🔥🔥🔥Racist, right-wing, alt-right, Neo-Nazi, conservative, MGTOW, MRA, anti-feminist, conspiracy-theorist, “traditional” white men LOVE Asian women (Vital Post; updated and properly sourced)


This is the newest and most concise list of white supremacists with Asian wives, and Asian women who are actively involved with white supremacy organizations or movements.

It is not a small list. I actually involves some of the most prominent voices in White Supremacy and White Nationalism.

Because I am now considered one of the premier voices among Half Asians, pretty much, in the history of Half Asians, I will explain below just exactly why Asian women are loved by White Supremacists, why Asian women love them right back, and why half Asian children like Elliot Rodger and Daniel Holtzclaw are just a tiny portion of a bigger phenomenon.

In short: Asian women are the siegebreakers for White feminism, multiculturalism, and “anti-white” politics, that white men see as the answer for taking back the power that was “stolen” from them (but in actuality was just more evenly distributed).

The children of White men and Asian women will be high risk, being told that they are white by their mothers (which is never true), being encouraged to embrace white privilege by their pragmatist, cold blooded Asian parental figure, being mocked for their Asianness by their White fathers, who hoped for their children to be white passing and to avoid any and all liberal nonsense about white privilege or SJW’s, and being mocked by White men and Asian women couples that parade around by the millions, pretending they are saving the world from blacks, minorities, immigration, SJWs, and whatever.


Where did Elliot Rodger – a half Chinese boy who hated black boys (called them the descendants of slaves), Hispanics, and Asian men – come from?

Let me explain, as a half Asian son of a White Nationalist, Holocaust denying, homophobic Nazi sympathizer, myself, and an Asian woman that desperately wanted to escape being Asian, wore colored contacts and dyed her hair red.

Below are several brief examples; there are perhaps hundreds of thousands of these guys – but not all of them make the news, and many just go about their day to day life (2017, July edit: see above link for a better list)

I am not against interracial marriage – I do recognize that I have immense emotional problems, and this is the result of an evil (or perhaps naive) man, my father, finding a loophole in a system that disfavors far-right, maladjusted, and overtly racist men. My brother himself has been seen by the police as being a “threat” and was institutionalized in the event that he would have gone on a killing spree. He also looks 100% Chinese.

My father is one of the most famous (notorious, rather) racists and homophobes in his entire continental region of the United States; my mother from China. Between 2010-2014 I went through a “Neo Nazi” stage, where I too became involved in Nazism.

Asian women are famous for being highly valued by racist white men, who view them as the antithesis to white female feminism, race traitors, and liberalism. My father, one of the most outspoken opponents of gay marriage in his entire region (in the United States), was married to an Asian woman. The “attraction” to Asian women is a very specific preference – largely predicated on the idea that Asian women like “beta,” maladjusted, unattractive and otherwise marginalized white men. 4Chan is largely an example of this. The more marginalized and insecure a man is – the more he tends towards being a racist, because he will see his whiteness as his only leverage in a world that devalues him; whereby, the more insecure and less desirable a white man is, the more prone he is to white supremacy, and the more insecure and less desirable a white man is, the more prone he is to fetishize Asian women.

Moreover, because many white men that lack the emotional or social or even physical capabilities to survive within Western society, they will use their race as a crutch (i.e., I may be a loser, but at least I’m white), and many of these “loser” white men become racist, and also rely on Asian women as a way to validate their whiteness. In other words, White women won’t take racist white men because they’re racist or losers or BOTH, so these men fetishize Asian women.

Also, because of cyclical masculinity, white men who feel wronged by white women who prefer black men – highly value Asian women, since Asian women are known for not sleeping with black men.

Asian women are well known for loving blue eyes and blonde haired men – simply because they are white, and this means a higher status life – so white men capitalize on this, especially the ones who are unable to secure a white partner.

Asian culture also puts a high premium on integration and status, and marrying a white person is a shortcut to status, and integration. Much of the male’s flaws do not become apparent until later in life; yet Asian women are seen as an “antithesis” to the high standards of White women.

I.e., White women are viewed as not operating in accordance with the white man’s motives; so, whereby, Asian women, by virtue of wanting whiter children, and to escape the Gilded Ghetto / Model Minority second class citizenship, are very pro-white, and moreso, pro white-male. White men can escape “emasculation” by non-white men and white women, by “taking the power back” with Asian women, who want whiter children, and hate Asianness, and are unable to understand the cultural gap that makes the white male’s political views foreign to her.

They oftentimes, as a result, marry men like my father; antisocial, prickly, racist and extremely conservative, physically unattractive white men, and whether they intend to stay with these men after childbirth is still something I’m not sure of, given that many Japanese women kidnap their children back to Japan, and my mother, for example, started severely chastising and alienating my father after my brother and I were born, due to his political beliefs, unwillingness to work, and his general all-around awkwardness and autism.

In fact the entire gist of White male / Asian women relationships is that those white men with physical defects / mental defects have a better chance at getting a woman (in many cases, one with white skin) – than he would within his own race. Sounds un-PC, but people have died as a result, due to the fact that Asian women underestimate the potency of their genes, and that white skin does not equate to European appearance, and that the same White supremacist system they buy into, does not serve their children.

Biracial Asian children are raised under the “white is right” mentality, and inherit the father’s entitlement, yet none of the privilege – which makes biracial Asians especially volatile.

As to why Asian women love White supremacists – largely because these men are white. Asian women lack features that are found on other women, and so in a desperate attempt to make themselves feel more desired, they mistakenly go after white men (who they see at the pinnacle of society), with the belief that, should a white man accept them, that they are more beautiful, if not the most beautiful – which remains false. Even if the white male is undesirable or less attractive, because of their culture, they will not feel the need to sleep with these men, so his unattractiveness is moot to them. The problem is that they hope their children look white, and express disappointment when they look too Asian – leading to biracial Asian children being raised by literal white supremacists.

The list of alt-rightists, or Nazis, or general racists with Asian girlfriends or wives.

