Senator Mark Kirk Mocks WMAF Half Asian Tammy Duckworth’s Mixed-Race Background During Debate; meanwhile an AMWF Eurasian bangs Mariah Carey


I’ve been mocked form my heritage before. So was she. This week.

My mother never married for feminism. She married because white men were more physically appealing. Because white power was appealing. Because an American lifestyle was more appealing than living in Asia.

Behind closed doors 99% of White male / Asian woman couples will admit that they are together because Asian women are attracted to the white privilege that white men have.

Where is Tammy Duckworth’s white privilege?

What happens when Asian women who see Asian men as inferior have children who look 100% Asian like Tammy does? What happens when they don’t even make it to that level of success because they get cut down – mostly for boys – early on for looking exactly like the type of men that Asian women hate?

A good comment from Reddit:

This is a reminder that its not just about positive vs negative Hapa stories. Tammy Duckworth is as positive a Hapa story you can get. She overcame her war injuries to become a Congresswoman and will likely be a Senator. Yet this prominent, inspirational, successful Hapa has brought a great deal of attention to the main thing we talk about on r/Hapas. Yes we are equally, both white and Asian. But the world sees us as Asian and denies us our white side, and society and even WMAF parents themselves are not prepared to deal with this. This story has brought out in the most powerful, public way that yes this is a real concern. This Republican Senator represents the thinking of a great many white Americans.

Also if we ever get one of those conservative white dads telling us to take pride in our white sides, we can remind them that this is how conservative white men react when you do so.

Meanwhile in other news, Mariah Carey just cheated on her billionaire boyfriend with this guy. A hapa with an Asian dad.


WMAF is just so full of fail.


Hanna (PoisonIvyLul), the psychopath who is manipulating men into suicide and abuse, is WMAF Hapa


Explaining the behavior of Eurasians – which seem to be increasingly present in global news stories, with 100% allocation to the children of White men and Asian women – is very difficult to properly verbalize unless you lived it. The common theme seems to be rage, power, sex, racism, and a need to control. 

I think it’s also important to note that none of this applies to the children of Asian men and white women – who though far from perfect – have almost never produced anything so bad as the people we see nowadays. I don’t think they’ve produced anything bad at all. They’ve produced good things, normal things, while people like me and Hanna are running around like maniacs self destructing. Why?

Asian man + White woman = normal, equal couple, and probably better than normal due to the atypical masculinity found in Asian male culture. Unbeknownst to me when I started blogging – I wasn’t even aware until this year that women were actually attracted to Asian men.

White man + Asian woman = so many different elements at work.

The best way that I can explain what Hanna is and was doing is to surmise that she is the daughter of a beta, racist white guy – the kind that goes specifically for Asian women out of his entitlement, and need to control, and an Asian woman who marries specifically white for the intent of having white babies*, and to raise her status within society; of course, this isn’t merely as simple as that, and the psychosexual nature of these relationships must be considered, where the Asian woman subjects herself to the worst kinds of white men imaginable, and even encourages her daughter to also marry white – because by and large, many Asian women are truly anti-feminist, and even anti-women, with their main goal by and large to integrate and to obtain power. As I said, Asian women feel begrudged that formerly being high status in Asian society, wish to be high status in Western society – and so will do anything to obtain it, including encouraging their own daughters to submit to an insanely racist society.

In my case, my father was an incredibly dysfunctional white man, and my mother tolerated it for the purpose, by and large, of having non-Asian children; the stipulation for my entire life was that I survive merely by being white, and she failed to consider the role that having a loser father would instill in my brain. I.e., I was never prepared to deal with the real world and raised to rely solely on my “whitened” looks (which thank God, helped me survive my first eighteen years with good socialization).

But society is still racist – and Hanna still felt that. Look at how many people on her Twitter were calling her “chink” and “go back to China.” She’s half-Asian, but still viewed as 100% Asian, like many of us are. And as beautiful and as kind as we are, we still deal with such horrible people as parents. So what better way to fight back than to control.

