you can be sure that he has an interest in East Asian females.” That pretty much sums it up (at some point I ticked all those categories!)!
I’m pretty much unable to communicate with normal people (I’m only interested in discussing niche topics like an Asperger – although I’m not clinically one), was virgin until 22yo, then only fucking hookers until 25, then only fucking those crazy, shallow, status-obsessed Asian women until now (I’m 35)). In other words, I lived and feeled a bit like an WMAF Hapa so I understand your own suffering…
Most of my efforts are now directed at making a living from online marketing schemes, in order to stay in Asia, “white man worship land” forever. The street-wise “asiansexual” knows how to enjoy the company of Asian women for a few weeks or months, then ditch them for another one when they become nasty. Then we indeed get the “love you long time experience”. Best of both worlds.
I never had shame in being a “loser”. I’m a proud asiansexual. However I do realize the disaster of having Hapa children so I support your work.
In the end, White losers and Asian women deserve each other. There’s nothing wrong with them fucking each other, as long as we make them understand not no procreate. Thats the challenge.
I haven’t seen you have a Twitter or Facebook account?- that would increase your exposure.
You could use it to promote the #asiansexual hashtag and make fun of them. That might have a big impact!
Greetings – and keep up the great work! I support you.


Australian TV show called “Neighbors” features two half Asian twins of a White male / Asian female couple; both actors have Japanese fathers and White moms. Show called “The Family Law” features Hapa male actor with Japanese dad, playing the role of a WMAF Hapa.



Why are the sons of Asian men and White women playing the sons of White men and Asian women on TV?

Actor Takaya Honda plays the role of Klaus Thomson, a half- Japanese half-Scandinavian guy in the Australian Sitcom The Family Law.

A photo of his family in the sitcom can be found here :

Takaya Honda’s father is Japanese and his mother is white Australian. Both his parents coached gymnastics and his father Kazuya Honda was a former coach of the Australian National Women’s Artistic Gymnastics.

On the show “Neighbors,” he is joined against by another AMWF Hapa, Tim Kano.

Unusual despite being outnumber 50:1, AMWF Hapas even manage to represent WMAF Hapas.

Reddit comments:

Despite the odds, Hapa EvanTube has become a massive force on YouTube

There are two very well known half Asian superstars right now.

One is this ten year old boy, who makes a million dollars a year.

SHARE THE JOY!!! Disney & Toys For Tots Holiday MINI MOVIE!

One is Estie Kung, whose mother took to her defense when she was unwittingly used in a racial joke by Chris Rock.

Why’s it always AMWF?

Could, could, could it be – handsome Asian guy + White woman who doesn’t say horrible things about anyone?

Could it – could it be, a lower quality white guy + self hating Asian woman = worse off children?

The truth always come out.

“My son won’t look Asian! He’ll be a superior half Asian and won’t have problems with being the son of a fetish couple!

Half Asian son of a white dad from the Air Force and a first-generation Taiwanese immigrant mom makes videos documenting the self-hatred and white supremacy in the Asian-American community

This is him now.

This guy has a Chinese mom, and White American father. Apparently his mother was a Chinese prostitute and his dad a typical… I guess… that kind of guy.

By the way, as if I needed to reiterate this any more – the kid is mentally ill, but not less than my brother. Ignore his video message, I just randomly selected his video.

Keep in mind:

  • Bottom of the barrel white men go for Asian women
  • Asian women actively seek out white men to “integrate” and to avoid racism and to join in on societal-wide Asian  bashing.
  • Racist white men love Asian women, as I’ve pointed out before.
  • Racist white men + Asian women join in on laughing at Asian men, calling them small dicked losers, etc.
  • Asian women themselves don’t care, since “personal choices” and all, but they do actively contribute to anti-Asian racism
  • Mentally ill Asian women who default to a violent, controlling white guy
  • Broken homes, broken marriage
  • Racism against the sons as Asian women seek to integrate into small towns
  • Tiger Momming, Asian parenting style of violent and deprivation

What do you think would happen? If you don’t think Hapa young men need extra support you’re delusional.

BTW this a picture of an AMWF couple. The AMWF couple, in this case, features a very atypical looking Asian male + a very beautiful White woman. Both are above and beyond “average.” Yet for some reason below average White men and Asian women are convinced they produce Eurasian Brad Pitts.

Am I cherrypicking that generally AMWF couples are more equivocal and generally have standards?



Is it worth being proud to be half Asian when it’s “always the father who is White?”

Just food for thought.

What could possibly be so bad about Asian males – that makes Asian women so eager to marry out?

Given, also, that society at large is very against the idea of Asian males, in general, is it unreasonable to assume that somewhere down the line, one or two of us will encounter problems?