  • Richard Spencer, founder of the Alt-Right, admitted that he had multiple Asian ex-girlfriends, one of whom was interviewed for a article.


A video below is ofDavid Pakman, who has confronted Spencer on his Asian fetish.


  • John Derbyshire, white nationalist writer: married to Chinese woman with 2 hapa children


  1. Derbyshire writes an article for TakiMag for his half-Asian son, about the dangers of black people. Archive here.
  2. John Derbyshire, far right race realist married to Chinese woman and father of 2 hapa children, gives anti-Chinese speech justifying Chinese Exclusion Act and claiming many Chinese immigrants run opium dens
  3. Derbyshire complains that despite giving his Eurasian daughter classical violin lessons starting at age 6, she enjoys hip hop music and is an anti-racist. “Nellie, with her well-practiced Uh-oh, Dad`s-in-racist-mode-again look of resignation and disgust”.
  4. White Nationalist and National Review columnist John Derbyshire tries to explain his Asian wife to his fellow racists
  5. Some more things Derbyshire has said.


  • Nick Folkes; Australian “Stop White Genocide” campaigner. Folkes’ ex-wife is Japanese. “I know it’s a very controversial thing to say, but Islam isn’t compatible with our way of life,” he says, seated at his desk beside the coffin. On the desk is a copy of the Qu’ran annotated with sticky notes and a stack of anti-Islam Cronulla rally flyers.”

Some of the things he has done:

Storming a church in Muslim garb the latest stunt of Party for Freedom’s Nick Folkes.” (August 15th, 2016, the Sydney Morning Herald)

“Meet the man who wants to celebrate the Cronulla riots.” (, December 10th, 2015).

A description of Folkes’ hate group, “The Party for Freedom” (tagline: “Make Australia Great Again), seen here.

A humorous montage of his activities as well as a picture of his family can be seen above.

  • David Coppin, Neo-Nazi and member of National Action Rotterdam, seen below with his Filipino wife.


A link from (July, 2015) describing his Neo-Nazi activity.

Coppin is seen here, with a shaved head.


Picture of Coppin on a flight to the Philippines with his Filipino wife:


  • This particular guy, Nigel Wise, is in the English Defense League.


  • John Friend, white nationalist: married to a Filipina woman.

Friend’s description seen here, according to Rightpedia.

A list of Friend’s activity with the White Supremacist organization, “Renegade Broadcasting”

A self-published description of one of his “broadcasts”, reads:

On this edition of The Realist Report, we’ll be joined once again by Kyle Hunt of Renegade Broadcasting. Kyle and I will be discussing the recent White Man March and his latest article Destroying The Anti-White Arguments published on the Renegade Tribune.

  • Black Pigeon Speaks: White Nationalist, who mentioned his fetish for Asian women on Twitter.

screen-shot-2016-05-19-at-17-59-06Black Pigeon had two Youtube channels – one being an extremely racist channel where he criticizes multiculturalism and endorses White Nationalism. Archive of his channel here.

He was revealed to have a channel devoted exclusively to traveling throughout different Asian countries. An archive can be seen here.

  • Brian Ruhe, Neo-Nazi, had a Thai wife. Ruhe’s book on “Freeing the Buddha,” with chapters such as “Adolf Hitler and Tibetan Buddhism.”

Ruhe can be seen here, waving the Nazi Swastika, while his new Chinese girlfriend films.


A separate post I made about him: Neo-Nazi white supremacist Brian Ruhe has a Thai wife

  • Charles Johnson, “leader” in the alt-right, and so called “most hated man on the internet” (, archived). Johnson is a “race realist” and “white nationalist” who did an AMA (archived here) with Reddit’s /r/altright. A description of some of the horrible things he has said and did is here.

Wikipedia describes Johnson as: “an independent American journalist and owner of the websites and He has written two books.[2][self-published source]”Wonkette.comexplores the issue in an article called: “Chuck C. Johnson Answering Your Questions About How To Date Hot Asian Ladies”(, January 30, 2015) Archive here. 


Snippets of his interview with; (/r/altright is now banned) seen below:


Another tweet:


  • Andrew Anglin; The creator of a massive Neo-Nazi website said:“Second, following from the key word there – “marriage” – the men who involve themselves with Asian women are looking for a serious and traditional relationship.  Women who go with Blacks and Latinos are looking for excitement.” 
  1. Anglin was a former “recreational visitor” in the Philippines, as seen in the below picture.
  2. A comment on a Reddit thread about Anglin. “You are deliberately trying to gaslight us. The reality is that Anglin, like many White men, has had past sexual intercourse with oriental women. As it’s very easy for a White man to have sex with oriental women, many White men do so – when they are young. I did so myself, in college. As in Anglin’s case, this was before I had developed my racial views. Today, I don’t have sex with orientals, and neither does Anglin.”
  3. Anglin, in his own words during an interview with cartoonist Ben Garrison, said:

I like young Filipino girls because they are shorter than me and they don’t care if I boss them around or if I tell them to shut up. American girls are too problematic.



d95c5efb7c-2Vice article detailing Fischer’s racism, in an article titled “Exploring Bobby Fischer’s Maniacal, Racist Genius” (Sep., 2015); Original article seen here.

It’s hard to argue that Bobby Fischer was not a creep, because Bobby Fischer was a creep, and alienated virtually any friend, associate, or family member with a ceaseless combination of egregiously selfish behavior and an irrational antisemitism that bordered on maniacal. He was a Holocaust denier, kept boxes of Nazi propaganda, and on 9/11 he took this to the airwaves, via a public broadcast in the Philippines: “I say death to President Bush! I say death to the United States! Fuck the Jews! The Jews are a criminal people. They mutilate their children. They’re murderous, criminal, thieving, lying bastards. They made up the Holocaust. There’s not a word of truth to it… This is a wonderful day. Fuck the United States. Cry, you crybabies! Whine, you bastards! Now, your time is coming.”