Asian women want control when they marry white men, and white men want control when they marry Asian women. So naturally, the children inherit this. I certainly did when I tried to figure out who and why I was and singlehandedly changed the landscape of identity politics in two years. 

So anyways, Hanna decided to take control – to fight back against both racism, which her mother encouraged by being a geisha slave to white supremacy and white men – and to take back her own autonomy, by controlling the lives of men.

Beta men like her father, the kind who feel entitled to Asian women and feel that despite being such monumental losers, Asian women are still willing to submit to them.

Another thing I’d like to point out is that half Asians oftentimes feel extreme resentment against the roles that we are expected to play, oftentimes encouraged by our parents; i.e., if the father sees Asian women as being traditional, submissive geishas, the daughters will rebel – especially when the mothers encourage the daughters to continue this role of submission to white men. ‘Tis complicated.

Something important to note: the most famous figure in some fetish called “financial domination”  was Eurasian.

Reddit comments:

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* I say “white babies” because I am not sure if Asian women really want white babies, or Eurasian babies. Asian women feel less pretty than white women, for sure. This is acknowledged. They feel inferior to white people. However, they also seem to react negatively to Asian looking Hapas as well. They don’t seem to acknowledge that Asian people can be very beautiful as well, even more so than white people. Hanna was very pretty as well as looking totally Asian. Her self esteem must have been afronted by her mother – who insisted that she submit to whiteness, something that Hanna probably didn’t want. This was my case, too. I always felt more beautiful than whites, hence my incredible anger at being encouraged to submit to them – by Asian women. Regardless, there is also the issue of Eurasian children oftentimes being far more beautiful than the mother – but also resembling full Asians, so the resentment can be both compounded as well as confused.

Rurik Jutting, banker / murderer, is part Chinese through his mother (who is a WMAF Hapa)


The accused grew up in Surrey. His mother, Helen, ran a nursery class in Chertsey, before opening up a milk shake bar in Woking. His father, Graham, is an engineer.

Congratulations fetish couples – you did it again.

Banker / murderer Rurik Jutting is half Asian with a Chinese mom. I’ve been telling everyone here that fetish couples don’t produce good children. This is literally the next major incident this year alone involving a half Asian who made national / global news. David Fry, Daniel Holtzclaw, Krit Mclean, Elliot Rodger, etc.

Proof his mother is from Hong Kong.


Let me just leave this list here to explain, since I’ll just start spamming it every time another WMAF Eurasian does something horrible.

  • Asian women hate Asian men, try to integrate into Western society
  • Asian women underestimate just how much white people look down on Asians (A LOT)
  • Son looks more or less Asian, either looking Asian when young, or getting more Asian looking with age; both are high risk, since society hates Asians and 60% of Asian women marry out
  • Dad is 9/10 times anti-social, autistic loser who can only get Asian women
  • Dad is 9/10 times extremely racist, even against Asian men
  • Mother is severely self hating, manic depressive, or mentally ill, status climbing, violent, loveless, and manipulative
  • Parents have loveless relationship due to Asian women marrying largely for status
  • Childhood abuse, whether from racist father or from mother, Tiger Mothering
  • Inheriting father’s white paranoia, entitlement, versus not getting it because of low self esteem due to being Asian
  • Parents not preparing child for bullying / racism against Asians
  • Low-effort / low-status nature of parents (loser dad / loser mom)
  • Deep self loathing in Eurasian male
  • Isolation from society
  • The fact that 95% of women don’t want to marry Asian males or Eurasian males, especially us from the older generation


My theory on Krit Mclean, the naked Eurasian model – and his conservative white dad / Thai “submissive” mom, and how he tried to make them lose face


200a19c27aa22a7a41ca941bcdded707 (2).pngSomebody posted this link on Reddit. The NYPost featured a front page article about him, stating that his fight began in his parents’ Manhattan home– his father being a (presumably wealthy) 70 year old white man with a much younger Asian wife and a 21 year old Hapa son.

I also have a conservative white dad who deliberately married an Asian woman for her “traditional” values; and I have an Asian mom who deliberately married a white man for status. I’ve explained how this happened over and over on this blog. Just search for it. I dealt with many issues with my looks (I look Asian enough for people to use it as a point of disrespect and denial), but more so coming from a loaded home.