I certainly did. Among the things I did; I had a mental breakdown, went from being a top student at a top school, self imploded, became a Neo-Nazi, alienated all my friends, turned on everyone in my family, destroyed my body with weight gain and weight loss, and became borderline insane, as I was never able to come to terms with my Asianness, and even to this day, am not entirely sure I like what I see in the mirror.

Even if – even if – Asia and Asians were the worst people on earth, and Asian men were the ugliest, most brutish, most horrendous people on earth, that even a weird, creepy, leering white guy was a better pick, wouldn’t it eventually lead to problems?

It did for me. I was told that WMAW was normal, natural, and assumed it was a natural response to White men being perfect fits for Asian women. Asian men, naturally, weren’t reproducing. But then that day came when someone said: “you look Asian.” “I don’t date Asian guys.” “I’m just not attracted to Asian guys.” “Are you good at math?”

Suddenly the high flying Hapa became an Asian guy. The Asian that doesn’t reproduce. The Asian guys that my mother and all her sisters simply “weren’t interested in.

Presumably this could lead to other problems.

Even WMAW couples are surprised when a non Asian woman is with an Asian guy. It’s as if AMWW Hapas are in a league of their own, and they know it.

🔥Why do Asian men / White women couples seem to produce all of the successful Half Asian children? Academically cited as well.

For an Asian guy to get a white / non-Asian woman he generally has to be mentally fit, physically sound; but for a white man to get an Asian woman he merely needs to be White. You do the math.

Asian women seem to know this – but avoid the elephant in the room.

After all these years – the very best they can do now is steal Keanu Reeves, spout off Nathan Adrian, Olivia Munn, and some half-Filipinos (some of whom aren’t even half Asian) while coming up almost entirely short on famous half-Chinese or half-East Asians with Asian mothers.*

I will use the following paper, “Children and the Shifting Engagement with Racial/Ethnic Identity among Second- Generation Interracially Married Asian Americans,” 2013,written by PhD Kelly Chong, and the 2010 paper by  to cite all of the points; in her paper, published by the University of Kansas, she writes specifically that the children of Asian men and White women fare better than the reverse.

The reasons are varied, but largely because:

  • White men / Asian women generally have the most really terrible things to say (Chong, 2013, pg. 197-198)  about Asian men and have this insanely complex power dynamic wherein neither is willing nor able to visualize the problems of the child (. After all – Asian women want white children, and don’t seem to care as to how they get them. Asian women will praise White features – ignoring the fact that many half-Asians look totally Asian, either at birth, or in adulthood.

In contrast to the women who frequently alluded to the nerdy quali- ties of Asian males as reasons for these men’s undesirability, interracially married Asian American men in my study rarely mentioned explicitly the physical shortcomings of Asian females as reasons for not marrying or dating them. [Pg. 197-198]

  • Asian men and White women do not raise their children to be “master race” – but moreso normal, well adjusted people who are grounded, get good jobs, good education, and develop normal social lives.
  • The White or non-Asian women who go after or accept an Asian man tend to be more socially conscious and tuned in with the child’s ethnicity and needs.


  • Asian men and white women do not promise Eurasian superhuman myths of their children, which seems common in extremely average looking White male / Asian woman couples.
  • No other interracial pairing, including Asian men / White women pairs, are so obsessed with how their kids look.
  • The psychological emasculation of the child may start at an early age, especially within white supremacist cultures that love to demean Asian men, whereby the child feels mentally destructed or encouraged to hide his Asian side (which always fails).
  • White men involved in these relationships blatantly ignore signs that they are being used for their race and privilege, such as nearly constant comments about how “handsome” their western features are (despite not actually being handsome) and then don’t realize that they are being primed to create children like us whose entire value is that we look less Asian than we would normally look.
  • White men and Asian women in these relationships generally hate Asian men – yet their sons look Asian.
  • They willingly ignore long legacies of white male supremacy in the Western world and willfully ignore clear indications of narcissistic behavior, such as fetishizing the child for his white skin / big eyes.
  • The entire premise is built on the hope that the child is white passing, whereby the father’s behavior, character (racist, alcoholic, violent, broke), all are non-issues as long as he is white; should the child be Asian looking, neither parent is prepared or willing to help him.
  • More often than not – but not always – the father is bottom of the barrel mentally or genetically (the prior in my father’s case) and for whatever reason ignores the woman’s clear white worshipping because he will stoop to any level to get laid… (English teachers, weaboos, nerds). Essentially men that were never intended to reproduce manage to find a way by virtue of having white skin.
  • Asian men actually have to meet a threshold in order to marry a white woman – they have to be good looking, or have a good job, or a great personality. A white man literally needs none of these when marrying an Asian woman, setting a terrible example for the child: i.e., look handsome, white, or die.
  • Just look at these couples. The power imbalance alone is enough to cast a side eye at them…. now imagine the result of being the child.

