I’ve accidentally discovered two horror cases in China – URGENT!

While reading through reddit.com/r/chinaparenting, I came across this thread where a user named /u/AntiNSA2 (a fairly typical right-wing, conspiracy theorist white male, like my father) posted a video of him walking his two half Asian sons through the streets of what I believe to be Guangzhou.

An Archive here.

What immediately stood out to me was that his children seemed very aloof from him (comparable to my and my brother’s aloofness from our father, and what other users and commenters here have reported about the aloofness of biracial children to their white fathers / Asian mothers), and within the first five minutes he refers to one of his children as “Mr. Autist” – representing a complete detachment from his own son – fairly typical of racist white men who get Chinese women pregnant.

Look at his comments in the thread, he left a brief description of his activities in the video. Multiple references to his son’s autism. Note how his writing patterns indicate someone who is mentally unstable – as well as the titles of his threads. 


On further inspection I followed up on him and noticed that he admitted that his mentally ill wife drugged his children for three days as well as having stabbed them.

This harkens back to my stories of my mentally ill mother – who also married a racist white man – and her physical abuse of us using knives and other violent behavior to intimidate us – along with suicidal behavior, and violence against my father. I have repeatedly said that the weakest, most low-value white men deliberately seek out Asian women because they are easy if you are white.

Many of them view their biracial Asian looking children as an afterthought and have no idea how to parent us correctly. These women more often than not suffer from severe mental illness, which is inherited by the children.

Please listen. Please watch the video.

Link where he admits to beating his wife and his wife’s abuse of his children.


A series of Chinese language posts related to 混血儿, half Asian and race issues


A nice little post for Chinese people, so that when they decide to Google “混血儿”, this will explain exactly what it’s like being us. Sorry that I don’t owe anyone the civility of lying about what it’s like to be mixed Asian in 2016, or in 2006, 1996, or 1986. A bit too late for that, given the hell I went through.

I explain, in excruciating detail, what happened to a family based on racism, the reality of anti-Asian racism in the Western world, the reality of the gender imbalance, the reality of the rejection and isolation we face, and the reality of my rejection from both sides of the planet.




People need to be aware of what biracials go through and that we need additional support; this week was yet another biracial with an Asian mother making national news for insane behavior. This is my picture.

My mother was Chinese and my father a White American. I was born through C-section in Flushing, NY, after which my mother became sick from the blood transfusion and developed Hepatitis B, and died. My father was a meek, racist Asiaphile “traditionalist” who has trouble communicating and didn’t want to work, and my mother threw herself at him for integration into Western society and for status.

Ten years later the marriage ended in violence, separate bedrooms, and her desperately trying to take me away from my father. What Asian women in general don’t realize is that while they have privilege in integrating, their sons don’t. My brother is 34, looks totally Chinese, and is still a virgin, never having had a girlfriend. Chinese people do not accept me, and white women repeatedly turned me down for being Chinese. Even Asian women and Asian American women did too.

I could never respect my mother after this – for literally marrying into a race that hates half of me, and worse, that my father spent years trying to force “white” culture onto me. While a white guy will have an easy time coming to China, all his friends will joke that Chinese girls are easy – why would that make me proud? In what world does it make sense for a half Asian son who looks Asian – would develop health esteem when his own mother wanted a white man?

After the first 100 times I grew sick of hearing “of course it’s your dad who is the white one.” For a long time I refused to even acknowledge I was Chinese; I would cut my hair short so it would be a lighter color. If Chinese and Asian women are famous for throwing themselves at white men – why would I want to identify as Chinese? They clearly want white men – so I tried but failed to be a white man, since my mother dumped me and my brother into racist western society with a clueless white dad.

There’s a reason there are almost no successful half Asians with Asian mothers despite being so common. There’s a reason why three days ago a half Asian with an Asian mom danced naked and delusional in Times Square, why half Asians have gone on spree killings. Our parents abandoned us. The “merging of two worlds” is a failure as it is so lopsided. If they really, truly believe the best way to ensure that a child can survive in a white supremacist world is to have kids with white supremacists – it might be better to not have kids at all. And now with my help there is a tremendous, globe-spanning English language forum of half Asians all in agreement, and this will continue to build momentum for the forseeable future. I’m truly sorry it has to be this way, but enough of us have suffered and I need the help of the Asian community in supporting biracial sons.

More. What it’s actually like being Eurasian.