There are immense expectations to be a good little Eurasian child, to “represent” this pairing, to “represent” a merger between East and West, and to be a “master race” replacement child for both pure white children (since the White men hate White women) and for pure Asian children (which the Asian mom hates). White conservative men will attempt to “shape” or “mold” their biracial children to be perfect, as do Asian women, and the two parties are together, complicit, in a very, very political agenda.

Given that the fight started at home, and that Krit mentioned Trump, my guess is that Krit’s father was a Trump supporter – ironic, since Trump supporters are famous for being racist and for loving Asian women, and no non-white looking half Asian son would ever support Trump.

Realizing he would never be able to convince his parents of his pain, he did exactly what someone should do to hurt, as bad as he can, a conservative Trump-supporter-cum-white-dad and his conservative trophy Asian wife, one of the most loaded, status oriented pairings on earth. 

He lost face, but this time in front of millions upon millions of people.

Sound familiar?

The Columbia / Notre Dame educated daughter of a millionaire / billionaire Goldman Sachs Vice President and a Chinese wife did the same thing.


As did the Princeton educated son of a famous Oriental scholar.

What Krit did was essentially a Kelly Baltazar. I can’t believe it.

All of these crimes / outburst are starting to show a pattern;

  • Psychosexual / sex based crimes (Kelly, Daniel, Elliot, now Krit)
  • Self destruction
  • Disassociation
  • Large scale exposure to effectively destroy the parents’ image forever. (Sulk, Kelly,

Daniel, Elliot)

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🔥January 23, 2016: 20 Year Old Half Asian Thomas Wagoner Commits Suicide

This is the second public suicide of a half-Asian in one month.

Imagine if something was true: i.e., that half-Asians are born from Asian women who believed Asian men to be inferior, that integration was integral to a life of happiness, and give birth to half Asian sons who get bullied, consistently reminded by their own immediate families of their low self worth, and yet people refused to admit this could potentially be disastrous for their young sons because it would mean they had to deprive themselves of pleasure. How predictable.

“Wagoner, who was half-Asian, experienced bullying and racial discrimination as a child and teen”. Thomas Wagoner. Hapa ASU student that committed suicide by jumping off a building this month.

Archive here.

11351217_10202945558960141_7973239555758553940_n (1).jpg

Growing up in the tiny town of St. John’s, Wagoner, who was half-Asian, experienced bullying and racial discrimination as a child and teen at St. John’s High School, according to his family.

Still, when Thomas got to ASU, he seemed to thrive, Carey says.

“When he got to college, I asked him if he was still experiencing discrimination,” Carey says. “He said, ‘Once I got to ASU, I wasn’t a minority anymore. So I’m not discriminated against anymore.’”

Maybe not, but maybe he realized that like his mother, the majority of Asian women refused to see Asian men as human beings; a brutal nihilistic truth shoved into his face.

Well done, folks.

“A little bit more detail on the Julian Edgren case. WMAF half Chinese Princeton student who was kicked out of university and thrown into jail for drugs. Father was an extreme weeaboo.”

Julian Edgren, son of a white man / Chinese woman.

Ex-Princeton student sentenced to 5 years for mailroom drug bust

This is a repost. I didn’t do this material. The case is extremely interesting and explains the kind of trouble half Asian males go through. White male / Asian women couples are so lopsided, politically charged, nihilistic, fetishistic and unbalanced that ultimately being the child of them is extremely mentally draining – even if we’re not sure why. It just looks that way, and most people can tell.

I want to give my personal opinion on this case first; this is not the first time a well-off Eurasian person has made the news for something bad. Being the Asian looking son of a white man / Asian woman is just testimony to how worthless you are, and how you feel, deep down.

Nothing can ever get rid of this fact in my head – not even after almost thirty years, I simply can’t shake it. And most of us can’t, either, especially when you reach 20 and just see almost all Asian women you know with white men, and then get rejected simply for being Asian. Combine it with a non-supportive, fetish household at home, high anxiety, self hatred, I’m guessing Julian turned to drugs just as a way to self destruct, similar to what I’ve been doing.

