🔥”Like most Asian women, I prefer white men. My son won’t have problems. He won’t be Asian.”

Revamped post. Apologies to this fellow. It’s not about his looks – more about the suffering we half Asians have to endure.

“Small dick stereotypes won’t affect my son. He won’t have self esteem issues. He is better than the full Asian males my wife / girlfriend refused to see as potential partners. He will feel like a man growing up with a white father and an Asian woman who hated Asian men. He won’t have any problems dating. It’s about feminism! It’s all about feminism! Which is why half Asian guys despite having White dads are treated as non-sexual objects!”

As an Asian looking half Asian male, you have pretty limited options.

  • Believe your mom when she tells you you’re the most handsome, you’re a sweet little Eurasian boy, you just need to go to school to be treated as equal to white males. Ignore open racism and just “pretend” that your mother (and all her sisters) was different because she put food on your table. Become a thirty year old virgin before settling as another Asian girl’s second choice. Most Hapa males know that Asian women want a white man first, but failing that, they can get the next best thing – a substitute, counterfeit white male – a Eurasian son.

Asian women swear up and down that Eurasian males are incredibly beautiful – so why don’t they marry them? Why do Asian women – on seeing an Asian passing Eurasian male on TV, say “Asian? No thanks!”

  • Go gay. (And take a white lover). Again, not always a conscious choice, but one that I believe may be influenced by the male child’s emasculation by birth. Imagine looking like an Asian boy watching women who look like you pretty much belong to white men, being openly supportive of a hierarchy that places big burly white men at the top, and men who look like you die alone. It can definitely influence your sexuality.
  • gayhapas2

(In before one of the usual full-Asian men comes in here telling me to suck it up. Your life is entirely different. You get laid? Congrats. You don’t endure the childhoods we do, whereby you actually have the mentalities and confidence required you to push through. Many of us are literally castrated sexually, emotionally and psychologically from birth.)


Theory on Gay Eurasians / Hapas! One of my main critics revealed to be drag queen.

Warning: probably the most controversial post I’ve ever had.

Serious question: are most Hapas, particularly the “well adjusted kinds,” actually gay?

Hear me out. I’ve been working on this subject for years months.

For a while now around the “Hapa-sphere” there have been jokes made about the emasculation of Hapa sons, and how many of them wind up expressing themselves in a very feminine form of sexuality; whether this is subconscious or deliberate, I don’t know, but since Hapa men are well known to be less sexually privileged than Hapa women, the in-joke was that they essentially took up feminine qualities in response to their emasculation.

There is no way that a half-Asian man would not at least once in his life question why exactly Asian women were obsessed with white men, including our own mothers, but even fewer of them would openly question it, or were just flat out afraid of questioning it, even well into adult hood.

It’s not PC to question it, and even worse is the idea that biologically White men might just be more desirable to women in an evolutionary sense. Even the most white looking Eurasian would at very least think about this once, and moreso witnessing Asian-ness almost exclusively being the orifice into which the White member is pushed, this has to have tremendous latent effects on the child; in my case this led to a decade of me trying to look as white as possible, even losing huge amounts of weight to do so.

I do believe that homosexuality is natural, but I also think it can be influenced by Freudian influences, and moreover I think that gay men, in particular, Eurasian gay men, are able to weather the anti-Asian male storm of being a WMAW Hapa much better, especially since their desire for women isn’t so forward, and moreso,

in being a gay Eurasian, they are able to find acceptance as a bottom to Whiteness much easier, rather than straight Eurasians who wish to be tops, naturally. 

I have a theory that many Hapas, in response to the brutal emasculation in their brain, wherein they see White dominating Asian, and lack any sort of masculine influence in their lives that represents half of themselves, develop feminized or de-sexualized sexualities, and since gay men are as privileged as women in being able to find their place in the gay-hierarchy, naturally these Hapas would be sharply critical of straight Hapas who protest the difficulty of understanding the prevalence of WM/AW relationships. I.e., gay Hapa men are essentially on the same standing as straight Hapa women.

Moreover, the prevalence of Hapas with conservative fathers (not only the sexpats, but the run of the mill English teachers, and especially GI’s stationed abroad married to extremely conservative Korean or Catholic Philippinos), would imply that the the incentive to stay closeted is much, much greater.

This “rumor” which originated on /r/Hapas started first with Congressman Mike Honda’s granddaughter.


Then it turned out that the founder of Hapas.com had underwent a sex change operation to become a woman.

The Founder of Hapas.com, the oldest Hapas web forum started in 2002

Then it was revealed several prominent transgendered people were Hapas:



Then it was suspected that a “normal Hapa,” the “Hot Cop of Castro” who looks largely white, has a GI dad and a Korea mom, was gay; since he was in his thirties, unmarried, and deliberately chose to police the single most gay district in America. Coincidentally he got caught two weeks ago during a hit and run in San Francisco. He claims he’s straight, but who would tell an American GI and a conservative Korean mother than one is gay?

Last year, the Hapas Subreddit had a number of critics, a handful of them being Hapas. One of the most notable ones made several comments, such as:


It turns out the creator of this post, during some web-digging, is married to a woman. It also turns out that he moonlights as a very, very dedicated drag queen and has a Twitter page filled to the brim with pictures of him in drag.


And who is that next to him, on the left? None other than the Manila drag queen, also a Hapa, from earlier in this post.

Problem solved.

Is it possible for a white man and an Asian woman, both of whom passively assert that Asian men are completely undesirable on a fundamental level, to have a child capable of weathering this tremendous hurdle?

Yes, they are.