The Atlantic.Com describes Fischer’s racism in “Bobby Fischer’s Pathetic Endgame” (Dec. 1, 2002).

Fischer added that the events of September 11 provided the ideal opportunity to stage a long-overdue coup d’état. He envisioned, he said, a “Seven Days in May scenario,” with the country taken over by the military; he also hoped to see all its synagogues closed, and hundreds of thousands of Jews executed. “Ultimately the white man should leave the United States and the black people should go back to Africa,” he said. “The white people should go back to Europe, and the country should be returned to the American Indians. This is the future I would like to see for the so-called United States.” Before signing off Fischer cried out, “Death to the U.S.!”

David Tovey, white supremacist who planned “who amassed a terrifying haul of arms and bomb-making equipment was planning to start a race war,” was married to a woman from Hong Kong. Archived link to an article explaining his activities.

tovey-2He married Oi Yi Yip, who is of Hong Kong Chinese origin, in 1989 after they met at an Oxford hospital. They ran a Chinese takeaway in Birmingham together, which later went bust.

  • Man tweets former KKK Grand Dragon and owner and founder of, asking about whether or not Duke would take his support despite being married to an Asian woman.



  • White guy from a few months back, married to an Asian woman, saying that a white woman who was burned to death deserved it for sleeping with a black male – hence being a “mud shark.”

  • Reactionary Expat, a White Nationalist Youtuber, who is married to a Taiwanese woman.

Below is a link to one of his YouTube videos in which he talks about the importance of preserving the white race through white nationalism (without mixing with Slavs and Mediterranean Peoples).


Brash stressed the significance of New Zealand’s British heritage. When asked “who are the ideal immigrants?”, Brash made the following statement;

British immigrants fit in here very well. My own ancestry is all British. New Zealand values are British values, derived from centuries of struggle since Magna Carta. Those things make New Zealand the society it is.[16]



Charles Murray, race-realist author of The Bell Curve.


“Murray credits his time in the Peace Corps in Thailand with his lifelong interest in Asia.[13] “There are aspects of Asian culture as it is lived that I still prefer to Western culture, 30 years after I last lived in Thailand,” says Murray.[13] “Two of my children are half-Asian. Apart from those personal aspects, I have always thought that the Chinese and Japanese civilizations had elements that represented the apex of human accomplishment in certain domains.”[13]The book is described by Wikipedia with the following:

“Many of the arguments put forth by the authors were controversial, ranging from the relationships between low measured intelligence and anti-social behavior, to a genetic component of the low observed test scores for African-American (compared with whites). The book was heavily publicized as it was released, just after the death of Herrnstein. In the first several months of its release, 400,000 copies of the book were sold around the world. The Bell Curve argues that:”

Criticism of the book is also described on Wikipedia as such:

Since the book provided statistical data supporting the assertion that blacks were, on average, less intelligent than whites, some people have feared that The Bell Curve could be used by extremists to justify genocide and hate crimes.[43][44] Much of the work referenced by The Bell Curve was funded by the Pioneer Fund, which aims to advance the scientific study of heredity and human differences, and has been accused of promoting scientific racism.[45][46][47]Also from Wikipedia:

 The Southern Poverty Law Center identifies Murray as a White Nationalist who uses “racist pseudoscience and misleading statistics to argue that social inequality is caused by the genetic inferiority of the black and Latino communities, women and the poor.”[34][35]Murray’s ex-wife is Thai, as admitted by Murray in an interview with Race Realist Steve Sailer, on the subject of Amy Chua.

“I was also laughing because the mother of my first two children was half Thai and all Chinese, and it was all so familiar. The subject heading of the email attaching the Chua article to my elder two daughters was “Bring back memories?” My own archetypal memory is when my eldest daughter, then perhaps eight years old, came home with her first Maryland standardized test scores, showing that she was at the 99th percentile in reading and the 93rd percentile in math. Her mother’s first words—the very first—were “What’s wrong with the math?”




  • Unnamed Stormfront Poster with half Japanese son: But, just because I have a biracial child doesnt mean I’d accept any inferior person as a mate, and the degeneration of our own gene pool which the Jews started means that many white women would fail my requirements in a mate. The current state of my sons development (at 5 years of age he’s taller than my waist and able to find his way around my computer.

Why do racist white men like Asian women? My dad is a Holocaust denier and has said that gays should be hanged, among other things, such as the fact that New York City is overrun by blacks, and Jews.


As a white male; you can be extremely racist, angry and bitter to the point nobody wants to be around you (my dad, who has no friends), and then go for the one race of women that will appreciate for – you guessed it – your whiteness. The idea is that Asian women are more traditional, more family oriented, and more appreciative of traditionally conservative values – childbirth, wedlock, etc. Asian women, in return, get white skin (a cultural value) and integration (personal value) and possibly fulfills a fetish for white men, regardless of the man’s beliefs. Because Asian women are so desperate to escape the Gilded Ghetto, in which she is subjected to marginalization, humiliation, and frankly – because Asian women are not more beautiful than other women – they can only attract bottom of the barrel white men, like my father, and they are perfectly fine with this.

The white man gets a “substitute” white woman – a white skinned woman with less attitude, and more proactive in her belief that whiteness is valuable. In a way, Asian women are even more pro-white than the average white woman. 

If you are a bottom of the barrel white guy who feels like white women are too high maintenance and yet still wants to be proud to be white, and feel honored for your white blood, find an Asian woman. Not Latina, not black, not middle Eastern, but Asian. Honorary Aryans.

Since Asian women are seen as a fail-safe plan for a White guy – he can oftentimes feel the liberty to be over the top racist, and moreso, because Asian women are oftentimes seen (by most normal men) as strange picks, White men who like Asian women are oftentimes very insecure and even hateful against Asian males, their only competition in life during this race to the bottom. 

Are Asian women more attractive than other races of women? Of course not. Their only appeal is that they are well known for being easier to obtain if you are white.

White men / Asian women is a tradeoff; Asian women get a white lifestyle, integration into “superior” white culture- white men get to feel valued for their race. Eurasians are raised as substitute white children.

