🔥Hypocritical abusive Asian women / White men and their extreme jealousy towards Asian / Eurasian males and non-Asian females

I’ve already established that white men who like Asian women hate Asian men the most (largely because Asian women are their last pick and largely substitute for the white women that were too demanding to take their loser asses).

But what about Asian women who hate Asian men / White women? (I’ve covered this before, years ago, but have learned so much since then).

Below is a video that I accidentally uncovered, while watching, in which the woman states that her agent told her that her now-boyfriend, at the time they met, already had a girlfriend despite him being single.

I posted a thread on Reddit asking if there was a chance that the woman who tried to prevent the relationship was Asian. The thread is here and highly upvoted, to my surprise.

It was later confirmed, in that thread, that the agent was in fact an Asian woman.

My mom spent her whole life trying to get me – her Asian looking Eurasian son – to date Asian women. Why the hypocrisy? She had told me that my first girlfriend, a black girl (ironically the only ones who like Asian and Eurasian looking guys), would get pregnant and leave me, and that her father would physically assault me. My father of course, tried to get me to stay away from white women, and women in general, being a massive fundamentalist Christian paleoconservative Nazi who thought women were evil, and my mother joined in by saying that White women were sluts.

Some 40-50% of Asian women date and marry out. In terms of dating, it’s probably much higher – near 80%. Asian women are also pretty notorious for saying terrible things about Asian males. So as if that’s not bad enough for raising Hapa male sons – it gets worse – because I’ve literally heard from Asian women “I don’t like Asian guys.”

Why are there so many instances of them harassing Asian male / non-Asian female couples?
From Reddit:

Examples of Asian women in relationships with white men, who attack Asian or Eurasian men for dating non-Asian women

  1. 🔥Asian woman describes hypocrisy of insecure Asian women enabling white-male-racist hyper sexualization, and how Asian women who date White men will harass and attack Asian men who date out. “It’s not uncommon for insecure Asian women with non-Asian partners to give dirty looks to and sh*t talk Asian men who date out. This is because those particular Asian women are jealous and insecure.”
  2. Asian male: Women from my Dad’s family hated the fact my mom was from Latin America. Link. 
  3. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Entire reddit thread devoted to White women with Asian partners who are harassed by the Asian males’ female family members
  4. Asian woman with white boyfriend attacks her ex-boyfriend for dating a white woman.
  5. Asian male says that his mother worked to prevent him from dating non-Asian women. 
  6. Korean mother in law harasses white woman married to Korean man 
  7. Hypocritical Asian woman encourages Asian looking son to marry Asian, while telling daughter to marry white. 
  8. White woman with Asian boyfriend talks about aggression from Asian women with white boyfriends.
  9. Same white woman talks about aggression from Asian women with white boyfriends, again.


Many Asian mothers try to force their children to marry Asian women – unusual, since they themselves married white. My mother pushed me towards Asian women for 20 years even though my dad said to me in private: “Chinese women are very hard on their men,” after the constant nagging, screaming, violence, beatings, police-calls, separate bedrooms, sleeping on the floor, and overall atrocious behavior ground the marriage down to a nub, essentially as a result of my mother realizing my father was exactly the kind of loser who “preferred” Asian women (i.e., most white men do not see Asian women as serious partners and only go for them as a result of being unable to secure a white woman to feed their egos).


Why do Asian women and Asian mothers in law harass the living hell out of the women who date Asian men, Eurasian men, their White daughters in laws, other Asian women, and even black women who date Asian men?

Could it be – that Asian women marry for status and integration and rely heavily on fetishization for integration – a fetishization that inflates their attractiveness, and heavily leans on the fact that they are “superior to Asian men,” so when they see a “superior non-Asian woman” marry an Asian guy – it disrupts their sense of power and makes them realize what a flimsy ledge they’re standing on – that they are not more beautiful or desirable, but rather just fetishized and limited to absolute bottom of the barrel, leering, creeping white guys?

It makes Asian women realize, that no matter what, they are only desirable due to fetishization by low-status non-Asian males, so to see an Asian male do well – it disrupts her entire worldview, and makes her angry to see a non-Asian woman have a genuine relationship with an Asian man, despite the fact that she can only get losers?