A prodigy since the age of 10. He was a highly talented pianist and “talented and versatile concertmaster”, who played in a conservatory in highschool before moving up to the Princeton Pianists Ensemble

Here’s him playing tons of difficult piano songs: video 1 and video 2 and with a conservatory Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor

He was a skilled tennis player.  [1][2] [3]

He played chess in his spare time

Was concerned about the environment and made a school news breaking final project about reusing plastic cups

On top of that as we already know he was a student at Princeton. This guy was amazing.

But then he decided to get into drug distribution and was caught, kicked out of Princeton, and sentenced to 5 years in jail.

Why would such a talented Hapa get himself wrapped up in drugs and throwaway his bright future?

Let’s look into his parents background a bit further.

His father, James Soren Edgren is a Sinologist (means he studies all topics China related). He lived 2 and a half years in Japan and i presume a lot more in China. Created a business Han Shan Tang, selling asian books. And worked at various libraries and educational organizations as a East Asian book cataloger and biographer. He head a program at Princeton about Chinese rare books and regularly gave keynote speeches about Chinese culture and literature source 1 source 2. It seems that he married a chinese translator, Xia Wei, who eventually became Xia Wei Edgren. source

My knowledge of his background is shoddy and patchy at best, but it clearly stands out that Julian was an exceptional guy and something went wrong and he turned to buying and selling drugs. Essentially, his father was just an extremely sophisticated weeaboo interested in collecting and analyzing chinese culture. As expected he had to add a Chinese wife and half chinese kids to his collection.

I wonder how all this played on young Julian’s life perspective. One things for sure is that despite James Soren Edgren having a PHD in sinology and being an expert on thousands of years of various facets of chinese culture and society he had no clue what was going on with his own son.

Half-Asian Girl Schuyler Bailar makes History again as First Transgendered Athlete to Compete on a NCAA Division I men’s sport

Link Here. Story from April 10th, 2016.

f36aa857b4eb6fe83e55cccb039f13a9 (1).png
Half-Asian girl Schuyler Bailar is now a man. Extending congratulations to her. I think she’s incredibly brave, but knowing Asian moms / white dads, who dream of that all-American white picket fence, this kind of thing probably makes them nuts. No, WMAW is rarely progressive. As I said, nobody really knows what we go through as half-Asians with white dads / Asian moms… even if they’re “not that bad” (which I’m sure Schuyler’s parents aren’t), we still have a shiiiiiiitload of issues.

This is another interesting case demonstrating what we go through.

I think many of us half-Asian kids internalize the highly sexualized aspect of WMAW and the stereotypes of the Asian china doll belonging to the white male…. As I said, you don’t grow up under a stereotypical “white man and Asian woman” couple, completely ignore its stereotypes (especially when your mom and dad live up to the stereotypes – and even if they don’t, I mean, c’mon, even still…), surrounded by a white society that hates Asian people but loves Asian vagina.

Witnessing that dynamic (the dominant white male / submissive Asian woman image) as a child might so upset the female child as to push her to try to escape her gender, wherein she no longer feels like she falls under the sexual gaze of the white male father.

I’m actually being serious here.

White man / Asian woman couples are straight up weird. I even believed this before I was aware something was wrong with me. For a long time I didn’t even look at my parents’ photographs… and in my mind my mother was White.

E.g., the daughter feels like her mother is actively trying to fulfill the role of the sexualized quasi-prostitute Asian woman, an object of sexual desire to the supreme white father, and wants to distance herself from her mother, and also to avoid that nagging feeling like she (the daughter) is also an object of the father’s lust.

The first transgender woman to compete in a Miss California is Kylan Wenzel, who is also half-Korean!


It’s interesting we’re getting a lot of half-Asian firsts. The first male transgendered beauty pageant winner was Kylan Wenzel.

The owner of the largest half-Asian forum in the world prior to 2010 or so,, is now a woman.