 This also explains why many half Asian criminals have expressed white-supremacist views; by and large because they aim for “upward” integration, rather than choosing to identify with a “net-negative” – or, Asian men, who are rejected by society.


🔥🔥🔥ABSOLUTE MUST READ: Proof Asian Women Also Hate Asian-Looking Hapas

These are among my last posts on this website, and I call them the “Holy Grail” because they’re the first and last thing you need to read on half Asian people; or on understanding that couple that makes you vaguely uncomfortable; or on understanding that weird half Asian friend you have; or because you have a twinge of disgust when seeing Amy Chua; and I hope they are as vicious as I think they are. 

Asian women repeatedly have demonstrated two interesting behavioral patterns:

  1. Hoping that their children pass as white. 1, 2, 3. (Or look at the spammer in the comments for this behavior in real time).
  2. Treat Asian-passing Eurasian males with Asian mothers with the same hostility they display for Asian men.

I have experienced this first hand. I look Asian enough that Asian women have insulted me to my face, time after time. Keep in mind that even listing “Asian” on dating profiles, or saying you are half Asian – is enough to make most Asian American and white women treat you terribly – now imagine having your own mother as “one of those women.”

Over time there have been posts on Reddit demonstrating over, and over, that Asian women view Half Asian men with the same repulsion and distain as full Asians. It’s a tragedy that these women will, in ten years, raise half Asian sons.

As you read this, remind yourself that ten, twenty years ago, these women also existed, and have by now given birth to millions of half Asian sons – many of whom are coming of age right now.

Asian woman stating she would rather have had a white man than the “Asian boy in a kilt” – i.e., Jon Hamilton, Hapa on the Bachelor with a white father.


Asian woman attacking half Asian Jon Hamilton as if he were full Asian.


An Asian woman claiming that Eurasian men are incapable of attaining the masculinity of their white male fathers.


Comedian Esther Ku lumping half Asian sons (with Asian moms) in with full Asian men.

Congratulations, monsters. You gave birth to… monsters.

🔥🔥🔥Are the majority of Eurasians / Hapas / Half Asian men gay or perpetually single?

Go out on the street or go find some half Asians that you meet. How many have White dads and Asian moms? 80%? 90%? 95%?

Why are all the Half Asian boys walking around single, while all the Asian girls walking around with less than stellar White men?

Imagine having your own mother shove it into your face from the day you are born that you are better because you don’t look Asian – and that white men (including your very unattractive, balding, shy, meek, autistic, underemployed, alt-right, racist white dad who couldn’t land a decent white woman but really did want one, but couldn’t get one) are more handsome and stronger and more successful – except society sees you as an Asian guy.

What happens to the sons? Why are so many successful Hapas the ones who either are 6’4″ and above, the ones who pass as white (none of them), and the ones who have Asian dads?

No wonder so many half Asians brag up and down about being the “master race” yet can’t find a girlfriend, and nitpick each other for looking more Asian, and wind up having violent mental breakdowns like Daniel Holtzclaw, Krit Mclean or Elliot Rodger on the realization that literally everyone, including their own mothers, hates Asian males, and their own fathers are spending all of their time talking about how minorities are bad and how Asian women are submissive and support the white man and fulfill family values that White women can’t.

User /u/headtorch on Reddit who claims to be a ladies man and is married; Chinese mother, White father.

When a white man and an Asian woman have a child – the child is an Asian man, or at best bears the same “effeminate qualities” that Asian women hate.

There is no half and half on this. Society sees you as Asian – and you see yourself as Asian, yet your mother herself expressed explicit sexual preference against Asian men.

Her “preference” reflected the preference on the whole of Asian women, white women, and virtually every other kind of woman out there. Asian women know this is true – they admit it behind closed doors that they are not attracted to Asian men.

So now, your son is Asian. Welcome to a world of extreme depression at the biological reality. Just wait until he gets shot down by Asian women and white women with “sorry, I don’t do / like Asian guys.”

Looking through Youtube I saw a number of videos and channels with half-Asian male figures. It is extremely obvious that all three of them possess “gay” mannerisms. I am not cherry picking. Just go on Youtube yourself and search “half Asian.” About half will be gay, the other half won’t look that Asian or will be extremely good looking, hence appearing on Youtube in the first place.

I fully support gay people and cast no judgment on them.

What I do suggest is happening is that half Asian women are seen by society as a lot more desirable than half Asian men. It’s no secret that women like “manly” men and by no coincidence Asian men are not seen as manly.

Half Asian men, as a result, go crazy like me, commit suicide, become violent, pass entirely as white (very rare) and settle down with an average looking Asian or white girl, or become gay, if they weren’t gay already. Half Asian women obviously marry white men the majority of the time, leaving half Asian men in the dust.

Gay half Asians are essentially just as valuable to white men as half Asian women. Straight half Asian men have a hard time even just surviving – especially when their Asian side is so harshly looked down upon, so many of them hype up their white side to no avail.

I have a theory that because of the anti-Asian male nature of the parents’ relationship, a lot of half Asian men become extremely confused sexually at a very young age, and start to undergo psychological pressure that may or may not shape their sexuality to be “feminine” like the mothers.

See for yourself. I am not actually cherry picking. This is what happens when you look up “half Asian” on Youtube. An INORDINATE amount of them seem to have these mannerisms or are perpetually single while their Hapa costars are dating white men.

The above host is small boned, clearly Asian looking, and obviously gay or bisexual.

Questionably gay as well, in his mannerisms and method of speaking.

🔥🔥🔥🔥How White men who exclusively like Asian women HATE ASIAN MEN AND WHITE WOMEN the most, and how this affects Eurasian male psychosexuality; and why half-Asian Elliot Rodger targeted Asian men and White women

Doesn’t it seem that whenever a white guy “settles” with an Asian woman, he has endless things to say about White western women, and Asian guys?

It’s not a form of love; it is a form of extreme hatred against Asian males, and White women, practiced by two people who are furiously angry at the world.