Why the HELL are the most successful Eurasians to come out of EUROPE of all places – the hotbed of extreme racism, produce uniformly successful half Asians with Asian fathers despite being outnumbered?

These are all more or less familiar names – where are the ones with white fathers?*

American television, in the last year or two, has featured six Eurasians that I’m aware of.

SIX out of SEVEN of these half-Asians on AMERICAN TELEVISION in recurring roles have white mothers.

  • Rush Hour – Jon Foo
  • Marco Polo – Remy Hii
  • Agents of Shield – Chloe Bennett
  • House of Cards – Sandrine Holt
  • Elektra – Elodie Yung
  • The Amazing Race – Zach King
  • Criminal Minds – Daniel Henney.

Here are all the aggregated links discussing why the reasons AM/WW seems to produce top feeding success stories, while WM/AW produces dregs and burnouts.


*I will admit that half Philipinos seem successful. I don’t know why – but East Asian mothers really love to try to highjack half-Filipinos to fill out rosters; why can’t they name any half Chinese sons beyond 2 or 3?

*I am aware there are successful half Asians – by law of numbers there will be. Fifty years of WMAW pairings would logically produce a few; yet despite being vastly outnumbered the children of Asian men / White women seem to have gone above and beyond – I would imagine being a Bond girl, a massive celebrity in Switzerland of all places would count as very successful.

Imagine a child born from this

Just a reminder.

My father is an extremely ineffective, unemployed, emotionally deranged man. Hyper racist, hyper religious, believes in conspiracy theories (Bush did 9/11, Jews created the Protocols of Zion, chemtrails, FEMA camps) unable to meet eye contact, unable to withstand confrontation – even abandoning his hapa son on the street when he felt “menaced” by two men walking his way.

My mother was mentally ill; she believed marriage to him would increase her social standing, and her mental state became worse as she realized the man she married was a monumental loser who abandoned his retirement plan because he believed the Revelation was nigh.

All in all, Asian women do have white fever, and they do not care what kind of man can fulfill it – and unfortunately for them, only the worst do.

Be warned.

🔥Racist white men LOVE Asian women❗️❗️❗️ (Vital Post; updated)


Here are some brief examples, there are hundreds of thousands of these guys. Asian women are famous for being highly valued by racist white men, who view them as the antithesis to white female feminism, race traitors, and liberalism. Asian women are well known for loving blue eyes and blonde haired men – simply because they are white, and this means a higher status life – so white men capitalize on this. Asian culture also puts a high premium on integration and status, and marrying a white person = status, and integration.

I.e., White women are viewed as not operating in accordance with the white man’s motives; so, whereby, Asian women, by virtue of wanting whiter children, and to escape the Gilded Ghetto / Model Minority second class citizenship, are very pro-white, and moreso, pro white-male. White men can escape “emasculation” by non-white men and white women, by “taking the power back” with Asian women, who want whiter children, and hate Asianness.

They oftentimes, as a result, marry men like my father; antisocial, prickly, racist and extremely conservative, physically unattractive white men, and whether they intend to stay with these men after childbirth is still something I’m not sure of, given that many Japanese women kidnap their children back to Japan, and my mother, for example, started severely chastising and alienating my father after my brother and I were born.

In fact the entire gist of White male / Asian women relationships is that those white men with physical defects / mental defects have a better chance at getting a woman – than he would within his own race. Sounds un-PC, but people have died as a result.

Example 1.

This particular guy, Nigel Wise, is in the English Defense League.


Example 2.

The creator of a massive Neo-Nazi website said: “Second, following from the key word there – “marriage” – the men who involve themselves with Asian women are looking for a serious and traditional relationship.  Women who go with Blacks and Latinos are looking for excitement.” 

Example 3.


John Derbyshire, white nationalist. Some of the things he has said.

Example 4.


The director of One Nation in Queensland has an Asian wife.

Example 5.

Can I still fuck East Asian girls and be a WN?

Example 6.


Ranking Aryan Nation member/current inmate Jimmy Maxwell. “My first wife and mother of my children is even half Korean”. Several of his Quapa kids have drugs and legal problems. One is incarcerated for murder.

Example 7. 

White guy from a few months back, married to an Asian woman, saying that a white woman who was burned to death deserved it for sleeping with a black male – hence being a “mud shark.”

Example 8.

White nationalist Youtube is married to a Taiwanese woman.

Here’s a link to one of his YouTube videos in which he talks about the importance of preserving the white race through white nationalism (without mixing with Slavs and Mediterranean Peoples).

Example 9.

