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“So I have been reading your posts lately and relate to them 100%. I’m eurasian as well. My mother asian wanted to marry a white wealthy man and have offspring. To her disappointment she had 3 daughters – not exactly “white” and my father became schizophrenic. My mothers failed dream lives on as resentment with her 3 daughters.”

@Eurasian Writer Thank you for writing this blog. I, too am a hapa, except I’m not half white, but a couple of my cousins are. I wanted to understand better my own parents’ relationship as well as my extended family’s. I agree with what you have said on this blog and found my observations to align with all that is outlined here on this site. Many females believe that Asian males are not masculine including Asian females. There are attractive people in all groups, I believe, but find that those who fall into groups that are negatively stereotyped are at a great disadvantage. Also white males feel they are superior to all other races of men; even if they don’t verbalize it I can tell by their body language that they feel uncomfortable with other races of men get their white women or Asian women. I’ve had some white males when they find out that I’m mixed and that my mother was Asian and father black actually become angry at me. Before I didn’t understand, but now I have a lot more clarity because of what you’ve written. Many white men for some reason think Asian women are their property and put down Asian males and are very resentful towards AM.
The whole dynamics of WM/AF is very unhealthy from the reasons you have stated on your blog. My mother is also an Asian female, but I am pegged as black american even though my father is not black american. From what I’ve observed I think black/Asian females are in a similar situation as Asian/white males like yourself because of the hypodescent rule. I don’t have evidence to back it up, but I think black/Asian females probably have a hard time finding a husband (or someone who wants to have a serious relationship.) I’ve felt close to my Asian side, but have been ostracized and bullied by Asians, Blacks, and Whites.
I see my mother and other Asian females have all these men that would court them, but these same men would never give me the time of day. Because of this, I get really depressed by it all. What makes me more furious is how people try to play it off that I don’t know my mother’s culture (She’s an ABC, and I’m sure I understand more about Chinese culture than she; As I can read, write, and speak Chinese.)Yet people always treat me and say I am only black-even after I tell them. Then my mother and other Asian females have the audacity to tell me that black females are seen as desirable dating and marriage material. I stopped arguing with them because it came to no longer arguing the facts with these people, but them just refusing the truth of what I see right in front of me. Many males have told me straight up that they don’t want to be with black females because they don’t want to have black kids and have their kids suffer. I know the suffering all to well as my blackness has closed so many doors in my face. Many Asian people have looked at me with disgust. I also understand how WM/AF males are snapping. There really is no mental health resources for people in our situation. Mixed race people have different struggles than monoracial people even though we may look monoracial to most people.
I wish these people that produced mixed race offspring like us would understand how devastating it really is for us. Other people don’t give a damn about our plight and we can’t go to our parents because they suffer from deep seated mental issues. And one more thing, one of my hapa male cousins (from a WM/AF union) seems like he is schizophrenic, but before he became very mentally ill, he would mention and we discussed much of what you say on this blog. Thank you again for writing this blog, not only does it help Eurasians, but it also helps other hapas.


“It’s a common behavioural pattern for asian women who are with white men to want a daughter, a mixed daughter who will in future generations marry white so the asian side can be completely eradicated.

Having a son puts a mixer into things – the inferiority complex of such white men means that she doesn’t want asian blood, for example that of her mixed son, to “infect” white women.

I do wonder if asian dads with a white mother for his mixed daughter have the same level of racial contempt.”


“I am mixed as well, more so than you, and I also share your ambivalence about women of color dating white men. However, I would like to point out that this phenomenon speaks equally of self-hatred as it does about rejecting men of your own race. Further, I understand your anger towards you mother for her choices, however that anger seems disproportionately directed at her, rather than more at your dad who equally rejects white women because he buys into both wrong stereotypes about bitchy white women and submissive Asian women.

From age 5 to about age 30 I also wanted to die. The underbelly of being of mixed ethnicity and culture is feeling that you do not belong. On top of that I am a TCK, which just added to the sense of otherness. I was able to heal enough to move forward in my life and cope better with the feelings of displacement, I hope you too work through this and come out on the other side. At the risk of sounding trite, I will say that finding a way to forgive your parents is key.