Could it moreso be that Asian women, due to Asian culture, don’t understand the concept of love as love (meaning that many Asian women happily marry ugly, bald, bottom feeding white men in a furious attempt to integrate and get back at Asian men, and see no problem doing so, because many Asian women are asexual and don’t even see the need to have sex with the ugly male), and so seeing a superior white woman marry an inferior Asian guy just jars her entire system?

The best thing any AMWF, Asian male, or Hapa male can do is straight up avoid Asian women. Many already do. Many top tier Asian men pretty much only date non-Asian women. It is rare to find Eurasian men who date Asian women. Why? Their worldview is incredibly skewed, to the point that bald, old, unattractive white men become a priority, indicating their views on love and sex differ from the rest of the world- and the reasons for this are varied, but largely have to do with the fact that they frankly are the least attractive and only benefit from desperation and fetishization, and their hatred ebbs off on everyone  around them. Add to the fact that Asian women like my mother are just extremely grating, flat out mean, and just horrible to everyone around them where they literally just have to bring everyone around them down, means that any AMWF couple that marries for actual love, rather than self-hate or a fetish, should avoid them.

This is why so many Half Asian men just straight up cut contact with their parents. Because the world sees us as Asian – and frankly, it’s hard as a WMAW Eurasian to not feel deeply disturbed by his parents, especially when racist white men and Asian women make it a point to harass and demean any male who looks Asian – including Eurasians.

The problem with WMAW couples is that white worshipping Asian women frankly make terrible mothers – they constantly try to use their children as a political tool against Asianness, they marry men who are, frankly, not the best – because Asian women have so heavily crashed their own value to the point that the only men who like them are weird. That is, because asexual Asian women are so “pro-white,” the guys who use this cultural tick to get laid, are generally bottom of the barrel white males. 

Half Asians are essentially on our own in understanding our identity. The ultimate irony is that many times out of many, half Asian sons are being raised by the worst possible people to be raising us – white men and Asian women who hate Asian men and want to maximize on whiteness.


The biggest problem with being Half Asian

Is that apparently Asian culture is so bad, Asian men are so repulsive, that the only men who are interested in Asian women, are the worst white men on the planet, who know that they are competing against Asian males, meaning that they literally don’t even have to make an effort.

A lot of Hapas grow up in broken homes too, because a lot of the white guys just wind up realizing somewhere down the line that Asian women are not as hot as non-Asian women, that Asian women means living around Asians, eating Asian food, dealing with Asians, and that Asian women are not submissive. So a lot of white men become violent, or get involved in extreme right wing politics as an attempt to feel in control. My dad was one, Kyle Chapman another.

Being Eurasian is just nature’s way of telling Asian and Eurasian males that the Asian mean is not ideal, and the non-Asian mean is ideal; Asian women just have an easier time integrating. But the issue remains that, due to the easy nature of Asian women,

Even compared to the rare AMWF couples – generally the Asian guy is cream of the crop, and has the openmindedness to not listen to his parents. And there’s nothing that an Asian guy can say to demean whites or white women.

But a white guy married to an Asian woman that hates everyone around him, including Asians, and uses Asian women as a way to get back at white society – blacks, Jews, even other Asians? Yeah. Typical. It’s a fetish couple at best, a hate couple at worst.

Some of the crazy stuff I did as a Eurasian male, with a Chinese mother, and a tall, skinny, blue eyed, glasses wearing, bearded red-haired British-German father.

I think this could be relevant to anyone interested.

This is the direct result of having a Chinese mother who wanted to integrate into the US and was adamant about her hatred of anything Asian. For a long time I considered my mother to be “white”, as she had altered her appearance so extensively that in my vague memory of her – I never considered her an Asian woman, and only yesterday (yes, that yesterday) was I able to look in the mirror and see an Asian guy looking back, and be able to not revert into an immediate panic. This was also the result of being surrounded – yes, surrounded, as five out of six of the Asian women in my family were married exclusively to White – not Indian, black, Latino – but White, men, and I internalized this through my entire childhood.

From a “cute” little Half Asian boy with light features, my hair and my features gradually grew more Asian, and I was wholly unprepared for racism, especially considering that much of this racism came from White men and Asian women themselves; having a racist white father and a Chinese mother who played favorites on her children (white was better and had more freedom; Asian looking – my brother – Tiger Mommed and treated different) – genuinely screwed me up.