The white man is angry at White feminists who rejected him;

The Asian woman is angry at her low status and unattractive facial features, and wishes she was a White woman, and wants to feel accepted and integrated.

It’s almost a form of Tourette’s syndrome where a white man with an Asian wife will claim “I’m not racist, my wife is Asian,” and then have millions of things to say about White western women and Asian males – and if you put an Asian guy and a white woman together, these same couples will constantly attack them, even if this Asian guy is a Eurasian guy.

I am Eurasian with a White father and Asian mother. I am incredibly, incredibly messed up, way beyond normal behavior for a male of my age. A lot of this has to do with my paranoid, conspiracy theorist dad (who stopped working because he was afraid that Jesus was coming back, and drove my mother insane), and depressed, mentally-ill Asian mother. I inherited a lot of their mental “problems” – as well a their cultural baggage.

I understand that as a Eurasian male – there are going to be people out there that are a lot worse, particularly when nobody listens to you.

Want to know why? Look at this post by a White guy in Taiwan who was seeking a Taiwanese woman but said, in regards, to Taiwanese men / foreign women couples – that there were “more than there should be.” 


In the past, I was actually verbally attacked and humiliated for my Asian appearance – despite having a White father and Asian mother – by several of my university classmates. Each and every one of the classmates that did this – was a racist against Asians; one was Arab, two were white.

As engineers they would constantly complain about the Asians in the library or in the cafeteria. It turns out that these men, given that they were neither particularly good looking, and also very nerdy, all slept with Asian women for casual sex and hookups. Because these were the only women these guys could get. These same men would routinely make fun of me for my appearance, ask questions like “are you taller than everyone in China?” (despite the fact that I’m shorter than many high school students, at 6’0″ tall), and made small penis jokes.

It’s not unusual for men who like Asian women to have a particular hate for Asian men and Eurasian men. These men feel angered that they are rejected by White women for being “feminist,” or “too slutty,” so they hate seeing white women with Asian men, because white women are supposed to be “theirs,” and Asian women a backup in case White women are too nasty. And Asian men are just a joke to most white men, and white men being superior to Asian men is just an insurance on their egos (“no matter what, I’m still bigger than an Asian guy”), so they hate seeing Asian guys with White women.

There is an incredible double standards where Asian women and white men are accepted while Asian men and White women are not, and the problem with this is that a huge bulk of the children of White men and Asian women look like Asian men. So white men and Asian women actually go out of their way to attack Asian males and White women.

The reason for this is because these men who like Asian women generally do so, as a way to “take back the power” in the form of male sexuality and dominance over Asian women – the women that are known, frankly, for being available for anyone that is not Asian. Asian women are not the most attractive, but largely, because of their stigma, tend to attract men who seek to express a latent desire to have a woman who will beget them with a sense of sexual worth, when in fact, these men might be lacking it in the first place; the desire for Asian women is generally consequential to ones inability to secure a non-Asian partner.


So in a way, the entire appeal of Asian women is that they are available to you, if you fail to get what you want from non-Asian women, who are generally more physically appealing and have higher standards. Meaning that, if X women are too feminist, they don’t like you, too demanding, well, at least I can get an Asian woman – since she will do anything for integration and status (though this is not known to the male, who assumes that the woman just wants “big cock” and “sex with a superior male.”)

So when these men see Asian men with White or non-Asian women, it triggers them, in a way that is exceptionally dangerous, even bordering on violent. Because the Asian male (and in many cases, the Eurasian male) is a non-entity, a feminine other that does not deserve love or sex or companionship. Keep in mind that the man who chose an Asian woman – generally chose her as a second choice, as a response to White or other non-Asian women who have too high standards.

The entire appeal of Asian women is that they are available if and only if the first choice – a non-Asian woman – is not available. Meaning that men like me, who started off charming, outgoing and ambitious, refused to date them because I felt simply that it wouldn’t challenge me as a person, and largely because I didn’t want to be worshipped for my half-White blood. My first kiss actually was with one of the nicest girls I’ve ever known, who actually was Japanese and now engaged to a hapa with a Japanese father, but other than that, since that period I became more and more wary of Asian girls. Unfortunately for the decent ones out there.

So when a man who settles with his second choice – or even last choice before…. suicide, or whatever (as in the case of the original post), sees an Asian man with a White woman – it drives him crazy. It drove Elliot Rodger, the son of a White man and an Asian woman crazy, to see Asian men with White women. The following picture was essentially the catalyst that drove Elliot to murder White women and Asian men.

a8M9LEQ-2.jpgWhy would the son of a White man and an Asian woman want to murder White women and Asian men?

Have you seen the way that white men who fetishize Asian women talk down about Asian women and white men? Spend time around them or go into a place like /r/china and ask yourself, honestly, two questions:

  1. How is this progressive?
  2. What is this going to be like for the sons who look Asian?
  3. How the hell is is possible to be normal?

Keep in mind that contemporary White male masculinity is essentially now hinged on the dominance over Asians. Keep in mind that the White male is now “under attack” by Muslims, blacks, and other people of color.

In order to really overcome their fear of losing both political and sexual power, the availability of Asian women is their number one fallback plan.

Asian male / White female (or in some cases another type of woman) tends to provoke anger in non-Asian males in a way that others are not able to properly understand.

Just read how this woman was harassed by a Trump supporter for having an Asian husband. Archive here.


Keep in mind that many, and I mean many, Trump supporters fully support WMAW.

Another thing to point out – like the top cartoon – is that certain Asian women are pretty much incapable of the Westernized notion of love. Tiger Momming is in their veins, as is Tiger Relationships were they get a white husband, nag and scold him constantly, and so the White man finds himself in a loveless relationship while genuine relationships between Asian men and White women – based on love, mutual understanding and similar life goals, drives him crazy. So there’s that.

Obviously these are generalizations but when something like this is ignored, bad things have happened and will happen. The real culprit is just common every day white supremacy, otherwise known as that practiced by your average twenty something fuckboy.