Lastly, I encourage you to Google the term “Culturally Homeless” it was a concept that help me frame my situation and feel less like a freak and understand what I was feeling was a natural reaction to my life and not a sign of being broken. Actually the section on Identity in the Wikipedia page about TCK has as good of an explanation as any. Here is the link:


Very illuminating. I’m a Eurasian military baby–son of a white Navy sailor dad and Filipina mom. Dad’s conservative and dominant, mom’s submissive. Lot of the racial issues you bring up, and emasculating of the Eurasian son. Just add to that the fact that I’m a young gay guy. And imagine how that’s shaped my personality.

Your blog makes it seem like all Asian women who marry white dudes hate Asian men and prefer white men for their appearances.
Above I was making the point that it’s not necessarily the woman hating how Asians look that drives her to a white man but really feeling inferior for not looking like Fan Bingbing or who Chinese see as desirable. If she looks the opposite of Fan Bingbing, let’s be honest, a white man is going to give her kids a good chance of having those big eyes and white skin that she doesn’t have.
Also a good amount of Asian women are gold-diggers. To think that all of them with fat bald men prefer them over Asian men for just their skin colour is crazy talk.

White-worship is a really just an extension of what many Asians hold as the ideal beauty standard even apart from Western influence-bigger eyes are better, lighter skin is more desirable. If you’ve been to Asia, if you talked to your mom or been in touch with your Asian side you would know that. An Asian woman influenced in such a way by her own people (it’s “made in china” so to speak) is doing what’s absolutely natural, especially if she herself isn’t deemed pretty by her own family, in marrying a white man.

I find your website, interesting….

I don’t buy the “love is colourblind” nonsense either. The disproportionate number of white female/black male and white male/asian female pairings, as opposed to white female/asian male and white male/black female ones is empirical evidence that their claims of colour-blindness is pure rubbish. Yet despite the undeniable, statistically indisputable fact of this, no one wants to face up to it, or work out, what is really going on.

But it has real implications on real people. Your perspective reveals something I’ve suspected, but never quite heard (because it is politically incorrect to say so), that interracial pairings create moral problems and hurt people. Women and men are choosing partners to produce children, where the children are people they would not normally be attracted to.

It is also interesting that the situation you have with Asian women is a direct corollary to that with black men and white women. They deliberately reject black women for a white (usually blonde, light woman), but then have daughters who resemble the women that they rejected. That black man is producing a daughter who he would normally not look at. That Asian women is doing the same, but to her son.

how can a hapa guy hope to be emotionally healthy when his own parents relationship and even his own existence as a hapa man is a living constant reminder of his inferiority in society’s eyes??

Thank you for your blog

I am Eurasian and your story is very similar to mine only I am female.
My father is a narcissistic misogynist racist white male who most women in his own culture would not tolerate.
My mother is a Malay woman from a royal background with a traditional matrilineal culture and high aspirations without wanting to do much work herself.
A toxic combination .
My parents fundamentally disrespected one another and endlessly fought .
My mother was disappointed and depressed not least with me for not meeting the expectations of her sacrifice and consistently told me she wished I had not been born .
My father was disappointed he couldn’t treat me the way he treated my mother without a fight.
I have self harmed, attempted suicide and have an ongoing eating disorder, anxiety and depression.
There is a lot more I can say on this but I’ll leave it there
I am very very interested to know how many Eurasians
particularly those living in predominantly Caucasian scultures have had difficult or similar experiences


I’ve experienced all those things and I was really surprised to see that people from poorer Asian nations were very discriminated against. There really is a racial hierarchy. Yes, I have met racist Asian women, but they are pretty much passive aggressive about it. I think what caught them off guard is that I was aware of their tactics. It used to really upset me. But now I’ve learned to just let it go. If they want to be racist and believe that Africans are inferior to them, then they have a right to their opinion. And that’s all it really is, an opinion not fact. They’re simply not worth the time and energy needed to sit and worry about. Racist people in general are extremely insignificant to me. I’m only concerned about the opinions of the people I love and care about. Now, I have noticed the skin bleaching creams and it’s unfortunate. Those creams can do some serious damage to your skin. When I was in Asia a lady at the makeup counter even asked me if I’d be interested in purchasing some bleaching cream. I told her no thank you I’m more than happy with the skin I’m in. Anyways, I feel that Asians (especially Arabs) are in many ways THE MOST racist toward Africans. That’s why I was so shocked at how Eurasian Writer just calls them out on it!!! I’ve seen for myself the twisted dynamics that he’s speaking of. I felt I had to let him know that I agree with what he’s saying. Some play it off as though they have perfect families. But I had know idea how soul killing that environment is for their kids. It’s really tragic when you think about it.