这是我哥哥的照片,这样我就可以证明我是真实的。 34岁,患有精神病,还是处男,从未结婚。这是发生了什么事,当一个香港女子从一个小国娶了一个种族主义白色乡下人,他们的离婚年后,她的剖腹产导致了她的死亡,爸爸带着弟弟回到了他的家乡种族主义。他是那种混血儿,人们不想让你看到。


• 你是亚洲人;这可能体现在你的眼睛、头发、颊骨或身体上。你在长大的过程中就知道自己的母亲不想要一个亚洲男人。你看到街上有很多白种男人和亚洲女人一起散步;但却看不到白种女人和亚洲男人这样。但是当你照镜子的时候,看到的是一个亚洲人,或者你的白人朋友会一本正经地坐在你的前面,吹毛求疵地说你的亚洲特征,进而羞辱贬低你。你因为是亚洲人而遭受羞辱吗?“只要做好自己,儿子。”你受到了歧视?你的爸爸只是耸了耸肩。你可能拥有更白的皮肤,并且更高一点,但在白人社会的眼中,你依然是亚洲人。
• 由于你家庭成员残留的种族歧视和自我诋毁,你的家庭将会很混乱,你的母亲(非常沮丧、非常悲惨,因为自我怨恨和为了身份而结婚)和父亲(实际上容许这种极端偏见,因为这样他可以轻松做爱)将会因为文化冲突而持续争吵(我的父母都很暴力,一直都分房而睡),而你,自始自终都得靠自己。你的母亲会在情绪上虐待你,因为她很讨厌,而且精神不健康,在这种精神病搬的复杂环境下,她对我那个看起来完全像亚洲人的哥哥非常凶,对我总是置之不理,老是打我,因为我看起来一点也不像她。我的情况就是这样,我第一次到中国时,看到中国母亲抱着孩子时,我感到非常吃惊!
• 你的朋友都会很极端地谈论其他亚洲人,就好像你根本不在乎一样。你对他们的唯一用处就是作为半白人的“称心”亚洲朋友,但你不是白人。例如:“图书馆亚洲人好多。”“他没什么天赋,只是一个普通的亚洲人。” “你融入了这里(比如,弗拉兴、唐人街、上海)。”“你一定比所有中国人都高”。” “他们吃狗肉吗?”“我不能站着,所有亚洲工程师都在这里。”
• 实际上,尽管会与亚洲女性做爱,白种男人却会谈论有关亚洲人的极端种族歧视事情。在大学时,我有一名一起生活了三年的非白人(中东)室友,他也这样;尽管他与亚洲女人做爱,却经常贬低亚洲人——因为亚洲人最容易上手(特别是中国移民,更有意思的是,还有一个就读于马萨诸塞大学安姆斯特分校的半亚洲半白人女孩)。那时,他对我非常吃惊和失望,这样对待我三年之后,我变成一个超级种族主义者和一名白人民族主义者,试图对我的亚洲血液做出补偿。
• 我不得不听我的同事把原本矮小丑陋的英语老师说得有多么“帅气”——不断提醒我,是我的母亲如何让我脱离了高速增长的中国经济,让我生活在人间地狱,没有足够的食物,贩毒者每天打我,这一切只是因为她需要一个白种男人,他们从不会说起我曾引以为豪的中国血液。
• 非常有意思的是,当你走在街上(和女孩一起),其他白种男人/亚洲女性夫妇会以一种让你皮肤发麻的方式看着你,就好像他们真的拥有你,认为他们的种族结合完全可以“创造”你。然而,当我戴上眼镜,我就变成了另一个中国人,随之而来的是,我看到亚洲女人以厌恶的眼神看着我,而事实上,我就是她们生出来的多个儿子当中的一个。
• 亚洲人不会接受你,除非你能流利地说亚洲话并将姓改成亚洲姓。终身都会被亚洲人称为白人,被白人称为亚洲人。这两种说法的唯一区别在于亚洲人这样说的时候不会贬低羞辱你。
• 当白人发现你的母亲是亚洲人,他们会点头,说“当然你是亚洲人。”
• 他们会通过寻找你的中国或亚洲特征来羞辱你。“当你穿________时,看起来像亚洲人。”这无疑是一种侮辱。
• 根本没有人会在意你的亚洲一面;他们会说“很酷”,但通常他们会开始羞辱你;当你尝试探索其他文化甚至自己的文化时,也会这样。例如:“你不是德国人,而是亚洲人。”
• 有时,人们提醒你,你“很帅”的唯一原因就是你“不是完全的亚洲人。”
• 在西方社会,对亚洲人的病态仇恨是非常极端的,以至于任何血缘都会成为他们攻击你的理由。现在,我假设亚洲女性了解这点,并想与白种男人生孩子来解决问题。这样做的唯一问题就是,这样只会增强你儿子的 “可笑”社会低身份。亚洲人因为地位低微,所处的境况非常奇怪,成为西方人不安全感的仇恨对象,例如,如果有人失败了,去亚洲。自上个世纪40年代,好莱坞一直将拥有白人父亲和亚洲母亲的欧亚人角色作为小角色。
• 发现你拥有亚洲血缘之后,很多白人女性会轻视你。尤其是亚裔美国女性/英国女性会更加讨厌你,因此对我而言,隐藏我的亚洲特征是一个好主意。这种仇恨如此极端,以至于我考虑戴蓝色隐形眼镜,并染发,让自己成为“上等白人”。我成为了一个狂怒的种族主义者,失去了所有的朋友,因为我曾试图成为白人,这太可怕了。
• 提到自己是亚洲人会很快失去交友机会,甚至在网络约会时也是如此。事实上,很多年,我都伪装成“白人。”