Another insane WMAF story from August, 2016: Lecturer stabs Chinese wife 76 times because he wrongly thought he was not father to their children

Elliot Rodger, De Grood, Nojan Sullivan were just the beginning.

It seems that the worst marital horror stories seem to involve White men and Asian women. Not only because of the depraved, fetishistic nature of it – but because of the amount of miscommunication, deep seated mistrust, and bizarre quality of the males involved.

I.e., Asian women, having very low standards for white males while living in Western countries, will gladly marry mentally unstable, unattractive or even violent white men n an attempt to properly integrate. Ironically – these are the men that go after Asian women largely because they are easy as long as you are white.

What seems to have been the case here is that his children looked Asian. 

White men – oftentimes so racist as they want a submissive Asian woman, a replacement white woman – but wind up getting kids who look 100% Asian, react in unpredictable ways. Even worse is that Asian women (like my mother) seem to only value one quality – WHITENESS – for the purpose of integration and avoiding ethnic marginalization – so the relationship severely lacks proper foundation, which I’m sure Mr. Kerr realized after a while. Some Reddit comments on this sum it up. They talk about various aspects:

From the idea of White men being perturbed by the idea of his wife cheating on him with his “competition” – i.e., lowly Asian men, to his wife cheating on him with another white guy (since it’s not him she “loves”, but his whiteness). 

Robert Kerr, 39, struck as his two sons slept upstairs in their Glasgow home, going on to make himself a hot drink while his wife Xin Xin lay dead

Taylor PhotographyRobert Kerr and Xin Xin Liu on their wedding day
Kerr fatally attacked Xin Xin as their children slept

A lecturer fatally stabbed his wife to death 76 times after wrongly believing he was not the father of their children.

Robert Kerr attacked Xin Xin Liu, 39, at their home in the suburb of Newton Mearns, near Glasgow.

Kerr, also 39, killed his wife while his two sons slept upstairs.

The court heard how he then went on to make himself a hot drink while Xin Xin lay dead.

A judge heard how the mum suffered more than 70 wounds during the horrific killing in April this year.

Kerr today faced a murder allegation as he appeared at the High Court in Glasgow.

FacebookRobert Kerr
Kerr killed his wife while his two sons slept upstairs

Prosecutors however accepted his guilty plea to the reduced plea of culpable homicide on the grounds of his diminished responsibility.

Kerr was suffering from “an abnormality of the mind” at the time of the fatal attack, the court heard.

This is his first offence, and he will return to the dock in November.

A group of Xin Xin’s relatives were in court today, with some weeping as the graphic details of her death were revealed.

The mum had moved to Scotland from China around 15 years ago to study law at Aberdeen University.

It was there she met Kerr, who was doing a computer course. They went on to get married in 2003.

Kerr was latterly a lecturer at West College Scotland in Paisley while Xin Xin was training to be a translator.

They were described as a “quiet and private couple”, but, in early April this year – weeks before the killing – Kerr had contacted his GP complaining of stress in respect of “work and personal issues”.

Kerr added he was suffering from anxiety, insomnia and spoke about “paranoid feelings”.

But just four days prior to the attack Kerr spoke to a nurse and said he had been feeling much better and appeared to be sounding “chirpier”.

It changed on April 26 when Kerr – wearing a dressing gown – fatally attacked Xin Xin as their children slept.

Just before midnight, he then dialled 999 and admitted: “I have just killed my wife. I murdered her in a stabbing frenzy.”

He went on to state there was “blood all over the place”.

FacebookRobert Kerr
Robert Kerr’s wife suffered more than 70 wounds during the horrific killing in April this year

Police discovered Xin Xin lying on the kitchen floor with a knife still in her body.

After being held, Kerr then told officers: “I found out tonight they were not mine.”

Jane Farquharson, prosecuting, said he had “suspicions” that a friend was the dad of his children.

Miss Farquharson told the court: “A paternity test recently carried out…has since confirmed that Robert Kerr is the biological father.”

A number of blood-stained items were found at the couple’s house including a milk carton.

The advocate depute said: “Kerr has since admitted that he had made himself a hot drink after this incident.”

A post mortem later revealed Xin Xin had suffered a total of approximately 76 wounds.


🔥Are Asian women intentionally aborting Eurasian sons? And Asian female celebrities not having kids.

Woman shocked she had a boy, making global news for a photograph.

This post does not advocate sexism, merely sociology with regards to Asian-white mixing.

In my studies I’ve noticed both from personal accounts and from research of several Asian “celebrities” that many of them do not have children. From my personal account, I have noticed that several of my female Asian cousins are in their mid-30’s and unmarried, while one of my mother’s sisters is mid 50’s and married twice – both to white men – but has no children; my suspicion is that she saw how my brother and I turned out and didn’t want any. I also noticed a prevalence of biracial WMAF girls while at university, while there were no men at all, other than me, and another Hapa with a Chinese father, odd, since there are so many of us.