Watch this before reading this post.

Female Chinese international student who denigrated Chinese and sang praises about America at UMaryland commencement is in a WMAF.

The realize that Asian women produce sons who look like this:

  • I denied I was Asian for almost ten years and identified as Italian or Russian.
  • Cut my hair very short to retain its light color, up until two years ago; my hair becomes more brown when short, very, very dark at longer lengths and when wet
  • I would avoid looking at myself in the mirror after taking a shower
  • I did not look in the mirror for a three year period between 2012 and 2015
  • Gained sixty pounds in a summer to look less Asian – lost seventy pounds in one summer three years later, to again, look less Asian, based on different comments
  • I used to believe my mother gave birth via immaculate conception or divine intervention and that God ordained me to be white to fulfill a plan for divinated white supremacy
  • I would fantasize about using a razor blade to cut and deepen my eyes
  • I believe God had chosen me for my looks and I bought lottery tickets expecting to win, like Rodger.
  • I would vomit profusely after developing body dysmorphia as an attempt to cover up my Asian appearance; my vomit was colored unusually due to the large amount of supplements I was taking to maintain a weight that I thought would cover my Asian appearance
  • Plagued by nightmares for twenty five years about my mother crashing our car into a body of water before drowning. Dreams have ceased since writing this blog.
  • I screamed at an AMWW couple out of anger, after seeing one in a bar, again, like Rodger.
  • I would smack an Asian student in the face in an attempt to dominate him
  • I made fun of a popular Asian student at my school anonymously and hurt his reputation to cover my own insecurity
  • I would sing fake Chinese songs in an attempt to impress my friends
  •  I would write long winded emails to my father about how I though blue eyed and blond haired people were angels – after which he never bothered correcting me
  • I posted profusely on very hardcore Neo Nazi forums
  • I was a prolific author of insanely racist Neo Nazi cartoons
  • I had befriended a violent neo Nazi who went over my Facebook and criticized me for having too many friends of color and too many Asian female friends – my cousins.
  • On seeing a photograph where I looked Asian, I would immediately delete it and go into a dark depression
  • I never looked at photographs of my parents – either because I was ashamed of the fact that I was half Asian, or because WMAF made me subconsciously uncomfortable (likely the latter)
  • To this day I have not taken a photo since 2012 out of fear of looking too Asian.

More if I can remember. My fear is my pain will eventually dissipate and I’ll forget. I need to continue triggering myself to the point that I can effectively keep producing material that will help people.

🔥Handsome Half Asian men wind up dating hideous women or run off to Asia to be with Asian women

Most Asian women don’t want hapa men because they’d rather be with an Asian guy or a white guy. More often a white male. Dating a Hapa male means 3/4 Asian sons who are just Asian sons. Many Asian women actively denigrate hapa men just the same (not knowing they are Hapa) – because for an Asian woman to be with a Hapa male who looks Asian means a massive drop in status and losing her privilege with white men. Moreover, Hapa men get denigrated by Western society, as Asian males; hence Daniel Henney had to move to Asia for a career.

Also a lot of Asian women will use Hapa men as a “step up,” but Hapa men (the 10% that are good looking enough to date) will feel turned off by this and avoid Asian women altogether, meaning that white passing Eurasian men might use Asian women for a cheap thrill but just wind up dumping them for a white woman. The other Asian looking Eurasian men will attempt to date white or black women if they can (to the anger of their Asian mothers who hate white women), or will run off to Asia to date Asian women, like Ricky Kim, Daniel Henney, etc.

Hapa men seem to know this subconsciously, hence many celebrity Half Asian men run off to Asia to work on “careers” and wind up getting married to Asian women just the same; Ricky Kim, Daniel Henney, Vivian Thomas, etc. All with Asian women. You would think that men with the famed looks beyond anything imaginable would be able to date white, black or Latina Victoria’s Secret models. But they don’t. Asian looking Hapa men (even the ones who don’t look Asian) are literally NOWHERE in society.

Asian women, essentially, are the choice women of MRAs, anti-feminists, racists, and flat out bottom of the barrel white men who have no other choice but to “go Asian.” 