🔥🔥🔥Welcome to the Hapacalypse: Why More and More Hapa / Half-Asian / Eurasian Criminals is Inevitable

I am actually appealing to non-Asians to recognize these couples for what they are. My mother was like this, my father was an anti-black, antisemitic paleoconservative who valued an Asian woman for her “white worship”, completely disregarding other horrible characteristics of hers, in exchange for getting laid semi-regularly, and then not at all.

Anyone who has ever spent a significant time around Asian women realizes that there are more than a handful who have nothing but vitriolic and vile hatred in their hearts for Asian men. This probably has something to do with their failure to find them attractive (for physical reasons) so they essentially treat them as antagonists.

The white man that marry Asian women are generally hateful men who feel rejected by white women / Latin women / black women, so they seek to “feel big” with Asian women, essentially importing Asian brides as a way to fight against “problems” that they find with women in their home countries.

Asian women are desperate to escape Asianness – which is the unique lack of deep eyes that makes Asians both fetishized and hated simultaneously.

As if this were not problematic enough, these same women eventually go on to marry white men, and produce half-Asian children. These half-Asian children are exposed to the following elements:

  • Vitriol from Asian women against Asianness
  • A celebration of Hapa “looks,” which at best are just “average” tendencies towards a more Caucasian appearance; and god forbid that the Hapa look identifiably Asian.
  • Massively unbalanced interracial dating
  • Constant attacks on Asianness by Asian women in relations with white men (the same ones who date white men yet still have to make the inferiority of Asian men well known)
  • A father who hates everything woman-related, including white women, but sees his Asian wife as merely a cheap substitute for the woman he really wanted; more often than not these white dads tell their sons to be white, and to embrace “whiteness.”
  • The fact that they themselves naturally require a healthy identity in order to function yet Asian maleness was categorically attacked from the beginning; making healthy identity impossible.
  • A nihilistic sense of self worth where their entire usefulness is dictated by how Asian or un-Asian they look. I.e., half Asians are obsessed with their so called “beauty” despite so many of them looking even more Asian than their moms.
  • The ones who don’t look Asian (since 90% of us have Asian moms), develop an entire identity around denigrating themselves and attacking Asianness in the hopes of separating themselves from the worst race on earth.

This in turn is producing millions of unhealthy Hapa children. 

Just in January 2018, we saw a Half Asian get kicked out of Duke for mocking Asians… despite being Asian.

Article is here.


They literally are creating a Catch-22 for their own sons, wherein they demonize Asianness, yet produce half-Asian sons, and then forbid them from complaining about being brutally reminded of their own inferiority (see the Esther Ku remark above or this one below):


Even more obvious is the fact that when Asian women are confronted with this, their usual arguments are “we owe Asian men nothing,” “it is not our duty to find Asian men attractive;” which are all true.

However, as these same women are going to give birth to sons and can offer nothing more than off-the-bat platitudes and a complete lack of concern for the mental state of CHILDREN, it is necessary to deduce that:

These women (and men) are literally the last people on earth suited for raising half Asian children, especially men. By being so adamantly opposed to introspection they are actually proving me right in implying they are not suitable for motherhood / fatherhood. A mother / father’s job is to care wholly for the wellbeing of her child, lest she produces a societal-detriment, which we are already filled to the brim with.

So what is happening now is that Asian women are attempting to level the blame onto half-Asian men in the present, in order to immunize themselves in the future from their own self blame, which will happen.

However, the real blame needs to be leveled on two parents, an Asian woman and white man (again, oftentimes a man, like my father, who enjoys feeling “superior” over rejected Asian men; or in many cases, just worshipped for his race unjustly whereas he feels white women failed to do so), who do not care for the mental health or spiritual wellbeing of their own sons, a demographic they are callously bringing into the world by the millions, a demographic that is destined to explode in what I call: The Hapacalypse.

We have already seen in two years such violent outbursts from Hapas, all with Asian mothers and white fathers. There will be more coming.

On this date, December 14th, 2015, remember that I, a Eurasian, specifically blamed the dynamic of White Men and Asian Women for creating a demographic of monsters. 

I no longer am concerned with appealing to Asian women. I am concerned with appealing to you, my non-Asian readers, to recognize these people for what they are. This is not a “progressive” pairing. It is racism. Please, please, please recognize this before it is too late. Do I have to remind you about how my mother commented on my high nose, light eyes, repeatedly, while concurrently having a massive blowout at my father for harboring anti-semitic, Holocaust denying views?

Yes, I am Eurasian / Hapa / half-Asian, yes I am real, and no I won’t show my face right now out of fear for attack and retribution. This will happen eventually. But please, please, believe me.

It doesn’t matter how many Asian women deny this; by this blog even existing and popping up after virtually any “half-Asian” search (and within a few months it will be the number one search result), this becomes a problem for society as a whole, and ideally it will ruin the social lives and society’s view of these pairings rather than them being hoisted up as being progressive.

There is no “white-only” Asian woman on the PLANET who would admit to this being a plausible issue; but it doesn’t matter – all I have to do is sway public opinion to my side using reason and truthfulness, and then the whole roof will cave in. That means: appealing to non-Asians, blacks, whites, Hispanics, Muslims, etc. You all know well the adage of the “pen being more powerful than the sword.” You want world peace? Then dismantle the goddamned systems of power and hierarchies that exist in so called “free countries” and stop valuing your own selfish needs for five goddamned minutes.

🔥🔥🔥JAW DROPPING: 29 out of 31 of all professional hockey players (93%) of mixed heritage, have an Asian father and a White mother.

Only two have non-Asian fathers – one black, and one white.

Read the list here if you don’t believe me.

Here’s the archive in case this goes down.

Gee – I wonder what White men / Asian women are doing wrong.

But wait – that’s not it. I did research a few months ago about professional / college football players that are mixed Asian.

All but two have Asian fathers.