I am an African American woman that used to teach Japanese. I was drawn to this site because I witnessed most of what Eurasian Writer speaks about. The mentality they have is definitely pathological. When I went to Asia I mistakenly thought that the white people worshipping wouldn’t be as bad as it is here, but I was wrong. In some ways it’s worse. My Asian friends are not this way. The ones that are still single desire to marry Asian men. But then again, if they were White people worshipers there’s no way we would be friends.

Hi ET,

I wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for being such a powerful voice amongst the small Hapa community. I haven’t posted at all on r/hapas but I have been a lurker for over a year now and I can honestly say that the subreddit has helped me a tremendous amount. (I would almost go so far as to say that it saved my life, in an emotional sense)

A little about me, I am eurasian, WMAF, Irish and Filipino. And I would consider myself pretty successful…….My career is starting to gain some steam in the narrative world and it is really empowering to know that I may one day be able to tell a story or share a perspective that is from the hapa vantage point. (who knows, maybe one day I’ll direct the Elliot Rodgers movie…I actually think people could learn a lot from that incident)

In wake of the Nicole Chung stuff, I just wanted to reach out to you cause I have been thinking more and more about her denial (or other such couples denial) of being “one of those WMAF” couples. Because I think about my parents, who I actually do believe love each other. But that being said, they still share many of the similarities that your parents have. Trump supporters, lack of empathy and ill equipped to understand what it takes to raise mixed kids. There really should be a litmus test for interracial couples raising mixed kids. If you think Racism is over, if you don’t understand why BlackLivesMatter, if you don’t get it when they say OscarsSoWhite, and you don’t believe in White Privilege then frankly you are ill equipped to have a mixed kid. It is so difficult for WM’s to understand these ideas, and I would go so far as to say that if you don’t understand them, then frankly you are inherently racist. The ugly truth is that the world is racist and we are all conditioned to be racist through systems. You actually have to UNLEARN the racism you are fed. Maybe Nicole Chung and her husband really do “love” each other, but unless they truly understand the racial injustices in the world I don’t have much hope for their kids being well adjusted.

I guess what I am trying to point out to you is that even IF you are a hapa and come from a “loving” couple and seemingly supportive parents, there is enough racism and psychological micro aggressions that you get from your parents and society that will amalgamate to mixed race people having a lot of self hate and low confidence.

I remember in 7th grade when things in my life changed and I started to realize I was different..aka asian…(and I’m fairly white passing). I could never look at myself in the mirror and I developed a severe lack of confidence. My family, friends, girlfriends, new I had low confidence but no one knew why. I myself could never understand why either. (It is so obvious when you look back on it, and I can think of so many micro aggressions in my life that lead to the lack of confidence) I carried the self hate with me for my entire life until I discovered r/hapas. It is still hard for me to do so, but I can actually look at myself in the mirror now. The stuff you write with the others on the subreddit really is therapy/medicine to the heart and soul. To know that I wasn’t the only one confused brings me to tears.

Anyway, keep up the good work. Maybe you were born to be the intellectual/voice the community needs. One day when society is ready, I hope you take off that mask and people wake up to what you are saying.


Hi EurasianTiger,

Somebody sent me a link to your writings and I took a look. I now realized most of my WMAF hapa friends and acquaintances have struggled with healthy romantic relationships. Both the men and women are unable to keep a relationship. One of my college friends is a great guy, have leadership skills, and with handsome looks. I was always puzzled why he talks about girl problems.

When I first read your writing I thought it dramatic and prideless. As an asian-american with parents proud of their ethnicity, I might not understand the depths of your experiences with social identity, but remembering about my hapa friends changed my mind.

My hapa friends from college who were raised in Asia seemed to do better at college than the ones from US.