New Zealander politician and head of National Party, Don Brash, criticized for his views on race relations in New Zealand. “Don Brash doesn’t seem racist. He’s married to an Asian woman.” [Also has a hapa son]


Example 10.


[2015] Republican running for New Jersey Assembly finds himself in hotwater for writing book containing hate speech against women and minorities. “I’m not a homophobe, I’m not anti-Semitic, not anti-Asian… My wife is Asian. My son is Korean.”

Example 11.


“Irish man arrested for causing havoc and racially abusing Muslims. Says he did it because he fears for his hapa son’s future. He “finds it difficult to be labelled a racist” as his wife is Thai.”

Example 12.


Neo-Nazi white supremacist Brian Ruhe has a Thai wife

Example 13.

Founder of North Carolina Ku Klux Klan branch, high-profile white nationalist and murderer of several Jewish people was married to a Hawaiian women and had a hapa son.

Example 14.

[2014] White Nationalists march in Australia. When one is asked if the march is racist he replies, “My girlfriend is a Chinese woman.”

Example 15.

Internet comment: White People better wake the fuck up… These liberal motherfuckers want a race war their going to get it one day… My wife is Chinese…

Why do racist white men like Asian women? My dad is a Holocaust denier and has said that gays should be hanged, among other things, such as the fact that New York City is overrun by blacks, and Jews.


As a white male; be extremely racist to the point nobody wants to be around you (my dad, who has no friends), and then go for the one race of women that will appreciate for – you guessed it – your whiteness. Asian women, in return, get white skin (a cultural value) and integration (personal value) and possibly fulfills a fetish for white men, regardless of the man’s beliefs.

The white man gets a “substitute” white woman – a white skinned woman with less attitude, and more proactive in her belief that whiteness is valuable. In a way, Asian women are even more pro-white than the average white woman. 

If you are a bottom of the barrel white guy who feels like white women are too high maintenance and yet still wants to be proud to be white, and feel honored for your white blood, find an Asian woman. Not Latina, not black, not middle Eastern, but Asian. Honorary Aryans.

Are Asian women more attractive than other races of women? Of course not. Their only appeal is that they are well known for being easier to obtain if you are white.

White men / Asian women is a tradeoff; Asian women get a white lifestyle, integration into “superior” white culture- white men get to feel valued for their race. Eurasians are raised as substitute white children.

 This also explains why many half Asian criminals have expressed white-supremacist views; by and large because they aim for “upward” integration, rather than choosing to identify with a “net-negative” – or, Asian men, who are rejected by society.

Hapa weighs in on white losers + Asian girls

I came across this post somewhere from a Hapa who explained why Hapas are so crazy.

Two things.

I have almost next to no interest in Asian women. Like, zero, I find most of their behavior repugnant, I think the way they throw themselves at white men is extremely distressing. I know it’s not love, and I figure that the ones that are capable of love probably aren’t as racist. My parents didn’t love each other at all.

I have dated a number of girls, all of whom I liked, but inevitably I came across the “I don’t like Asian guys,” which sent me over the edge. I would have been perfectly fine being rejected by White women, but to be lied to that I was superior because I was half Asian, when in fact society just sees me as Asian, is enough to make anyone crazy. Frankly, my loser father should just not have had kids, rather than force that insane relationship based on miscommunication and status onto me.

That being said, my brother has been considered a threat against others. My mother was an extreme, self hating person, like a true blue self-hating white supremacist, and my father is an open white supremacist. It doesn’t make sense, but it does. With that in mind please keep an eye on Eurasian kids.

I agree with the guy. I do feel sorry for the guys who marry Asian women like this, but I feel much, much worse for the kids who have to go through what I went through.

Real answer coming through from a hapa guy.

Asian women are raised in conservative cultures, a poster above already got that right, what he neglected to mention is that the concept of “marrying up” is extremely strong. Marrying an Asian man is a lateral move, marrying a white man is a move up, marrying a black or latino man is step down.

Parents treat all of these accordingly. It isn’t rebellion, its an attempt to gain status within her community. And so the white loser she marries will get her pregnant, she’ll have the baby, and her sons will become Elliot and her daughters will become Mayli. That’s how it goes.

Becoming a single doctor or lawyer is actually worse than becoming a housewife to a white man to them. The dumb ones can pursue marriage to fulfill the standards. It isn’t hard for them to find mates, Asian women are the most fetishized group of people on the planet, especially among weeaboos and fat older white men looking for a trophy wife. And that’s what they want to be, a trophy wife.

Most second or third generation Asian men I know aren’t even remotely interested in all the bullshit that comes along with dating or marrying one of those bitchy tiger traditionalists, and I almost feel bad for the white losers that go in expecting a subservient waifu.