I’ve also noticed several prominent Asian American “figures”, and several peripheral Asian “writers,” who have made careers of saying terrible things about Asian people, yet have no kids – or had only daughters. My suspicion is that Asian women, being intelligent, recognize that a biracial son who looks Asian will not be white, and will not enjoy the privilege that they had, and will belong to the ethnic-gendered group most hated by society, and at very least, will suffer under the highly psychosexualized dynamic of White men / Asian women.

Amy Tan, (Joy Luck Club), age 64, no kids.

Maya Lin (architect of the Vietnam Wall, a memorial dedicated to the loss of life of Americans who slaughtered Asians) – two daughters, after whom were born she began to “reclaim” her heritage.

Lucy Liu, who had a male child via surrogate.

Poh Ling Yeow, who said repeatedly that she did not want to be Chinese, and is now 43, and childless.

Margaret Cho, 47, and childless.

Esther Ku, 36, and childless.

On abortion:

One of the telltale signs that Hapas with Asian mothers are worse off is the fact that we might even be aborted by the millions. In fact the abortion of female babies in China was long a subject of contention among white racists, yet they failed to mention that women were willingly having abortions rather than being dragged into it – indicating the almost callous, casual nature of the way fetuses were aborted. I am neither anti-abortion nor pro-abortion but I might add that when you have an abortion, it essentially means you don’t want the thing to exist. 

Asian American women have abortion rates second to only black American women. They have DOUBLE the rates of abortion of white women.

“Asian-American women have twice as many abortions as White women. “In 2000, about 35 percent of Asian-American pregnancies ended in abortion, the second highest rate for all racial and ethnic groups behind blacks, and almost double the 18 percent rate for whites.”


When you look at who is getting abortions in Australia, it is massively overrepresented by overseas Chinese students. Given that 68% of third generation Chinese marry Whites – (the bulk of which are Chinese women), that means that these women are generally sleeping with White men.

It is also verifiable fact that Asian Americans have more girls on average – yet this doesn’t specify whether these Asian Americans are married to whites, or other Asian Americans.

Such cultural misinformation has been used to pass sex-selective abortion laws in eight states and bring them up for consideration in at least 21. But the racist accusations of proponents of these laws are false. In fact, Asian Americans have more girls on average than white Americans, according to a recent study by the University of Chicago School of Law. Still, sex-selective abortion laws were the second most-proposed abortion ban in 2013 and 2014.

In short, I do suspect that Asian / Chinese women are very much aware that A) they have a strong sexual preference for white men, and B) that this could possibly negatively affect a Eurasian looking son. My suspicion is that Asian women, being highly intelligent, also seem to coast by on their privilege of being “almost white”, but on getting pregnant – realize that their children will carry on their Asian looks, complete with the knowledge that their fathers were uniformly white.


🔥Have a half Asian son on the way? Let me explain what he’s in for, in 2016. Nuanced racism!


One of many half Asians who have died at their own hand.

Anyone interested in a brutally honest explanation of what it means to be half Asian with a white dad and an Asian mom, and what your children will experience, let me save you the time and do it for you. Are you an Asian woman who absolutely hates Asian males and is going to have kids with a white guy? I feel sorry as hell for the kids, so I hope you have as many kids as you can, so you can feel the pain I felt. 

Are you an Asian guy with a white woman or vice versa? Oh, wait, lest I forget, the white women who seek out Asian men or happen to fall in love with them are anti-racist, have to deal with mountains of shit and passive aggressiveness from society and create children who go onto win Academy Awards and make the world a more beautiful place, while the White men who seek out Asian women and vice versa are oftentimes hyper-white-supremacist and get a free ride.

Let me explain in skin-crawling detail the reality of being half Asian (the bad kind, the kind that are under 190cm and have more stereotypically dainty Asian features, so in other words, the reality as opposed to the fantasy).