My AMWF hapa friends, on the other hand, include a guy known for his tight game, people in loving relationships, and a pair of siblings who modeled and are known for being nice people. I made the AMWF vs WMAF hapa connection today, many years after college.

A 7 year old WMAF hapa boy came to mind as I read your work. He was extremely aggressive in play, and somewhat “antisocial”. He followed his older sisters in play while they were going cartwheels and gymnastics, but gave up very easily. He displayed aggression to strangers and lashed out, while at the same time remaining rather submissive to his sisters. I showed him some moves and taught him how to do a handstand, and he was very receptive to me. I had thought that his emotions were due to being the youngest only boy, but now I wonder how WMAF affects this young boy. How can I build him up next time I meet him?

Thank you for educating people on the hapa experience. I hope I can be a better friend and a more informed bystander with this understanding. You show very thoughtful and well articulated writing of an emotionally challenging topic. I think you are on your way to making an impact on peoples’ lives.

-***** from Newton, MA

No, I’m from the Philippines and I can tell you women there are the same as anywhere else in whitewashed Asia. Yes, the poverty-survival thing exists, but due to the Spanish colonization shit, a large number of Pinoys idolize mestizos and you can see fellow (might I add ‘and only attractive’) hapas dominating showbiz.

If you want to really evaluate WHY it is that Filipino hapas appear to be more ‘successful’, well it’s frankly because Philippines is a much more Westernized Asian country then say, China or Taiwan. Especially Taiwan and Japan, they also have the idolizing hafu shit (hafu is what the Japs call hapas), but they’re more closed off in a way because the emphasis is on Mandarin and Japanese as the mode of communication versus a mixture of 70% Tagalog and 30% English here.

Btw I’m female and hapa. A byproduct of WMAF, and I ENTIRELY agree with what I’ve read so far. Kudos for having the guts to speak the truth that people have realized but are denying from themselves, and for substantiating what fellow hapas like myself have always felt, but couldn’t put into words.

I’m an Asian male in my early thirties, and found this post an interesting read, including the comments. I understand the status/power/genetic reasons SOME WMAF couples form, but the probable/potential effects on their hapa sons was something I hadn’t realized. Makes sense and i am glad the author has opened up that viewpoint for me. That being said, it seems like the generalizations are the anger point. Yes, there are a lot of WMAF couples that have formed because of racism. There are some WMAF couples that have formed out of love and racism LOL (i think some of my friends fall under this category). Hopefully, their children whether sons or daughters will be OK. If I am going to generalize anything, it would be that loveless marriages have a high potential to produce messed up kids, and loveless marriages formed based on racism will have an even higher potential to produce messed up kids. With respect to WMAF relationships, i definitely agree after reading this post that the hapa son is most at risk. I again thank the aurthor for bringing up his viewpoint and enlightening me of this potential.

“Hi, I just want to start off by saying I love your blog. I think it’s very interesting hearing a Eurasian male’s take on WMAF couples. As you can tell by my display name I’m blasian (my dad is black and my mom is Asian). Now my parents are both proud of their races and have taught me to accept my mixed heritage. I’m very grateful for this. However, there is a lot of anti-blackness in the Asian community and my siblings and I are left to feel like outsiders. As I grew older I realized that Eurasians are seen as the most preferable racial mix in the Asian community, especially female Eurasians. You don’t know how many times I’ve heard people (normally Asian women/girls) say “Eurasians are so pretty. They’re so beautiful!” Blah blah all the while making me and other half Asians who aren’t half white feel like crap. I always thought WMAF couples only helped to push back progress because many people who are in WMAF relationships are racist, have a race related fetish (YELLOW FEVER), and normally hate on other racial mixes. I know not all these couples are like this but many are. On my mom’s side of the family I have several aunts who are with older racist/ignorant white men and it’s painfully obvious it’s for money and/or whiter babies. I agree with many of your statements. Eurasian women are often praised while Eurasian men are pushed off to the side. Please keep updating your blog, it’s about time people start talking about the darker side of WMAF relationships.”