A lot of hapas like me avoid Asian women as long as we could just because the stigma of being with the race of women who seem to ooze hatred, insecurity and Tiger-mom like viciousness at the world seems in our better interest; this is the same reason good looking, straight, normal white men, and even Asian men, avoid Asian women, because it’s just too high risk balancing their insecurity, their white worship, and the stigma of being with one (it’s seen as being manipulative, too easy, or not rewarding) as a means to make themselves feel more attractive, and the desire for a fulfilling relationship.

Yellow fever only gets complained about because Asian women have such low social desirability that losers go for them. They know this and so they attack whatever Asian or Eurasian guy they can find to make it seem like they’re somehow better in comparison.

There are a ton of hapa men who think they’re God’s gift to women (I used to think like this) and look like some variation of Elliot Rodger. Short, smirking, slightly effete. They inherit their mothers’ tiny frames, dark thick hair, like I did, despite my father being 6’3″.

These guys uniformly heavily rely on Asian women (the ugliest ones) for their ego boosts (I never did, because hearing “so handsome” from Asian women is an insult due to race relations in western society; i.e., it’s not a compliment). If it wasn’t for Asian women, most hapa men would be more violent than Elliot Rodger. Asian women seem incapable of even telling the difference between a handsome white person and a hideous one, and Asian men actually fit more into western male standards of attractiveness and would do more so if not for racism.

This gimmick usually only lasts a few years until Asian women realize marrying a hapa male means full Asian looking sons and drop them for a white male. The current batch of hapa sons is still too young to take the full brunt of the hatred Asian women have for Asian looking men, and the hapas who are older generally settle down with horribly ugly Asian women, or in some cases black women – which enrages their mothers and their racist white fathers.

Or these same Hapa men rely on the very few white women that will take a half Asian guy with a huge ego and stick up his ass; these women are incredibly limited because most white women see half Asian men the same as full Asian men. Hence Elliot Rodger.

Moreover, most Half Asian men are brainwashed by their Asian mothers to only go Asian, and brainwashed by their Asian mothers to feel as if they are not good enough for anything but Asian women, as a way to protect their Asian mothers’ ego as being “attractive,” when Asian women are only as attractive as the desperate, low status white men who want them.

Find me a half Asian celebrity with a hot girlfriend. They don’t exist. Most like Jon Hamilton are permasingle. Others are perpetually humiliated guys like Jon Gosselin.

Look at this footballer who is hot shit in Thailand of all places. This is literally the best he can do:

At least he’s not dating an Asian woman though. So I guess that says something.

🔥White guy writes me an letter after I called him out for being a racist white guy with an Asian wife and kids; refers to his kids as “gooks,” “chinky,” denies Holocaust, hates blacks, Jews, etc.

The original letter he wrote me, on Scribd.  No need, I just republished below.

By the way, the guy also has an extensive posting history (under the same username “DeutschBlut”) of “harmless” racism on FunnyJunk where he brags to other internet strangers how his sons’ eyes are “chinky,” and how he dresses his son up in Nazi paraphernalia.

The sons of Nazis and Asian women who can’t even speak the same language as their white male partners, coming to a town near you.


Eurasian Tiger,

Greetings. It seems you are a fan of mine? I just found it funny, and flattering, that I got some random stranger so worked up about me. Ha ha. It is even funnier, because I frequent your site (I research a lot about Eurasian and Hapa identity, so I can teach my boys). Anyhow, I thought I would give you some feedback.

Firstly, Hitler and Nazis are a joke online. If you do not know this, than you must be older than me. There is nothing more that needs to be read into that. Secondly, I am not a Nazi, nor neo-Nazi, as it says in my profile. Additionally, I can “get white girls”. I used to be married to one (Whom I divorced). And I was engaged to others. And have dated girls of just about ever colour there is. I met my Filipino Wife, because I LIVED in the Philippines. I have lived in Asia for about a decade. It is easy to meet Asian girls in Asia. In fact, if one was inclined, it can be rather difficult to meet European girls. So I never understood that dilemma.

Can only my Asian Wife tolerate me? Maybe. But because I am a complicated autistic German. Not a Nazi. I certainly do love that she is undyingly devoted, loyal, caring, hard-working, and so on. Is that bad? Mind you, while my Wife fits the bill of your “typical Asian Wife”, that is not what I sought, nor is it typical. East Asian women tend to be quieter. But they do not all make perfect wives! Many are just quieter versions of Western women. Some are worse!