🔥🔥🔥The Casual Racism of White Male Asian Woman Couples

Edit: From Facebook’s Terms of Service: 

  1. When you publish content or information using the Public setting, it means that you are allowing everyone, including people off of Facebook, to access and use that information, and to associate it with you (i.e., your name and profile picture).

Just a memo for those who forget what WM/AW couples are about.

It’s not about love… it’s entirely about whiteness, integration, assimilation. It’s 1960’s style, open-faced racism being paraded around as progressive.

Even my own mother dyed her hair and wore colored contacts. If you don’t believe this website just go ask any Asian woman in a relationship with a white man as to why she does it and the majority of the time she will have such vicious things to say about Asian men that you wonder if it was ever about love in the first place.


The posts were real, she was exposed by me and some other Eurasians, and you can just Google her name to see how both her Facebook and Instagram were taken down as an attempt to save face. The only reason I’m keeping this up is to never allow this sin to fade.

This is a common mentality among Asian women. It’s not love. It never was love, and they are openly practicing racism against Asian men, and their own children. Raised by white supremacists – imagine the monumental damage this will cause their psyche.

I mean, just imagine the trauma of having a mother who believes this is okay.

If it were love I would have seen my parents in love – but instead my mother, since naturally she was a shrewd, hateful woman obsessed with status, was constantly nagging and attacking my father, saying the most vicious things about his eating habits, his behavior, and sleeping in separate bedrooms for 15-20 years. Keep in mind this insane degree of status / money grubbing is inherent to Asian culture – hence its obsession with ugly white men.

And now of course here come the people saying that I’m full Asian. Listen, even if I were, would you think that that kid would be alright?

I don’t really get how much more clear I could be; I have multiple pictures up and I’m guessing it’s a ploy to get me to show my face. In due time, kids.

People are making a HUGE mistake ignoring this message – how many of these damaged kids are out there?


White Supremacist named Mark Neuhoff at Virginia Tech gets caught being a white supremacist… defends himself by saying he’s got an Asian wife

What else is new? Half Asian children can be very high risk, due to being raised by extreme racists who even hate Asians – yet rely on Asian women as a way to validate their existential crises in the face of global change.

In other words, White men that feel extremely entitled to the world but are unable to cope with being relegated to anything but first place, will seek out women that make them feel validated for their whiteness. Many, many white nationalists seek White women as being the inherent evil that is the source of the downfall of the white man, so they seek out Asian women as a way to “take the power back.” They don’t care about their kids, or even their wives, but moreso their own egos, and try to push their children to take up the banner of white supremacy. These same guys will use their Asian wives as a shield, while being even more racist than they would be with a white wife – and these same guys will even go out of their way to attack White women that are interracially married, claiming that white feminist mudsharks (even white women who date Asian guys) are traitors.

It took me a long time to accept my Asian heritage, simply because I was raised by two white supremacists; one a genuine white supremacist who wanted a white woman but felt they were traitorous and hence unavailable, and a woman who wanted “status” and to feel like she “belonged” (to the winning caste), which is normal for most Asians, who value status. As the marriage became sexless (common among mail order brides who marry men for the wrong reasons) and violent as the misty veil of cultural misunderstanding dissipated and she saw her White Prince Charming was in fact a yellow-fever racist who wouldn’t work, my father became more extreme, rather than less.

Maybe it was a Freudian power play, to take back the white power that his wife, job, and life were draining from him.

Racist, rejected, anti-social white men heavily rely on self-hating Asian women as a way to prove their superiority over “modernism” and “change;” being unable to control “degenerate” society and hoping for White women to ensure White supremacy, these same racist white men deliberately target Asian women, who they view as “supportive” of white supremacy due to their “traditional, non-slutty values.”.

White men that are rejected by white women (for physical or emotional or social defects) – who they view as “race traitors” to a white ethnostate in which white men are valued and respected – use Asian women, who they view as chaste, traditional, family-oriented women that appreciate a good white man – despite his racist beliefs, or in fact, in full support.

White men that are unattractive oftentimes use their whiteness as “proof” of their superiority despite being rejected or ostracized for social or physical problems, meaning that unattractive white men who fetishize Asian women – and racist white men, are one and the same.

These same men go on to raise Half Asian children that look predominantly Asian, yet have White fathers that hate Asians and people of color – and an Asian mother that resents that her children look too Asian.

Him and his wife.

The article exposing him as a hardcore white supremacist.

Second article about him.


Him and his wife.

The article exposing him as a hardcore white supremacist.

Second article about him.

His comments:


I’ve said it time and time again, white supremacist men love Asian women because Asian women make them feel “big” against the tide of feminist and liberalism. These same unattractive white guys can’t get white women, and feel angry that white women reject them, so they chase down poor, foreign born Asian women who don’t know any better, while using their Asian wives as validation for white supremacy. If you had to choose between being an unattractive, isolated white supremacist whose beliefs make him even more unattractive – and finding an asexual, self-hating Asian woman desperate for integration and to escape her Asianness, then what would you pick?


White Nationalist on /r/hapas admits that he became a white nationalist after having several Hapa children with Asian woman

Archive here. 

Original here.

Relationship with my wife

She is an Asian expat who doesn’t really feel any identity or connection with her homeland. We have a pretty great marriage, with love, trust, etc. We married and started a family rather young.


I don’t fit the “loser” meme – I’m upper-middle class, high-IQ, family-oriented, /fit/, probably an 8.5/10 (but depends on the lady’s prefs ofc).

Why Asian women?

In HS and uni, I dated women of practically every background, but mostly White. I always felt that Asian women were more intelligent on average, which I learned much later is correct. Also, I like women with a thin waist and lithe neck, and even Asian expats who were “overweight” back home are skinny here

In addition, as should be obvious to anyone here who has read the FAQ, the differences between Whites and Asians always made those relationships more lucid and satisfying for both myself and the lady.