From an Email:

Hey buddy,

Love your work.  Just an FYI, if you haven’t come across the following:


There are hapas(?) in the UK who feel the same way.  This is an excerpt:

Hierarchy of Chineseness For Mixed Race Chinese and White

  1. Chinese father, White mother 
  2. White father, Chinese mother

 The least culturally Chinese will be a Mixed Chinese White baby born to a White father Chinese mother, based on personal experience, more so if its a girl than a boy.  A self-hating inter racially married Chinese female whose life ambition is to obliterate her Chinese bloodline should pray that she gives birth to a daughter.

Why does that sound familiar?  🙂

I’ve seen for myself how some Asian women will grab up THE MOST racist and hateful white men they can find. In fact, an East Asian girl I used to work with a few years ago married a white guy and had a son. But something just felt off about the whole thing. I KNOW for a fact now that she married out of desperation and she chose an absolute moron for a husband. She seemed to be really sweet, but I’m 1000% sure she’s not equipped to deal with the issues her son will encounter. For all I know she’s probably contributing to them. Her son, a cutie for sure, even in infancy, INFANCY, seemed to be emotionally disturbed. And it just always stood out to me because I would wonder how could a toddler be so emotionally disturbed? Anyways, as he got older it just got worse and I still have memories of her wrangling and fighting with him. Poor baby……. he just seemed so angry, angry at her, just angry at the world. And I was thinking what in the world does this little cutie have to be angry about? Now that I understand the dynamics of many of those relationships it just makes me think about her and her son. I’m pretty sure that he’s in a bad way, or will eventually have some sort of psychotic break. He was about 6 years old the last time I talked with her. Now that he’s entering adolescence and since I’ve been following this blog, I’m afraid for him to be honest.


I’m a fan of your works on Reddit and U TUBE. I’m Asian married to a Hapa .My hubby is English/Russian/Scottish/Burmese/EAST Indian . To outsiders he is just “Puerto Rican” or “Mexican.” I know blacks and Latinos who are curious about the increase of AW/WM pairings .My black friend only have nice things to to say about AW/WM pairings. I think AW/WM succeeded in fooling at least one person on Earth about their true image .To the world AW/WM tries to paint a good picture of themselves .This is what they are trying to show the world :That are good people, and their babies are 10/0 in beauty.White guys who like Asian girls are not losers and way better than Asian men .Asian girls are just better then White girls /or any non Asian girls .Asian girls are the hottest, most loyal, ect. Most lusted after race on women.They are successful, beautiful people, with abilities to make 10/010 cute babies and the world should not be so mean to them . People who are mean to them are racist , small minded,and is just jealous of what they have !

I think this increase of AW/WM pairings worldwide is really not about them .I believe that Hapas are the New Whites , a substitution for White people.If this AW/WM and AM/WW pairings continues for the next 500 years , because the White population worldwide is dying . On top of that Asians are already the Honorary Whites .While stupid Asian girls continues to be cum buckets for whites dudes ….. the new race of White people is growing worldwide..in Japan, China, America, Thailand , England,ect.


Thank you for making a voice , for the oppressed. You are very special person! please ,please take care of your body, mind , and self. You mind is the main tool in fighting this Hate . This whole AW/WM thing is just Hate(with few drops of love ) concealed ,in a clever way . The mind is very important , it’s really the real you ! Your brain is the really the real you, it expresses who you really are.Your body /face/beauty don’t. If you are beautiful , people notice you more, but that is it.Some people hate, get make, feel jealous , of beautiful people, but that is their problem, not yours .

When you lose your mind /memories , apart of you is already dead. I see this with my eyes when I took care of old people . I do everything I can to take care of my mind .Because I don’t want to lose myself. When you lose your mind, you lose yourself!Your mind is your main weapon, preserve it, maintain it, take care of it. I take Brahmi , and do Red light therapy, drink lotus leave tea to take care of my mind and body .

It’s not really 110% about AW/WM . AW/WM is just a very noticeable example of form of evil/injustice/imbalance/ect. AW that chase WM are just conforming to the rules of the world . Whites and everything that is White is on the top and nonwhites and everything that is nonwhites on the bottom.

AW obsessed with WM are just pro whites , anything white is good – kind of people.They are white supremacists in yellow bodies .

I seen this pro white mindset with some blacks , Latinos, middle Easterners before .

Thank you for doing what you do !