Likewise, when I met my Wife, I wanted an independent, confident, egalitarian modern Woman. I was well-trained by society. My Wife WANTED to be a “submissive Asian Wife”. She had to teach me to be a Man. You seemed especially offended that I joked about my Son’s gooky eyes. It is funny, he has the PRETTIEST eyes out of all of my boys! Girly. He is truly the cutest. My Sweet Heart. My True Love. That is what I call him. That boy has a heart of gold! I love his eyes. Yeah, they are funny. How DOES he see? It is both an honest question, and a cute joke. They look Chinese, rather than Austronesian.

You also mentioned that I like to publically mock my children. I NEVER do. Making jokes on an anonymous website? Sure. But no one there knows what my kids look like, nor who they are. And I never say anything bad or degrading about them. The jokes I make are for two reasons. One, because I Love them and think they are cute. Secondly, to joke about how many people, like you, assume I must be some kind of “neo-Nazi”, but I am actually married and breeding with a black Hispanic Asian. I never hide that fact. Even online. I could pretend I have some blond-haired, blue-eyed, Aryan Angels. But I do not. I am proud of my children.

You mentioned your Father, who seems like a pretty attractive and intelligent guy for such a “loser” (and who you look exactly like, mind you), gave you European books to read, like it was an insult. Well, you ARE European! Chinese as well, if I recall? You have some things to read there. But there are some things to consider. Western Civilization rules the world! It is the ultimate in anything you can go in. It is a simple fact. Like it or not. Additionally, you live in the West. With my kids, I gave them German and Filipino (Spanish) names at birth, and taught them about things Filipino, food, language, culture, customs… My Wife thought I was crazy. I persisted for years. Eventually, I realised the German, Western side was dominant, was superior. Culturally, and Patriarchally. So I gave them strictly German names, and we do not actively learn about Filipino things. But Filipinos do not really have a culture like the Chinese. So that is easier. There are other factors as well. Being brown US Citizens with Spanish names with cause a lot of confusion. Also, the Philippines is a dangerous place, with terrorists and bandits. I think nurturing an affinity for a nation that loses 5,000 people a day to emigration is probably a bad idea. The Philippines is my Home as well. And I dream of being able to take them back some day when they are bigger. At least for vacation to see where their Mother is from. Teach them some first-hand culture. But many Filipino-Americans have an identity crisis, and think the nation is some Paradise, and a cure for all of their problems growing up in America. It is not. I do not want to raise children with an identity crises. Not European. Not Asian. Trapped between two worlds. I want to raise some true hybrids. People that are a happy and healthy mix, that know who they are, and know their place in the World.

A little about me. I am old. But so is my Wife. I have lived and worked for 7 years in the Philippines (including a month in the bamboo hut over the South China Sea my Wife called Home most her Life), where I hold Permanent Residency. Would have been a Citizen last year. I know Filipino History and Civics. I am fluent in the Filipino Language, even though my Wife is not! (She speaks a provincial language). We have 6 halfling Eurasian Hapa German-Gook kids together, which I worship and adore. And our culture clashes, physical differences, and dichotomous relationship is an enjoyable adventure every day!

Sure, I joke about Hitler online. I also do not like living in black communities. I also think Jews are dangerous. The business and political ones at least. And yes I question the “holocaust”. Am I racist? Maybe. Who knows? Who cares?

One thing I am certain of, is that I am a good Husband and Father. Rather than working hard for more money, I use my military pension and sporadic work, to live simple and spend time with my kids. We are members of every museum, garden, gallery, and society in town, which we visit daily. We talk all day, about everything. We play together. And we always give hugs and kisses and “I Love you”s. I daily tell them that they are strong, smart, funny, I am proud of them, I have dreamed of them my whole Life, and I Love them.

Sure, I am proud to be 100% European. But I am also proud that my children are half Asian. They can choose whatever path they want. I am pretty obsessed with Europe and the West. But at the same time, I love Eastern things. I love how many East Asians can live without a 3,000 sq ft. house, 2 SUVs, and an 80” TV and still be happy. I love when I see my kids, and I see my massive German forehead, and then I see my Wife’s eyes, mouth, and colour. I am very happy, very proud they look like her. German identity is important to me. And I teach my boys likewise. But they will never see the world through my eyes (Mostly because their eyes are chinky! Ha ha!). And that is fine. They are me, biologically. And they are my Legacy. To carry on my Name, my Blood, and my Ideas to another generation. But they are also Individuals, who will take what they got from myself and their Mother, mix it up with their own Life experiences, and be the Men they decide to be.