Then this girl. More power to her for defining her own sexuality and breaking away from the preconceived roles her parents had for her.

Also remember that Mattress Girl, Emma Sulkowicz, was from a white father / Asian mother as well.

There seem to be an inordinate amount of Eurasians with white fathers, who are gay. This is evident just on casual observance. Taking a look at the Instagram of Eurasians with Asian fathers, such as Japanese Brazilian mixed model Kenta Sakurai, shows almost every picture with him being surrounded by beautiful women.

But in the case of Bobby Murphy, cofounder of Snapchat, worth 1.2 or so billion dollars, and being the son of a white male / Asian woman, there have been no photographs of him featured with any women. Same for male models like Scott Neslage.

More observations on psychotic Chinese women

Part 1 here.

What I don’t understand is why people are so angry at what I write. You think with all the bizarre, unpredictable, loaded nature of interracial relationships that involve severe levels of fetishization and manipulation, combined with the universal hatred of Asian males – that someone like me would never pop up? You really think that a Chinese club girl or a Sarong Party Girl or a gold-digging psychopath hooking up and getting pregnant by some racist white sexpat or Charisma man – and having an Asian looking son – wouldn’t lead somewhere bad?

This girl just called my wife on an English teaching app, about ten minutes ago.

Things she just said:

  • She had a French passport but lived in Shanghai
  • That she was a 混血儿, half French, half Chinese, said her dad is French
  • Her dad owns Carrefour and set up the stores in Shanghai and Beijing (I just looked up Carrefour, the dude isn’t married)

Her profile picture shows a woman that is clearly 100% Han Chinese with tiny eyes.

This kind of lunatic behavior is probably the reason why so many Eurasians suffer from mental problems. If you make believe all kinds of lunatic fantastical shit about your life in the west – you probably are gonna want a white boy to help you fulfill that dream. And any white dude will do, but the closer to the tall Prince Charming ideal the better.

I’m actually being serious here.

I mean – do people like this just ride off into the sunset with their white lovers? No. They have children.

And yeah, my mom was a psycho, with a life filled with swinging knives, death threats, suicide threats, etc., etc. And yeah, anyone that delusional about reality is going to go for the thing she feels she deserves: a tall white guy.

Don’t believe me – just look at their behavior in public. Don’t seem so happy does it.


By the way, this guy Thomas Dinh Bowman just got sentenced for shooting this guy four times in the head in a road rage incident. Surprise, surprise, just like his counterpart Elliot Rodger he was also driving a Biracial Murder Wagon (BMW).

Here’s a question, why are seemingly educated, affluent Eurasians adopting the extremely violent underclass culture that our parents were so adamant against ? It’s a pretty far stretch from how they dreamed of the Eurasian master race. Drug dealing, drive by murders, stabbings, rape, all of this is coming out of, and only out of WMAW Hapas.

Just look at our parents, man.

Explaining extreme behavior of young Eurasian males, Part 15

I’m going for total transparency. I try to explain being Eurasian as best as I can. I’m not pretending to be a moral or good person. I am exactly what I am, meaning I was born from two people whose intentions were never clear. You can develop your own theories; Oedipal, Freudian, emasculation, narcissism, failed expectations, mental illness, hybrid depression, anything you want, but I will tell you what it’s like.


When I see stories like this, the first thing I think is that, shit, I was almost there. Please believe me. Being a Eurasian male is something almost inexplicably terrifying to ourselves. Not to all of us, but to some of us.

I hold back on a lot of my explanations for two reasons.

  • I have the number one half-Asian blog, if not website, on the internet right now so eventually I’m going to catch the eye of someone who knows me. This would essentially be familial suicide.
  • I don’t want to genuinely talk about the kind of mental illness I went under out of fear of… whatever. You guess. Flashing lights, sirens, etc. Sad to say, I went through a phase like that, but I’m over it now, ironically after keeping this blog.
  • During this phase I felt like I was no longer in control. It’s hard to explain, when your mind is so far gone that you feel as if you no longer own your own actions. I felt like I was being trapped in my own appearance, desperate to claw my way out by any means. And the rage, and anger. The sense of being abandoned, the loneliness, the isolation.