August 2016

Your cartoon has me dying laughing Eurasian Writer!!! I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and I’m floored and inspired by your honesty. Couples like these need to be called out! Good for you!!! I’m a black woman and I had a brief stay in East Asia. I know and have been witness to the “white people worshiping” that you speak of on your blog, so I know that you are 100% true. Most of my Asian girlfriends have gone on to marry other Asian guys and are well off financially plus their relationships are emotionally fulfilling. Asian men are not all the same. They have variety in looks, personality, etc. And just like how not all Black men or White men are handsome, not all Asian men are ugly. It depends on the individual.

Anyways, even though I’m not part of your community I do see the importance of what you’re doing. I feel that this blog and your YouTube channel can help other Hapas in similar situations. Maybe this will inspire some Hapa that’s thinking about doing an Elliott Roger or Daniel Holtzclaw to think twice before doing something drastic and realize that they’re not alone or crazy.

Just know that your blog is definitely making its mark on the world!!!

I just discovered r/hapas and your blog recently and wanted to say that your experiences have resonated more with me than anything I have ever read. Like you, I grew up very white looking and didn’t start looking Asian until puberty. You’re absolutely right, I was not prepared for the racism, some of which are my most vivid memories of childhood.

I grew up extremely white-washed. I never even ate Asian food and still don’t to this day unless it is Americanized hibachi. People would always look at me funny when I wouldn’t eat my own mother’s lumpia that everyone raved about. If I’m honest with myself, I guess that was just me desperately trying to deny my “inferior” Asian side. I could never quite put a finger on why I felt that way, but it makes perfect sense now that I know the dynamics of a WMAF relationship. As someone who considers themselves very introspective, I am upset that I couldn’t see/accept these truths completely until I came across your posts.

My 4 year LTR with a very attractive white woman ended about a year ago. Her family was very racist. I vividly remember her telling me on the drive to meet her father for the first time that she didn’t know how he was going to react to me being Asian. While chatting with her niece on Facebook messenger another time, her niece wrote “I don’t want to have a yellow uncle” after seeing her profile picture of us together for the first time. Her own mother thought that her niece’s comment was absolutely hilarious because I’m sure she did not want to have an Asian son-in-law herself. Now that I am single again, the struggle is real. I especially feel I am fighting an uphill battle in dating now that even very average girls can get dates from the top 5% of males with Tinder and Bumble. I feel like I don’t even stand a chance despite being more white passing than most hapas and having dated few but very attractive women in the past. I truly do fear that I am burning out as a 29 year old now, like you mention.

It feels good knowing that other people are experiencing not fitting in with Asians or white people. I sincerely thank you for making me realize that all this shit I’ve experienced is not in my head. This whole thing has been a total mindfuck for me and I will continue to follow your posts and videos, though I’m not quite sure how this will help or hurt me going forward now that I am completely aware of these issues. You don’t have to reply to this, but I want you to know that I support your efforts to educate. Thanks again – from a hapa who grew up my whole life in South Carolina.

I’m a fan of your works on Reddit and U TUBE. I’m Asian married to a Hapa .My hubby is English/Russian/Scottish/Burmese/EAST Indian . To outsiders he is just “Puerto Rican” or “Mexican.” I know blacks and Latinos who are curious about the increase of AW/WM pairings .My black friend only have nice things to to say about AW/WM pairings. I think AW/WM succeeded in fooling at least one person on Earth about their true image .To the world AW/WM tries to paint a good picture of themselves .This is what they are trying to show the world :That are good people, and their babies are 10/0 in beauty.White guys who like Asian girls are not losers and way better than Asian men .Asian girls are just better then White girls /or any non Asian girls .Asian girls are the hottest, most loyal, ect. Most lusted after race on women.They are successful, beautiful people, with abilities to make 10/010 cute babies and the world should not be so mean to them . People who are mean to them are racist , small minded,and is just jealous of what they have !

I think this increase of AW/WM pairings worldwide is really not about them .I believe that Hapas are the New Whites , a substitution for White people.If this AW/WM and AM/WW pairings continues for the next 500 years , because the White population worldwide is dying . On top of that Asians are already the Honorary Whites .While stupid Asian girls continues to be cum buckets for whites dudes ….. the new race of White people is growing worldwide..in Japan, China, America, Thailand , England,ect.