Asian racism towards Asians? Sure, my Wife does that. 100% of Filipino celebrities are 50%-90% European. People there obsess about European physiognomy and are experts in the art of self-hating. Revering Europeans for their culture and civilization, I think, is great (I became the most proud of my Lineage after living in Japan, a nation that reveres the West, but still proud to do things it’s own way). Obsessing about European looks and DNA, is not only unhealthy, but pretty creepy. My Wife is not that bad. But when she makes comments, I jokingly call her a “racist gook”.

But her admiring European looks in my boys is also just appreciating that her children were made with her husband. Just as I admire my Boys’ gook eyes, big lips, or brown skin. Ha ha. I am not racist towards Euros, I just Love my Wife!

As I said, I am actually a fan of yours. Or, at least a member of the audience of your show. I think you have a lot of good things to say. You have a lot of insight. And I like your chutzpah (as a New Yorker, you probably know that Jewish word). But you seem a little disturbed too. Not saying that as an insult. True genius always comes with a level of insanity (At least I hope so!). But you definitely fit the bill of someone who is “projecting” or “didn’t get hugged enough as a kid”. Maybe your Father really is a bad person? Maybe you are already aware of yourself? But consider it a constructive criticism. I think you jumped the gun on some comments I made on an anonymous, retarded website devoted to jokes and memes, but I am not personally offended. Yet.

You are welcome to use this correspondance for fodder of your own online agenda. I only ask that now you have a little more clarity into who I am, as a real person, with the time I spent writing this, and the thoughts and energy, that you do not mis-represent me.

My point was to reach out to you, for mutual benefit. Assuming you have coherency to carry on an intelligent dialogue, I thought it would be mutually beneficial, since we are both fans of each other, to some strange degree. And, as a Father of 6 Eurasian boys, I feel we have some sort of loose connection to each other. At least, we are both living in a unique part of the World Experience, that most of the population does not share.

I hope you got something meaningful from this informal, but heartfelt correspondence. Thanks for reading and good day.


Deutsch Blut

White Supremacist Jeff Dillon crashes his bike into a group of Trumpcare protestors; says he’s not racist because his 36 year old wife is a “slant eyed import.” Imagine the children from this

I want to show some people some cartoons that I drew almost ten years ago, when I was a Neo-Nazi. A half Asian Neo Nazi with a white father and Asian mother. My brother and I look very, very Asian, yet I was a Neo Nazi. My brother remains a virgin at 34, institutionalized, schizophrenic, and mentally ill, under local watch by the police department. My father a very notorious writer, where he publishes articles about how feminism is a result of international Jewry, multiculturalism is a death cult, and how gays should be hanged; his wife was from Hong Kong.

This isn’t a new thing either. There are hundreds if not thousands of these guys. I’m the son of one.


See, everyone is convinced that Asian women are innocent bystanders who are duped into relationships; the reality is that due to their culture, they seek and prioritize power, integration, and status over everything, and are able to slip by under the nose of Western progressivism, because they willfully seek to be an alternative to White women, willing to stand by the white racist man’s side, embrace his privilege, and encourage the children to use their privilege to their advantage. Asian culture is cutthroat like that.

I drew this cartoon in 2009. I am half Chinese.


And people wonder why half Asian sons have so much trouble – cue Elliot Rodger.

Not only is this white male married to an Asian female – she is at risk of giving birth to an autistic, fully Asian looking son who inherits his father and mothers’ white supremacy.

Original here.

Archive here.

From the article.

The motorcycle nut arrested for driving his high-powered bike through a crowd of Trump protesters staging a ‘die-in’ on a San Francisco street is a sleazy porn company boss and staunch supporter of the President.

Musclebound Jeff Dillon was seemingly unhappy that dozens activists were protesting against President Trump’s healthcare plans just a block from the offices of GameLink, the hardcore porn company where he works.

In shocking video of the incident, protesters can be seen lying or standing on the road with signs before Dillon, driving a red 2015 BMW motorcycle, begins to drive up behind them.