I myself admit that I’m a far cry from how either the Asian community or the white community would expect of someone from my educational background.

I also admit that, as far as my readers can tell, I’m “not all there,” I’m a very emotionally damaged person, hurt at a deep level and deeply distrustful of human beings. I am not a good person, I am in fact probably the complete opposite of what a Tiger Mom and a conservative dad – or any kind of upstanding human being – would want from a child. Again, far from the “Eurasian” master race myth, but…

There’s one thing I know and that is that my kind of problem isn’t unique. Up until I went to college I never met another Eurasian male with a white father except for one, who was half Philippino and huge.

I thought this absence was unusual in retrospect. Most of the Eurasians I knew were girls with white fathers or either gender with Asian fathers. It’s as if we were just dropping like flies early on.

I want to explain why guys like the above story are pulling knives on people.

We snap, that’s all it is, really, and the reason is because we feel as if we have no hope.

It’s not like full Asians, who have the hope of becoming rich and getting married. With Eurasians we’re essentially told from birth that looking how we look is somehow a crime.

Full Asian guys say, hey, at least my mom and dad love me, they support me and wish the best for me. For Eurasian guys, it’s like, we don’t even know our own parents. We don’t know who they are. They don’t even know who they are. I mean if you think about it you have two people from totally different backgrounds getting together for reasons that neither one of them is perfectly clear about…. and if they were clear about it, they’d be bad fucking reasons.

Essentially the fetishization clouds their relationship so much that they wind up having such a weird, weird dynamic between the two, and more often than not they converse in broken English. Sometimes I wonder if my mother’s frustration also stemmed from her inability to express herself clearly.

I mean, Christ, just think about it. Just think about it for a moment.

  • It’s an Asian woman being penetrated by a white man. His arm around her in all your photos. White dominating Asian.
  • You go online and see people who look like you absent from everywhere. From pornos, from books, from movies. You see Keanu Reeves, that’s all.
  • You look Asian, but you don’t. You can’t be Asian. Your dad is white. You can’t be.
  • You go out and try to make friends. Then the jokes start. Small dick this, chink that.
  • You say, fuck this, I’m going to be proud to be Asian.
  • Then you realize that Asian men around you are a laughing stock as well.
  • You catch your mom watching Bradley Cooper. She’s watching pale, big nosed white guys that look just like your dad. Forget Oedipal – talk Freudian. 
  • You look Asian. Even your own dad thinks Asian jokes are funny. He’s totally aloof. Even your own mom thinks they’re funny.
  • Your mom makes comments about your tall nose, your eyes, as if you are a doll. You’re not Asian, she says. But you are.
  • You begin to hate everything about yourself. Your hair texture. It looks Asian. Your nose looks Asian. Your eyes look a little bit Asian. You want to just… claw them out, pull your fucking hair out. You’re white. My dad is white.
  • Maybe you’re good looking, maybe you’re not. It doesn’t matter – because you’re still a chink and good looking chinks don’t matter.
  • You begin to feel trapped, and hopeless. The Hapa beauty myths don’t help. Most people just look at you like a chink. You complain to your mom, but she’s in the arms of a man who looks exactly like the people calling you a chink, day in, and day out.
  • Boom. You realize that you’re in the defeated class – but who defeated you? 
  • Wait for it – your own parents, the people who should have been with you since day one. And not only that, but it dawns on you that Asian culture itself, the culture you were raised halfway in, was and is so callous as to not give a single shit about your wellbeing. It was as if, here’s some white blood, deal with it.
  • Boom.

It’s all incredible bizarre. And it has to do with something I still haven’t figured out yet. Just the insane degree of cruelty present in Asian culture that places the individual last, or the massive degree of racism in white culture, just combined for a nuclear level meltdown.

I’m past it now. I’ve moved on. It’s just fair to point out that being Eurasian born in the 1980’s meant that we went through an incubation period. I think this blog should just be a monument to the shit we had to deal with. It takes thirty years for a person to cook fully and within those thirty years some of us just can’t take the heat.