Attraction to Asians examined through a social lens

  1. White women are, by and large, not family-oriented. There are many clear-cut reasons for this, with far-reaching effects, but bullet points should be short, and many others (here and elsewhere) have written about it at length anyway.
  2. Racial leverage. White genes are like gold to non-Whites. If you have this leverage, many of the other problems caused by our degenerate society can be offset in the relationship.
  3. The social virtue reflected on miscegenation. I think this is more of a White female racetraitor thing and isn’t very true in my case, but it likely encouraged me subconsciously. I’ll occasionally see a Jewish or Black woman looking at my family with creepy pride.
  4. Pathological attraction. This is the case for LGBBQ+ as well. If you spend a few years only fucking a certain kind of person (in my case, for the reasons listed above), it becomes a habit. Even though I’ve dated many White women, after a while fucking Asians, my attraction to White women curiously disappeared, even though it was once strong.

Why White Nationalism? Why are you racist?

Short answer: Not really that racist (i.e. hate-filled). I just didn’t know about the reality of White Genocide/Fade-out. Like most people, I assumed demographics had remained the same since the 1970s, and representation was all that was changing.

After that, I learned about Race Realism, which is something that most people understand by instinct, but are not exposed to the “racist” facts sourced from the research of virtually every government and major scientific institution.

Finally, White Nationalists are generally just really, really good people. Many are fiercely intelligent, highly capable, and traditionally-minded. I belong with them as much as many Hapas feel like they belong here.

Regarding my children

My wife and I are both very light-skinned, and so are my children. Although they have small eyes, they do not pass at Asian. This doesn’t bother me, I just hope they aren’t short. Otherwise, research places Asians and Whites roughly in peerage where it counts (intelligence, aversion to violence and addiction, etc).

I raise them in the tradition of Christ and other White values. I have taught my oldest son about molecular biology and IQ research as it pertains to race; it is normal for us. My family understands why White nations should remain >90% White, because the society that Whites conceived and erected will be lost or damaged irretrievably.

I encourage my oldest to pursue a relationship with a White woman. He is very social and athletic, so I think that will work out. If any of my children stray from that path, I may send them abroad to bleach Asia a bit.

My in-laws

I am not an unabashed White supremacist. My Asian in-laws are. It’s fucking hilarious to me, but naturally I see why it would piss off some people here.

Regarding r/hapas

Honestly, Hapas and WNs are in a pretty similar situation. We were robbed of a proper racial identity by the fucking Baby Boomers, and now we’re trying to figure all of this shit out on our own. My parents sucked, and it seems like your parents sucked too. If they had not been nihilists (and perhaps, had access to genetic science), we would all be happier.

I’m not necessarily a “Hapa Futurist” like some WNs, but I know that Hapas will serve an important role in the ethnostates that are in our future. I wish everyone here the very best.

Do Asian women regret moving to a country where there are weekly mass shootings, where everything is thirty years old and falling apart, where half the people are mentally ill? Is that why child kidnapping is so popular with Asian and Russian women?

I just saw this local news report where some local moron was crying his eyes red like cherries on TV talking about how his Russian wife just bailed out on him with his two daughters and moved back to Moscow and how he was writing her emails and she was sending him replies like, give me twenty grand and I’ll send you a photo. He couldn’t understand why she left him, and I just thought, she left him because of where you live man.

Oh yeah buddy, your wife left you to go back to an A++ global city from a town with 30,000 people where high end food is called Olive Garden, where owning high powered assault rifles and hollow-point ammunition and tracer rounds is considered a hobby, because she’s such a bad person.

Lots of women – especially Chinese, Japanese and Russian women, that come from functioning societies, move to America with the intent of snaring a “high status” American husband and living the American dream of a big house, a tall, white Prince Charming, and all the trimmings of a life abroad – something that they can show off to their girlfriends back home, who are stuck with local boyfriends and dates at restaurants that aren’t waited on by passive aggressive college kids.

The only problem – which my mother realized too late – is that America is a shithole – a wide, ugly, barren swathe of a shithole. If you even compared high end, luxury shopping – something that women (and I) love, brand names such as Lanvin, Balenciaga, Marni, Kiton, Ferragamo, Dior, Chanel – these are impossible to find outside of select cities in America. Almost every other mall in a major city in China has these brands; and it’s not just the brand, but the feeling of being in a mall that isn’t run into the ground by a bunch of drugged out, mentally ill American zombies with grating, nasally accents, with cheap, 30 year old plastic seats that scrape the floor when you pull them out.

My mother came to America and used to tell me stories of how “everything was huge in the United States,” and when I went back to China decades after she died, it was the reverse. Things abroad are nicer. Bigger. Even the shitty stuff in China is nicer. The KFC and McDonald’s don’t have scratched up, dirty, littered cushions covered in lumberjack fabric. The quality is nicer. Things look good. It’s not run down, plastered in tiles and flourescent lighting.

Lots of these foreign women, especially Asian women, marry some balding, weird white MRA, MGTOW doofus who thinks that he can convince a foreign woman to live in a prefab house, driving a mid-ranged car and shopping at Macy’s and eating out at Applebee’s, and these women will try to show it off as being “luxurious” to their friends on Instagram or Weibo or whatever, but usually after a while, after the mass shootings, after the stupid comments from random, mentally ill American people (which seems to be roughly 25% of them), after the ugly, yellowing, boxy architecture and unwalkable “cities” become unbearable for a woman who wants better – many of these women take their half Asian or half American kids right back to Asia.

My mother essentially killed herself after my hyper religious, white dad who hated that American women were “too independent and feminist” was trying to drag my Chinese mother up to his windy, cold, poorly lit, crumbling redneck town where the sidewalks end even before they begin, and and she would go into a rage and say that she couldn’t stand that there were no streetlights and there was no where to eat or shop or that everyone was fat and depressed. The American dream. Look at Hong Kong and compare it to a shithole that isn’t New York. And then remember that Hong Kong is just one of hundreds of sparkling new cities in China.

Oh well.

I guess the benefit now is that these potential mass shooters will at least postpone their rampages for another 20-30 years (as long as the sexless marraige lasts with an Asian wife), when they import a bunch of Asian ladies?


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