DailyMail.com has since learned that heavily tattooed Dillon calls himself Dillonaire and is an avid Trump supporter and ran a Facebook group called White Privilege Club.

‘This isn’t a racist site/group, it is the exact opposite. It is a celebration of our culture and who we are… I am proud of who I am and my people,’ he wrote on the group page before it was deleted on Thursday night.

Another deleted post read: ‘Yell “White Pride” and people look at you like ive got a clan outfit on… I married a slant eye import, so you know i aint racist :wink:’

On several of his social media pages he is seen posing with his wife, a 36-year-old Asian woman named Teresa.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4633180/The-nut-plowed-crowd-protesters.html#ixzz4kts34HNM
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💢Three brothers who look more Asian than their Japanese mom, all of whom are gay



I wonder how much half Asian male sexuality is defined during childhood being exposed to the “masculine white” / “feminine Asian” dynamic.

Given the fact that White men who marry Asian women specifically hate Asian males and White women, and seeing them together oftentimes drives WMAW couples insane – I wonder how much the children pick up on that. I did – to the point that I sabotaged almost all of my relationships thinking that nobody could ever possibly want a half Asian male.

All of it?


🔥Some Half Asian kid’s comic accurately describes insane racism behind WM/AW pairings and how Asian mothers attempt to control their Half Asian son’s dating choices (as if we had a choice)


Some lurker on /r/hapas must have drawn this and put it on Deviant Art.

White men who go for Asian women are uniformly – and I mean uniformly extreme racists. Having been rejected by White women (who have standards), many feel wronged for the fact that they are, well, White, and that White women prefer men other than white men – or better white men than themselves.

Years ago, another blogger – the original Half Asian blogger – wrote about how Asian women will actively work to prevent Asian man / White woman, or black woman, or Latina women, even going so far as to encourage their own sons to marry Asian in an attempt to prevent Asian man / XF from happening with their own sons.

These same white men go for Asian women – the race of women that are generally the least attractive and have the lowest status – and use them as a way to positively assert the dominance of Whiteness. Once you take out yellow fever, there is really nothing attractive about Asian women; and yellow fever is largely a heavily-pornographied-fetish for women that are easy to dominate and control. Asian women play this up to appear submissive but the vast majority that I know are just horrific bitches that attack, demoralize, and castrate all of their white partners.

When the child comes out looking Asian, they will have different standards for sons and daughters. The daughter is forced to marry White. The father sees the daughter as the daughter he wished he had with a white woman, but just as good. To pimp her off to a white male is the best affirmation, again, of his superiority.

But many white fathers and Asian mothers hate seeing the Asian looking son date anyone.

Especially white women.

The white woman is the mortal enemy of WMAF couples; she represents standards, and status, and for her to choose an Asian male (Eurasian, in this case), means that the woman that the father wished he had – chose his son, a man who should be beneath him. The Asian mother hates the White woman because she is the woman she wished she was, and so to see her waste her potential and status even on her own son, enrages her. The Asian woman’s entire vestige is inherently based on her ability to surmount the White woman at the side of the powered class – the White man – and she plays “innocent” and “demure” in an attempt to ingratiate herself to white men as a “submissive, exotic” substitute for a White woman, before becoming more and more controlling.

My mother, for example, would drag me to her bed every night and force me to lie down next to her, while telling me that my father was worthless, for not making enough money, and for me to promise never to submit to his authority if anything were to happen to her (i.e., never to go live with him).

Even when the Asian son is more attractive (I personally think Asian features look much better on men than they do on women, and this has historically been the case) than either parent, the parents will resent him for doing well with non-Asian women.

This is all to the background of a screaming, nagging Asian woman who castrates everyone in her vicinity, violence in the home, and a racist, low effort parenting effort on the part of a father who wishes that he could have somehow not married a woman whose “beauty” is only a temporary intoxication of his fetish-filled brain.

There was a comic that /r/hapas dug up from some weird Asian site. It’s obviously a stock illustration of a mixed couple. But it was amazing how it was idealized. The Asian looking daughter, the white looking son. I dunno if I can find it, but I will post it when I can.

The White father and Asian mother strongly desire a white son, and an Asian daughter, to continue to hyper racist eugenicist “power coupling” of WMAW – an apocalyptic horse-riding couple to “take back the West,” or… whatever. It’s sick. Most Hapas agree that their parents are pure poison.