  • You’re Asian; maybe it shows up in your eyes, or your hair, or your cheekbones, or your body. You grow up knowing your own parents both hated Asian men. You see White men and Asian women walking down the street by the hundreds; and none of the reverse. But you look in the mirror – and see an Asian guy, or your white friends will literally sit in front of you (this happened to me so many times I lost count) and nitpick your Asian features, to humiliate and degrade you, even though I don’t even look that Asian. You get turned down for being Asian? “Just be yourself, son.” You faced discrimination? Your dad shrugs his shoulders. You might have whiter skin and be slightly taller – you’re still Asian in white society’s eyes.
  • Family? What family? Because of the lingering racism and self-hatred in your family members, your entire family will be disjointed, your mother (who probably like mine is completely depressed, miserable and married due to deep, deep self-hatred and status) and father (who actually permitted such extreme bias simply because it was an easy way for him to have sex) will constantly be fighting because of cultural clash (my parents were in separate bedrooms their whole lives despite trying to put on an image of a happy White / Asian couple), and you’re essentially on your own, from start to finish. Did your mom emotionally abuse you because she was hateful, and mentally ill, and had this insane complex where she Tiger Mommed my full Asian looking brother, and ignored and beat me because I looked nothing like her? Mine sure did. I was surprised to even see Chinese moms holding their children’s hands when I first came to China! Sometimes I wonder if my mother’s coldness to me was because I looked nothing like her.
  • Your friends will all say extremely racist shit to you about other Asians, assuming you don’t care. Examples: “There are so many Asians here in the library.” “He’s a try hard, he’s an overcompensating Asian.” “You blend in here (i.e., Flushing, San Fran, Chinatown, Shanghai).” “Are you taller than everyone in China?” I can’t stand all these Asian engineers here.”
  • In fact, men will say extremely racist things about Asian people while having sex with Asian women. I had a non-white (Middle Eastern) roommate for three years in college who did the same thing; and he humiliated Asians constantly despite having sex with Asian women – because they were the easiest (especially Chinese immigrants, and even funnier, a Hapa girl at UMass Amherst). He was then surprised and disappointed with me, when after three years of doing this to me, when I became super racist, and a white nationalist, in an attempt to compensate for my Asian blood.
  • Think you can use your “high status” and “white skin” in Asia? Think again! Once I arrived in Asia, I went from being a handsome man who would be turned down for being Asian in America – to being a man who was ignored as being part of the Xinjiang minority. I have to listen to my coworkers talk about how shorter, uglier English teachers were “so handsome” – reminding me over and over that it wasn’t my Chinese blood I was to be proud of; but how my mother was “one of those” who took me away from the burgeoning economy of China and gave me a “life” that was hell on earth with barely enough food to eat because she needed a white man.
  • Especially fun is when you walk down the street (with a girl) and other white male / Asian woman couples will look at you in a way that makes your skin crawl; as if they truly think they own you, and think that their racist relationship is justified in “creating” you. However, when I wear glasses, I just become another Chinese guy – and I’ve seen Asian women look at me with such disgust in their eyes – one of their own sons.
  • Asian people do not accept you unless you speak fluently and change your last name to an Asian one. Expect a lifelong experience of being called “white” by Asians, and Asian by whites. The only difference between the two is that Asians don’t say it in a way that is meant to degrade and dehumanize you.
  • When white people find out that your mother is Asian they will nod, “of course.”
  • People will seek to degrade you by bringing up your Chinese or Asian heritage. “You look Asian when you wear ________.” This is uniformly an insult. 
  • Nobody cares at all about your Asian side; they will respond with “cool,” but generally they will seek to humiliate and bring you down with it; when you try to explore other cultures, even your own. Examples: “You’re not German, you’re Asian.” 
  • Sometimes, people will remind you that the only reason you’re “handsome” is because you’re “not full Asian.”
  • In Western society – the pathological hatred for Asians is so extreme – that any ounce of blood becomes a point to attack you with. Now, I assume Asian women understand this and try to breed it out, with white men. Or maybe it’s because Asian women truly believe white men are innocent Prince Charmings and don’t care. The only problem with this is that it just reinforces your son’s “laughable” low status in society. Hollywood has been writing Eurasian characters with White dads and Asian moms as bit parts since the 40’s.
  • Many white women will despise you after finding out you have Asian blood. Asian American / British women in particular will hate you even more, hence it was always a good idea of me to play down my Asian heritage. So extreme was this that I considered wearing blue contacts and coloring my hair to be “super white.” I turned into a raging racist and lost all of my friends because I wanted to be white, that bad. 
  • Mentioning you are Asian at all is a fast track to getting sidelined even in online dating. In fact, for years, I just put “white.”
  • It’s much better, and more convenient to identify as White in order to avoid blatant discrimination in work and dating making Asian pride ridiculous.
  • Expect no support from home; after all, since the marriage itself was built on such flimsy foundation of hatred, white male racism and escapism, that the marriage will have been broken 20 years from now – and your mom just saying “you’re white.” 
  • Your dad of course, has no idea what we have to go through.
  • Dating – what a shit show! 95% of White women do not want a single ounce of Asian blood. Westernized Asian women don’t, either! Westernized Asian women are notorious for openly voicing their hatred of Asian guys! But then again, Asian women from Asia probably don’t want us either! Hapa girls – we all know they inherit their mother’s hatred of Asian men, so dating another Hapa is almost impossible. Then let’s also remember how our Asian moms try to push us towards Asian girls in a weird attempt to control us out of their own insecurity.
  • Confusion! Even Amanda Rosenberg, marketing manager of Google Glass, has admitted to being mentally ill!


How do you circumvent these problems? Fairly easily. Make sure you marry the tallest, biggest, strongest white man you can, and make sure your kid has the emotional endurance of T-1 tank so that he can survive the next 20 years!