My first love was a black girl. Of course with an Asian mom who wants a white son to maximize on his privilege, a mom who wants this so badly she would endure being in a sexless marriage for 20 years to a Holocaust denier – and a white father who frankly hates black people – the thought of their superior Eurasian son being with a black woman was horrifying. A black grandchild means no more privilege. It means no more white supremacist daddy-O. Of course they pushed me towards Asian women. White women were off the menu.

And of course Asian women are just… not even hot enough to make their scheming, nagging, oppressive, white worshipping behavior tolerable to any Eurasian male worth his shit. And they know this too. Asian women, compared to other women, simply cannot compete, and only rely heavily on pornographied images based on dominance tropes; without pornography I sincerely doubt Asian women would be as desirable as they are, especially given their behavior – shrill, and lazy, and even worse, completely unmotivated beyond finding a white husband.

Here’s some stuff I wrote over the past two days about my Eurasian rage and disappointment with Asian women (and people):

I’m saying that I know white men like my dad well enough to know that [they] could ever, ever, ever get a non Asian woman and had to pick from the race with the absolute worst men, meaning that there is next to no or little competition, the genes of these men will be inherited by [their] son due to the fact that his father was among the elite tier of losers. The white men who can’t even use their almighty privilege to do what 99% of other white men do.

Get a white woman.

Hapas hate being Asian not because we want Asian women. We don’t. We don’t want to be losers like our fathers but you made it this way.

I’m not making this stuff up. If I was, I wouldn’t be famous for saying such outrageous shit. I am famous now, to the point that I need to be more careful in public. But regardless, my fame was because I said true stuff.

Overall half Asian sons are high risk. Many wind up gay, even more wind up just dating Asian women uglier than the Asian women that either white men or Asian men get, even more wind up running off to Asia to find a woman that sees them as a “step up” from a usual Asian guy; others wind up perpetually single.

I guarantee you most Eurasian men to some degree have this “tick” to them that makes them a certain way. Especially the ones with white dads and Asian moms.

Another half Asian guy who hates Asians, such an amazingly proud demographic

Imagine these kids times a million.

They look 100% Asian and are raised to feel they’re above Asians because they have a white father – oftentimes a horribly racist, hideously unattractive, manipulative white father with Racist Tourette’s against Asian males, and an Asian mother who hates Asians and tells her son he is white.

By the way as a half Asian guy I used to be like this but it wasn’t too cool when people started calling me Asian, especially that I look 70-80% Asian.

How Moa and Markus (Youtubers) who were subjected to racist comments, received racism from a White guy with an Asian wife and child.

I don’t like Asian women.

I used to, I can find them pretty, but the stakes are way too high. Their conniving behavior and their ability to marry sub-par white – and only white – men, was always a major turn off for me. Add to the fact that white worshipping Asian women have horrific, controlling, nagging behavior and you’d understand why the Asian and half Asian men that have the opportunity to avoid them; on top of the fact that they pale in comparison to most non Asian women. Next time you see the kinds of guys who are interested in Asian women – notice how many of them are bald.

I have my hair. This comes from my Chinese genetics.

The problem with WMAW isn’t because I’m jealous. It’s because they’re hyper racists. And more often than not hyper racists against Asian men, which their sons are. WMAW couples will go out of their way to even attack their own future sons, or the sons of other Asian women, for being Asian.

A Half Asian guy gets treated as Asian by society.

Now take into account that a half-Asian guy is raised by a white guy who essentially denies that racism exists, and an Asian mom who tells her son that he’s white even though he looks 100% Asian. Now keep in mind that white men work against white women dating out but use Asian women (specifically Asian women, due to their white worship) as a way to get laid and continue racist belief patterns.

Half Asians have every right to be angry.

I love essentially every woman but Asian women. I think Asian women are just incredibly horrible people. I’m sorry. That’s just how I, and many half Asian men feel. If you date one, not only does it feel like you haven’t accomplished anything, but it feels like you’re betraying yourself. 

My anger at WMAF is due to their atrocious public behavior, their blatant abuse of social perception to pass themselves off as being progressive, their horrible racism and the savage and borderline cruel nature of Tiger Ladies.